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Globe officially announces new Platinum Broadband plans, up to 1 Gbps

Globe Telecom has officially announced its new Platinum Broadband plans with internet speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Below are Globe’s new Platinum Broadband plans:

50 Mbps at Plan 2499
100 Mbps at Plan 3499
200 Mbps at Plan 4499
500 Mbps at Plan 7499
1 Gbps at Plan 9499

All plans listed above are bundled with unlimited data with no data cap and free access to Spotify, NBA League Pass, and HOOQ. In addition, Platinum Broadband subscribers will also get a dedicated Platinum Relationship Manager, dedicated Platinum Hotline, and Concierge assistance.

By October 24, 2015, the 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps plans will be available in select key areas within Ortigas, Taguig City, Alabang, Makati, Eastwood, Rockwell, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Pasig, San Juan, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Manila, Quezon City, and Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

The 200 Mbps plan is initially offered in Green Meadows, Acropolis, White Plains, Forbes Par, Bel-Air Village, Urdaneta Village, Ayala Alabang, Alabang 400, Southbay Gardens, The Amaryllis, San Lorenzo Village, Serendra, Abrio Nuvali, and Ayala Greenfield Estates.

As for the 500 Mbps and 1 Gbps, it will be initially available in Acropolis, Bel-Air Village, Forbes Park, Greenmeadows, Urdaneta Village, and White Plains.

Globe says that all plans will be available in more sites over the coming months.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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39 Responses

  1. Renel says:

    Useless pa rin kung hindi naman available sa mga customers tulad namin na naka tira lang sa ordinaryong bahay. Pang mayaman lang na subdivisions ang plan na ito

  2. BratWürst says:

    Globe bullshitting and making money to their average customer. They charged my 15mbps @ 4999 here in Iloilo. I am the only client in town that has 15mbps speed but, it is really bullshit for Globe. I am paying 4,999 monthly but the speed I only have is 1.4mbps minimum and only 6.4mbps maximum. Very seldom to have 10mbps speed. I let them cut it and I use platinum postpaid date instead and my speed is constant to 8mbps.Globe is one cheater internet provider and making money from poor to average subscriber.

  3. David Lim says:

    I hope Globe can expand their network not just sa mga high end subdivisions and condos. Subscribers are not just limited to these areas. Their customer service do not have info on their expansion plans. Can Sir Yuga ask PLDT and Globe their fiber expansion plans in Metro Manila. Special mention for Sta. Mesa Manila where we live. Thanks.

  4. fuckglobe says:

    So we get a new way to get fucked over? Wow, great! Let me bend over and spread my asscheeks for the fuckers

  5. justSaying says:

    your headline should mention that its a promo for the first 12 months, and not a permanent thing. it is quite misleading.

    • Abe Olandres says:

      No, it’s not a promo. It has been turned into a permanent plan.

    • Jeff says:

      based on the site, promo lang.. after 12 months balik na naman sa orig price… isang malaking patibong lang to

    • Nato says:

      I agree, nakalagay dun na discounted price applies for the first 12months only then balik na sa original price. Its very misleading! Please confirm with globe. If its not the case, then why do they need to put that in the advertsement?

    • Nato says:

      Check this page http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/product/tattoo-platinum-home-broadband

      It says… Avail of Tattoo Platinum plans now until October 31, and get up to
      50% discount on your Monthly Service Fee (MSF) for the first 12 months!

      The 50mbps price is 4999 they are giving it 50% off that’s why its 2499. It also says there that the lockin period is 24months so essentially you are going to pay 2499 for 12 months then you will have no choice but to pay 4999 for the next 12 months.
      You guys helped them to mislead the netizens, so i think you have to clear it with them and redeem yourselves by telling the netizens a clearer picture of this promo! Thank you!

    • Abe Olandres says:

      That is the old promo. The one that we are reporting is the one that will become effective October 24.

    • natopascual says:

      Ok, if you have confirmed it with globe then thats good news! They have to update their website / advertisements though…

    • justSaying says:

      Apologies Mr. Abe. i missed the Oct 24 date mentioned. i think i got too excited with the news but when i checked their website the prices were the same.

  6. lynell says:

    they should have atleast set 6mbs as their minimum.

  7. To clarify lang Sir Abe, the plans posted above are final prices already for the plans? The prices above are not promo prices?

    Sorry for being confused because their website is saying a different thing.

    • binoy says:

      As stated by Abe, the new rates & plans will start on October 24, 2015. That’s tomorrow. So I guess, Globe will change their website tomorrow still.

  8. Renel says:

    Sayang at mabagal ang rollout ng Fiber. Willing naman sana kami na mag bayad wala lang talagang fiber sa amin. 14k bayad namin monthly para sa dalawa ng 8mbps ng pldt business line

    • Dunkin says:

      we can’t blame them, coz specially in some places with rampant cable thieves, if you only knew the maintenance cost everytime this fucktards steal copper cables.. that’s why your paying premium price because it will take them premium cost to maintain allocating more resources for those troubled areas..

      if you want to lower the rates, do your part instead of whining, report the thieves, report the free loaders hacking free accounts, don’t patronize bugged/hack accounts and modems.. this way they can lower the maintenance and would make a margin for them to lower the cost…

      also please don’t compare a country inter divided by islands to some country with just 1 massive islands, interconnecting data lines by submarine cables are so expensive to deploy and expensive to maintain..

      just my 2 cents..

