2 LAN connection on 1 PC?

2 LAN connection on 1 PC?

Been trying to figure out how one of my desktops PC connected to two ISPs — Smart Bro and PLDT myDSL. The myDSL is connected to a router and hooked up with the other PCs while Smart Bro is hooked up directly into this one desktop. Now, if we wanted to play Warcaft 3 on the network, only my laptop and the other PC can join so I am thinking that by adding a second LAN card and hooking it up to the router, this PC will also be part of the network.


Is that possible? I haven’t tried it though. If both can’t work at the same time, maybe I’ll just disable one while using the other.

Any better arrangement for this?

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53 Responses

  1. Jasper says:

    Yes that’s possible. I just don’t know the pros and cons. Haven’t tried it as well.

  2. jhay says:

    I’ve seen some computer cafes that have their individual PCs having two LAN cards installed and working. I was curious and asked some of their people and they said that it helps the network speeds to go up and it also acts as a secondary network.

    I didn’t aksed more details from then on though.

  3. vance says:

    well i doubt it will work kasi pag nakadial-up ka then naka on yung lan mo it wont browse pero once i disable the lan ok na… hmm… so theoritically para the same situation… the only thing you can prove if it will work is to try it madalai lang naman mag kabot ng lan card sa pc.. I have to 2 lan cards on my pc though 1 ISP lang which is smart bro… OH WAIT!! may naalala ako you can bridge 2 lan cards as one google niyo meron nito pero pagkakaalam ko dapat the same ISP and The Same Package or bandwidth…. yes i think thats what you want….

  4. vance says:

    kung di nagpost yung first reply ko:

    hmm bridge the lan cards as one pero I think you should have same ISP and Bandwidth to do so, try googling for this technique alam ko meron nyan eh…

    a pc can have 2 lan cards pero 1 ISP ang alam ko, yung pangalawang lan card is for networking your other pc and share the ISP…….

  5. ashkael says:

    Yup, it is possible to have 2 LAN cards in one PC and then both will function well at the same time. The router will automatically assign an IP addy to the PCs connected to it and just configure your network through the Set up a home or small office network wizard (the wizard, actually, really works! =)) then each PC will belong to one network. oh, and if you do have a firewall (which i am assuming coz you have a broadband internet connection), just make sure to enter the IP addys of the PCs to the trusted zone of the firewall to have a direct connection to each PC

  6. pawan says:

    hello i have two lan cards installed in my pc. through 1 pc i want to connect 1 lan card for broadband net and through the other pc i want to connect another pc (one lan card on it )
    for sharing my files and folder and internet.please give me the detail step for it.

  7. shahzad says:


    i am using internet with LAN and i installed 2 LAN cards in my pc plz tell me if i connect both lan cards then can both cards can use inter net at one pc ????i mean if i connect my pc with 2 lan cards then can i double the speed or not ???

  8. snapper says:


    installing 2 lancard while accesing 1 ISP is not advisable.It will never double the speed of your connection neither.

  9. snapper says:


    Are you trying say that you want to acces the other pc by 2 lancard without a router? in order to join and/or create a network and share files and net connection? Well, its possible.

  10. lightwave says:

    this is so funny its never happen ……..are u making to fool to otheres …….when u install two lan cards in one pc nothing is happening there …….hhhhhh this so funny dears

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  11. MOD: Delete first post plz…

    Two Ethernet cards you say (or more)?

    AKA: Teaming or EtherChanneling (cisco’s name for it)

    There are a few reasons why you would want two Ethernet cards on a system.

    + Load Balancing / Enhanced Transfer:
    If you are dealing with two 100MB/sec card you would benefit by being able to transfer 200MB/sec between the computer and the router. This will not make your connection from your router to the internet any faster, but does increase the speed at which your router can send the internet bandwidth to your computer. If you have two computers setup with two Ethernet cards/ports each you would be transferring at 200MB/sec between them.

