Globe MyFi: 10 Things You Need to Know

Globe MyFi: 10 Things You Need to Know

Globe Telecom lent us their new toy — the mobile 3G router they call Globe MyFi. I’d like to share 10 things about the MyFi so you’re better informed about it before deciding to go and get one.


  1. The device is a branded version of the Huawei E5830 3G router. This is the same 3G router being sold by Three (3) telecom in Hong Kong since at least year ago (they call it 3 MiFi there). It has been available in the grey market and in online stores for Php7k to Php12k, depending on the source.
  2. The Globe MyFi works like the Globe Tattoo USB dongle with an additional WiFi router function. As such, you can also hook it up to the USB port of your PC or laptop as a 3G modem. The device comes with a similar software dialer too.
  3. The Huawei E5830 comes with a removable battery — a 1500mAh Li-Ion (almost identical to the battery of the Nokia E71 or E63). The battery lasts between 3 hours to 5 hours of use, depending on how many devices are connected and the usage pattern (downloading large files tend to eat up a lot more juice).
  4. The device has an LED display that serves as status indicator for WiFi connectivity, battery life, 3G (WAN availability), among others. To set it up, you’ll need to be connected to the WiFi and fire up your browser to to get to the admin panel (here’s where you set the APN settings and the security protocols).
  5. You can get the MyFi from Globe two ways — get it with a Prepaid Kit for a one-time fee of Php7,000 or get a 2-year Postpaid Plan 499 or 999 and just add Php250 per month on top of your plan (makes Php6,000 in two years).
  6. The MyFi can serve up to 5 WiFi devices but can also be used as a 3G USB modem like most other existing 3G dongles (this allows you to conserve battery and charge it up at the same time). I think this hard limit prevents congesting the bandwidth of the single 3G connection.
  7. The device also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 32GB. However, you can only access the storage via a mini-USB cable and not over WiFi (would have been nice if it worked like a NAS or something).
  8. The biggest advantage with the MyFi is that you can freely position or place the 3G router anywhere you get the best 3G reception. You’re not restricted to a cable or anything. As an example, certain parts of my house don’t get good 3G signal so I just place the MyFi near the window and it gets HSDPA signal already (which it re-broadcasts via WiFi in the home).
  9. WiFi range is decent (802.11 b/g) and can easily do around 10 meters but degrades really quick against obstacles such as walls or doors. On battery, it saves up power by lowering the signal strength but will go full signal strength when plugged to an outlet or a USB port.
  10. Makes it really worth it if you carry multiple WiFi devices all the time — like a smartphone, an iPad WiFi and a laptop — so you only use a single unlimited data SIM for connectivity. Just don’t forget to get that Enegizer XPal portable power pack or have a USB car charger tucked in the glove compartment.

On the contrary, the Globe MyFi is still a bit on the expensive side (you need to have a really compelling use-case to justify it over a USB dongle). I think it’s mainly due to supply and demand. I remember those 3G USB dongles cost about Php3,995 when they first came out. Even that Sierra wireless card for PLDT WeRoam was selling for Php7,500 back then. I’m sure the price will eventually go down to more affordable levels.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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69 Responses

  1. Jhay says:

    It’s a pretty reasonable deal. Though a unit from the grey market would give the flexibility of choosing from either Sun, Smart or Globe.

  2. mike says:

    what is better yuga, this or the less than 2000 peso Edimax 3G router?

  3. yuga says:

    @mike – tried that Edimax router last year. that one isn’t mobile since you need to always plug it in the power socket.

  4. Dave says:

    wow nice, hope that globe will lower the price..

  5. yuga says:

    @Dave – not Globe but Huawei (the manufacturer) that needs to lower the price. Globe tells me they’re doing some sort of promo to subsidize the device.

  6. Lezuric says:

    I have this came from hong kong.. ewan ko lng kung pede sim ng globe or smart..

