Globe to rollout new Home Broadband Plans - Plan 1299 for 10 Mbps

Globe to rollout new Home Broadband Plans – Plan 1299 for 10 Mbps

Along with the announcement of its new services last night, Globe is also set to rollout new Home Broadband Plans including a Plan 1299 with 10 Mbps speed.

UPDATE: (March 30, 2016) Globe has reached out to us and clarified that the information posted below are intended for the media during the event. Freebies such as ‘Free Installation’, ‘Free Bluetooth Speaker’, ‘500 Pesos GC on digital connectors’ found on the images are exclusive offers to the media. Globe will release new Home Broadband Plan offerings for regular consumers soon.


Below are the two new Home Broadband Plans (LTE) we know so far. Both come with free Google Chromecast.

• Plan 1299 – 10 Mbps
• Plan 699 – 3 Mbps

What we don’t have as of the moment are the monthly data allowances and other perks. There’s also a Plan 999 but we’re yet to confirm the speed, but our guess is 5 Mbps. We’ll keep you guys posted as soon as we get more info.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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81 Responses

  1. What if my current plan is 1299 for 3Mpbs, is it possible that it will automatically upgraded to 10 Mbps? Please do enlighten me.

    • Jay Navea says:

      same question here. I’m also on 1299 3Mbps old plan with the daily 7gb data allowance not the monthly data allowance. If ever it’s possible to upgrade to the new 10Mbps plan, will my daily data allowance be converted to monthly too? I hope not.

  2. Moto Man says:

    Gross. LTE? That’s not for home use. Also the cap is garbage

  3. Rod says:

    I am currently subscribed to globe broadband plan 1299 with 3mbps,will Globe updates my plan?

  4. Justine says:

    Wonder what’s the catch.

  5. Panget says:

    Im sure it will have a tiny data cap, i already pay 1,599 for 5Mbps with a 50 gb data cap. But once i hit the cap it just drops the speeds a little

  6. Easy E says:

    Walang info about the data cap. Para ma-lure ang tao.

  7. Jon says:

    Knowing Globe, the catch will be surely a tiny data allocation. Judging from the past, there will likely be no automatic upgrades or adjustments in speeds. You would either have to contact them to re-contract (if out contract) or upgrade (and extend) your contract / lock-in period with them for these new plans.

    As for me, I am still on the 5mbps /10GB daily allowance and won’t be upgrading if they still stick to their stupid monthly allowance.

  8. IANVARIVS says:

    We got no choice but get the LTE Internet Only Plan 999 almost 2 years ago. The plan still has a data cap of 7 GB a day (that’s like 210 GB a month). We never knew this cap will be precious now X_X

    We’re not thinking of renewing the plan since doing so, even for a rebate, will change the current plan to a fixed monthly capping scheme which is a BIG NO. We download games from Steam, and we’re like set the download @ 10 PM and stop it around 3 AM and repeat til downloads are finished to avoid hitting the data cap (split download between reset). Not to mention Netflix and stuff.

  9. LTEBABY says:

    Sad another useless plan offer good thing I have unlimited LTE no cap for almost 3 years did not even experienced slow speed when it comes to download, stream and online gaming no sweat… hail to old subscribers 3 years ago enjoy the speed without limits.

    • david says:

      im an old subscriber too for [email protected]/day..since february im experiencing no loading of pages when i reached my capping..the page directed me to unli for me..

  10. globegreed says:

    Globe Greed. Not informing future consumers that the plan has data cap. Then they will endleslly call the old subscribers to force them to upgrade to data capped plans.

  11. Kugmo says:

    I asked a tech rep, sabi both LTE and Wired daw to. More or less 50 GB cap.

  12. Magnet says:

    I just came here to say. FUCK YOU Globe. Fuck your unreliable internet connection.

  13. Rjay says:

    CONFIRMED! Sa May 2, 2016 nila irerelease yung bagong plan for GLOBE DSL.

    1299 10mbps (100gb/month)
    1599 15mbps (150gb/month)
    Yung iba hindi ko na tinanong.

    Tumawag ako sa Globe, confirmed and sabi nila Project Rubicon daw yung bago nila. Same FUP, once na mareach yung allowance, bababa daw to 30% ang internet speed.

  14. Subcribed ako currently sa 1299 10mbps. Tinawagan ako ng loyalty dept. Inoffer nila yan. Ang dating plan ko is 1099 2mbps with 5GB data allowance daily. Ngaun binago nila, 10mbps for 1299 with 10mbps and 100gb data allowance. With free 3 months premium subscription sa spotify, hooq and nba league pass at may free din na chromecast (yung unang version). So far so good. Kapag consumed na daw ang 100gb, 30% na lang ng subscribed speed ang magagamit. Then magrereset sya every 1st of the month.

