Local Bank Apps For Better Mobile Banking

Local Bank Apps For Better Mobile Banking

Banking nowadays doesn’t always mean you have to be physically present inside the bank’s premises. Yeah, there’s Phone Banking but that’s not exactly something you’d want to do because long phone calls with an agent on the other line can get cumbersome, especially when you just have a quick query regarding your account.


There are a number of local banks to choose from and here are some of them that have a smartphone companion app to take banking to your fingertips. Take note that these require internet connectivity, and that some banks may charge you for some of these mobile services.


The Philippine’s biggest bank, BDO, do have their own app and it’s pretty useful for people on the go. It’s got a complete suite of mobile banking services available to the public including balance check, fund transfer, bills payment, and more. You can even order a new checkbook and top up your mobile prepaid account.

Android: Download
iOS: Download


BPI may be the Philippines’ oldest bank but that doesn’t mean they are behind in terms of adapting to modern technologies especially when it comes to mobile. With support for three of the major mobile OS today — Android, iOS, and Windows Phone — clients can access the app on almost any mobile platform. They have also just introduced a feature called “Quick Portfolio” that allows users to instantly check their balances through the use of PIN or even biometrics if your phone supports a fingerprint scanner.


Android: Download
iOS: Download
Windows Phone: Download

China Bank

If you’re a China Bank client, you can check out their app. No registration needed for those who already have a China Bank Online User ID. It has the basics covered so you don’t have to spend time falling in line at a nearby branch. The app is an outdated though with a recent update dating back in 2014 for Android.


Android: Download


Landbank of the Philippines is also into the trend of mobile banking with all the basics covered plus additional features like “Mobilock” wherein you can instantly lock your ATM card when it gets lost, stolen, or just when you don’t like it to be accessed.


Android: Download
iOS: Download


Like China Bank, Metrobank’s mobile app doesn’t seem to be a focused feature for the bank due lack of software support but it’s still online. You can do a balance check, bills payment, and prepaid reloading through it.



Android: Download
iOS: Download


PSBank is one of the active banks when it comes to mobile and their pretty good app is a testimony to it. It’s a simple yet feature app with the usual feature of balance check, transfers, and payments on-board plus the remote locking of ATM card similar to Landbank. You can also get real-time alerts for every debit transaction and reload your GCash account through the app.


Android: Download
iOS: Download


RCBC has their AccessOne-Mobile app for their clients that allows balance check, funds transfer, bills payment, and locate nearby branches.


Android: Download
iOS: Download

Security Bank

Security Bank’s mobile app is easily the best-looking app in the list if you’d ask us. Not only that’s pretty but it’s also featured pack. Again, you get the usual features on top of the TouchID support for iOS devices for quick and hassle-free access to your accounts.


Android: Download
iOS: Download


UCPB Mobile Banking app is also available for download loaded with the basics of mobile banking. But, its Android counterpart needs updating for security reasons. It’s concerning to see it recently updated back in 2013. The iOS version is pretty updated, so we don’t have issues with that.


Android: Download
iOS: Download


Lastly, we have UnionBank UMobile that allows balance check, funds transfers, and prepaid reloading. Though, enrollment is only through the 24/7 hotline number or a written request form that needs to be submitted to the bank first.


Android: Download
iOS: Download

That’s all the mobile banking apps from our respective banks in the Philippines we could find. If we missed anything, please share them in the comments sections so we add them for everyone’s benefit.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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12 Responses

  1. Kwentology says:

    PNB still not able to provide a mobile app for online banking.

  2. XTR says:

    How safe are these apps?

  3. Jake says:

    I only use BPI and I like the transfer to anyone (BPI BFB accts only) feature.

  4. BPI and SecurityBank are modern looking. The rest are full of crap!!!

  5. Jenz Tom says:

    BPI really provides the best experience in my opinion. I specially like the Transfer to Anyone, Transfer to Third-party and Transfer to Own feature. Pretty convenient.

    On a further note, I hate it that PNB and EastWest bank don’t even have a mobile app

  6. r3JAM says:

    Metrobank app is not available on Apple App Store.

  7. Peter Jer Frisco says:

    I don’t really get it why Metrobank a big bank cant even afford to have functional and decent mobile app. Shame on them! Also PS bank a mobile app you can download if your phone was set-up with app store account setting in the Philippines. So if you are abroad and your phone was set-up with an app store outside the Philippines you cannot down load their app. Another stupid act.

  8. Drew Guttadore says:

    Metrobanks app is no longer available due to it being 32 bit and not compliant with Apple iOS 11 software release. So unless you are on Android or not upgrading to iOS 11 you are out of luck as of 09/19/17

  9. Peter Jer Frisco says:

    I don’t understand a big bank like Metrobank doesn’t have a decent or working mobile app. A shame on this bank

  10. AA says:

    merong bagong app ung unionbank. mas updated pa sa nafeature dito sa yugatech. Unionbank Online name ng app.

  11. carlo says:

    Hope this article will be updated soon. Some of the bank’s application mentioned above doesn’t even get 4 stars. Hope you’ll have a review on their latest update/app version especially BDO and BPI mobile app.

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