Globe offers Plan Duo Service

Breaking: Globe Telecom has launched a new cellphone-and-landline-in-one service called the Plan Duo Subscription. This service allows Globe subscribers to carry two numbers in a single SIM card — 1 mobile and 1 landline. Check the details of the plan below:

globe duo

  • Globe Plan Duo subscribers are given a Duo Landline number. The mobile phone and SIM will have two (2) numbers: your current mobile number (i.e. 0917-XXX-XXXX) and your Duo Landline number (i.e. 02-XXX-XXXX).
  • With the Duo Plan, you get the following service at free of charge: Duo to any Landline calls, any Landline to Duo calls, and Duo to Duo calls. Calls made to other mobile numbers are charged regular mobile rates.
  • There’s no need for a special dialing number — just key in the Area Code + Landline Number and your ringing. Same with calling another subscriber on a Duo line.
  • Service is initially available in NCR and Cebu. All other calls outside the area code (02 for NCR or 32 for Cebu) will be charged regular mobile NDD rates.

Subscription to DUO Service is Php399 per month on top of your regular Globe Plan. Single SIM, two numbers? Time to ditch the landline.

How to get Globe Duo Plan:

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

1. Promo is open to all Globe Postpaid subscribers from April 5 to July 3, 2009 (not available for prepaid or corporate accounts).

2. Subscriber can avail of the service through the Business Centers or Register via SMS (with required SMS acceptance of Terms and Conditions). Simply text DUO to 8888.

3. There will be an initial 90-day holding period for new activations, subject to pre-termination fee of Php1,200. After the holding period, subscription is auto-renewed on a monthly basis unless otherwise requested by the subscriber.

4. You can only avail of one (1) active DUO landline number for every active Globe line, at any one time.

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  1. Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

  2. Avatar for rose rose says:

    I gave up my corporate number and reward benefits to avail of super duo plan believing that it’s a sound decision.I signed up an application form 2X because they have lost the previous one I signed which they placed on waitlist due to unavailability of preferred unit. I got my unit and new number that does not work. Calling up my phone with a recording that says number you dialled is not yet in service… after 3 months of subscription!!!! service SUCKS! I have followed up activation of the supposed duo number numerous times that I felt cheated that I have paid for nothing.I have email trails that will proved uncountable times of airing my problem to no avail. Nico Aljohn from Galleria branch informed me that it was forwarded to other dept who will resolve the issue but have not received any feedback.I have visited Galleria branch and all efforts were futile. Sim was replaced, sim was tested on other phone units, and other time they have de activated my super duo plan and re activated it… still nothing happened… I was just wasting time calling up GLOBE customer service hotline who promised to give you feedback that never happened…until this very moment. Rude, insensitive, unprofessional and absolutely incompetent bunch of people who will just transfer you around for nothing.Really frustrated.

  3. Avatar for google earth google earth says:

    I have scanned a few of the articles on your web site now as well as Philippines, Technology News & Reviews, and I genuinely like your way of blogging. There is no smoke without a fire and on that point there are no comments without posts.

  4. Avatar for Abu_Gadu Abu_Gadu says:

    subscribed to this service yesterday. the whole process took less than 10 mins.

    this is a welcome development for me considering that i use smart, globe and pldt landline plus (all prepaid). it certainly bothers me to carry 3 phones everyday. now i can only bring 2! :)

    tried a few calls with it and the line sounds good. clear. no problem also with incoming calls from pldt landlines.

    hope smart comes up with a similar promo :)

  5. Avatar for Disgusted Subscriber Disgusted Subscriber says:

    Globelines have made enormous expansion of their product selling and services in the country but cannot correct out bad or no connections at all. This is usually happened in Cebu. They should focus on good quality product and not quantity. I have been experiencing no dial tone , or hanged phone tone in my globe landline for two days now. I cannot call the repair service since the phone cannot be used. Globelines should have to look for an immediate actions to the problems they are having to their communication business as i am quiet sure that they know that this is happening.

