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Reva Electric Car

One of the most packed booths at the MIAS 2009 is the Reva Electric Car, a 4-seater ultra-compact sedan that works on electricity.


The Reva car has a top speed of 80 kmph with a maximum range of 80 kilometers on a single charge. At current Meralco rates, that comes down to just over Php1.00 per kilometer compared to Php4.00 for gas-driven counterparts.


Complete specs of the Reva:
2-Door, 2+2-seater hatchback
Rear Wheel Drive
220V, 2.2kw high frequency switch mode type charger
48V, 200-Amp-hr, EV Lead Acid Batteries
Automatic, Direct-Drive transmission
13″ tires
700kg curb weight

It has 4 seats but if you look at the picture of the inside, the two seats at the back can only fit small kids.


Distributed by EVnnovations in the Philippines and comes in white, silver, yellow, black red and blue colors. No final retail price but they said it will be somewhere between Php500,000 to Php600,000.

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25 Responses

  1. Avatar for Nestor bulan Nestor bulan says:

    Where. Can I buy this reva car???????

  2. Avatar for pocahontas pocahontas says:

    I think this car is not meant to drive in expressways so it is pretty safe within it’s speed limits. These cars are meant for secondary roads only. But I agree that it’s too expensive. If there would be an electric car at half that price, would you buy one?

  3. Avatar for mario mario says:

    it is best electric car of its type in uk

  4. Avatar for jo jo says:

    where can I inquire? I hate gasoline driven cars. Been waiting for a vehicle like this to be available here in our country. Gasoline price will drive you crazy now nowadays! We should stop the monopoly of these oil companies so that prices of oil will be lowered to a reasonable price.

  5. Avatar for Brutishtax Brutishtax says:

    I do feel that we are all being quite foolish with our assumptions of safety, and what safety is. People balk at driving a Reva because of the seemingly lack of safety as it is preceived to be.
    However these same people will oogle over and buy and drive a motorcycle, which has no safety at all and less protection than even a Reva has at highway speeds. If we are ever going to break the grip that using petroleum has on our lives, as far as transportation goes….we are going to need to embrace vehicles like this, because it will save our resources and our money invested in transportation.

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