    • ton says:

      Pano kaya yung sakin? Naka plan kami ng 1599 5mbps. Mag uupgrade din kaya yung samin? Or tawagan namin ang globe for this new plan. Thanks

    • Sa amin kase mismong loyalty dept. ang tumawag at nagoffer. Nagdadalawang isip ako before. Pero sabi kase kapag used up or consumed na yung 100gb data allowance, magiging 30% na lang ng subscribed speed ang magigimg maximum speed ng internet, which is mas ok pa rin than my previous plan. Kase 30% ng 10 is 3. So magiging upto 3mbps ang speed after maconsume ng 100gb. Then marereset sya every 1st of the month.

    • Kapag nalaunch na yang bagong plans nila, pwede kang magpadowngrade to plan 1299.. Kase 1299 naman talaga kami dati then downgrade sa 1099 tapos ngaun 1299 ulit.

    • ton says:

      Thanks po

    • LEL says:

      Ano results ng speedtest mo sa Plan 1299 10mbps? Sa akin 6mbps lang suppose to be near 15mbps kasi nag upgrade kami to plan 1599 15mbps.

    • Techistech says:

      Anong pong area niyo?

  15. Cedric Eduard Calapatia says:

    Loyalty dept called us and they offer me to upgrade our plan from 1299(3mbps) to 1599 (15mbps)
    Perks he offered:
    1599 (15mbps)
    -less Php150 on our bill every month for 6months
    -free chromecast
    -free call to tm/globe
    -150gb data cap per month
    -additional 24 month lock up period

    And I accept his offer. After 5 days daw bago ma update ung speed and ma deliver ung chromecast.

  16. How about sa plan 1999 7 mpbs..? any idea?

  17. YUUKINO says:

    its kinda sad :( , only applies in selected area T T , i thought its nationwide so lame and unfair to others who pays same plan but not getting the right speed that other ppl gets :(

  18. rush says:

    Meron na ba kahit uung 699 lang?

  19. third says:

    May tumawag sa amin offering an upgrade of our current Plan 1099 2mbps with DSL with landline, ang offer ay Plan 1299 10mbps with free Chromecast, with only 100 gb per month. is it worth an upgrade?

    • Yukito Yamamoto says:

      Yes! Ok na ok! Nuj naconsume na namin yung 100gb, naging 3mb na lang yung maximum speed nya. Mabilis pa din than 1099 with 2mbps. Kaya reliable pa rin. Mas ok ngaun than before.

  20. Maribel del rosario says:

    Nag upgrade din ako ng plan from 1099 to 10mbps 1299.with chromecast.sabi 6-7 days daw dadating ung chromecast ko.nag avail ako nung may 29 tapos till now wala pring dumarating naka apat n beses na ko tumawag regarding dis sabi follow up nila.tapos wala paring nangyayari.ang galing nila mag convince ng tao,pero pag napa oo nila wala n cla pakialam.ano ba globe action nman kau jan.nakakadissapoint kau????????????

  21. Tristan says:

    Plan 1999 here, tinawagan ko cs ng globe nung july 8 para ipa-upgrade ko sa plan 1599, same day na complete yung request ko, pero hindi ako na inform na completed na and naka 15Mbps na ako nung same day. Ngayon ko lang nalaman nung tumawag ako para mag inquire dun sa request.

  22. JEROME says:

    I was informed lately when I was calling to inquire upgrading plans. They told me that as loyal client with contract ended last Feb this year, I’m qualified to upgrade P1299/3mbps into 10mbps with 100GB at the same rate. Unbelievable!

  23. Al says:

    LTE Plan ba itong sa inyo na free upgrade or Wired?

  24. Patz says:

    Ano complete perks sa plan 1599/15mbps? May tumawag kasi sken they offered me to get my plan 1299 upgrade to 1599…

  25. hannah says:

    Sa akin din may nag offer from 1299 to 1599 (15mbps) pag nagspeedtest me 13+ lumalabas. After 2days lang activated n sia. Sana ok p dn speed pagnaconsumed ko n cap n150g/mo.

  26. John says:

    1299 10mbps here. Nag upgrade ako since naka-tanggap ako ng Loyalty Dept. Bale inofferan nila kami ng bago nilang Promo. And then iniisip ano kayang catch ang meron sa bago nilang nilabas. Since na LTE yung samin mas mababa ng 20% compare sa mga naka-wired. Nasagad ko yung akin tapos bandang end ng month bumaba siya ng 3mbps, not bad. Pero nung dumating yung billing ang pumasok na price is 1599? Ano kayang problema? Tsaka not exactly na 10mbps siya. Up to lang. Hanggang 8-9mbps siya.

