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Globe MyFi Price Drop

So this was the surprise promo that Globe reps told me the day they talked to us about the MyFi and they really did good with their promise. A reader tipped us that Globe has dropped their MyFi devices by almost 50% off!

For Globe MyFi PostPaid accounts, it’s down from Php250/month to:


  • Php149/month on Plan 499
  • Php99/month on Plan 999

For Prepaid accounts, it is now down to Php4,000 one-time from Php7,000 previously.

Looks like Globe has finally decided to subsidize the units to push sales of these units. See more about Globe MyFi here.

Hat tip to Danny Ching!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. mike says:

    is it available now? which branches of globe wireless?

  2. Jay says:

    i think i just dreamt of globe dropping MiFi by 50%..

    –strange dream

    hmm.. they are preparing an iPad launch, that’s why.

  3. gringo says:

    kuya abe d ko gets.. mas mahal un monthly ng 499 kesa sa 999?
    * Php149/month on Plan 499
    * Php99/month on Plan 999

    available na in all globe outlets to?

  4. yuga says:

    @mike – been available in Globe Business Centers for some time now.

  5. yuga says:

    @gringo — add-on price sya sa Plan. So at Plan 499 it’s 499+199 and on Plan 999 it’s 999+99.

  6. Sir yuga.. so pag plan 499 dag2x lng ng 199 = un ung initial na babayaran? then 499 na monthly??? tama po ba ako??? mag switch talaga ako nito ba :D

  7. pearl says:

    @jay…you dreamt about it…i wished naman for a 50% off…wish come true for me…haha…4k for prepaid…mahal pa rin…i wish for another drop…hehe…i’ll be needing this lang naman if i’m somewhere with no wifi, eh…kaya i wish…i wish…i wish… :D

  8. cris says:

    how about the speed? coz i heard that globe service is poor, except wimax service.

  9. santi says:

    kuya Abe, this is Huawei-e5830 tama ba? does globe offer the Huawei-e585? which of the two is better?? – thanks po :p

  10. Erin says:

    @dante: usually how it works is that the add-on persists for the whole contract duration or hanggang mabayaran yung subsidized price ng equipment. So the 499/mo plan becomes 648/mo. i am guessing two years ang contract?

  11. @Erin Thanks for answering my Que!

  12. mike says:

    hi abe thanks for the reply. Can you give more thorough review of the globe myfi in your blog.

    need to know the following

    1) hows the speed in speedtest.net?
    2) hows the latency
    3) how easy it is to connect
    4) how stable is the connection (does it always get disconnected?)
    5) battery life during wifi mode (not connected)

    I tried globe wimax before and it was much much slower than the plan that I get (50% slower). Also it takes too long to connect (around 2 minutes to reconnect). And the connection was not stable. So I returned the product.

  13. mike says:

    I may just wait for Sun cellular to release its own wireless 3G dongle like this, most probably before christmas.

  14. HP Q6000A laser toner says:

    noob here…

    for the prepaid MyFi, is it same like Globe Tatoo when it comes to reloading but just faster speeds?

  15. Guy says:

    wow very affordable…

  16. Cisco says:

    As to the prepaid myfi, does it mean we can use any sim (other than globe)?

  17. frenchy says:

    Sabi na nga ba bababa rin price nito. Baka before Christmas mas bababa pa lalo na yung sa prepaid. :)

  18. maruko says:

    Wow, at only an additional P99 a month, the MyFi device is a STEAL!!!!!

    Hats off to Globe for always offering the best deals and the most innovative products!! Cant wait to get myself oneeee thanks for the tip!!

  19. thomas says:

    Laki siguro ng subsidy ng Globe sa bawat isa nito…i think they buy it at around 5-6k each from their supplier e. Given that Smart and Sun don’t have anything like this naman, i think super swerte natin they even did this. Hehehe. Its my lucky day!

  20. GensanBoy says:

    Wow, I hope this is available here in my place, ive been wanting to get one but the price isrestrictive. . ngayon medyo affordable na.

