Globe to offer faster and cheaper home broadband plans soon

Globe to offer faster and cheaper home broadband plans soon

UPDATE (Aug. 22, 2016): Globe has officially released their latest broadband plans. Please refer to this article instead.

It’s been months since Globe unveiled a new broadband offering to media partners during an event. We were told that consumers will also get to enjoy the new plans soon. Some are reporting that existing subscribers have already been called by Globe agents for an upgrade offer to these new home broadband plans.


Above is a table we were able to obtain from a source that matches the talk of the town. As you can see, the offers are far better than what Globe have  on their website today. The new offerings are as follow:


  • 1299 — 10Mbps (50GB allowance) + Netflix and Hooq (free 6 months subscription)
  • 1599 — 15Mbps (150GB allowance) + Netflix and Hooq (free 6 months subscription) + free Chromecast
  • 2499 — 100Mbps (1TB allowance) + Netflix and Hooq (free 6 months subscription) + free Chromecast


The info somehow matches the previous conversation we had with a customer service representative about a month ago. Although it seems that the inclusions with the new wired DSL/Fiber plans have been changed, it still matches the prescribed speed and monthly service fee. The CSR also gladly gave us the new LTE plans for home broadband:

  • 499 — 2Mbps (20GB allowance)
  • 699 — 3Mbps (30GB allowance) + Spotify (free 3 months subscription)
  • 999 — 5Mbps (50GB allowance) + Spotify (free 3 months subscription)

So far, the plan is an improvement from the current deals but the data allowance could still be a disappointment since it’s very limited, especially with the lower tier LTE plans. We heard that once you’ve reached you maxed out your allowance, your speed will be throttled down to 30% of your subscribed speed.

We’re still waiting for Globe to officially unveil and confirm the plans listed above and perhaps more offerings are being cooked. For now, let’s take this with a grain of salt and hope for the betterment of internet services in the country.

Editor’s Note: Globe has been secretly working on the Rubicon project for months now and we have several folks who are into the new plans aftwr talking to their customer support repa.

This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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17 Responses

  1. I had a look at Hooq, and to be honest there are no really recent movies, they are old, nothing new or innovative, mainly US slurp. And will chew up your usage and then the dreaded Fair Use limiters cuts in, chrome cast?? well I cannot be bothered with that.
    So I reckon I will stay with what I have, just a phone and decent connection to the internet.
    What is really needed, is to extend the coverage of the internet.
    In my sub division we are locked into to Globe only, but they only have enough connections for 250, but there are over 2,000 houses here, and they have to use the crappy wifi if they want internet, and then the signal is not so good as the mast is behind a hill.
    Globe needs to expand their bandwidth, going onto fibre like PLDT has, which we are not allowed to connect to.

  2. CC says:

    The infograhic is misleading. Maybe you think that the free device is Chromecast 2.0 or the latest version, well it’s not. It’s just the USB style Chromecast. HAHAHA

  3. Rabbitkun says:

    Guess the higher data allowance isn’t so bad. I’m just skeptical what the average speed would be. If it’s 50% lower than advertised then it’s just the same sh!t.

  4. phillip says:

    If the throttled speed is 30% of the subscribed speed then this is still a good deal even if the data allowance is a little bit low. Since 1299 is currently at 3Mbps, you’ll just be throttled to your previous speed. In fact they should automatically upgrade existing subscribers’ plan since there is really no drawback to it.

    • The Flying Ipis says:

      What? Automatically upgrade existing subscribers’ plan since there is really no drawback to it?

      Take a look at these plans at sabihin mo sa amin na walang drawback?

      Current Plan:
      2Mbps, 150GB monthly cap (5GB daily cap), 1,099 per month

      New Plan:
      2Mbps, 20GB monthly cap, 1,099 per month

      1299 New Plan:
      10Mbps, 100GB monthly cap, 1,299 per month

      Ang bottom line dyan, bibilis nga ang internet speed mo, liliit naman ang data allowance mo. Aanhin ko naman ang mabilis na internet speed kung mabilis namang maubos? Para sa aming mga financially challenged e big deal yan. Of course if we have the money di problema ang mas mataas na plans pero mukhang di naman practical. I’ll be off to wait for a better deal, sana next year na…

  5. fuck this says:

    but i pay for a 60gb plan for 7mbps down, so if i take the new offer i lose 10gb of data

  6. marvin ventura salvador says:

    Im an old subscriber and already subscribed to plan 1299 as an upgrade. Max speed is 10mbps but its always less than 7mbps 100gb a month with free chromecast v2. Also free calls to globe and tm mobile numbers. So far so good.

  7. ed canlas says:

    i saw a flyers regarding this promo, there are hidden charges in this promo, if you will avail the promo with telephone plus 1,200.00, modem plus 1,200.00 and on top of this 1,000.00 for installation, that 3,400, fyi. . .. . .

  8. Nette says:

    I hope that this is not again a marketing hype from Globe which as high as what is advertised but actually you’ll get 60-80% of the subscribed speed. This is normal for them and nothing CSR can do to improve/speed it up. What more, the downlink speed sucks but the uplink is much worst, despicable to around 1MBps. So comparing to competitor which really as advertised, how does Globe fare? The competitor offers unlimited volume and dynamically assigned public IP address. Can Globe offer DDNS/port forwarding? Or add 770 pesos for static address when remote connection is required (camera, VPN, etc.)?

  9. The 150GB cap isn’t so bad. How many AAA games do people download a month?

  10. CJ says:

    meron na nito. yung plan 1599 merong 20Mbps(Fibre) with 250 GB/month compared sa plan 1599 15Mbps(DSL) with 150 GB/month. I’d obviously prefer the fibre one than DSL.

  11. sandyshores says:

    Ikumpara mo naman sa AT&T
    6Mbps = $42/mo di pa kasama taxes and fees

  12. globegreed says:

    I would rather get a 100mbps without datacap, netflix, hooq and a free chromecast since all I need is youtube and other video streaming sites. But this is a big change hopefully it continues and prices keeps going down while speed goes up.

  13. HarrisC says:

    Be careful with FUP. Globe does not have the technology to accurately measure usage.
    With 2 kids, 80gb per month is easy due to youtube, etc.
    5+ years Globe DSL, now a very happy Fibr customer.

  14. pano naman po un GoSurf 499, 3gb data allowance lang…

  15. Jimi says:

    And Globe calls this ‘improvements’? Cheaper? Their pulling our legs, right?

    My friend from Singapore says her internet connection had been upgraded to 200 mbps, and I laughed and said don’t be ridiculous, check your document again. And she was right. And you know how much she pays a month? S$30.00! Roughly the equivalent of P1000 pesos only! Wake up people. Globe and PLDT are both taking us for fools.

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