  6. Avatar for giselle giselle says:

    the globe superduo service is fooling people. called before signing up and was never informed that the “superduo” service would be completely cancelled if you go on roaming, as in the money u paid for the superduo service is completely gone when u come back. its not even anywhere on their print ads or billboards! nothing either from customer service! lost over 2400 load because of it!!!! horrrible customer service from a horrible company. complaining this to ntc and letting everyone know. no reply from customer service either even after 3 cweeks when they said they would provide feedback in 3-5 days! cheaters!

  7. Avatar for aji santiago aji santiago says:

    well i just subscribed to globe duo using my prepaid globe phone last oct 11, 5pm. i can receive calls from pldt landlines, but not the other way around. i thought this issue was already fixed. bayantel lines work well though. i called globe and they said after the complaints during the past month, the duo to pldt issue was already resolved. called their cust service for 3 times, and the rep who last talked to me said to wait for 3-5 days before it gets serviced. according to her, to enjoy and make ‘sulit’ (her term) use of the globe duo subscription, i should call instead bayantel lines. and i was like, omg, you’re telling me to make the most out of it by calling bayantel lines while all i need to call are business lines which are mostly pldt? well it’s their cust service rep.

    and my subscription is 1 month, since i joined without qualms. what if the subscription is less than 3-5 days? then everything went to nothing? THE WORSE THING, IS NOW,@10AM I CAN NO LONGER CALL ANY LANDLINE, EVEN A DUO NUMBER. NOTHING, AS IN NO OTHER LANDLINE NUMBER. AND I SUBSCRIBED FOR A WHOLE 1 MONTH. globe doesn’t deliver, such a waste. MY FAULT, I DIDN’T RESEARCH ON IT FIRST; MUST HAVE BEEN SO SKEPTICAL ABOUT THE RAVE TESTIMONIALS. I SHOULD’VE GOTTEN A BAYANTEL WIRELESS OR A PLDT LANDLINE PLUS instead of this. so frustrating.

  8. Avatar for mais mais says:

    ask lang ko kung ano ang mukha ng wireless phone?
    malaki ba to or maliit lang na phone.

  9. Avatar for porcelain ninja porcelain ninja says:

    Ang catch pala dito if you are outside the coverage area of 02 ex. Tagaytay tapos tumawag ka sa may Globe duo rin or any NCR/ Metro Manila landline long distance rates ang bayad mo.

    Oh and you can’t call a Cebu Globe cell duo even if they have Duo because long Distance charges din yun if your phone is registered Duo in NCR.

  10. Avatar for genb genb says:

    I registered with Globe Duo service. The problem is, when you use a PLDT Prepaid Wireless Landline to Call a Globe Duo Landline, you need to have enough load to make the call. I called PLDT and Globe regarding this matter. So, ….to all subscribers, beware! Your PLDT wireless landline’s load will be debited unless Globe Duo and PLDT Wireless Landline Prepaid settles their interconnection issues.
    BTW I love your blog!

    I registered with Globe Duo service. The problem is, when you use a PLDT Prepaid Wireless Landline to Call a Globe Duo Landline, you need to have enough load to make the call. I called PLDT and Globe regarding this matter. So, ….to all subscribers, beware! Your PLDT wireless landline’s load will be debited unless Globe Duo and PLDT Wireless Landline Prepaid settles their interconnection issues.

  11. Avatar for Rica Rica says:

    This Globe Duo really rocks!i subscribed to Duo because majority of my Globe friends are Duo subscribers. they are the ones who encouraged me to join and i had no regrets!

  12. Avatar for andy andy says:

    WTF…bt gnun…nkpgregster na ako sa globe duo nd bngay na sken ung duo numb ko bt nbawasn prn load ko..T_T helkp me nmn qng bkt..nd 4 sure my explaintion qng bt ng yri un…

  13. Avatar for Zero Zero says:

    Globe Duo sucks! I subscribed my prepaid sim for 1 month, and unfortunately I cannot make calls to PLDT landlines. It’s just a waste of money. Another sample of false advertisement.