    + Daisy Chaining LAN & Internet:
    Router or Cable Modem === Computer 1 === Computer 2
    It is possible to use both Ethernet slots on ‘Computer 1’ to share the connection with another computer. ‘Computer 1’will act as a router in essence. Network professionals know it as ‘Daisy Chain Topology’.

    I don’t know about this next one (maybe someone can help)
    + LAN based printer connectivity
    Computer 2 === Router === Computer 1 === LAN Printer
    This is not a good diagram to describe why you would need it so let me explain. If you had a 4-port router and you had 4-systems already hooked up, could you add an addition card (or use an available Ethernet port) to bring a LAN Printer onto the network?

    Any help…?

    It doesn’t matter how smart someone it, as everyone has questions…

  12. tahder says:

    I have the same network configuration with you. What i did before the IP of each devices (router and PC)was in the same subnet in which you can see each other. But if you change router’s subnet, only those PCs with same subnet will able to see each other but you (computer1) can remote administer (using ssh)the other (computer2) and can also able to connect LAN printer as long as it in crossover by adding additional 1 NIC in computer2.

    You can correct me, if i’m wrong…

    I got your idea on load balancing/enhanced transfer, right now in our connection we have 2 WAN connection through ethernet but the problem we run 2 proxy servers. To save energy and resource i plan to have 1 proxy server with 3 NIC (2 for WAN and 1 for LAN). I try it locally, on my 1PC with 2NIC, 1 is connected directly to router and one is connected to switch in which it is connected to the router. It will give problems when you put 2 gateways…
    Router === PC 1 === switch == PCs
    ++ ++
    === = = = = = = = = =

    Does it possible to implement in the Proxy Server?

  13. passerby says:

    someone told me you can’t use both lan cards at the same time. you gain access to 1st network but not the other (vice versa)

  14. monpogi says:

    for load balancing between two WANs you might want to try linksys’ RV series. i use RV042 sa bahay with a pldt dsl and a smart bro as my WAN connectivity. nag loloadbalance siya in a round robin fashion meaning, if you access site 1, it will go through dsl, and if you access site 2, it will go thru smart bro. you could also configure it so that say a specific pc with a specific ip in the network to go through only dsl.

    WAN2=SMRTBRO–/ \–PC2

  15. skygazer says:

    It will work… but dont push your luck for more speed cos it will not gain any. Ako ata yung dinidescribe above na shop na may 2 lan cards per comp.

    I have 1 router pang dsl and a switch for networking.

    Lahat ng first lan cards is connected to the router for internet connection then lahat ng 2nd lan cards connected sa switch. the reason for this is to stop crowding the router which is used for internet connection with connections na lan games lang ang ginagawa. kaya lahat lng ng naglalaro sa switch lahat ng traffic then lahat ng iinternet sa router.

    Ngayon hindi na naglalag yung network games kpg may nanonood ng youtube.

  16. chudy says:

    pfsense. all in one. load balancing, bandwidth management, squid cache much more than cisco or other router can do.

    1PC or virtual machine, 1 NIC(gigabitNIC much better), 1 switch. actually most of all above works but i got work in a very cheap way.

    current setup.
    1PC dedecated (were pfsense installed) for movies, torrent download and squid HEAD. pfsense router for load balancing (PLDT & SMART), bandwidth management.

  17. sarath says:

    is there be any way to connect 2 lan used for intrnet to connect in 1 pc for an increase in download speed. I’ve a P5N32-E SLI mother board having 2 lan port. my DSL modem have 4 lan ports. i just want to cannect 2 internet lan cable in 1 pc for improving downloading speed.

    is there b any way to do that.

    thanks in advance

  18. BIKEHEAD says:

    Ask ko lang mga sir… how about having 2 different isp with 2 nic is it possible on having those on one computer. take note that the 2 isp has a static ipadd.. pupuwede ba yon?

  19. assi218 says:

    the 2 lan cards in one pc is possible…
    my neighbors and i are connected via lan network..
    we all put in an additional lan cards in our pc..
    the process?
    we all have internet connections that is plugged into the built-in lan.

    as for the additional lan card, that is were we are connected as a group network with the help of an *ethernet switch hub, we play warcraft, counter strike 1.3 and other lan/multiplayer games and even share files, in the comfort of our own rooms..

