Globe Broadband offers revamped plans with faster speeds and more bundles

Globe Broadband offers revamped plans with faster speeds and more bundles

Yesterday, we shared with you a document showing Globe‘s upcoming offering for their home broadband services. Now, Globe has just shown their complete line up of new LTE, DSL, and Fibre broadband plans that have been upgraded to include more data allowance and a wider range of additional bundles you can avail.


The new plans with their corresponding speeds and allowances are:

  • 999 — 1Mbps | 20GB
  • 1099 — 2Mbps | 20GB
  • 1299 — 10Mbps | 50GB
  • 1599 (DSL) — 15Mbps | 150GB
  • 1599 (Fibre) — 20Mbps | 250GB
  • 1899 — 50Mbps | 300GB
  • 2499 — 100Mbps | 1TB
  • 4499 — 200Mbps | 1.5TB
  • 6999 — 500Mbps | 3TB
  • 9499 — 1Gbps | 6TB

Globe is also allowing subscribers to add data to their monthly allocation for a certain fee (one-time or recurring). See below.


All plans come with a free Wi-Fi modem. Also, Plan 1299 and up includes free landline and unlimited calls to Globe/TM plus HOOQ and Netflix for 6 months. An additional free Chromecast for those who will avail of Plan 1599 and up. Standard lock-in period of 24 months is applied and are subject to area availability.

Not only that, Globe has added an array of entertainment bundles for the plan making it a complete package for media consumption. You also have the option to add devices to the plan ranging from Smart TVs, speakers, consoles, and IP cameras.

You may know more about the new broadbands offered by Globe on their page here and check out their offerings, bundles, and even apply for it if you’re interested.

UPDATE: (8/20/16 2:31PM) Additional info regarding contract and area availability.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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46 Responses

  1. kim says:

    Data capped bes

  2. jefe de hudas says:

    the LTE 10Mbps, 1299php, 50GB data cap sucks…
    the DSL 10Mbps, 1299php, 100GB data cap is good…

    sucks for us living in the provinces with no other internet connection than LTE…
    i hope globe balances/updates/upgrades both DSL and LTE data cap to 100GB/month or preferably 150GB…
    it is sad that only those who can afford higher tier DSL and fiber plans have access to unlimited internet…

    isn’t it supposed to be those who have less in life should have more in law?
    isn’t it true that the united nations organization has defined internet access as a basic right?

    if globe updates 1299php plan’s LTE monthly data cap to 100GB or preferably 150GB, i’d get it asap…

    • expertmodule says:

      I have talked to an agent last night & she informed me it was 100gb for 10mbps., (waiting for confirmation from globe or yugatech) but it seems it was really 100gb/month per my trusted tech agent confirmation or might be a typo error on the globe website side only or maybe an introductory promotion for 100gb/month for 10mbps. the tech agent will install my additional line later this afternoon. bulacan area.

  3. just a quick update sa post na ito. tumawag ako sa globe at sabi ng rep na nakausap ko.. pilot pa lang daw to within “Selected” areas in NCR.. hindi sinabi kung ano anong areas ang supported. Hiningi lang ang details ko and advise daw nila ako within 24 hours kung applicable sa area ko ( munomento area ako)

  4. Meg says:

    Nice offers but the offer under “PLAY” isn’t a “MEMORY STICK WITH KEYBOARD”, it’s actually a “PC STICK WITH KEYBOARD AND MOUSE”. :)

  5. expertmodule says:

    hi yugatech / everyone, can you please confirm if 10mbps plan 1299 is only 50gb/month data allowance? I have talked to an agent last night & she informed me it was 100gb for 10mbps., (same info with talk2globe chat you received from your yesterday’s post) or it was a typo error on the globe website. they agent will install my additional line later this afternoon. thanks.

    • It’s what indicated on the Globe’s website. Maybe existing subscribers get more allowance than new applications. We’ll update when we get new info.

    • expertmodule says:

      Thanks Daniel, it seems it was a typo error on website & it was really 100gb/month per my trusted tech agent’s confirmation., well let’s just hope for the best so everyone will be happy & satisfied :-)

      PS. I was one of those lucky peeps to experienced the 15mbps (DSL) since last week (upgrade offer thru Globe Rewards), so far it was good., and yeah they were calling existing subscribers for these new home broadband plans. (bulacan area)

    • Gamerx2k16 says:

      para sa nag tatanong about capping, once na consume nyo yun 50gb, 100gb.. etc, babaksak speed nyo -70% kayo na bahala sa math haha

  6. dakilangduca says:

    LOL. Halos wala naman pong pinagkaiba. Like for Plan 1299, 10mbps for 50GB? So you have like 1.3GB a day only? So that means ilang tao lang pwede gumamit nila? Dalawa hanggang tatlo? Kase ubos agad yan. Right now we’re using their old plan 1299 na may 7GB a day. I was asked by an agent na mag “upgrade” daw to their new plan and I found out their new plan sucks. Sabi ko, right now, we’re enjoying 7GB a day data cap which is okay, thats a total of 210GB/monthly. Tapos ngayon gusto niyo ko mag “upgrade” to 50GB a month? Sobrang kalokohan talaga.