  14. Avatar for Paul Nazareno Paul Nazareno says:

    Tried it with my prepaid and it works perfectly both incoming and outgoing calls. This is definitely better than other wireless landline.

  15. Avatar for Ed Ed says:

    DONT patronize Globe DUO… that service really sucks!!! cant call pldt & bayantel lines.

  16. Avatar for Ed Ed says:

    GLOBE DUO SUCKS!!! the very first i registered for the service i cant connect to either pldt or bayantel lines. assistants told me they’re having connection problem with pldt (dont they realize sabotage on pldt’s part?)good thing they reverted back my 25pesos load. 3 days after i called up again their customer hotline inquiring about pldt & bayantel connections which they told me that they’ve already fixed the problem & its ok to again avail DUO. So, i again registered the 25 pesos they reverted back to me only to find out that same thing happened. i cant call pldt & bayantel lines. GLOBE is true to their tv ads on phone suicide – disgusting, you could slam your phone in dismay!

  17. Avatar for rebelprincess rebelprincess says:

    I bought globe sim last Aug.19 and registered to DUO. There were a few errors in keyword in their system but luckily I was able to register. My number starts at 02-500xxxx which is cool. I tried to ring it with my smart cel and it did. I was excited and texted everyone for my new number. When i finally got home I was trying to make outgoing call but i can’t. Until now, i haven’t use my outgoing call. but incoming is fine though.

  18. Avatar for mar luis mar luis says:


  19. Avatar for fredmon fredmon says:

    The globe duo service is a crap for prepaid subscribers. I already subscribed for a month and i cannot connect to pldt landlines for 4 days already. I also have the 500 prefix and the service was good until 4 days ago.

    I cannot make outgoing calls to PLDT landlines but calling up any Bayantel or Globelines is without a hiss. But receiving call from these landlines on my Duo number poses no problem at all.

    I am hoping that they will fix this glitch soon or my Php 450 subscription will just go to waste.

    So anyone who is planning to get one better think about it carefully as the service now sucks!

  20. Avatar for grrrrr!!!! grrrrr!!!! says:

    im a prepaid subscriber and tried the one day promo for Php25 yesterday morning. i was able to use the outgoing call (globe duo to local landline), but the incoming call feature from a LANDLINE was not working. the voice prompt said NOT IN SERVICE. i called 211 and reported the problem, and was asked to monitor within 24hrs.

    after 5 hours, i was able to receive an incoming call from a landline. but when i tried using the outgoing feature (to another landline number), ITS NO LONGER WORKING. seems like we cannot use BOTH incoming and outgoing features at the same time!! i don’t think this should be advertised as UNLIMITED, as obviously this is NOT.

    my subscription is about to expire, and they have yet to fixed the problem. really a waste of money!

  21. Avatar for rebelprincess rebelprincess says:

    I was so furious when I applied for Globe Speak ‘n Surf(landline plus broadband). I paid 999 and all I got was a wireless handset and a modem. T’was I think 2 years ago and until now I haven’t heard from them. They just took my money and left me with no service. For the first 6mos. I frequently made follow ups but the globe hotline has nothing to say but “I’m sorry for the inconvenience…” WTF! they sound like a broken record.

    I then applied for SMARTBRO and until now the service is just fine. At least I’m using my 999 with their service, Then I also got PLDT pre paid landline sim which is working just fine also. But my calls are limited and metered to P2/min.

    When I heard about this GLOBE DUO, I was hesitant. I’m not sure if their service has improved. But given the benefit of the doubt, I’d like to try. It’s kinda intriguing and if it really works just as i hoped it will, well its a GREAT DEAL. The catch here is the mobile landline with unlimited calls. I might try this one despite my disgust with my previous application. Its not that expensive though. I can spare to waste P450/30 days subscription and the price of the prepaid sim.