  7. Dante says:

    WOW! is it better than this common USB plug-it from 3 companies? globe,smart and sun?

  8. James says:

    I wonder if yung Postpaid plan ng MyFi is similar to the Globe Wireless Broadband Plans that they are offering. The ones that formerly use the ZTE MF600 but now uses the Huawei B933 or the Huawei B200 modem.

    any ideas?

  9. neis says:

    how long does the battery last po?

  10. martin says:

    @neis: “read” number three (3). that answers your query. kaya nga 10 things about MyFi heheh
    i’ll wait till the prices go down.

  11. Cisco says:

    I have an ipad with wifi + 3g. I have not decided whether to use (cut by me) microsim (globe or smart) prepaid.
    Is globe myfi better? What do you think? Anyone?

  12. raffaj says:

    if you will just use it with the iPad, do you need a dialer software on the iPad? Or once it is configured, does it connect automatically from the device without the need to “logon” each time to globe?

  13. frenchy says:

    I might just wait for the price to get lower. Madami din nanghinayang before dun sa 3G USB modem dongle na binili nila ng almost P4,000.

  14. islacom says:

    iPad 3G tested using SmartBro Prepaid sim, Cut it down to MicroSim, Same APN settings as the Smart Buddy Sim, Tested it here @ Bulacan area, getting very fast download speeds, tested it with MiTube App for iPad, download HD Youtube videos @ almost 200kbps per video. Have to test Globe Sim today, I am going to visit the business center here @ Bulacan if settings for the SuperSurf is the same as Smart for the iPad, via webconnect.

  15. lawreas says:

    u can do this using a 3g/wifi supported smartphone, particularly symbian. just add 3k and buy a nokia 5800, and u can have these features plus more. hehe

  16. jojo30 says:

    I use joikuspot on my Nokia E72, and it works just as well.

  17. Rodelio says:

    @abe, did you received my email?

  18. yuga says:

    @raffaj – set-up once, use anytime. no dialer needed once the WiFi has been activated.

  19. Ian says:

    I use joikuspot, kaya lang nagooverheat ang joikuspot sa mobile phone. Nakakatakot baka sumabog ang unit ko. Hehe.

  20. yuga says:

    @jojo30 @lawreas — the phones overheat too much on Joikuspot it might damage the battery and the unit itself.

  21. islacom says:

    Lower cost or free units might boost sales of this devise. Plus good 3G service and affordable cost.

  22. nexusboy says:

    Globe is known for ridiculous price adjustment. just like their globe tattoo, they’re selling it like P1,895 and the following day, P895 nalang!

    so if we subscribe to Globe myfi 999 + 250 for 24 months, baka before END OF DECEMBER libre na ang myfi unit. it’s best not to take the bait, give it a few months. it’s more practical to get an unlocked unit from third party tech stores than from globe. value for money.

  23. Khristoff says:

    Trust me, this device being “FREE” as you say is impossible.
    The device if you read costs 7k-12k. So… in your dreams. :P
    Realistically, di naman sila bobo magpalugi ng ganun kung malaki na subsidy nila as it is.

    The unlocked unit youre saying, isnt worth the price my friend bought it at- 6k. It’s malfunctioning for some reason and i am thinking its bcause of the way the black market tweaks it inside. :(

    Am gonna go get myself one of these for my iPad. hehe! :)
    buti nalang for globe, kay smart the router is very immobile and mukhang tanga if you bring it around.

  24. intelboy says:

    this must be the new design….classy. i got one when it was still the nationalistic design.

  25. Jam says:

    Yeah, I would agree that it’s a bit pricey.

  26. bugoy says:

    mahal, but the mobility is really cool. for home use, i dont think na papatok ito.

  27. vince says:

    To lower the price, we need to ditch the battery. Just use a 220v to DC transformer. I’m sure huawei though of that.

