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Globe Telecom clarifies P2P Issues

I have been getting inquiries from people asking about the peer to peer issues with their Globe DSL. Today, Globe Telecom has issued a formal explanation regarding the issue. See details below:

These are information that are being disseminated to all CSRs to be relayed to customers when they inquire about the alleged bandwidth capping.

What is Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

P2P is a file sharing mechanism that allows files to be swapped directly between users’ computers instead of having the file first stored on a server between them. An example of a P2P application is BitTorrent.

What is our official message to NTC and to subs who have complained?

There was a network activity last Friday, May 15, that affected P2P applications. This is being corrected today and your connection experience will be back to normal by tomorrow.


Is Globe implementing Bandwidth capping?

No, we are not implementing any capping at this time.

Will Globe implement bangdwidth capping in the future?

We will have to review our network set-up and take appropriate action, if we detect abusive usage that degrades the quality of the network and affect other subscribers’ experience.

Why will Globe do this?

This measure will only be taken if there is a clear need to protect all Globe subscribers from a few abusive users.

Note: It is estimated that 60% of the total bandwidth usage in the Philippines are used by P2P networks.

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50 Responses

  1. hm…what makes me wonder is how they deem what “abusive” use is.

  2. loadex says:

    what?.. 60% of bandwith is used by P2P.. then by all means globe should not put a cap to bandwith for P2P user.. eh baka kaya may subscriber lang ang dsl not only for Globe.. but also for other provider is because of P2P..

  3. so this is why my internet has been slow since friday.. not good

  4. cris says:

    Abusive usage? I say what the heck is that?

    Every customer who pays DSL from their hard earned money should have the freedom how they use it. They’re paying for it, simple as that.

    Instead of capping the user’s bandwith they should improve their network to accomodate P2P users.

  5. piratefan1979 says:

    i KNEW something was strange when i couldnt get more than a 20kb/s download speed. :-S i even called them up to ask what was wrong but they denied it… i wish i read this article before formatting.. :-(

  6. Jhay says:

    Globe should clarify what “abusive usage” means and they also should explain that portion of the service agreement that says they’re restricting P2p download speeds to 20% of a user’s subscription plan.

  7. jayson says:

    There was a network activity last Friday, May 15, that affected P2P applications = test run of bandwidth shaping. Result: angry subscribers, test run failed..

  8. Bandwidth capping will only bring misery and unsatisfied customers. And do take note that not only P2P sharing is illegal as new websites use torrent technology to stream videos online ;-)

  9. I think they’ve been doing this since I transferred to Globe. Everytime I DL’d something using a torrent client, I won’t have internet connection the next day.

    Also, their Globe Visib (Globe tattoo) service sucks! I’ve been using the 2k unli plan for 2 years now and this Feb, it started to be wonky! Until now, it’s not yet fixed. I’ve been calling and bugging them daily but, no use.

  10. Better file Globe Broadband Internet Service Complaints!

    yun lang..

    do you want to complain them then make an appeal yun lang…

    go to NTC too..

    Nahihiya ba kayo mag-komplain!!!

    kung makikitanyu yung post ko labs ko ang Globe DSL.

  11. paolo90 says:

    I think this so called “network activity” is their testing of a new shiny toy they bought for P2P shaping :P

    Shame, still, on Globe for even considering this. The fact that they can’t give a straight up “no” as an answer to the 4th question means that they are STILL looking at the viability of doing this.

    In addition to this, they have totally missed the point of P2P. P2P is a concept used by many file sharing applications. It is not in any way a “file sharing mechanism.” It is more than that.

  12. Go says:

    i pay for 512kbps subscription

    globe provides 512kbps or less

    so what the f**k does that mean globe? how do i become an abusive user if i download from P2P with my 512kbps subscription? huh? huh?

    what the heck Globe not capping at this freakin time?! if you have plans then say it now so i could move on with other dsl provider who provides better service anyway!

  13. Carl says:

    They should fix their DNS first!

  14. kristine says:

    booo! kung hindi nila kaya ang p2p lilipat na lang kami ng internet provider

  15. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    yay stop using Globe, theyre bad enough as it is with downtime and response times.

  16. vance says:

    sounds like the one they have in UK…. it says unlimited but then under the hood they will capped your bandwidth… Hay one day we all be paying the internet by meter.

  17. dapeke says:

    They shouldn’t say UNLIMITED Intenet Usage if they will limit the internet use. The problem is not about P2P users but their Bandwidth. They should allocated more bandwidth to accommodate every single customer and give them the speed that they are paying for. What’s the abuse for using the internet connection that your are paying for a certain speed and for unlimited usage?