  22. Avatar for macoy macoy says:

    I’m a prepaid globe subscriber and i just tried keying the DUO to 8888 and this is the reply.

    Great news from Globe! Bagong Globe DUO! Enjoy the first and only unlimited DUO-DUO and DUO-Landline calles for only P125/5 days or P350/14 days! To register just text DUO CEB 125 or DUO CEB 350 to 8888.

    Teka.. ang mahal naman. Php 350.00 for 15 days? Nyak

  23. Avatar for global global says:


  24. Avatar for Blanche Blanche says:

    Question: Is the additional P399.00 for the DUO service inclusive of taxes? I am about to register for a DUO number in the next few hours.

  25. Avatar for Kit Kit says:

    This is INNOVATION!

    Registered by sending DUO MM ON to 8888, then replied YES. In less than 2 minutes I have a new landline. No queuing in the biz centers, no photocopy of id’s, proof of billing, etc.

    Amazing, now I have opened my biz to landline only clients without the hassle. Great!

    My mother, a non-texter now calls anytime without being charged for the call.

    Enough of sim swap promos or spam through text that other network is better. Proof is in the eating.

  26. Avatar for Alfred Alfred says:

    Crap… not available for corporate lines… and I own the corporation! haha!

  27. Avatar for anonymous anonymous says:

    It’s my second day to use Globe’s newest service. I registered thru text:

    DUO CEB ON to 8888
    My duo number is (032) 316-xxxx

    So far I have no connection issues. I had my friends and relatives call my Duo number from their landlines, and can get thru real quick with clear voice quality. just when i was about to sign up for PLDT Wireless Landline plus (not minding that crappy bluky handset), great timing talaga ‘tong Globe.

    I can still receive landline calls even when i’m surfing the net thru WAP or 3G. but unlike PLDT Wireless, I cannot make 1-800 calls using Duo. darn it.

  28. Avatar for antiglobe antiglobe says:

    sobrang asar ang globe…walang kwenta serbisyo nila.. pero sa tulong ng mga magagaling na pinoy dyn.. nagawa nilang paikutin ang sistema, free internet browsing gamit ang globe gprs…. kahit zero why pay at all, libre na txt mo dun through, kung gusto nyo masmatagal na pag chachat pasok lang sa yahoo mobile msngr for free…

  29. Avatar for sephiroth111 sephiroth111 says:

    useless naman ang duo kung nasa labas ka ng area code kung saan mo nairegister yan like metro manila.

  30. Avatar for lol lol says:

    lol mel and tiger sell out. haha halatang taga globe trying to promote. di effective kasi halata eh =p

  31. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    Among other things which Globe should add to its service is the revival of the CALL BACK ALERT it had a few years ago. It is very useful in places where there is no signal (dead spot) or in places where cell phones are not permitted. In those times when you are waiting for an important business call or suddenly have an emergency call from a family member and there is a dead spot inside a building or in a location, this service is very useful. Smart has this service for its post paid subscribers wherein a text is sent to the subscriber if the subscriber misses a call. I have inquired about it but the only reply you can get from the customer service is “We will update you when this service is available”. This is their constant reply for years now. Maybe Globe just does not want us to turn our phones off if this service is revived. The more phones turned off, the lesser their revenue. I hope this is not the case.

  32. Avatar for Jam Jam says:

    Called today and you have to text DUO MM ON (for Metro Manila) or DUO CEBU ON (for Cebu).

    You can also register for both in case you travel to Cebu and need to call a local Cebu landline number while you are there. Cool thing if you travel often to both cities.

  33. Avatar for mel mel says:

    The soonest I’ve heard of this DUO SVC thing, it definitely raised interest of most people I know. For everyone’s information, I did my own research too and just found out from Globe’s Customer Service that the whole of RIZAL area is now included in the NCR (02) Local area code for toll free communications starting April 12, 2009 only.