    • istingki says:

      LOL! Paanong parehas at 1.3GB a day? Kapag na reach mo yung 50GB mag throttle down to 30% ng subscribed plan mo. 30% ng 10mbps ay ang current speed mo plan mo ngayon.

    • diego delos santos says:

      dakilangduca, wag ka na mag upgrade wala ng ganyang plans. ako mag apat na taon na 5mbps 10gb a day so im enjoying 300 gb a month. pero pag 8gb na nagnnotice na si globe na babagal ang internet ko. ang dugas talaga ng globe.matagal na din kming kinukulit na mag upgrade sa speed pero mababa naman monthly gig. kalokohan talaga.


      Bago ka mang trashtalk, yang 10mbps (50gb) ay para sa LTE plan, yung para sa dsl eh 100gb yan, sige nga, 3mbps tapos 7gb per day, pag nareach mo yan down to 30% = 1mbps, samantalang sa new plan 10mbps (100gb), once na mareach mo na yung 100gb, down to 3mbps yan, unlimited na yan. sinong lugi kaya? ikaw, sinayang mo lang yung chance mo na makapag upgrade kasi napakahirap pa naman tumawag sa hotline nila’t maraming gustong magpaupgrade. PURO KASI DALDAL INUUNA DI MUNA NAG IISIP

    • lol says:

      pag nareach mo yung 7gb/day hindi 1mbps ang magiging speed mo, 256kbps lang. yan din plan namin mas maganda pa dati nung unli talaga ang data.

    • DAKILA KA NGA says:

      @DAKILANGTANGA – Bago ka manghusga, hindi po 30% ang inoffer nila sa “upgrade” once na-reach na ang limit. Minimum speed po – as in pang-browsing lang, unless magdagdag ka raw ng bayad. At least, yan yung sinabi nila samin nung May. Baka bago na ngayon with the revamp and all. Di ko alam saan ninyo nakuha yan.

      In any case, mas malaki pa rin ang upgrade ng lumipat ng ISP. Sa isang certain company, UNLIMITED 8Mbps para lang sa Php1399. Magdagdag ka lang ng Php100. (I’m not promoting them. Example lang ‘to.)

      Importante to kasi madali maubos ang 100GB sa 10Mbps na internet. 22 hours worth of download kung ginamit at maximum capacity. Magdownload ka lang ng mga kakaunting games sa Steam(o mag-torrent), wala ka na.

      So why keep paying 1299 for the 10Mbps for 1 day with 30% speed pag naubos when you can just get an unlimited 8Mpbs for almost the same price?

      Ngayon, bago ka magsigaw-sigaw dyan, mag-isip ka rin muna. :)

    • Smokescreen says:


      Hindi nasusunod yun 30%. Nung 3mbps ako, nagthrottle down siya sa .3 mbps. Sa 5mbps, throttle down to 1mbps.

  7. How about BayanDSLs that Globe bought already?

  8. raidnoir says:

    I applied yesterday and they called me that it willl be installed in Fort by Tuesday. plan 1299 10 Mbps DSL100 GB CAP . This is just my weekday office stay and 100 GB is plenty for just 1 or 2 persons but still reaching the CAP will still give 30% speed which is 3 Mbps is still ok for a few days

  9. BOOMPANES says:



  10. Johnny Bravo says:

    LOL! My PLDT Fibr P3,500 – No data cap (Unlimited) 100Mbps.

  11. karlsanada13 says:

    Lmao, yung nagrereklamo sa data cap.:)) Most countries have data cap as well. tama yung plan 1899 and above since yun usually ang capping sa ibang bansa.:))

  12. newl says:

    According to globe’s website the plan 1299(dsl) has a 100 gb data cap, but how can old subscribers upgrade?

  13. Darwin says:

    Existing 1299 plan user na kami simula pa lang nung 2mbps tapos nag ka promo sila ginawa 5mbps, and now planning to upgrade tumawag ako sabi ng customer service kelangan pa daw tignan yung lugar kung kaya ang bilis ng net,. medyo nagtaka ako, e ang dami naman na computer shop dito na naka globe na mabibilis ang net nung unang upgrade namin 2mbps to 5mbps sa computer lang ginawa ang wala pa 10mins updated na, pero this time dami pa nila gagawin hayyyssssss 3to4 days ang sabi ng customer service hindi pa daw sure yun badtrip ako dun sa hindi pa sure kung pede yung lugar namin na magupgrade ng highers net speed,.
    -just sharing my upgrading experience

    • H says:

      I was also under the old plan 1299 (2mbps unli no data cap with free unli Globe/TM calls for 2 yrs). Last March, an agent from Globe called me and asked me if I wish to upgrade to 1599, 5mpbs still no cap, free 2 yr premium spotify and P150 monthly discount for the first 6 months. I said yes. The new 5mbps speed have been intermittent, only reaching that speed less than half of the time. But overall still worth it in my opinion.
      Is it wise to switch to the new plan 1599 with 3x more speed, considering the 150gb data cap? Do I use more than 150gb a month? Maybe 50% of the time. Or should I keep my exisitng 5 mbps no data cap plan?