    Offer both models. The one with battery for rich ultramobile people and the 220v one for poorer people with poor signal strength but access to 220v

  28. Biggie says:

    You can buy this at P5k openline already. visit philmug or applei dot ph

  29. Mark Bata says:

    I got mine for free as replacement for the old modem I paid for. This is superior compared to the sapido I owned a few days back. (sold it when this was confirmed) I got it unlocked but not sure if I did it right though.

  30. islacom says:

    where did you get ur sapido and where did you get your globe huawei for it to be free pls share i am interested in this device

  31. yopme09 says:

    there are cheaper ways to share 3g connectivity, especially when using a laptop with windows7, just install connectify software and you can use the wifi card of your laptop to act as an access point. or buy the new edimax router with 3g usb modem support.

  32. intelboy says:

    A fiend of mine said, Globe just announced a special offer on this..
    Something like P99/month only with a Tattoo postpaid plan…. Wow, is that for real? I wonder how they can even recover that if the device costs 6-7k…
    Then 4k daw pag prepaid…need to verufy this and fast!

  33. Jojo V says:

    I came to globe alabang town center this afternoon the sales representative said the myfi needs to be connected first to a laptop thru usb before sharing its connection thru wifi, so i turned back from getting it. Sir Abe, Was the info from the lady from globe ATC accurate?

  34. Jojo V says:

    Just to make sure, I called Globe 24 hours technical support through 211 and asked the same question. According to Globe in order for me to connect my 16gb ipad wifi only version to myfi, I need to bring along my laptop while travelling to connect the “Mifi” thru usb before I can share the internet signal to my IPAD. Is this accurate?

  35. intelboy says:

    @JojoV That’s wrong, the MyFi can work both connected thru wire or not…. yun alam ko.

  36. Jojo V says:

    Thanks intelboy. I went back this morning to Globe Alabang Town Center to prove them wrong by testing the myfi unit I got with my Ipad wifi.

  37. MFB says:

    The E5382 supports 3 modes:

    * if connected through USB it will be recognized as a Ethernet adaptor providing internet access and access to the web GUI
    * if connected through USB and Mobile Partner is being startet, it will be recognized as plain 3G USB modem like any other Huawei 3G modem
    * if WiFi is activated by the “WIFI/WPS” button, it additionally works as a WiFi router

  38. CTB says:

    The unit is good but globe suck in terms of speed. I had this for 1 day only. after which i unlocked it and swapped to Sun Broadband (in MM) or SmartBro (outside MM)sim. Globe does good on delivering the hardware but it’s services really suck.

  39. raymond says:

    Smart now has the Pocket WiFi. Problem is they only have a plan 499 for 50 hours and then back to the 10Php/30 minutes rate.

    Has anyone tried downloading from Globe MyFi? How fast was it?

  40. nikki says:

    I have had a globe myfi and it being huawei, the device is so much better than smartbro’s new pocket wi-fi. I am on the unlimited plan 999, so it’s so much more worth the value to share my wi-fi rather than having a plan with just limited hours…..the speed is decent, i think tattoo’s had some recent upgrades on the network, so its all good.

    My sister got a SmartBro just this weekend and the speed really sucked on the first day out….i sooo do not trust Smart. In speedtests, Smart’s always the slowest among the three nowadays, and now it’s validated. She said that the connection always cuts whenever she puts the pocket wi-fi on her bag or pocket. I THOUGHT IT WAS A POCKET WI-FI????? Screw you, Smart!

    Also, we noticed that the device won’t work (connect to 3G) unless you connect it via cable to the laptop first, then pull it off. This is useless— i thought that its purpose is to give you internet without cables???? If it’s just as good as a plug-it modem, then i would’ve just bought that!!!!


  41. macky says:

    Here’s a comprehensive review…looks like Globe did good on theirs…i’mma go get myself one…

  42. Tating says:

    I’m uber confused already. I called globe just now and they are telling me that i cannot use the MyFi if my laptop is not turned on and there are blogs I read that I can. Which is which?