    *if only two pc will be connected, the hub wont be neccesary, you can just directly connect to the lan cards.

    the configuration goes:
    go to your network connecions, there, you should see Local Area Connection and Local Area Connection 2 (if your lan card was properly installed or detected),
    right click on Local Area Connection (this will be configured for your internet connection), properties, Internet Protocol(TCP/IP), properties, tick “obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically”, then ok..

    now do the same on Local Area Connection 2 except this time, you will have to choose and tick “Use Following IP Address” and “Use the following DNS server addresses”,
    (put in the numbers as follows)

    IP address:
    or (for the other pc)

    Subnet mask:
    Default gateway:

    then click ok..

    now check your home network if your pc and the other pc are under one group. if not, go to set up a home or office network and do as prompt. just be sure to use the same network group name…

    if either one of you cant connect to the other pc, you might need to check your firewall settings.

    the last thing to do is connect your net to your respective built-in lan ports and connect your lan cards to each other via UTP cable.

    hope this helps… this procedure worked for us hope it works for you as well.. happy gaming!!!

  20. assi218 says:

    before i get hammered, i must say that when i said the 2 lan cards in 1 pc is possible, it only works for the procedure i mentioned above.. as for other purpose, im still trying to figure it out.. if it will work if i have 2 different net connections…

  21. james tan says:

    i have 10 pc’s connected to 1 netswitch with internet connections, is it possible to connect to the switch another internet connections and use it both at the same time??? please help po/// the reason is if one of them disconnect the other is there for automatic backup connection.

  22. TKsan says:

    hello.. i have 2 port LAN. i try do as assi218. but i still cant connect to my proxy LAN network

    i have 2 connection. 1 is a respective internet connection (streamyx) another is my apartment proxy connection. the streamyx connection i plug into my build-in port. another i plug into my additional port (LAN card) the streamyx i just use “obtain IP /DNS automatic” . the proxy u need to put the IP,gateway,DNS myself. if i want to suft internet through proxy connection, i need to setting my web browser setting into proxy. im using vista.

  23. Sunny says:

    Dear all

    I want know how to create two LAN with one ISP connection.if possible how…..?????


  24. yasu says:

    please tell me how to add two local area connections bridge using command prompt

  25. jorz says:

    i never tried also the dual ISP services connected at the same time, i only have one ISP directly connected to a server with 2 NICs, one is for broadband(internet) and the other is for the private LAN (Office LAN). i use proxy service to enable internet sharing in the private LAN (they are connected to the internet using proxy. the proxy server is the PC directly connected to the internet.


    Internet > Proxy Server > Ethernet Switch > Clients

    Proxy server have NIC 1 and NIC 2

    – Internet is connected to NIC 1 with IP address 121.xxx.xxx.xxx, with DNS and Gateway ( in my case my address is static from ISP)
    – Private Lan is connected to NIC 2 with IP address 192.168.xxx.xxx, with dns and without gateway. DNS is from Active Directory Controller(server)

    clients configuration is set to:
    IP address: 192.168.xxx.xxx
    DNS: AD Server (DNS Server)
    Gateway: none

    *You cannot set two NICs with gateway address, this will make a collision of your connection and your PC cannot determine which connection configuration to use. The Gateway will serves as your Internet source.

    In the case of TKSan, i don’t quietly understand what he is talking about, in my understanding he has two active internet connections:
    1. from ISP
    2. from apartment using proxy.

    To connect to proxy u need to add proxy address as your gateway so that you queries will be forwarded to proxy. Internet browser should be configured with the proxy you have. you have to disable your internet(streamyx) to be connected to proxy. or better you may use two internet browser:
    1. Internet Explorer – configured for proxy
    2. Mozilla Firefox – configured for streamyx internet

    sorry for garbled explanation, just make a try hehehe

    *Load balancing is the best way to get your two internet connections up

  26. ruben says:

    i cant use both internet connection at the same time with my two lan cards.One connection is for my ISP and the other connection is for my private network(intranet) ..whenever i tried to use both there is some kind of a collision that happen ,because i cant browse the internet while im trying to access my private network connection…pls help..

