LG KS360 Review

LG KS360 Review

LG makes some of the most practical, feature-specific phones in the market. We saw that with the LG KU250 and the LG KP500 targeting a single specific feature at an affordable price. The LG KS360 is an attempt to take full qwerty messaging to the masses.

Before we talk about the highlights of the phone, be reminded that the KS360 is somewhat an entry-level phone and thus do not have all the bells and whistles one would expect — there’s no WiFi, no 3G or GPS inside, just Bluetooth — so you can stop right here and move on to the next page if those are a must for you.

However, if you’re willing to reconsider this handset for the sake of the full qwerty keypad and the price tag, then you may continue reading this review.

lg ks360
The LG KS360 has a 2.4″ (240 x 320 pixels) with multi-directional keys along with the standard function keys (see photo above). Along with that, there’s an extra key to enable touchscreen-dialing (hand symbol on lower left side). This special key activates a virtual numeric keypad so you can dial numbers by tapping on the screen.

In that mode, only a numeric keypad is available so you can’t do SMS, just voice calls. The screen has haptic feedback and is very responsive (similar to the LG Cookie) and easy to use.

lg ks360

The qwerty keypad slides from under to the right so rotation to the landscape position is clockwise. Though it’s not a big deal, this means that the navigational keys are positioned with your left hand and not the right hand. My first impression when I discovered this was the handset was meant for lefties.

The keypad is well-spaced from each other and each individual keys are circular and raised (embossed) a bit so typing is easier — you don’t end up using your fingernails instead of your fingers (but that really depends on how big your fingers are).


The slider is snappy and fits right well into the keypad. There is no accelerometer in here but the  screen automatically re-orients into the landscape mode when the slider is out.

lg ks 360

As LG suggests this model works best with the mobile messenger eBuddy, I tried downloading it using the EDGE connection of the KS360. True enough, the qwerty keyboard made mobile messaging much easier (not just for the KS360 but most other qwerty phones as well).

lg ks360 phone

The phone has a built-in FM tuner and MP3 player. The audio quality is decent and loud enough but still in mono so it doesn’t have that umph. The speaker is found at the back just above the camera. The music player looks nice and loads/plays the songs in a jiffy.

The camera is 2 megapixels (1600×1200 pixels) and doesn’t have autofucos so I don’t it expect to capture any good photos.

The LG KS360 is labeled under the fashion category and like the LG Cookie, it’s targeted to a specific segment, probably teens who are crazy about text messaging and/or chatting. It’s obviously not for people like me who require connectivity features but it may attract those who are looking for very affordable qwerty phones.

With a price tag of Php8,900 and comes in the color pink, I would not second-guess it.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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102 Responses

  1. sky says:

    what’s with QWERTY/touch screen phones with NO WI-FI? come on. I’m willing to pay a few extra thousand bucks for wi-fi. though most probably aren’t…

  2. herbert says:

    Comes in pink? Bakit black ang nakikita ko?

  3. no wifi padin, sayang maganda sana sya :)

  4. The Wifi is really the big issue – even for me. But looking at the price, the features it has are pretty decent already.

  5. yuga says:

    @herbert – of course, I didn’t get the pink one for review. hehe

  6. Bea says:

    I like the small size and slide-out QWERTY keypad. It’s really affordable, too. But I think I shouldn’t get this because of its mediocre camera and lack of WiFi. I really wanted something under 20k, could you suggest something similar to this? :)

  7. rjca says:

    for those who want wi-fi and are on a budget I would suggest that you get the E63 since it’s cheap and has most of the bells and whistles, a little more gets you the 5800 which I have and I really wnjoy using it for web surfing :) so there hahaha the LG is more for teens/tweens and text addicts.

  8. chester says:

    SIr Yuga, can we avail of this unit in color Blue or Red in the Philippines?

  9. yuga says:

    @chester – I believe all colors are available locally.

  10. Kevin says:

    not bad for the price range.

    abe, do you know any other brands with the similar type of phones?

    and also with the price range of the lg ks360.

  11. yuga says:

    @kevin, haven’t seen anything close to this in its price range.

