Poll: Plurk or Twitter?

Poll: Plurk or Twitter?

This week, our survey covers the micro-blogging service Plurk and Twitter. According to stats shown by Google Trends, the Philippines is ranked #3 visitor of Plurk.com worldwide.

Okay, it used to be #2 until Taiwan took that spot from us. On the other hand, we’re nowhere in the top 10 for Twitter.com.

plurk philippines


Then again, between Plurk and Twitter, Plurk seems to be the more preferred choice among Filipinos. It’s yet unknown why this is so but if you look at the average profile of a Plurk user and a Twitter user, you will see the age range is much lower with Plurk.

The Philippines doesn’t normally follow the social networking trends in the US. We’re into Friendster more than Facebook, into Plurk more than Twitter, into LiveJournal and Multiply than WordPress and Blogger.

So our poll this week aims to answers some of these questions — Which micro-blogging tool do you favor? Plurk or Twitter?

Please send your answers to the poll section on the right and leave a comment here if you want to add something.

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72 Responses

  1. jamie says:

    friendster was introduced to the philippines earlier than facebook which actually started as a network for US students.

    the plurk exodus was due to the twitter downtime. many twitter users are whining on plurk about the fail whale. saka na lang yung pagdami ng plurk users.

    i still use my twitter account. i dont have any plans to use plurk at all.

    magTUMBLR na lang tayo!

  2. Darren says:

    wow, I don’t know Taiwan is in the 2nd place of Plurk usage. but I don’t have any profile of these two microblog. I’m always losing on the track of trend. hehe

  3. crimson says:

    i use twitter every now and then, since accessible sya sa office.
    I’ve seen plurk and for me it’s kind of complicated to use.
    I prefer multiply & facebook.
    Friendster kasi is a bit idle na these days.
    As for blogging sites. I have accounts in all three. Why? different purposes. Livejournal & blogger could be connected to your multiply site.
    Minsan talaga it’s what suits you needs and preference.

  4. BrianB says:

    Seriously, I thought we are the only nation who plurks. Any sober person would avoid these micro blogs, unless you’re in marketing or have a business that needs the network.

  5. edz says:

    hmm Plurk kasi I also use plurk to other networks.. every Plurk ko naaupdate na rin yun twitter ko, pati yun shoutout post sa friendster, pati sa facebook at multiply updated lahat. tapos is your only using midrange cellphone isang text lang sa sms gateway ng plurk ok na..

  6. Gadget Go says:

    Friendster now is a mess. Open a friend’s page and it’s cluttered like year end sale! 3 songs playing simultaneously and hundreds of flash animations blinking and hovering. that’s just my niece’s account. wait… isn’t this about friendster? hehehe

    Plurk? Is this another site for stalkers? Twitter should be called stalk me discreetly.

    visit http://pinoygadgetprice.blogspot.com/ for the latest gadget prices in the Phils. A bit cluttered, but tolerable.

  7. Reggie says:

    i go for twitter. been a member since 2007 when it was starting but only got to be active last year. it’s easy to twitter thanks to phtwitters.com

  8. Jerome says:

    Plurk is da best!

  9. Rei.G says:

    Pinoys love Plurk coz its more friendster like they feel more connected with their “FRIENDS”, and its more lively, that’s a given for our colorful asian tradition always on the parade or fiesta mode. I like plurk coz it can update my status on fb and has a better sms service in the phils, bad thing it does not have any interesting person or thing to follow, all I get from plurkers that I follow is either their hungry, they wanna cry.

    Twitter on the other hand is simple that’s the western way (ahhmm.. apple,google), lets say plain boring but tweeps are mostly western and most users are adults(thats funny),if not they are NBA players,politicians or brands, the kind of pips that dont’t post their silly pics every hour, or whine of how bad their day was just to let their “FRIENDS” know, twitter is to tell something and it should make sense in 140 characters and most twits is news,useful info, trivias, events and other stuffs. most of the time I just read twits. I just really hate their sms service.

    To Plurk is to tell – communication with friends whining about ur bad day and telling them that you are hungry.

    To Twit is to listen – reading from tweeps and you will find something new and interesting each day, the prize of listening.

  10. Used to twitter a lot, now I’m a plurker…

  11. Hussein says:

    Twitter ako. Mas professional ang twitter. And I don’t have plurk account.