  27. KRISH says:

    Anybody help me………..
    My office is having one private network and also external for internet facility. So I want to use both at same time. Is it possible if I install 2 LAN cards in my computer. Is other computer in different computer can comunicate with my computer please tell me.
    Thanks …….

  28. rodgelex says:

    Hey.. its better if your using a windows XP type os, then you used 2 LAN thats better , try connecting it to bridge… when u select the two local area connections you can click right options then bridge connection then you can have stable connection even though one LAN connection got sucks but try it sometimes if it suites your games and DSL connection together with OS type Windows XP Home Ed or Pro ed…. thanks

  29. rodgelex says:

    KRISH replied on Mar 29th, 2009 at 3:42 pm (27)

    yes thats better , you can xtend up to 3 or 4 I think with an extra PCI-Slots in you computer connected to all routers in you computers… it is easily configure when it shows all the IP conefiguration when hitting CMD prompts at you run settings then have it recorded that routers can communicate for specific LAN IP’s conected top that cable.. try it

  30. maspalupaka says:

    Yes its possible, I’m using 4 different ISP with 4 Local Area Network connected to 1 server. Each LAN consist of 8PC, I’m engaged also in ICafe bznz…

  31. tae says:

    lols mga hunghang

  32. ZiN says:

    Jus use Hamachi OK? :D

  33. Jet says:

    4 isp in one computer at the same time? is it really possible?

    wen can have hundreds of isp in one computer but running them at same time? is it really possible?
    teach me.. =)

  34. Silverio says:

    bumili ka na lang switch/hub o edimax router…

  35. Silverio says:

    tuturuan nalang kita sa config……having 2 ISP posible yun kapag may switch/hub ka o router(kahit ilang ports pa but usually 4port nalng).
    1. first connect ur SmartBro n2 WAN Port of Edimax Router(Emimax=1.3K lang)..Pwede rin yung PLDT myDSL mo ang i plug.
    2.then configure ur router to WAN as DHCP.

    3..Basta follow the manuals nalang…malapit na kasi ako mag out eh email mo nalng ako..

  36. Denmark says:

    can i ask a question?

    I have a PC with 2 lan cards i want to connect smartbro to one of it and the other one to the other computer for LAN connection.. please help me how can i setup UTP wire connection thanks….

  37. Blue says:

    sir, ask ko lang kung paano ba i configure ang 2 ISP sa isang server/PC? i have 46 units, and i want to divide it into 2… so ung 23units sa isang ISP, and the other 23 sa ibang ISP, pero isa lang ung server na gagamitin…paano ung comfiguration nun?

  38. Blue says:

    sir, ask ko lang kung paano ba i configure ang 2 ISP sa isang server/PC? i have 46 units, and i want to divide it into 2… so ung 23units sa isang ISP, and the other 23 sa ibang ISP, pero isa lang ung server na gagamitin…paano ung configuration nun? help naman po sana.

  39. nesty says:


    Use bridge connection. How?

    select the two enabled lancard from network connections (dapat prehas active un), right click either of the two, then bridge.

    magccombine ung two lan cards mo into 1. so isa lang ang IP address etc ng computer mo, u can access 2 lines using your server software. pero sa internet, nkadepende un sa pc mo kung anung line ang unang magrregister using dhcp, if ung isa wlang router, it means ung isa lng ang mkkpag bigay ng IP add sa pc mo.

    I’ve done it in my frends comp shop.

  40. JhunTech says:

    Yes it is possible, but it wont double the speed.
    The only benefit of having two ISP… If your ISP block other website or game server, you can switch to other IP to make your game work or browse the blocked web.

    Xtras INFO:

    – Kung internet explorer gamit mung browser pede ka pumile kung ano default connection. or just select s “Networking Connection” which Connection do you want to use, kahit Dial-up, LAN,or USB.