    If we could all remember way back years ago, Globe used to have this Duo service already even before Smart did. I used to have 2 Globe handyphone subscriptions both in 1 sim then, but eventually had to split them when Globe decided to discontinue the service maybe due to lack of patrons on this type of technology. But like most of us, I too am very much a sucker for variety of wireless services (mainly for my business) which I keep in my bag that grows bigger by the day due to the increasing number of gadgets inside it. There’s my SUN for the 24/7 UNlimited call and text anywhere in the country, Globe for reliability esp. during emergencies, at least 2 landline sims (SunTel and PLDT Plus prepaid) one for incoming and one for outgoing – toll free calls for my family and clients, and Globe Tattoo for my laptop internet connection, all for the convenience while I’m on the road. With this Globe DUO Service, I think my bag can breath freely now with just 2 mobile phones inside it, still maintaining my SUN and my Globe for both mobile and landline service in one.

    Incidentally, this type of service would definitely benefit men especially, who usually just carry 1 mobile phone with them to go about their daily routines.

    Cheers to newer breakthroughs!! The more competitions the lower the burdens of cost for us consumers. Bring them on.. Congrats Globe!!!

  34. Avatar for sephiroth111 sephiroth111 says:

    ako mula 2005 pa ako nakikinaBang sa libreng gprS ng globe gamit ang tricks. Gusto ko sana masubukan tong bagong offer ng globe kaso pang-postpaid lang. Dbale may pldt landlines plus prepaid naman ako kaso kelangan ko ng myphone.

  35. Avatar for Miya Miya says:

    You must have at least 2,500 credit limit

  36. Avatar for dino dino says:

    the service “is initially available in NCR” only, and Globe Telecom does mean that literally. This means that landlines with a 02 area code but located outside of the geographic definition of the National Capital Region (NCR), such as certain towns in Bulacan (Obando), Laguna (San Pedro), and the whole of Rizal cannot call a Duo subscriber using his 02-prefix number, nor can a Duo subsriber call these landlines toll-free. To my knowledge no such limit exists for Bayantel’s and PLDT’s wireless landline products.

    Another consequence: a Duo subscriber can only call another Duo subscriber toll-free if both of them are located within the NCR, unlike subscribers of Sun Cellular’s Unlimited Call and Text service who may call other fellow Sun Cellular subscribers anywhere in the Philippines toll-free.

  37. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    I have Globe Duo for 3 days now. Sometimes its quite difficult to call a Globe Duo Landline when you use a PLDT Landline (not wireless landline). You have to dial 4 to 5 times before it can connect. Sometimes, you only need to dial once.

  38. Avatar for Doc Harry Doc Harry says:

    I tried registering on Globe thru 8888 but it doesn’t recognize the DUO keyword. It once sent back a text with a list of keywords that included DUO INFO but that didn’t work either. I got a reply with a list of keywords without DUO or DUO INFO. I’m guessing they didn’t anticipate the response and so they’ve shut it down for now.

  39. Avatar for M. B. M. B. says:

    yeah nakinabang nga kayo pero kami mga postpaid subscribers naman ang kawawa.

  40. Avatar for edz edz says:

    @ ako din nakinabang sa gprs nila, pti mms,tv live stream at call..hehe..noon yun

  41. Avatar for Christopher Christopher says:

    Nku dagdag nnmn s pasaning ng network backbone ng globe…sna mag-overhaul n sila kc mrmi ang ngrereklamo s knila…hehe…btw, nkinabang aq s glitch s gprs nila…free browse intently or hindi sadya..hehe

  42. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    jepoy – Yes, I agree, PLDT wireless landline prepaid is not unlimited. The thing is, you cannot use your free allotted minutes in a PLDT wireless landline prepaid to call a Globe Duo number. You have to have credits in your e-wallet before you can make a call.

  43. Avatar for jepoy jepoy says:

    @tiger – PLDT Landline Plus prepaid or postpaid is NOT unlimited. So if you call ANY local landline (Globe Duo included), your PLDTLoad minutes or credits will be consumed.

