Globe Broadband offers revamped plans with faster speeds and more bundles

Yesterday, we shared with you a document showing Globe‘s upcoming offering for their home broadband services. Now, Globe has just shown their complete line up of new LTE, DSL, and Fibre broadband plans that have been upgraded to include more data allowance and a wider range of additional bundles you can avail.


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The new plans with their corresponding speeds and allowances are:

  • 999 — 1Mbps | 20GB
  • 1099 — 2Mbps | 20GB
  • 1299 — 10Mbps | 50GB
  • 1599 (DSL) — 15Mbps | 150GB
  • 1599 (Fibre) — 20Mbps | 250GB
  • 1899 — 50Mbps | 300GB
  • 2499 — 100Mbps | 1TB
  • 4499 — 200Mbps | 1.5TB
  • 6999 — 500Mbps | 3TB
  • 9499 — 1Gbps | 6TB

Globe is also allowing subscribers to add data to their monthly allocation for a certain fee (one-time or recurring). See below.

All plans come with a free Wi-Fi modem. Also, Plan 1299 and up includes free landline and unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus HOOQ and Netflix for 6 months. An additional free Chromecast for those who will avail of Plan 1599 and up. Standard lock-in period of 24 months is applied and are subject to area availability.

Not only that, Globe has added an array of entertainment bundles for the plan making it a complete package for media consumption. You also have the option to add devices to the plan ranging from Smart TVs, speakers, consoles, and IP cameras.

You may know more about the new broadbands offered by Globe on their page here and check out their offerings, bundles, and even apply for it if you’re interested.

UPDATE: (8/20/16 2:31PM) Additional info regarding contract and area availability.

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46 Responses

  1. Avatar for herbert herbert says:

    how to avail these product?

  2. Avatar for Ron Ron says:

    Plan 1599 – 150gb. Wala pang 1 week 77gb na agad nagagamit namin. Sisi tuloy ako dapat pala PLDT unli na lang kesa sa Globe.

  3. Avatar for MC MC says:

    I asked Globe about the throttling once you exceed the data allowance. Here’s their answer:

    30% of your regular speed for DSL accounts and 64KBPS for LTE

  4. Avatar for jah ignacio jah ignacio says:

    pag na consume ung allowable data, mawawala nba ung net connectio or meron p[arin kaso limitado na?

  5. Avatar for Carlo Roberto Carlo Roberto says:

    Kame nagpakabit nung Dec 6, ayus pa nmn yung speed kase 7-8mbps nmn sya, pero nung dec 9 na up to now(dec 12) 2mpbs nlng yung speed. nakaka 9 Gigabytes plng nmn yung nacoconsume namin. :3
    nakaka dismaya talaga.?

  6. Avatar for Pete Pete says:

    sick & tired with Globe! Post paid or Prepaid, both sucks

  7. Avatar for Pantry Pantry says:

    Globe Broadband DSL 10mbps 1299PHP Plan when you reached the data limit to 100GB and saying that it will throttling down to 30% is a lie. The truth is the internet speed will fall to 350 KBps below and wait for the first Thursday of the month to reset your data again. Experience user here, maybe i’ll check the Skybroadband 8mbps 1399PHP.

  8. Avatar for ASH ASH says:

    Gaano kataas ang ping tanong lng????

  9. Avatar for cj cj says:

    Any reviews for plan 100Mbps? Will it do for gaming? Im planning to switch from PLDT

  10. Avatar for Roko Roko says:

    wow.. this is crazy..

    9499 — 1Gbps | 6TB

    see its possible naman pala . that’s fibre what we use in our DC’s in Rackspace and Softlayer. doable nmen pala eh. bakit ngaun lng nila naisipan ntakot na ba sila na mapasukan ng 3rd parties ehehe.

    at least we’re moving forward. finally. meron na philippines consumer market for 500- 1gb speeds.

    Globe nga nga nman… kaya pala 1gb speed ngaun lng naisipan..

  11. Avatar for Clifford Trigo (@MrTrizaeron) Clifford Trigo (@MrTrizaeron) says:

    This does not work in my location. Sayang, I’m currently subscribed sa 1599 per month na may 5mbps. Okay sana ung 15mbps oh for the same price at 150gb cap. Hays. Globe naman, new offer selected areas pa hahahahaha

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