Globe drops from 10GB to 5GB for Galaxy S7 plans

During the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch last March, Globe bumped up its postpaid plans for the handset, allocating 10GB for all MyLifestyle Plans starting at Plan 1499 (see our original report here).

Just recently, Globe has recently changed this and reduced the data allocation to a mere 5GB (see screenshot above).

Globe normally increases their data allocation to make their postpaid services more competitive. This downgrade could discourage new postpaid subscribers wanting to get the Galaxy S7.

{Hat tip: Jekki Pascual, CNN Philippines}

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8 Responses

  1. lower the handset price contract too!!!

  2. Avatar for gab gab says:

    meanwhile, P500 gets you 10gb..if you use smart prepaid, that is. S7 sold seperately.

  3. Avatar for marx marx says:

    meanwhile Globe Business offered real “UNLI” Data plan to us as a perk of our employer.
    I wonder why Globe Business can’t offer it to other regular business plan subscribers.
    Even expensive Globe Platinum Plan doesn’t offer real “UNLI” data package.
    I’ve used up 12 GB data already and my colleague who also availed the plan has already consumed 40 GB in just a few weeks.

  4. Avatar for Markeeeees Markeeeees says:

    I noticed this with the iPhone Plans, I’m about to avail their Rewards / Recontracting but I noticed the sudden decrease of data, Smart has a bigger allocation

  5. Avatar for amy amy says:

    Prepaid has better data allocation anyways. For 100, it’s possible get as much as 3GB plus some texts.

  6. Avatar for LOOK LOOK says:

    Plot Twist: it was actually 50GB

  7. Avatar for raidnoir raidnoir says:

    If this gets such a negative traction. They’ll do a 180 and tell its an error. It is now “1”5 GB

  8. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Aw. Swapang mode: ON

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