Toshiba laptop for sale!

Toshiba laptop for sale!

I was at a client the whole afternoon and their office has this section for very old stuff like cameras, videocams, radios and laptops.

So this one is for sale:

Toshiba Laptop Sale


A Toshiba J-3100GT with a 386SX CPU, 8MB hard drive and 1MB RAM running MS DOS.

Toshiba Laptop Sale

And they said it still runs fine until now after 19 years. Tough huh?

Any bids?

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54 Responses

  1. jangelo says:

    They should donate that to a museum or something. :P

  2. jangelo says:

    I remember, though, that I used to run my BBS on a 386SX-based Toshiba satellite. The laptop could run Windows 3.1, btw. But I usually use desQview for my multitasking needs.

  3. Dave Starr says:

    Interesting find. Not necessarily a museum piece, though. I had a very similar laptop sitting in its very expensive leather carry case for years in a closet when I gave it to my son, who does programming for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools. The coding is all in a sort of simplified assembler code for the machines and each specific program .. like the instructions for drilling holes in a specific part, are stored in DOS .txt files. He uses the laptop to make program corrections and copy programs from machine to machine on the shop floor. Should be good for many more years, and a much more productive machine than many new ‘speed demons’ that just sit on people’s desks while they search the internet, read blogs, play games and peruse the help wanted listings ;-)

    I have a P1 laptop of not much greater spec that I use in my business to upgrade, set up and troubleshoot sophisticated GPS satellite terminals. They take their input/output through a ‘real’ serial port (craft port in the trade) and do not work well with modern USB-based serial port emulators. I couldn’t sell or service these terminals with my modern, high-end laptop … no serial port and no floppy drive to receive upgrades from the manufacturer.

    And perhaps the ‘old iron’ champion … inside the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain facility here in Colorado Springs (yes, the one that “War Games” popularized) is the main board of a Sinclair ZX-81. I used to teach logic and digital I/O troubleshooting there years ago and I brought in the Sinclair for the students to connect a sophisticated logic analyzer to for training. Last I checked it was still in regular use, training Air Force computer technicians … it’s been in service at least 25 years.

    Old doesn’t always mean useless, at least for machines that work for a living as opposed to writing about work.

  4. “Old doesn’t always mean useless …”

    I agree, Dave. My present workhorse is a ~6 year old ThinkPad. I’m probably more productive here than on my newer, more powerful desktop (which I usually use for games, anyway). IMHO, laptops are always better when it comes to writing work (I love the ergonomic benefits of trackpoints, too).

  5. neon says:

    Hey, can i run WORDSTAR or LOTUS 123 there?

  6. noel says:

    alam nyo bang mas matindi pa ang processing power nyan kesa sa computer ng apollo 11?

    bid ko PHP50.00 :-)

  7. Nightfall says:

    I still got a functioning commodore 64..and an Apple IIc

  8. george washington says:

    how much are you asking for it and do you still have it.

  9. Nick says:

    I have to agree with jangelo, a museum probably will buy that for a much higher price as compared to some buyer out here on the net or off the street.

  10. okonkwo vitalis says:

    i need your the product urgently.

  11. jonette says:

    i need your help. plan ko bumili ng laptop, ang gusto ko sana eh mataas yung specs like 80gb, 2gb ram, vista, etc. pero 40k php lng budget ko. eh kz halos ang mamahal ng nakikita kong laptop na mataas ang specs. someone help me if saan merong kasya sa budget ko and sana eh masabi nyo rin what particular laptop brand and name nya.

    and isa pa eh meron pa bang firewire na nbibili ngaun? and if how much yun. tska if pwede b s laptop un. and anong pinaka the best and mura na dsl if home use lng naman.

    thanks ha. if ever lng naman meron kayong alam. thanks

  12. Metnick says:

    How much is the prise

  13. Chonabell Aquia says:

    Dave Starr You are stupid and OLD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Old Computers can not work after that long because moist and bacteria will find ways to gather up and damage the innards of your system. You just made that story up and also you don’t know what new computers are capable because you don’t use one and don’t understand how it functions…

  14. paula says:

    help anyone?:) i have a new toshiba laptop but it’s os is in italian language how can i convert it to english?tnx..

  15. Eric says:

    @ Chonabell: What you said is not really true. Old stuff that are regularly used and maintained can still function reliably as can be noted on most power generating plants (where upgrading a system can mean a downtime of more than a week, so they don’t bother). My brother has an old laptop from the early 90s which runs win98se and all the apps in there just fine. I’ve booted up a 386-based PC with sub-MB RAM that still run up to this day even though it’s been stored in a de-humidified display case for several years. It all depends on how the equipment is used (or abused).

    @Paula: best way to convert it to English is to install a new OS. Goodluck!