  12. reynaldo says:

    finally. hmm.. btw, yuga, the O,K,L, and M buttons can actually be used to be the navigational buttons.

    hmm.. i really find texting in my nokia 1600 and nokia 6600 a pain. though, i am not a text addict or someone close to that, i really am buying the comfort of having a qwerty phone. i myt as well buy this.

    anyway, i dunno about connecting thru edge. is that for free? how is that?

  13. yuga says:

    @reynaldo, yes, forgot to mention that it has the alternative keys (via Fn). And EDGE is wireless connectivity just under 3G. Not too fast but same rates as 3G.

  14. julie says:

    i read from reviews that this phone has a few seconds delay when youre doing an outside calls.. meaning, you will tend not to hear the ringback tone or a dial tone when you call someone..

    and also, they said this phone is not a multi tasking unit. users cannot text while listening to mp3..

    have you tried this phone already? please reply.. im planning to purchase this phone on saturday..


  15. reynaldo says:

    @yuga, thanks for acknowledging.

    ang hirao maghanap ng matatanungan tungkol sa phone na ito. Buti pa si Abe, lahat na ata ng phone dumadaan sa kamay niya.

    I really am interested in this phone. the feature it provides hits what im looking for.

    my concern now is re: multitasking and software support available(much like in Symbian where you can find multitude of people talking about it).

    and, does this phone run on ANDROID OS? or if doesn’t can we install it here? coz accdg to some internet aricloes, this phone was re-released with a new OS (android).

  16. yuga says:

    @julie, I tried making calls with it but have not encountered the lag you mentioned. That could be attributed to network signal strength which is independent of the phone. At that price point, I didn’t expect the processing unit can handle multi-tasking.

    @reynaldo, as I said to julie, no multitasking. And no Android OS in it too.

  17. Ochie says:

    Hello Sir Yuga! Thanks for sharing!

    I will definitely get this phone! Pang text lang, hihi! Other “important” features is not an issue for me since I’ve got other phones that has the features I’ve already want and need.

  18. Jek says:

    just want to know, does it have a document viewer?

    i’m thinking of buying this phone, and i’m hoping that i can create/edit documents with it. :)

  19. Josh says:

    Hey abe:P I plan on getting this phone! :P Well hesitating, since I’m a “text addict” and a soon to be teen (I’m only 12, hehe:P) I’m not really into those flashy wifi stuff, first of all: come on! i prefer surfing the internet using a computer! and music? havent u people heard of an ipod:P!!! heheheh, but my only concern is, is the browser good enough for facebook? heheh, i’m an avid facebooker!:P

  20. orange says:

    Are you familiar with the Nokia5300 XpressMusic.
    Is KS360’s features just the same with that?

  21. orange says:

    and also, how’s the camera’s performance?
    can I store music, videos and files in here?
    can I also connect it to ny laptop through USB?

  22. Ochie says:

    just bought mine the other day.

    ok sya ha. mukhang hindi ko pagsisisihan toh. yun lang, hindi mo macustomize yung themes. wallpaper lang kayang palitan.

    sounds – malakas sya. at may sariling volume ang message alert.

    memory card – i’m using a 4gb micro sdhc, no lags and hang ups so far..

    qwerty – medyo hirap pa ako sa mabilisang text, kasi hindi ako sanay sa layout ng buttons at symbols. nakakalito lang kung san ko hahanapin yung symbols, hehe.

    design – small and handy rin sya. magaan at kasya naman sa bulsa. not that thick na akala ng karamihan pag nakikita sa pic at internet.

    slide mechanism – tight at feeling hindi masisira agad (tignan ko pa ha, kakakuha ko lang kasi nito)

    camera – malinaw, no autofocus. sa low light naman, may mga kuha ako na satisfactory naman.

    video – satisfactory rin! ok na ok naman sya :)

    display – clear and vibrant colors

    wap is fast (i’m using suncellular)

    -no document viewer, hindi rin pwede mag-edit.
    -no delete button (you have to select options first then delete)
    -when minimizing the mp3 player, you still have to select options then minimize.

    hhmmm.. ano pa ba.. overall, so far on it’s 3rd day on me, i am 100% satisfied with it’s performance and design. since i’m not a heavy wlan user, hindi ko inasam ang wlan feature niya para manghinayang :)

    ask me na lang kung may iba pang tanong. hindi ko pa kasi nakakalikot ng husto eh.