  18. elmer says:

    oo nga.hindi abusive ang customers na nag-pp2p dahil ang binabayaran naman nating speed ay NEVER naaabot as promised ng mga advertisements nila. Sila nga ang abusive kung tutuusin dahil hindi nila tinutupad ang promise speed sa price na binabayaran natin. i think this is true to most ISPs, if not all.

  19. elmer says:


  20. zEr0-IcE says:

    Yuga, thanks for the update. I (like most internet whores) rely on people like you for updates regarding these rumors (and I almost believed them)!

    Although, it is possible they were “testing the waters”.

    I hope we get more updates regarding this.

    I never signed anything informing me about these limits and I don’t expect to experience such.

    Thanks again Yuga. More power!

  21. VaynardX says:

    I think they are already testing their p2p traffic shaping mechanism and seeing that it works within the past few days(let’s just say that its the “trial” period of their program), they decided to hide it muna since it works. Oh well, I hope we wont see the day na iimplement nila ang bandwidth capping.

  22. bouie says:

    It’s better to switch providers if Globe continues to put a cap on the bandwidth. And they should be sued for marketing their service as unlimited.

  23. Agrimensor says:

    Abusive simply means that they will pry into your internet activity, rape your privacy and deem you abusive.

    Digitel and Globe must have been sharing ideas.

  24. Agrimensor says:

    found this scanned copy of Globe contract. It’s going to be permanent

  25. Gwapito says:

    Woops. lol. The Yugatech readers who wanted clarifications of what “abusive” means are mostly into P2P.

    I myself does P2P, but i only have done it maybe less that 20 times in two years as a subscriber of Globe.

    I watch movies in theaters.

  26. Rome says:

    Yeah, Globe sucks! They shouldn’t have said that they offer “Unlimited Broadband” if they would cap on the bandwidth! (I’m using their Wireless Broadband 512kbps because their Wired Broadband 1mbps is not yet available in our area). And speaking of bandwidth, they are misleading people too!! And unfortunately I’m one of the victims of this scheme. They’re saying kbps, but hell, if you’ll check it twice, their “kbps” means “kilobits per second”. I really thought its “Kilobytes per second”. Kaya pala “kbps” at di “Kbps” ang nakalagay sa advertisement. (idamay na rin yung mbps, “megabits per second” pala yun!). At NTC, please naman, kailangan pa bang pukpukin bago kumilos! You might not get a lot of complaints but hindi yun dahilan para di kumilos! O baka naman may nabibigyan ng “lagay” diyan sa NTC at di magawan ng paraan.. huh?

  27. calvin says:

    Booo! i’m not a globe subscriber but this sucks. I say all these internet providers should stop showing false advertisements!

  28. rjca says:

    chill guys just change the port in which you run bittorent :)

  29. John Alvero says:

    Some filters are smart enough to detect certain kind of traffic regardless what port it runs on.

    To better understand bandwidth in the perspective of an ISP:

    1. if for example an ISP advertises 384kbps and has 100 subscribers, it’s upstream bandwidth is NOT 384kbps x 100. the common practice is to oversubscribe, otherwise, malulugi ISP business, lugi lugi negosyo. :)

    2. When an ISP advertises 384 kbps, they assume that you will never ever going to use that 384kbps 24/7. The rest of your bandwidth goes to other subscribers.

    3. Now this is where it gets complicated. With P2P, it is very easy to saturate your 384kbps. So your ISP’s assumption on number 2 is longer true.

    4. That is why. ISP’s such as Globe provides conditions for P2P.

    5. Some ISPs advertise speeds as “upto 384 kbps”

    6. When you are subscribing to DSL or cable connection, don’t assume that you are getting the advertised speed, as the only way to get the advertised speed is getting a leased line, FR, etc or other forms of connection where there is an strict SLA (service level agreement)

    But i do agree that whenever bandwidth is available, you can do whatever you want with it. Provided you don’t violate your ISP’s terms for subscribers. Otherwise, find another ISP.

    Just my two cents.

  30. frederick dela cruz says:

    may internet connection has been down for about a week now, now i know why… dl speed 10kbps… boring

  31. Richard says:

    my connection also sucks, eventhought its 1.5mbps, its too slow to pull up a webpage… Globe sucsk bigtime… dapat sa kanila binabatas eh..