    • Katrina says:

      Ako rin po nakatanggap ako ng ganito last month. 10mbps yung offer sa halagang 1299 lang where in sa website nila it is 2499. Sa tingin ko po sinabi nilang 10mbps para mag upgrade tayo pero sa totoo lang 3mbps lang yang offer nila kahit nakasaad sa info mo sa globe account na 10mbps. ilang araw lang yang 10mbps nila na offer of the first few days of the month tapos magiging 3mbps nalng sa mga susunod na araw. Tapos sabihin nalang nila na nagamit muna ang lahat ng bandwidth cap mo for the month na 100GB kaya magiginga 3mbps nalang ang ganagamit mo ngayon. Sana lang po maayos ninyo yung ganitong offer. Sana po huwag nalang kayo mag offer kung hindi ninyo kayang ibigay ang serbisyo po. Thanks

  27. Summer Santana says:

    I received my “Loyalty” offer just yesterday though ive been hearing a LOT of concerns bout the so called “new plan”. Enticing naman kase tala ang offer. Imagine LANDLINE with UNLICALL sa GLOBE&TM subscribers and FREE NDD with any phone line with same area code PLUS FREE CHROMECAST na kung bibilhin amounts to PhP2,350 na may FREE 3monsth subscription s HOOQ, NBA & SPOTIFY. I was on a 995 grandfather plan without data cap with 1mbps speed before ako mag avail ng offer. With this new plan, it will limit your data allowance to 100GB/month. Though, wala daw naman extra charge kahit ma consume mo sha before the month ends, your browsing speed will drop down lang DAW from 10MBPS to 3MBPS. I also asked the technical support if may way ba so I cac monitor my home broadband data usage like what they have s mobile phone with no joy. I will receive a notification via SMS just in case ma-consume ko na daw half of may data allowance and if naubos ko na sha OR i can call the customer service na lang daw from time to time to monitor tha usage. I hope i wont get disappointed as much as what others have experienced. Im happy mith my 995 grandfather plan. Hard to resist lang talaga the offer. Am crossing my fingers…


      Hi. Matanong lang po, ako kasi naka avail din ng plan nila na 15MBPS 150 GB monthly allowance. Ngayon lang ako ulit nagkaroon ng problem with globe dahil nakukuha ko naman before ung perks na 30% they are now saying na 256kbps na lang talaga ang magiging limit ng mga ganitong plan. Which I don’t believe na totoo, dahil last May nagkaroon na ko ng issue na ganito at nagawan ng paraan nung supervisor na kausap ko ung concern ko. Pero ngayon sinasabi nila mag avail daw ako ng addtl data allowance nakakatawa mang scam tong globe e.

  28. palopok says:

    mag ok na yon 3mbps na lang natira sayo pag na ubos monthly mo ky sa PLDT ULTERA KA bulok pag na ubos monthly mo disconnected ka talga bulok PLDT ULTERA…….

  29. GLENN says:

    Bakit ganun naka plan 1299 kame na ang offer eh 10 mbps and 100gb/month pero nung chineck ko speedtest umaabot lng sa 2.7 to 2.9 mbps ko why o why? wala pa kameng 1st month nung nagsubscribe kame d2 sa globe -_- asan ang 10 mbps? anyone?? patulong naman tssss. -_-

    • mael says:

      try mo po magpalit ng modem

    • hannah says:

      Anu po ba ang tamang upload speed for plan 1599 (15mbps) rubicon plan po ito. Ksi upon checking sa speedtest nsa 1mbps and below lang pumapalo ung upload. Ung download nman nasa 12-13mbps.

  30. robert red says:

    lahat naman tayo ganyan ang nararanasan..inutil kc gobyarno natin wala pang aksyon sa mabagal na internet natin dito sa pinas ..wala na talaga pag asa ang pilipino..hayyy

  31. Mark says:

    Para sa Globe Broadband subscriber na hindi pa naka pag upgrade:

    Kapag naubos mo na ang data allowance mo na 100GB ay bababà to 30% ang speed mo so ang 10Mbps mo ay magiging 3Mbps at ang upload speed mo ay magiging .3Mbps or 300Kbps (note bits yan hindi bytes)…..
    At meron pa:
    Pag lumagpas ka uli ng 15% sa data allowance mo bababà uli ang speed. Ang download speed mo na 3Mbps ay magiging 1Mbps na lang at ang upload speed ay magiging .1Mbps na lang. (Note masyadong intermittent na ang internet sa .1mbps na upload speed, kung mag upload ka ng isang pic lang sa fb baka abutin ng 5minuto)

    Walang kwenta ang upgrade ng globe. Wag na wag ninyong i upgrade ang internet niyo pag naka unlimited data allowance kayo.
    Dapat naka lagay sa promo nila ay “DOWNGRADE” hindi upgrade.