    • Renel says:

      Mukhang misinformed ata si dunkin. Walang halaga ang fiber para sa mga magnanakaw. Kung mag rollout sila ng Fiber sino pa ang magnanakaw nun kung hindi naman maibenta? Billions rin ang income ng Telcos. Ayaw lang talaga mag rollout para mas malaki pa ang profit

  9. Dunkin says:

    actually its not a promo anymore its the official rate.. on our condo this new rate is being promoted, the globe tattoo both even have a promo for switching from another isp..

    but for me i will only get to globe when they lower their latency to other SEA servers.. coz honestly their ping is halfway from PLDT..

  10. Blue says:

    Globe is so funny. They can’t even sustain 4G/LTE signal. Even if I work and live in an area na dapat LTE ang signal ko and my data plan allows for continuous LTE, never had a day na hindi nagiging E or 3G signal ko for portions of the day.

  11. Ralph Jay says:

    Wala ba kayong information leak for PLDT kung anong action plan nila after this? hahahah

  12. Ian says:

    watch out for the “UP TO” trap. Meaning 50mbps plan ka nga pero “UP TO 50Mbps” pala, ending 50 kbps lang speed ng net mo

  13. Paul Bilano says:

    called globe today, its just a promo for NEW customers only, I was advised to have my existing account terminated and apply for a new accout! Also, they said after 12 months of paying the promo price, the cost would double on the 13th month! not a good deal at all!

    • natopascual says:

      As expected! Sir Abe! i thought you have clarified this with globe? You said that after oct 24 the NEW scheme will be implemented? And that this is not a promo only? …. I was right after all. Thanks for clarifying sir paul bilano! These blogsites are actually helping globe to mislead consumers, if you are a consumer who is not thorough in understanding these promos, you will be trapped in paying double in the next 12months.

    • Abe Olandres says:

      Yes, I also applied for the 100Mbps line as well and was quoted the Php3,499 price. What was the price quoted to you when you applied?

    • My brother is an existing Globe Tattoo 5mbps plan subscriber. He just switched to this new Tattoo Platinum 50mbps plan at 2499. He is not a new subscriber, and no, 2499 is NOT for the first 12 months only. It is for an entire 24-month lock-in period. I’m just saying that maybe (just maybe) the Globe agent who handled your call wasn’t yet properly informed.

  14. jhay says:

    anung kalokohan na naman to globobo…ung LTE nyo nga di nyo maayo-ayos…naglunch pa kayo ng new plans…EH DI WOW!!!

  15. Jigs Co says:

    Buti nga nage-effort ang Globe na magbigay ng mabilis na internet e! Imbis na mag-complain ako, mag-iipon ako para maexperience ko na yung speeds na to!

  16. Ginoque says:

    Hingi tayo ng hingi ng mas mabilis na internet, pero pag nag-announce ng bagong speeds, marami kagad naysayers, hindi pa nga nae-experience! I’m excited for this, I’m glad na Globe is listening to their customers and working hard to give them what they want.

  17. J despi says:

    This confirms na time for me to switch telcos! These speeds look really good, sana ma-experience ko sila when I make the switch!

  18. Mon says:

    Newly installed Globe Platinum 2499 speed tests.


    Hmmmm ;) (note that I limit my upload speed from the app)

    iOS firmware download:

    Windows 10 download:

    Youtube 4k video loading:

  19. Jan says:

    As long as the infrastructure is not equipped with good glass fiber, you will never have such speed. Not to mention every storm, the signal gets cut off. I live in Antipolo, so I have to wait a few more years for it.

    • mayks says:

      Glad to know that globe company is making efforts to give their customers what they’re asking for. Di na mahalaga kung na natakot man sila sa telstra or something. what matters is that they’re actually doing something. Go globe. I really need to experience this.

  20. lijah says:

    I really need to switch na siguro talaga, sabi ng friends ko try ko raw ang globe okay naman daw ang service nila but based sa comments ng iba parang hindi? Anyway, need to experience this! Thanks globe!

  21. alyannah says:

    Hingi tayo ng hingi ng mas mabilis na service pero pag nandyan na ang dami namang reklamo. I’m excited for this. I’m glad globe is listening to us and working hard to give us, their customers, what we want.

  22. Marky isip says:

    Actually parang good thing rin na papasok sa PH ang telstra. Para yung mga telcos here sa PH, like globe, iiimprove nila yung service nila para maging loyal parin tayo sa kanila. Thanks Globe! Glad to know that globe company is making efforts to give their customers what they’re asking for. Dito na ko mas subok ko na ang globe.

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