  16. David Ferguson says:

    I need Laptops and Mobile Phones… Any body who wanna sell used or Brand new one should contact me..

  17. mariam says:

    hello i need a help i need a loptop for bro any one should contact me

  18. giov says:

    hello gosto kong magkalaptop yong kasya lang at matibay….kahit di barandnew.basta mataas lang ang memory kahit 1gb lang …..wala akong paki kong anong brand……….at budget ko 10 thou….pls naman………….

  19. Bruno says:

    Gostaria de saber se este notebook foi vendido e se não foi me passa o e-mail para negociarmos este produto

  20. christian says:

    that laptop will be a big hit… so go! barrow h.g wells’s time machine and go back to the 60’s will be one of a kind…lol… pretty cool though…for a typewritter…

    …seriously…ermmm…can i trade my pager for this one??

  21. christian says:

    that laptop will be a big hit… so go! barrow h.g wells’s time machine and go back to the 60’s will be one of a kind…lol… pretty cool though…for a typewritter…

    …seriously…ermmm…can i trade my pager for this one???

  22. kimmy says:

    i want to buy your laptop????
    how much…
    i am an antique collector…
    how much????
    name the price and the amount is not problem…
    i will buy it..
    give me ur contact num….

  23. Tore Andreas says:

    Jeg kjøper den jeg. Jeg byr max 500kr for den. Dette er max.

  24. berdie says:

    not realy old stuff, no modern SUV’s can get across mountains. horse lang po. understand guys??

  25. 09082455310 says:

    bilhin ko na ng 500.00 yan deal or no deal?:)

  26. Ermical Allan says:

    AH yan ba ung tinatawag na electronic type-writer na may screen.


  27. hellowy says:

    wtf! Donate it in garbage pls! 1 MB ram…go fack yourself

  28. dennis says:

    it just shows that Toshiba brand lasts longer than any other brands…

  29. Kenneth says:


    i’m selling my TOSHIBA SATELLITE Laptop. Specs are the following:

    AMD Turion X2 64
    2.0 Ghz
    15.4 widescreen
    200GB Hard disk
    3GB Memory
    Piano Black Fusion Finish
    DVD Multi drive
    4 USB slots
    wifi ready
    with installed licensed MS 2007

    Selling Php37,000

    Bought last Nov 2008. Excellent condition and barely used.

    Please contact me at 0917-8241800 or 0923-3653150.


  30. Anthony says:

    Would you donate it for the museum please… I wont buy it for 500 pesos, maybe 300 pesos will do….

  31. KANTZNA says:


  32. Anthony says:

    maybe 300 will do.., but if I’ll blow job you… would you give it to me for free?

  33. Kenneth says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I’m selling my TOSHIBA SATELLITE Laptop.

    If you lick my ass and suck my pretty cock, I will give it to you for free… plus additional Nokia93i if you let me do you in the back..

    Please contact me at 0917-8241800 or 0923-3653150.


  34. dennis says:

    Like I said Toshiba brand lasts longer than any other brands…, I have so many saved gay porn files in my laptop,, until now I still masturbate to them frequently using my Toshiba notebook,, I did not encounter any problems with the battery and stuffs.., but sometimes it’s really hard to get an erection.. especially when I’m with a group of friends and colleagues…, I’m kinda shy in a way.., but my Toshiba makes me conquer my insecurities and my passion.. I love this brand..

  35. joel the great says:

    gusto ko magkalaptop, kaso ala ako budget! pls help me….

  36. Collectors item na yung unit, no defect pa ba yan? Worth keeping yan…

  37. morheen says:

    …i also have a toshiba laptop…those whose interested to buy it, contact me #09279174816…i’ll be giving you the necessary info once you’ve contact me…ciao

  38. Allen says:

    One good advantage is they are cheaper in lionoutlet. Also look for open box items. I found an open box Macbook on lionoutet cheaper than the refurb of the same model Apple was selling. Was absolutely nothing wrong with the Macbook and came with a standard Apple warranty.Their Customer Service is Superior.

  39. sirnavz says:

    i want to buy your laptop… much???????

  40. ginoski says:

    kelangan ko laptop guys ng L510-P4019

    anyonE? pls contak me.. 09233022909

  41. ang ganda namn dpt 1000 lng yan kasi parang pangit ehhh wahahahaha :) :)

  42. jj lng po sorry po :0

  43. anthony nablo says:

    I’ll buy it for 1000php :)

  44. meghan says:

    how much are you selling that computer for i will buy it of you

  45. EdwinC says:

    Puede P500?

  46. juvic malana says:

    need ko laptop na nagbebenta ng 13 k txt nio ko 09077979824…tnx nid tlga…..with wifi and cam aa…

  47. ok says:

    uy ok yan ah, pwede pa auction sa ebay yan, baka mag 100k usd pa yan

  48. laptop says:

    great laptop deals

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