  44. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    I registered with Globe Duo service. The problem is, when you use a PLDT Prepaid Wireless Landline to Call a Globe Duo Landline, you need to have enough load to make the call. I called PLDT and Globe regarding this matter. So, ….to all subscribers, beware! Your PLDT wireless landline’s load will be debited unless Globe Duo and PLDT Wireless Landline Prepaid settles their interconnection issues.
    BTW I love your blog!

  45. Avatar for Tiger Tiger says:

    I registered with Globe Duo service. The problem is, when you use a PLDT Prepaid Wireless Landline to Call a Globe Duo Landline, you need to have enough load to make the call. I called PLDT and Globe regarding this matter. So, ….to all subscribers, beware! Your PLDT wireless landline’s load will be debited unless Globe Duo and PLDT Wireless Landline Prepaid settles their interconnection issues.

  46. Avatar for M. B. M. B. says:

    globe sucks! they’re the reason why I ended up fighting with my fiance cuz she tawt i was busy doing something or fell asleep while texting her. Their SMS services is the worst SMS service in the country. If only smart and sun are available in our area, i would definitely switch my postpaid accounts. Im payin 3t a month for a substandard service! [email protected] AYALA oligarchs!

  47. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Ok, the first few people on 215-xxxx have been dialling the other numbers, including mine.

  48. Avatar for ernie ernie says:

    Wow I am amazed but the fact that the signal of Globe is not continous sucks right, anyway Smart will soon having this service in the future for sure though PLDT has has prepaid tal number right?

  49. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    Got mine just now. Same number as Noems. Makes it practically free for people to call me thru their landline.

  50. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    Finally got mine 30 minutes ago. Starts with 02-215 ****.

  51. Avatar for paul paul says:

    sounds nice, but i don’t think i’d be needing this for now. i mean, there are landline fones where ever i go — office, home, friend’s home. but on second thought, the fact that people can call me anytime through their landline is probably cool. :-)

  52. Avatar for edz edz says:

    oo nga asar yang 8888 na yan nung pinalitan ang 2870 ng 8888 bigla nawala yun free unli cvalls night ko..pero ok lang sulit pa din yun 4 weeks na free unlicalls nyt from globe/..

  53. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    Why don’t they offer this to pre-paid subscribers? I think this would catch on quite quick.

  54. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    @ianp- same thing happened to me too. I just typed YES again then got that message. Until now that’s the message. No activation yet.

  55. Avatar for mindyQ mindyQ says:

    i wonder how the PLDT Group (Smart) will respond to this.

    it is called Wireless Local Loop (WLL)

  56. Avatar for herbert herbert says:

    Sounds interesting. I wonder what kind of technology they use to be able to offer this.

  57. Avatar for ianp ianp says:

    Bug with the 8888 service. It doesn’t recognize the ‘yes’ keyword for confirmation that you are subscribing. I did not get the “You will receive an SMS confirming DUO service activation shortly” confirmation.
    …or technical difficulties again? lol. :p

  58. Avatar for Lezuric Lezuric says:

    I wish to have Globelines or PLDT here in Gumaca, Quezon. sigh.. Digitel makes us suffer. :(

  59. Avatar for BrianB BrianB says:

    This looks good but I already subscribe to their DSL and landline, though I have a smart cell number. Can they give me a cellphone contract coming as a landline customer?

  60. Avatar for Lezuric Lezuric says:

    well globe is not available in our location.

  61. Avatar for Gadget Go Gadget Go says:

    Great Deal Globe! Smart ano pa ang hinintay! Smart PLDT Duo naman!

    Best deals at

  62. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    8888 sent me an SMS after replying “yes” to the terms

    “You will receive an SMS confirming DUO service activation shortly”

    so waiting for my landline number now.

  63. Avatar for Spidey Spidey says:

    Kala ko Duo fone… with landline number and mobile number..

  64. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    I am annoyed at Globe right now but I will torture myself testing this out. haha

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