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LG G2 upgrade to Android 4.4 Kitkat this March

We just got word from LG Philippines that the upgrade to Android 4.4 Kitkat of the LG G2 is due to roll out this month.

The LG G2 has been around since September 2013 and is the first one of LG handsets to get the latest Android Kitkat upgrade.

The LG G2 32GB variant still has the suggested retail price of Php29,990 while the 16GB model retails for Php24,990 (of course, the street prices have already gone down to the Php20k to Php25k range).

We’ll update more on this once the upgrade is in progress.

You can read about our LG G2 review here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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78 Responses

  1. Francis says:

    Yeah! at long last!

  2. coachjojoc says:

    While on the other hand…Kitkat for Note 3 in the Philippines is aready out. But only for Globe-locked devices.

    • pines says:

      Coachjojoc.. hmmmm.. me and my girlfriends note 3 was updated to Kitkat 4.4.2 last march 6. Both phones are smart-locked and unrooted..;)

    • coachjojoc says:

      A friend told me his note 3 was updated to kitkat. So I phoned the main Samsung office in Taguig and I was informed that Globe and only Globe phones were eligible for the kitkat update for the meantime. Mine is unlocked (purchased locally) and until now no kitkat update whether by OTA or Kies 3.

    • pines says:

      Coachjojoc… you should call samsung taguig and tell them to update their system. I think the main service center of samsung is at bonaventure building in greenhills. Dun kc ako ngpaayos ng laptop (purchased abroad). try using a smart or globe postpaid number. Yung phone kc namin eh free sa aquired plan sa smart.

  3. s3xballs says:

    My phone just got a new notification 1:30 PM today. Looks like I’ll get to experience KitKat now :)

  4. No updates yet for my Globe-sourced G2 (OTA and LG PC Suite). Yung may mga notifications na mga galing grey market na international versions.

  5. Oliver Bayani says:

    Hello Guys! Kit Kat is now served! Check your updates!

  6. Carl Bytes says:

    Korean versions are already updated to Kitkat since Dec. I can say no significant changes. At di pa compatible sa Xposed framework.

  7. Brent says:

    Not yet available in OTA

  8. Gelo says:

    Updated mine earlier at 4 pm. Vast improvement on battery life, camera stability and faster response sa knock on feature. I’m happy camper.

  9. Riba says:

    are u sure gelo?

    updated was 4pm, tapos posted comment mo dito 7.42pm. in more than 3 hours, napansin mo na agad yung improvement ng battery life?

    yung akin na 70 hours umaabot, so kailangan maging 80 hours ko imonitor ang cp, para masabi kong nag improve talaga ang bat,

    ok ka lang ba talaga? o baka naman nasearch mo lang sa net itong mga sinabi mo, which is nabasa ko na saan mang website

    halata ka boy,

    saka hindi pa available, OTA n/a, lg pc suite n/a, at kahit sa LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL n/a

    masabi lang na una siya, tsk tsk!

    and yugatech, feb 28 pa po ito official announced sa official lg blog website nila, ang late naman ng call sa inyo ng lg ph

    • Gelo says:

      @Riba. Hi, after I downloaded and installed the update. I charged my G2 to 100% and set my brightness level to max with the my mobile data on for 3 hours. I really noticed the improvement of the battery life. It’s way faster and more fluid than before also. I am using the Gold G2 D802 that I bought from an online store by the way. I received the update via OTA and was really surprised. The file was around 500MB. Hopefully you receieved yours too. Note: The gold version of G2 is from Taiwan. By your reaction on my post, it seems that you still haven’t received yours, so that would make me one of the few people from the Philippines to receive the 4.4.2 update first, so that’s awesome. : )

    • Riba says:


      ayan ka na naman eh,

      kung ang mismong taga hk and taiwan, hindi pa updated, bakit ko nasabi yun? kasi nakita ko sa available latest version of OS sa LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL. if meron ka nun, check the country and lalabas ang lahat ng list. nakaindicate pa if FOTA / PC

      magsisinungaling pa ba ang mismong source ng LG kaysa sayo?

      and fyi din, lampas 1 gig ang size ng update (based on g2 korean, at&t, t-mobile versions)

      anyway, basta this march ito lalabas, at kapag nilabas ito, sabay sabay na to sa asia, europe, basta D802 ang model, regardless kung black, white, gold, red, 16, 32 pa.

      pero nice try gelo

    • Riba says:

      may zoning pa nga ang lg ng update list nila

      EURO OPEN (consist of countries in europe)
      HK/Taiwan/China (Chinese Language)
      ASIA MID (Middle East/Arabic Language)

      lahat ng to hindi pa seeding ang update to 4.4.2

    • neilruzty says:

      mukhang tama naman si gelo.. mga taga taiwan or owners ng D802 taiwan model eh meron ng update at mga 500mb+ lang..


  10. Riba says:

    wag naman sana magtanga tangahan dito kasi hindi lang naman ikaw (or kayo) ang may ganitong unit para hindi malaman ang totoo

  11. ahmed says:

    When i get kitkat for my lg g2 d802 in middle east (Qatar) ?

  12. Fra says:

    wala pdin haha

  13. Gelo says:

    @Riba. Hi, after I downloaded and installed the update. I charged my G2 to 100% and set my brightness level to max with the my mobile data on for 3 hours. I really noticed the improvement of the battery life. It’s way faster and more fluid than before also. I am using the Gold G2 D802 that I bought from an online store by the way. I received the update via OTA and was really surprised. The file was around 500MB. Hopefully you receieved yours too. Note: The gold version of G2 is from Taiwan.