  14. ohmyg says:

    dont be fooled by the new plans, once ma reach ung data cap, mas mababa pa sa claimed 30% sa subscribed speed.. kbps lang, intermittent pa speed nila, hindi mo pa pwedeng i reklamo kasi sasabihin nila lampas kna s data cap.. enjoy ur unli plans now.. wla nang ganyan..

  15. Rich says:

    bakit ba sinasabi ninyo ditong after ubos na data allotted sa plan ay bababa to 30% ang speed, eh nakalagay naman sa FAQ nila na kapag ubos na ang allotted data ay tapos na ang service sayo, and for you to continue your service is to buy data allowances. kaya nga may data allowances oh to choose from. ano ba talaga?

    • Tonski says:

      Slow down lng s speed ang mangyayari para s plan s itaas.. Bka para s ibang plan o para s prepaid data allowances yang faq n nbasa mo. Existing 999, 1Mbps, 20GB data allowance ko. Kung casual users lng sakto lng ung 20GB a month bumagal man e halos patapos n yung buwan kya konting tiis lng s araw e mag renew n ulit ung cap.. Mbgal at intermittent n yung connection once na reach n yung cap.. Pero this week lng pinalitan ung modem nmin ng globe kya di ko p na test ng mabuti ulit kung intermittent at slow p dn pag na reach n yung cap.

  16. Ryan says:

    Any idea if the current LTE subs get an automatic upgrade? Plan 1299 here.

  17. Emman says:

    Wayback 2010, they were offering 1mbps for 999 without datacap. Fastforward to 2016, 1mbps is still 999 and has 20gb limit??? What a scam Globe.

  18. RXS says:

    30% man yan, for example sa plan 10mbps, e di 3mbps unli diba? Ok sana. Ang problema ang taas ng ping. Di maka pag live stream ng maayos at malamang di din masyado maganda pang online gaming. Wag na sana nila pakialaman yung ping. Bumaba na nga sa 30% yung speed eh.

    Old plan1299/3mbps/7gb per day ako ngayon. Siguro abang muna ako ng mag papaupgrade sa 10mbps na to for feedback, esp pag nareach ang cap.

  19. Ivan says:

    Medyo same lng yung computation, yung 2599 lng ang worth it if coming from old plans.

    Old Plan 1799/3mbps/No Daily Monthly Cap = 32+ GB per day / 972+ GB per month

    Previous Plan 2599/7mpbs/10gb per day (downgrades to 2mbps after hitting cap) = 28+ GB per day / 864+ GB per month

  20. orion says:

    yun bang free HOOQ at NetFlix sa Plan 1299, pedeng i-terminate/unsubscribe before mag-end ang 6 months? para di magkaroon ng charge on the succeeding months. thanks.

  21. This does not work in my location. Sayang, I’m currently subscribed sa 1599 per month na may 5mbps. Okay sana ung 15mbps oh for the same price at 150gb cap. Hays. Globe naman, new offer selected areas pa hahahahaha

  22. Roko says:

    wow.. this is crazy..

    9499 — 1Gbps | 6TB

    see its possible naman pala . that’s fibre what we use in our DC’s in Rackspace and Softlayer. doable nmen pala eh. bakit ngaun lng nila naisipan ntakot na ba sila na mapasukan ng 3rd parties ehehe.

    at least we’re moving forward. finally. meron na philippines consumer market for 500- 1gb speeds.

    Globe nga nga nman… kaya pala 1gb speed ngaun lng naisipan..

  23. cj says:

    Any reviews for plan 100Mbps? Will it do for gaming? Im planning to switch from PLDT

  24. ASH says:

    Gaano kataas ang ping tanong lng????

  25. Pantry says:

    Globe Broadband DSL 10mbps 1299PHP Plan when you reached the data limit to 100GB and saying that it will throttling down to 30% is a lie. The truth is the internet speed will fall to 350 KBps below and wait for the first Thursday of the month to reset your data again. Experience user here, maybe i’ll check the Skybroadband 8mbps 1399PHP.

  26. Pete says:

    sick & tired with Globe! Post paid or Prepaid, both sucks

  27. Carlo Roberto says:

    Kame nagpakabit nung Dec 6, ayus pa nmn yung speed kase 7-8mbps nmn sya, pero nung dec 9 na up to now(dec 12) 2mpbs nlng yung speed. nakaka 9 Gigabytes plng nmn yung nacoconsume namin. :3
    nakaka dismaya talaga.?

  28. jah ignacio says:

    pag na consume ung allowable data, mawawala nba ung net connectio or meron p[arin kaso limitado na?

  29. MC says:

    I asked Globe about the throttling once you exceed the data allowance. Here’s their answer:

    30% of your regular speed for DSL accounts and 64KBPS for LTE

  30. Ron says:

    Plan 1599 – 150gb. Wala pang 1 week 77gb na agad nagagamit namin. Sisi tuloy ako dapat pala PLDT unli na lang kesa sa Globe.

  31. herbert says:

    how to avail these product?

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