    Help guys. My question is: If i intend to use the MyFi device only for my iPhone do I also have to turn on my laptop just so I could use the MyFi on my iPhone? Assuming of course I’ve instead the MyFi device already on my laptop. In short, is the MyFi totally useless if you have no laptop with you?


  43. Tating says:

    installed i mean not instead lol.

  44. beninoy says:

    ask ko lng po kng pwede mglagay ng password sa Myfi kng koconect sa wifi. kng pwede kukuha na po ngyon hehehe..

  45. Toink says:

    Can I use the myfi SIM to my existing Huawei Globe 3G modem B933 model? I really need to know if it works before I get one. Thanks!

  46. Michael says:

    FYI.. Globe already released a ‘superior’ line of MyFi…they call it the SuperStick… dont know when it was launched but it’s supposed to be a myfi packed with more features and exclusive only to postpaid Tattoo… so i guess that would bring even better speeds than Tattoo prepaid (though i heard their speeds have been much better recently). I should tell my sister to hold off buying a pocket wifi…seems Globe is the more exciting brand to watch!

  47. Lee says:

    Gusto ko ‘to! Kaya lang ang mahal pa sa ngayon, 4k ang prepaid. :(

    Sana bumaba pa yung price before yung one week field trip namin. Para may WiFi on the go ako for my iPod touch.

    Anyway, 3G lang ba ‘to? Hindi na ba aabot sa HSDPA?

    • eiwar says:

      yo! Yes lee it can, i you missed the part above when it says it reaches hsdpa fast as long as there is good signal

  48. yankee says:

    i have a myfi unit now & i want to know how to put a password in it.

  49. Ashe says:

    how much do i have to pay to avail myfi postpaid @999?

  50. suplado says:

    anybody here using globe mifi partnered with ipad wifi? is it possible..

  51. uhmm, m planning on buying globe myfi but im still hesitating.. should i? is it worth it? once i decided i’d buy the prepaid kit.. but something’s bothering me about the details on the globe website : “An affordable rate of PhP5 for 15 minutes with speed up to 2 mbps” what does this means?

  52. Japoks says:

    I’ve tried Globe Tatoo MyFi with iPad Wifi 16GB and it works well even while inside my car.

  53. irvin says:

    i just subscribed to globe myfi and im using it for my laptop and sony xperia but the wifi connection is not always disconnects in so very often and sometimes wifi connection lasts only in a matter of seconds.its better to use it on my laptop via usb.wifi is not there any resolution to this issue?

  54. Samantha says:

    I have a question. I just bought the Samsung galaxy pro and am new to the android world. My network provider is Globe telecom and am a prepaid user. Everytime I load up my phone with let’s say, 100php. Every minute that I check, 5 pesos is deducted and I have no idea why? I tried to check if facebook was still open and other apps running. set them all to force stop.
    Now however, I cannot even use the internet anymore. Would appreciate if you can help me

  55. belle says:

    can you put a password on this? para hindi magamit ng strangers ung wifi?

  56. drewster says:

    hi guys i am selling my globe myfi for only 3,300.00 complete package please email me at [email protected]

  57. nev says:

    this is a bit old but i would like to ask is there a daily download limit? thanks.

  58. aitwing says:

    pwede ba gamitin ung my fi khit wla ung laptop? gagana ba agad khit mobile phone lng gmit ko?

  59. chenggai says:

    applicable ba yung mga unlisurf promo ng globe with Myfi?

  60. erwin says:

    how do i conect to admin panel?

  61. jean says:

    wala bang mas murang myfi? :D cant afford ko kase yung 3k plus ehh:(

  62. is their a mifi globe tattoo in san fernando city of la uhion and how much should i pay for this equiptment and monthly subscrition cost prepaid as well as postpaid. Can i also use my mifi came from netherland to use there in philippines?

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  64. Bill says:

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