  12. jhoana says:

    I’m into TWITTER! kasi addicting yung plurk ee.. err! natetemp ako palage so I decided to delete my account! yay~

  13. Haomaru says:

    Plutter na lang kaya! LOL

  14. Xavia says:

    -easier to update
    -more organized

    Hmmm, for me, Twitter is such a big help for me.
    A lot of professionals, super kind people… When I ask help for my homework, a lot of Twits help me! hahaha. Well, yes, maraming “old” people, but that doesn’t mean they are no fun. :P

    Plurk, not for me. Too perky. :\

  15. emenyueru says:

    @ Rei.G

    Very nice, saktong sakto ang explanation.

  16. addicted says:

    peer pressure dictates my choice. before i was into friendster. but when my friends discovered facebook (which we thought was better), we stopped checking our friendster account regularly.

    then we encountered plurk! =)

    our blogs vary depending on the person. you can easily link each other’s blog that’s why it’s not a problem.

  17. Plurk for the fun of it.
    Yes twitter is more integrated but it’s as spammed as friendster is, probably more.

  18. godgets says:

    i have both… but I’m too lazy to update

    hey no raffle now?

  19. bouie says:

    I use Plurk for my random rants. I use Twitter to log my learnings in (and about) my life.

  20. Patrick says:

    Plurker here! =)

    I never really used my Twitter account that much since I registered on it. Plurk on the other hand was fun, at first…

  21. I barely check both accounts but I think I’d choose twitter over plurk due to the interface.

  22. -anton- says:

    Plurk plurk plurk plurk!!!!!

  23. Yoe says:

    Used to plurk, switched to twitter..Lost interest in plurk after some time. Like what the others said, Plurk is fun..at first then eventually gets old (just like friendster and myspace).

  24. Eugene says:

    The single, vital thing that Plurk has that Twitter doesn’t is replies grouped under the original plurk. And that’s what makes Plurk better than Twitter. (Don’t care for karma and all the cute stuff.) When Plurk gets an API, it’ll be hard to beat.

  25. mas ok ang twitter saken..but im planning to have a plurk account din..hehe

    nakakatawa tong video na to for twitter http://snipr.com/fcaxo!hehe

  26. Plurk is dominated by Philippine users based on my account. I receive msgs in tagalog.. ayos!!

  27. The Saint says:

    ma try nga yung plurk.

  28. Romeo says:

    My answer goes to where good content is aggregated…Twitter. =]

  29. Miguel says:

    Here’s a great analysis of Plurk vs Twitter from Pinoy Web 2.0 maverick Luis Buenaventura.

    For me, it’s Twitter because the influential people are there – almost all abroad, right now, but the number of locals is slowly increasing. Plurk on the other hand seems like a chatroom and I don’t have much time for that.

  30. chester says:

    facebook! :D

  31. Adrian says:

    twitter is the best for me. :)

  32. kuya_law says:

    I never really got the hang of Twitter. I agree with the comments about Twitter being more about publishing, vs. Plurk being about conversations.

    And I still have to find the twitter interface that is as interesting as Plurk.

    Plurk has APIs already I think. That’s why there’s phplurk and autoplurk. Plus, yea, I get to update my twitter and Facebook in one go using plurk.

    Go Plurk!

  33. Ed says:

    facebook + twitter. i use twitter because all my friends in the states are on twitter. twitter is big in the US because almost everyone has an unlimited data plan which allows for easy minute to minute updating via blackberries, iphones, etc. i also use it to update my facebook status and so i get responses both ways. for me as a fil-am, its a way for me to avoid homesickness. and it is also kind of cool when every now and then, people like demi moore, shaq, baron davis, p diddy, talib kweli, layla kayleigh, and other celebs actually respond to my tweets haha

    btw – is there a good provider with an unlimited 3G data plan in metro manila for cells here in the PI.. i would like to get my blackberry off the prepaid sims and onto postpaid but only if the data is unlimited


  34. Erin says:

    Twitter for short updates, tumblr for medium-length, spur of the moment mini-blog posts.

    For commercial/company-centric socializing I use yammer.com.


  35. Server Error says:

    I use YehBA* http://www.yehba.com to update my plurk. Before twitter also have the add bot feature.

    Just add the plurk bot [email protected] to your YehBA* contact then you can update it on your mobile phone.

    I can also update my facebook, myspace, fs and more…

  36. cris says:

    i don’t use plurk or twitter. i don’t even have a friendster account. :)

  37. Server Error says:

    I will be posting all my updates this hollyweek via mobile IM yehba. Mamatay kayo sa ingit.

  38. ah I forgot to add
    you can use plurk to update your facebook AND twitter AND multiply accounts all at once.