  32. iRon says:

    abusive users? or maybe overbooking? check out my post below to fully understand the situation. ISPs always suffered with this and also the subscribers, lol…

    private ba or public ang IP address ng mga subscriber ni GlobeDSL?

    if it’s private then, it is probably p2p is causing the slow internet connection due to flooding the NAT table of the router since P2P uses too many network connections for every subscriber.

    “The best thing to LIVE your life is to have something to DIE for.” ~iRon

  33. iRon says:

    abusive users = p2p downloaders of hayden-katrina sex scandal. lol

  34. yuga says:

    @Agrimensor – I was told that the big bosses at Globe are looking into that fine print in the contract. Will post an update once they get back to me.

  35. jay says:

    i’m a globe dsl subscriber but i didn’t sign a contract.

  36. Agrimensor says:

    any update on the contract yuga?

  37. Peewee says:

    I’m a new globe internet subscriber here in Davao… and guess what… I haven’t had connection for 8 days now… their excuse is always about “network restoration”. Thank God I didn’t sign any contract. I won’t pay them my first bill if this continues for a few more days. But definitely I’m cutting it out… even if I have to pay the “free installation”.

  38. James Bong says:

    well, this is my own opinion. Abusive in the sense that you are using the dsl connection in downloading mp3,games or software from different P2P website, software and alike rapidshare, limewire(etc.) for profit.I guess that is what the globe mean for abusive internet usage. Well, I read one of the comments that says they are “paying for their hard earned money”, but how about the people spending lots and lots of money hiring the best programmers to create such program and all of a sudden disseminate using P2P? I am not trying to post this because I am not using even once a pirated software or played pirated mp3, just want to share the sense responsibility. PEACE!

  39. Lee Marion says:

    Is Globe implementing Bandwidth capping?

    No, we are not implementing any capping at this time.

    Globe – Big Big Liars

  40. icy road says:





  41. Leon says:

    i have to agree with james bong but in a different way… diba if you download movies and big files you also use up bandwidth? kasi unlimited time to surf, kahit kailan pwede, pero kahit ilan? network resources are limited… kung yung isp ay dapat tumupad sa promise nila na mabilis ang internet dapat tumupad din tayo sa legal ways of downloading and yung terms and conditions ng isp…

  42. Maryanne says:

    Globe has charged me P 2,400 plus last month for alleged internet usage on my cellphone, which I did not use. After appealing to them, they waived the charges. This month they charged me again, for this month’s alleged usage, but I still haven’t used the Internet on my cellphone. Now they are insisting that I pay. I can prove that I didn’t use the Internet on my cellphone, but they won’t listen. This is unfair! I’m not the only one who has been having this problem.

    My theory about the disappearing prepaid load: It’s being shaved off my alleged “Internet usage,” and since you’re on prepaid, there’s no bill to check.

  43. paulpoto says:


  44. smart bro agent says:

    this is a fact. para lang malaman nyo(mga taong wala paki sa capping at love na love ang isp sa pinas). if you want to prove this try nyo mg.apply bilang tech supprt agent sa smart. this is not the plug it only but also with people with the motorola antenna. you will know that many areas in luzon are experiencing slow connection. this is because the base station/tower in the area is very congested. like if a tower can support 100 subscribers, smart is accepting 500 subs under that tower. and do you know what they want us agent tell the customers? this “we are currently upgrading our systems….” or “cge po maam we will forward this to our techs in the field” pero walang mangyayari.

  45. paulpoto says:

    So, good bye world of warcraft? putang globe refund nyo ako sa Cataclysm ko! paano ako mg,patch ng WoW ko? P2P gamit ng WoW sa patching ang major patches are more than 1gig. mga bobo! mga KAWATAN! bat di nyo upgrade system nyo. if you don’t want abusive users then get a better system that will really give people 1Mbps. or baka nman di nyo talaga kaya mgbigay ng 1Mbps?

  46. wang says:

    no matter what new technology u introduce still all telco companies can’t offer a true high speed internet connection unless u ought to fix ur connection 3ft underground with the gate way server!and do u think i’ll believe u when u say u dont use bangdwidth capping?!oh come on,,,it’s just so easy to tell lies to the end users ryt?!but for people who know about ur deeds ur dead men!how can u possibly not use bangdwidth capping when the gate way is just giving u for exmple just 10mbps and u hav more than 20 end users in a specific location?!ur making money, more money out of the ignorance of ur end users!

  47. kaje says:

    have you experienced disappearing connections around 3-4 times a month when you download files using p2p? and Globe says it could be wiring problems? they’re lying. sinasadya nila na wala kayong connection for 3-4 days (waiting time for fixing) days para mabawi nila yong large data na na-download nyo.

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