Lite/Mini Versions of Your Favorite Android Apps

Lite/Mini Versions of Your Favorite Android Apps

Having an Android smartphone means gaining access to a number of useful apps available for download. Although, if you have a budget phone, chances are it has very limited storage space and sometimes, the app doesn’t like to be transferred to the SD card. Here’s where the Lite or Mini versions of select apps come in.


We first saw this when Facebook introduced a toned-down version of their main app to make if friendly among consumers of developing countries. It loads fast, doesn’t consume much space and memory, and should work even with a slow connection.

Here are the available Lite or Mini versions of some apps on the Google Play Store.

Facebook Lite


Zuckerberg wants everyone to be onboard their network and since a lot are experiencing slow internet connections, including us here in the Philippines, they made Facebook Lite. It promises fast installation since it’s less than 2MB to download, quick loading, uses fewer data, and works on all networks even 2G (GPRS/EDGE). It covers the basics of Facebook plus pages, groups, and messaging.

Download (~1.94MB)

Messenger Lite


Even though Facebook Lite has a built-in messaging feature, the company opted to create a separate toned-down app for its messaging platform. The Messenger Lite has the basics of the main app including the design and overall experience. Although, some fun features like GIF are left behind. The app is currently available in select countries only. Of course, you can install using the APK file here just in case.

Download (~6.75MB)

Camera360 Lite


The favorite camera app of selfie addicts has a lite version available so that the phone can have more space for actual photos. The Camera360 Lite is around 5MB on the Play Store while keeping the famous filters and effects available.

Download (~4.99MB)

Line Lite


The cute messaging app of Line is available for anyone thanks to their lightweight app version that’s just 1MB. The app looks clean and has support for sending photos and even stickers.

Download (~1MB) Lite

A lite app for is listed on the Play Store as well for those who just wants to have the key features of the famous lip-syncing app. You can do videos up to 15 seconds long and share them to other platforms. You can still edit, apply effects and filters, record, and enjoy the duet function.


Download (~9.83MB)

Opera Mini


Even browsers have lightweight versions and the popular Opera Mini is one of them. Its main difference from the full mobile version is the compression method to keep the page light to load thus lower data cost and less memory consumption. You may read more about their differences here. The Mini version is only less than 4MB.

Download (~3.74MB)

UC Browser Mini

Apart from Opera, UC Browser also has similar “mini” version of their full-blown mobile browser for just less than 2MB to download.

Download (~1.67MB)

Dolphin Zero


Dolphin, another known mobile browser, has released a Zero version of their app. Although, the Dolphin Zero is a super stripped version leaving only the incognito mode for utmost privacy. It’s also the lightest among them at just 500KB.

Download (~455KB)

360 Security Lite

Security apps for Android also have lite versions for phones with low memory. The lite version of the 360 Security app might be even a better version of the full app since it’s more streamlined and straightforward. It’s not only a security tool but also a speed booster to clear out apps running in the background and a battery saver to keep your juice running.

Download (~7.41MB)

CM Security Lite


CM Security also designed a version of their app for phones with less than 1GB RAM. The download package is also light at just 1.28MB. Unlike 360 Security Lite though, it doesn’t include the speed booster and battery saver feature.

Download (~1.28MB)

Clean Master Lite


Clean Master Lite is also an app designed for phones with less than 1GB RAM. Similar to 360 Security Lite, it’s a full packaged security app plus a phone booster/junk file cleaner/battery saver.

Download (~3.76MB)

Hope this guide helps you to make room for more space on your phone. If we missed anything, hit up the comments section below and please share what Lite or Mini apps you know of.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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