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Mobile Data shortcut disappears from Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

The Mobile Data shortcut on some Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have been mysteriously missing on a handful of handsets.

We first received a report from a @theglennong yesterday via Instagram regarding the issue on his Galaxy S6 Edge.

The shortcuts is complete gone and even editing the Quick Settings panel does not show up the shortcut.

This morning, we also experienced the same issue on our openline Galaxy S6.

We can still activate or deactivate mobile data via the Settings -> Data Usage as well as the power confirmation window (long press on the power button). However, shortcut for the Mobile HotSpot is also missing.


We’re still unsure why this happened so we continue to investigate. Please chime in on the comments if you encountered the same problem.

Update: Here are several possible fixes for the bug:

1) Backup your phone’s content and do a full factory Reset.

2) Download and install this temporary fix here (fixdatatoggleapp.apk).

3) Official Samsung app fix here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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48 Responses

  1. berebekwa says:

    I need help.. Sakin may error

    Error 404: samsung galaxy s6 not found

  2. trashbox_ph says:

    Happened to my galaxy tab s 8.4 t705 as well all you have to do is reset the shortcut to defaults then it would re-appear

  3. Yep happened on my S6 this morning :-/ will this correct itself?

  4. Jeff says:

    I also experience the same problem 2 days ago. I called samsung customer care and they said that they will escalate my concern to their main office as they dont have any idea why it happened. They said to go to samsunv hub in moa. I went there and the personel i talked to said it happened during the uodate and they cant do anything about it. I askwd why samsung would remove such very vital toggle. They dis not respond and i left with dismay.

  5. Yanyan says:

    Panu po, mgReset to default layout sa S6.. Salamat..

  6. ocommon says:

    Epekto ng Touchwiz..

  7. Riz says:

    It gone on my S6!! Just vanished and its a feature i use everyday especially when im trying to control my data limits. Samsung better fix this ‘bug’ asap or im going to return this and go to apple! Simple thing has p****ed me off

  8. Paul says:

    Same thing has happened to me today after removing and re-inserting my sim in my s6 edge – how do you reset the shortcuts to default as someone else has mentioned?

  9. Match says:

    Happened to mine too yesterday. I cant have my mobile data shortcut and Hotspot. Im using S6 Edge. Please update us if somethings up! Thanks

    • Paul says:

      It appears to be a world wide problem having looked into it. Just have to hope they fix it soon.

  10. Kent says:

    Also happened to me a few days after updating to Lollipop. I just reset the notification panel in settings and the mobile data and mobile hotspot toggles came back. I’m using Tab S 8.4

  11. Paul says:

    Geez my unit (Philippines) is having the same problem! This is so frustrating!

  12. I also encountered this issue yesterday. I notice that mobile data shortcut on my s6 was gone and i dont know how to put it back. Im the only one who uses my fone so i know no one remove it. Can u teach me how to solve this. Thanks

  13. Jock Walker-Campbell says:

    Same here .. Telstra Australia. S6.

  14. warren brook says:

    Very annoying not having my mobile data icon they better fix it very soon, or is there away to fix it myself.

  15. Tich Thien TRUONG says:

    Mobile data shortcut on my Galaxy S6 Edge has been also disappeared!
    Help me, please.

  16. feras says:

    Same problem. S6 edge.and when it happened, I was roaming. There was no internet connection. It was causef from within.

  17. Mohammad says:

    Samsung has removed from our devices remotely. I updated my software 2 weeks ago no problem. Now it’s suddenly gone. There is nothing we can do but showe our frustration and hope they fix it

  18. James says:

    This happened to me yesterday. There was no system update whatsoever but it suddenly disappeared when I’m about to turn it off.

  19. Jeff says:

    Guy i found this link telling that its a software issue and samsung is already in discussion with the developer of the software as to how to resolve the problem.


  20. Jellis says:

    S6 Edge, Belgium, 14 June 2015 11u15am. Mobile data, hotspot and private mode dissappeared from quick toggles (without doing or accepting any update). Worldwide wide-spread problem, very irritated! Latest sources mention Samsung TTS update is the cause.

  21. gheboss says:

    Happened to me as well, hope you find a solutiin

  22. Miriam says:

    have just noticed this problem on my s6 edge. @kent please explain how you reset your notification panel. It would be really helpful.

  23. Chris says:

    Same problem here with the S6 Edge. The mobile data shortcut disappeared totally today.

  24. Neos says:

    The same problem on s6 edge

  25. Nikka says:

    Happened to me as well. Mobile data disappeared from quick panel settings. I called samsung customer service earlier and they told me that they already escalated the concern.
    For meantime, we need to go to settings, click data usage and turn on mobile data.

  26. Fred says:

    Same here on the s6 edge. I wonder if it is not the operator who has pushed that as they try to maximise the data usage in their offer.. I remenber a few weeks ago that I received such note that the switch between wifi and data will be automatic… not sure if Samsung – level down is fully aware of this…

  27. Jaco says:

    Mine is the same.I am in south africa and they should fix this problem as soon as possible!!

  28. hamisi says:

    Same here… in Kenya

  29. Robert says:

    Mobile data shortcut disappeared this morning. Tried to restart and tried to fix it but to no avail. I Googled it and found this site. I am in Riyadh.

  30. CA S SHARMA says:

    Found a helpful solution. Check the fixdatatoggleapp.apk post by NimeniAltu.

  31. Meg says:

    Having the same problem on the S6 Edge. This is shady as hell. Any fixes available?

  32. ZhyPhr024 says:

    It also happened to my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE. What I did, just reset to default. Just give it a try.

  33. Bailey says:

    Just found out that my mobile hotspot is also missing I thought its just my mobile data toggle.. one more thing my default email icon is missing in my home screen.. and lastly weird things happen to my s6 when I play music my phone vibrates.. I just restarted it and its gone..

  34. mrsironbad says:

    Me too! I noticed it last weekend. It’s a bit inconvenient. :(

  35. Kevin says:

    Same thing happened on my S6 here in Cape Town, South Africa. Still waiting a fix from Samsung, very annoying :-(

  36. mykel2425 says:

    Mobile data toggle for note 3 also missing

  37. Rohith says:

    FOUND a solution to mobile data shortcut restore

    1. Install ” QUICK PANEL RESTORE” from Samsung app store

    2 .Open it & click on restore

    Works perfectly well

    Thanks to Samsung care support

  38. Ro2 says:

    FOUND a solution to mobile data shortcut restore

    1. Install ” QUICK PANEL RESTORE” from Samsung app store

    2 .Open it & click on restore

    Works perfectly well
    Try it !

    Thanks to Samsung care support

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