  21. Peejhay says:

    @santi: mas ok ung Huawei e585 kasi ung LED Screen nya.. tpos longer battery pa

    may mga nagbebenta na ng E585 mga 6000-7500.. at sempre UNLOCKED un so any sim cards (sun,globe,smart)

    yan kasi for sure globe-locked yan..

  22. Peejhay says:

    totoo pla.. kala ko joke lang ng globe yan haha

    http://site.globe.com.ph/features/[email protected]

    pero gsto ko pa rin ung e585 kasi unlocked

  23. GEO says:

    kainis naman pwede kaya pababaan yung plan ko nakapagavail kasi ako ng plan nila 2 days before nila babaan yung price from 250/month to 99/month ang daya naman kung hindi pwede grrr

  24. GEO says:

    daya ng globe bigla silang naglabas ng FAQ bago ako magreklamo na naipit yung plan ko nagapply ako sept. 14 @250.00 per month (24 months = 6,000.00) tapos nilaunch nila yung bago sept. 16 @99.00 (24 months = 2,376.00 Only) ang laki ng lugi ko tapos yung lumabas nilang FAQ ngayon lang hindi daw pwede imigrate yung plan ko kahit ilang days lang lumipas….paghindi nila ginawan ng paraan yung plan ko mapipilitan na kong magpatulong sa pinsan ko na editor ng inquirer and lalapit na ko sa DTI

  25. islacom says:

    Huawei E5830 open-line, we have already tested and configured for the 3 local cellular network providers in the Philippines. We also sell units.
    easy to setup with passkey likema regular Wifi HotSpot Router.
    Stress Test Battery from 3-5hours, differs from how many devices are connected.
    Small and portable!!!

  26. iver says:

    i want that myfirouter but i need an open line.is it possible?

  27. iver says:

    merong unluck sa megamall.4k lang din:-)

  28. iver says:

    and i know how to unlock your myfi router:-)

  29. iver says:

    and last question:does your myfi have an extra battery?how mcuh time can i use your battery?or do you sell extra battery/ies?how much?is it better than the stock?

  30. paolo says:

    did globe extend the promo?

  31. alsor says:

    Actually ginaya lang ng Globe presyo ng Smart. Smart plan P499. plus 150/mo for 24 mos. on 50 hrs load. May bonus ka pa na 5 hrs/mo pag paid on time.ZTE ang unit nila.

  32. vince says:

    afaik, 5000-6000 ang equivalent device na unlocked sa pc options

  33. Sanctuarian06 says:

    Is this under Globe fair use policy?

  34. Michael says:

    nope no fair use policy on postpaid, Globe loves their postpaid subscribers…

  35. knivesgundam says:

    babayadan mo yung myfi sa retailer ng 499 at monthly mong babayadan ng 149? ganon ba yun?

    hindi na ba kailangan loadan yan?

  36. Les says:

    price update for prepaid is P4,995

  37. irvin parker says:

    ok sana ang bilis sana ng connection.kaso yung wifi me problema.laging nadidisconnect yung wifi nya.i tried almost all channels na.tried hiding and broadcasting ssid.tried open network.pero malimit pa rin madisconnect wifi.minsan halos 10seconds lang ang interval dosconnect nanaman.pero pag connected sya sa laptop ko via usb ok nmn.wifi lang talaga lagi me problema lagi na lang disconnected.

  38. jo says:

    so guys, anung okay na sim gamitin? globe sim or sun sim? :)

  39. arj says:

    I’m using sun myfi and it’s fast.ecxept that this is applicable to strong signal areas that’s why i want this to be openline for other sim cards

  40. bino says:

    i just subscribed to globe myfi and im using it for my laptop and sony xperia but the wifi connection is not stable.it always disconnects in so very often and sometimes wifi connection lasts only in a matter of seconds.its better to use it on my laptop via usb.wifi is not stable.is there any resolution to this issue?

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