  39. Server Error says:

    Sa lahat ng fans ko d2 i-yehba http://www.yehba.com ko lahat ng updates and photo upload sa facebook, myspace, plurk, twitter, jaiku, tumblr, imified, friendfeed, and many more.

    at sa lahat ng maniac magtino kayo. hollyweek remember behave!

  40. macobex says:

    My opinion is that, Twitter is perfect for business use, while Plurk is more suitable for casual social use.

  41. Gugol says:

    I consider them as two entirely different entities under the same category (micro-blogging).

    Twitter is more like a newsletter for stuff like announcements, updates and more. Interaction occurs only between the twit author and his audience.

    Plurk functions as a mini-forum, engaging discussions among your friends on any topic you could think of (and therefore interact with each other).

    Or you could also see them in this way:

    Twitter = formal
    Plurk = informal

  42. localhost says:


  43. Kuya Kevin says:

    I’m not a Filipino, but I use Twitter. I mainly use Twitter to help get traffic to my blog.

    Plurk sounds interesting, but I just don’t want more online “stuff” to be involved with.

    Here’s something I posted today about Twitter and blogging:


  44. DTA says:

    Both Twitter and Plurk — the former for American contacts and friends, and the latter for local friends. I use both to post little updates on what I’m working on, and besides, they’re both handy when I have something to say is too small to be posted on a blog.

  45. mudkip says:

    twitter – celebrities use twitter
    plurk – for nobody lol

    I use twitter..XD

  46. Hannah says:

    Hey I prefer/use Twitter, Facebook, AND Blogger! =D

  47. Hannah says:

    Also, I like MSN over YM, anytime. ^^,

  48. Frannie says:

    I have both, but I prefer Twitter.

  49. jared says:

    PLURK and replies owns twitter anyday
    friendster is dying, facebook will win
    wordpress > livejournal, blogspot/blogger, or any blog

  50. I recently use Twitter. I never even heard of plurk until I voted on the poll. As for blogging, I’d rather have a Blogger account than other ones mentioned. I used to have a Multiply accounts as well, but I recently deleted it. It is so tedious for me to log in to these many sites when they’re all under the same social networking idea. Currently, I only have a Twitter and a Google Sites account for my social networking needs.

  51. ScIoN says:

    I use plurk with close friends and our ‘plurks’ turns out to be just like ym conferences. It gives more chance for conversing as compared to twitter.

    Twitter’s members are more global, and best used for news feeds.

    Friendster is going down. It’s old and gets to be annoying.

  52. I have an account for each of them. But, I stick to Twitter. Yeah, Plurk has more benefits. Plurk is more interactive. However, we must remember that Plurk is (kumbaga) clone ng Twitter. Whoever made Plurk must have been inspired by Twitter.

    Tsaka, mas astig ang twitter kasi mismo mga celebrities sa hollywood. as in mga A-list celebrities prefer twitter. As a matter of fact, celebrities’ updates in twitter are one of the primary sources of talk shows/reporters/paparazzs.

    It’s really difficult to compare both. They’re not rivals. In fact, you can still update your twitter through Plurk. dba?

    it’s nice na may mga micro-blogging sites na ganito:)) let’s have it thought in a positive ways so that walang nagcclash. :))

  53. Joshua says:

    Seriously how large is the population of twitter users here in the Philippines?

  54. kevin says:

    my first time to hear plurk, really.

    i would rather prefer twitter than pluk cuz its neat. haha

  55. kevin says:

    honestly, my first time to hear plurk. haha. (no, really)

    And, i would rather prefer twitter than plurk cus it’s neat.

  56. Kath says:

    I prefer twitter..It’s easier to use for me ha
    I also have a plurk account but I rarely use it

  57. Five says:

    Hunihan.com Just discovered a new twitter/plurk for pinoys.

  58. Aj says:

    Plurk is lovingly fun because of the emoticons. Twitter is lovingly straightforward and simple.
    I have accounts on both, but since none of my friends have a plurk account, I decided to use my twitter account more.

    I’m still keeping my plurk account. I’ve started to meet new friends there.

    But like what I said, my friends are on twitter, so I might as well stay with it.

    Wherever they are, of course, that’s where I’m gonna be! That’s the sole purpose of it all. To communicate with friends.

  59. Aya says:

    I have both accounts but I’m most addicted to Twitter because I can send tweets thru SMS :D but still update my PLURK as possible as I can. I think Facebook is more popular now than Friendster. As for blogs, I have accounts in Multiply, LJ, WordPress and blogger.

  60. anna says:

    Plurk sucks!

  61. K says:

    No one PLurks! LOL

  62. STFU, People! Plurk is a lot better than twitter becaulse of the side-scrolling timeline, karma system and friends list.

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