  14. user1 says:

    sana maayos nila yung gps signal sa lg g2

  15. Nido says:

    I got my OTA Kitkat update for my D802 Twaiwan (Bought @ a local online store) 9AM today. :)

  16. hooray says:

    Still got no update here. Both OTA and PC Suite. Hopefully included sa update yung ART :)

  17. neilruzty says:

    Indeed, G2 taiwan can be updated na!

    You can check here:

    Sa Philippines, wala pang new! Sad.. :(

  18. giann says:

    hi mr. abe… how about lg g pro lite when the upgrade to kitkat will be arrived? thanks…

  19. marvin De Verra says:

    very nice!!! hoping to upgrade my phone as soon as possible. :)

  20. Nate Maxwell says:

    KITKAT Finally!! Can’t wait to have the first bite. :)

  21. zaganah says:

    nawala na yung magaling n c RIBA na alam lahat kung meron n update sa Kitkat ang lhat ng bansa ahaha

    • wew says:

      wala eh.napahiya.nagsuicide na cguro un hahaha akal mo mamamatay na sa highblood dahil lng sa may naunang nakakuha ng update XD

  22. jay says:

    wow.. i’m on a process of updating mine now… excited nko sa result… finally… thanks lg..

  23. redhawk says:

    How to update mine? Ive got my g2 from globe. Thanks

  24. neilruzty says:

    Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong versions can be updated! …Asan na ang Pinas?

    • paw says:

      Dapat nauna pa ang Pinas sa updates kesa sa US kasi nasa Asian region tayo at unlocked ang karamihan sa G2 dito satin e. But what happened? Inuna ng LG ang US Market with most of them nakalock pa ang G2 sa carriers. Disappointing ang LG :/

  25. bern says:

    oo nga neilruzty,pati ba naman sa update kulilat pinas.. nag check ako now OTA and PC Suite wala parin D802 saken na may NTC seal

  26. Riba says:

    it’s official, update your phone now. it’s avail via lg pc suite, no ota yet.

    done updating!

  27. toots says:

    im stuck in “downloading upgrades…” 0% and then says restore upgrade errors..anyone knows how to fix this? =(

    • Riba says:

      open LC PC SUITE > connect your Phone >MOBILE DEVICE > Restore Upgrade Errors

      magdodownload yan ng medyo matagal, masyadong malaki file size

  28. bern says:

    Done updating my g2…via pc suite…so far so good..mas bumilis nga and.oks na.oks battery life…thanks lg…waiting for g3…

  29. bern says:

    4hours po yung downloading sken ng update..pocket wifi gamit ko..sun network..3G.

  30. paw says:

    just updated my Philippine version G2. It’s noticeably faster overall especially sa camera at sa knock on. New nav and status bars at new transition effects. But it’s almost the same as the 4.2.2 na pinabilis lang. Wala din sa update yung ART :/

  31. VilesX says:

    Yup, 4hrs down load from 1:30 to 5:30 kahit 15Mbps internet speed ko mabagal parin mg update. Kaya tyaga lng. Overall nice job. But haven’t notice anything about battery life..

    • paw says:

      Noticed any battery issues sa 4.4.2 update? Sakin kasi pumangit ung battery life compared nung nsa 4.2.2 pa ung g2 ko. My phone is in 50% brightness and WiFi nakaOn all the time but I get 6-8 hrs nlng from full charge to dead battery with average use

    • VilesX says:

      Well, as for the battery life. Wala akong masasabi kasi ung usage ko ng cp ay hindi parepareho sa araw araw.. pero sam then pg ginagamit ko ung cp ko palagi 6-8 hrs lng mobile data always on. Then streaming kdramas online during break time or if i have nothing to do. From 7am-1pm or 7am-4pm lng battery life ng unit bago mg update. Then after mg update same lng din so di ko mapasin kung ng improve or same lng..

    • paw says:

      Ahh. Siguro may hindi lang ako naayos sa settings na nagddrain ng battery ko. Hmmm

  32. Riba says:

    so, marami ngang improvement, but ask ko lang din sa inyo, if naeexperience nyo din ito after the update…

    (1) while playing a music, using a headset, may error sound, para siyang magiintermittent, i tried my 2 headset and a speaker, and kapag ita-touch mo na ang phone to navigate, don nangyayari, pero hindi madalas, pero hindi ganon to before

    (2) sudden unresponsive touch screen, something i’ve never experienced before

    ito palang napansin ko,

    • paw says:

      1) yung music intermittent sound problem is also occuring to my phone. Maybe an update will fix that

      2) sakin hindi naman nagiging unresponsive but naging mas responsive pa siya

      Ang problem ko lang is battery life talaga.
      Wish ko lang sana included ang ART sa Dev options since yung update sa Korean version G2 is included yun

    • paw says:

      Anyone noticed yung dalawang key sa tabi ng space bar sa kanan sa LG keyboard ng 4.4? Parehong comma yung keys instead of a period and a comma

    • bern says:

      Paw..long press mo lang pra mapalitan mo..napapalitan yan…battery life ko oks naman 2 days..txt twag konting internet and mga 20mins games..sa music diko pa na eencounter intermittent..comment ulit ako pag na encounter kona…last na encounter ko na.problem biglang nag system ui not responding pag open.ko ng isang app na connected.sa.internet…

  33. pej says:

    may knock code ba ung update nyo sa kitkat? sakin kasi wala and yun talaga ineexpect ko sa update ng kitkat sa lg g2.

  34. Jon says:

    Recently updated my G2. So far, I can see no defects on my phone’s performance. Faster in overall specs, camera status bars and yeah transition effects. I got to enjoy my knockon. I’ll keep you updated if there’s any malfunctions.

  35. mc says:

    guys. i tried updating my LG G2 but it freezes at 49% on com 5 using LG PC suite. pls help

  36. Jitu says:

    Got the upgrade and loving it. I got my G2 at globe, one of the best phone I owned.

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