    Informations are from Globe CSR*

    • Juemel says:

      Hi, dati nka 3mbps kmi 7gb per day na plan, babalik ule kmi globe is there a way para makapakabit ng gamun ulit na plan?

    • I'm SMART says:

      Salamat sa Comment mo! Niloloko tayo nitong GLOBE! STFU! Simula ng hinawakan nyo ang BayanTel wala ng UNLIMITED DSL. 100GB ilan oras lang ito sa YouTube from 10mbps tapos magiging 3mbps daw pag na reach ung data cap. Ayusin nyo muna un consistency ng DSL daw pero “broadband” we all know “broadband” is not reliable until today in the Philippines. Naka Plan 1499 kami sa BayanTel UNLIMITED tapos gusto nila palitan ng Globe 10mbps boost daw pero 100GB data capping. Globe is BS customers. Bakit nyo binenta BayanTel sa gahamang telco. I’m thinking of switching to PLDT mudaf*ckers! We we’re BayanTel loyalist for 20+ years until you bought them. I called to Bayan cust and got redirected now to Globe they want to upgrade us into Globe broadband and I asked because we’d like to retain our same number for 20+ years and they say we can’t retain our numbers, FU Globe!!! (This is suicide, I’d rather change to PLDT).?

  32. hannah says:

    Nangyari na po sa inio na nawalan kau ng internet connection at dialtone ng landline tapos nang bumalik parehas ung no ng landline at dsl ng kapitbahay nio ang napunta sa inio tpos ung sa inio napunta sa knila? Nawalan ksi kmi last sept 22 both dsl at landline dialtone ang sbi cra daw box the early satrday am sept 24 nagkaroon tpos ganun n nangyari. Kinumplain k n. Ang sabi may outage daw sa area. Ang pagkakaindi ko ksi sa outage interruption. Kya nagalit ako ksi parang connection dun ung pagkakapalit ng acount nmin sa kpitbhay nmin. May nkakaalam ng 2ngkol dito? Pls give enlightenement. Tnx

  33. otep says:

    buti kayo ganyan sa akin unang offer sa akin yun 2 mbps 999 ko gawin daw nila 3 mbps at P1299..pero 0.20 mbps pa rin until now 2016 naoffer na naman ng 10 mbps ..maniwala kayo dyan sa globe….bulok may masabi lang kuno na 10 mbps..para di sila masita ni Digong

  34. Anonymous says:

    Pangit po ng serbisyo, Yung Speed mo na 10MBPS ay 8MBPS lang, at sasabihan kang Up to lang po tayo sa connection ng 10MBPS sir. So ang makukuha mong speed ay 8MBPS lang. Okay naman ako kasi DOTA2 lang nilalaro ko. Pero Subrang Lag ng connection ko sa SEA Server. Walang hiyang connection. 8MBPS pero nag lalag, nag lolost ng packets yung connection ng DOTA2 ko. Exprienced Client Here.

  35. Suplado says:

    presently using 1299 3mbps with 7GB a day cap.. Agent called mag uograde daw ako to 10mbps with 100GB/month pero pag naubis ko raw yung cap ko baba sia sa 3mbos speed ko.. Tempting pero tumawag ako to clarify.. Wag daw umasa sa 3mbps na speed pag naubos. D daw totoo yan.. Baka kbps lang ang speed mo after ng cap mo.!! Kaya wag na lng muna.. Antay na lng ako may magandang offer..

  36. Dev says:

    For me ok lang kc config kina sya ng prepaid….load 3day 50pesos lang 1gb d kuna halos maubos…cno mag pa config? Just call my no.09365324061

  37. President Duterte promissed a fast and afordable internet for everybody, its about time he keeps his promise !!

  38. PATULONG PO says:

    hi plan globe plan 1299 10mpbs here.. ang 10mpbs po ba is equal to 1000kpbs? dito sa ph.?
    kasi po yun pag nag dadownload po aku sa browser ng games installer or movies 900kpbs ~ 1000kpbs lang inaabot ng max . And dun sa Steam 900kpbs~1mbps lang ang pinaka max na download speed same sa torrent.. pero pag nag speedtest aku nasa 7~8mbps sya switch is pasok daw po sa 10mpbs na plan ko. tanong ko lang po ang 100kpbs~125kpbs po ba ay equivalent sa 1mpbs?. dito satin sa pinas?. kaya po ba 10mbps ay nasa 1000kbps/1mbps lng? talaga?. same before sa dati kong plan na 3mbps max download speed po sya sa browser is 250kbps~300kpbs lng,, patulong naman po tama lang po ba itong speed na experience ko..