    – About bridge, gawin mu lng un kung gus2 mu i-share ung internet connection mu s ibang PC without router. And kung USB SmartBro gamit mu d pede bridge ung usb s LAN. Kc ina-allow lng ng bridge s 2 LAN card…

    Pede mu gawin un kung dalawa router mu. At mas madali setup.

    First 23 PC configure mu s Router 1 IP, eto magiging gateway nila. Then connect s modem.

    second 23 PC configure mu s Router 2 IP, eto nman ung gateway nila. Then connect s modem.

    Then dapat static IP gawin mu s lhat ng client PC.
    Hinde mu n need ng server pc para s Internet Sharing.

    About s hub, pedeng dalawang hub, or single hub kung merun ka hub n more than 32ports.

  41. Yes it is possible. All you have to do is buy a router with DUAL WAN feature. I think Linksys router is capable of doing it upto to 7 WAN (load balancing). There is also a cheap dual wan router in the market, I think the brand name is Edimax.

    But take note that this will not combine your bandwidth in your two separate ISP. If you have two 1 Mbps bandwidth on each ISP, it doesn’t mean that you can download upto 2Mbps in a single download, but you will able to download 2 1Mbps simultaneously.

  42. arun says:

    hi all please solve this problem..

    i have 2 nic card in my PC.

    nic1 and nic2

    nic1 i directly connected to the broadband.with out any additional device(hub,switch)

    and my ip is static(172.xxx.xxx.xxx)

    nic2 connected with lap.

    how can i share internet connection in pc and Lap?

    which ip address i should assign to nic2 and lap??

    i assigned to nic2 and to lap

    with this configuration LAN is working fine and i

    am able to access internet only in PC.

  43. rahuul says:

    i wnt 2 knw dat how i can setup two lan connection in 1 pc.

  44. rahuul says:

    i just dont hv d second one

  45. Silverio says:

    @arun…for your laptop..do not use DHCP..use the STATIC one..you assign exact Gateway and DNS to your laptop as what you have provided by your ISP.

  46. Silverio says:

    @rahuul>>….the other lan port of your PC is connected from your ISP/internet and the other port to your other PC..Now,it should not be Straight thru arrangement of your UTP Cable,it SHOULD be CROSS-OVER.AFTER that,share both PC’s files so that each PC can access each other..

  47. Silverio says:

    @rahuul and arun…just add me up sa ym or sa facebook…[email protected]

  48. ladyzman says:

    magtanung lang po kung paano po magconnect 2 pc via lan card?? kasi po im using pc with 2 lancard. den i want to share my files in other computer using my extra lancard sa pc ko?? posible po ba yun? plz teach me po! im using win7(os)32-bit sa pc ko and win7(os)64-bit sa other pc!! thanks

  49. Silverio says:

    @ladyzman…yes it is possible…all you have to do is to buy an UTP Cable and RJ-45..ipa crimp mo na lang sa store na bibilhan mo.and sabihin mung “cross-over” ang arrangement ng UTP cable mo..after you got it..just plug it into your PC1 LAN and the other to your PC2..email mo na lang ako pag may problema pa rin…

  50. ladyzman says:

    i got cross cable napoH! and naka network napu yung 2 computers qu. and nakakapag share narin po me ng files, how about internet conection po? may kailangan pa po bang i-configure in win7? thnks!

  51. Silverio says:

    @ladyzman…u have to buy a router or fast ethernet switch…ito yung facebook ko at ym ko…[email protected]

  52. Reyman says:

    just go to this site and you will figure it out.


    or much easier,go buy yourself a router with a built in port switch for your smartbro, connect the smartbro to the wan slot of the router, connect the two pc AND THE PLDTMYDSL anywhere on the lan slot of the smartbro router, turn all the device on, and access the settings of both router by typing the ip of the router on any browser to manually assign an IP for your both PC,try to learn about the DHCP feature of the router im sure every router has it. in that way you can specify which connection you want to use in any pc you have.If you will succeed on this, you created a small local area network with two pc involved

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