    • paul says:

      its megabits vs megabytes. research mo. sinasadya ng mga telco ang paggamit ng mbps para malito mga customer. 10mbps (megaBITSpersecond) is equal to 1.2MB/s (megaBYTESpersecond)

    • Patulong says:

      Salamat sir…

    • roelmontellano says:

      10 mbps = 10,000 kbps
      1 byte is 8 bits
      1 kilobyte =1,000 bytes
      1 megabyte =1,000,000 bytes
      1 gigabyte =1,000,000,000 bytes
      1 terabyte =1,000,000,000,000 bytes
      If you want to convert byte to bit you should multiply 1 and 8 the answer is 8 bits

  39. Wilson Chua says:

    I suggest taking down their offer and switch sa ibang network. Laging nagkakaroon ng connection issues ang bwiset na globe na to. Napakatagal pa ng time para maayos nila then after a few weeks babagal nanaman. Here in valenzuela nagkaroon nanaman ng issues pagdating sa cell sites nila. Oofferan ka muna nila ng plans then sasabihin na LTE then what?! Ang cell sites pala na sinasabi nila nakikigamit lang sila sa pagmamayari ng PLDT AND SMART? The hell with them. Then i asked the operator. Itatayo palang daw yung site nila. Bullshit sila. Then every renewal wala kang makukuhang papers na patunay na nagrenew ka or kung hanggang kelan yung plan mo. Then i decided to terminate my globe account kahit n 4 years na kami dito. Napakawalang kwenta grabe

  40. Jonathan says:

    Yung sim card that comes with the router pwede ba ilagay sa pocket wifi, will it work? Thanks for your help.

  41. Earl says:

    Hi! Magtananaong lng po Sana. Gumagamit po kami Ng plan 1299 sa globe. Tanong ko lang po, Ilan ba talaga data namin? 100 GB o 50 GB kasi Sabi sa offer is 100 pero lag orient sa Amin Ang Sabi is 50 GB lng daw. Ano po ba Ang totoo?

  42. Natz says:

    Hi for clarification lng po. Just had a globe plan 1299 with up to 10.mbps 100gig allowance. Tpos sabi nun s cust servce 50gig lng daw for youtube lng daw yung 100gig.tama ba yun?

  43. kris says:

    bkit sakin ung plan 1299 ko 50GB plus 100GB youtube (10mbps) okey b un???

    • Leo says:

      pa review naman nag aply rin kasi ako nian, mamaya daw kakabitan na ako
      malakas ba o mabilis ba? nauubos ba agad o sakto lang sa isang buwan?
      waiting for reply
      thank you

  44. Gilbert says:

    I applied for globe broadband plan 1299 DSL (5mbps) pero yung speed ko upto 3mbps lang. and i can’t make calls. nag “tot tot tot tot” lang yung line.. can’t even call globe costumer service hotline. it was installed las August 15.

  45. Mark says:

    Currently on plan 1299 10mbs 100gb limit. Normally nacoconsume namin ung 100gb and sobrang bumabagal tlaga sya. To the point na halos di na magamit. Meron silang offer ngayon na 1299 5 mbps 400gb. Ayoko nman saang mag upgrade ng plan. Advisable ba kung papalitan ko sya ng 1299 5mpbs 400gb limit?

  46. Mark says:

    Currently on plan 1299 10mbps 100gb limit. Most of the time na coconsume sya. Pag naubos halos di na gumana ung net. Ayoko sana mag upgrade ng plan. sila 1299 5mbps 400gb. Advisable ba na un na lang?

  47. Noj Ajnac says:

    May offer samin ngaun d2 sa Bacoor Cavite na LTE 10 mb P1299 150 gb wireless :(
    Any experienced using thee above plan?

  48. Flory says:

    Hi po nag apply nag pakabit po kami ng home broadband LTE 1299 plan 10mbps daw po. Nung april 6 nag pakabit kami, tapos isang araw lang po namin nagamit biglang pinutulan kami ng internet. Nag kamali lang ang mother ko sa middle name biglang diclined na kami. Bakit po ganon? Ano ba dapat gawin!?

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