  23. Josh says:

    I’m really curious
    When you SMS
    does it look like this??

  24. Josh says:

    How? :))
    I had this phone yesterday.
    I was trying for my SMS to look like that. But I dont know how.

  25. Josh says:

    How? I had this phone yesterday and I liked this phone because of that(Chat looking SMS). But I dont know how to make my SMS look like that. :(


  26. sweet says:

    Where can I buy this mobile? I want the pink one. The price point is just right for me.

  27. Josh says:

    I finally got the threaded view, but how come it doesn’t look like chatting.
    Every time I recieve a message I have to scroll up to read it. :( Is it really like that?
    Its not like
    Its more like

  28. hisgirL says:

    .where can i get this phone in quezon province?.just want to know since manila is kind of far from lucena city.:)thanks

  29. julie says:

    hi .. im back .. thanks yuga for the info.. my husband bought me a nokia e63 instead ofthis unit.. but i still want it..perhaps by end of august, ill get this unit for my smart sim.

    do you have information on how much this unit is if i buy from greenhills?

  30. qwertyman2099 says:

    ok naman tong phone. i have this for 2 days na.
    masaya naman siya gamitin. who cares about wi-fi
    kung meron ng netbook na kung saan masmalaki ang screen. ok siya pre. pang text text tawag lang pero.
    at least maporma naman.

  31. julyn says:

    just want to ask, what’s better, LG KS360 or LG KP500 Cookie?

    and can someone please show me comparisons between the two phones.

    tnx. :)

  32. Roisin says:

    @ Julie
    You can listen to music (not radio) while doing other things – go into options and choose minimise. Push the hang-up button to stop the music. (just thought i’d tell you that.) I have this phone – love it to bits.
    @ Orange
    The camera’s pretty good – no autofocus, flash or zoom though. The thing is, I only use it if I don’t have a proper camera with me anyway, which isn’t very often.

    You can store documents, music, videos and pictures – but I would highly recommend getting a microSD for this as the internal memory is only 14 megabytes so it hold about two songs if your lucky.

    You can connect it to your computer using the included USB cable. You can also use Bluetooth. Both these methods work fine with my Mac and PC – I much prefer Bluetooth though, as I don’t like using too many wires (I only have so many USB ports)

    I absolutely love this phone (especially the QWERTY keyboard as I’m on a free text anytime plan from boost). It goes (here in Australia) for about AU$200 which is good – I had money leftover! (I saved up about AU$250.

  33. ruby says:

    hi yuga! where can i buy this fone with the tag price that you published? im on a tight budget but i want this fone badly so im trying to look for places where i can it the cheapest… help pls

  34. ruby says:

    i jus had the fone and its not really user friendly. how can i make it like the threaded SMS thing? i don’t know how

  35. Anna says:

    hey yuga!
    Is the white and green LG KS 360 available here in the philippines?

  36. ruby says:

    i’m so loving this fone! i feel like blair waldorf of gossip girl! hahaha

  37. brianna says:

    hey everyone, please reply to this, i got a web slider and i bought a 2 gig a bite memory card and i put it in my phone, and it wont even let me send a song to my phone, so i went into memory status, and then external memory and pressed format and it said enter security code. i dont know what the code is. and it doesn’t say anything about a code for it in the instructiuon manual, so i rang dick smith and asked them, and he said it must be a fault with the memory card, does anyone know what the code is?

  38. GreenGem says:

    @brianna – try this 0000 or 00000

  39. Eduardo says:

    About the phones… how come not a single mobile phone manufacturer has integrated an AM component to any of its units? I think AM is more important than FM – Most news networks use AM – FM is mostly music, and with MP3 capabilities, having FM (as opposed to AM) is almost pointless.

  40. roshell says:

    where could i buy this phone? i like either the pink or red ones.. kasi naman sa ibang centers black lang ung color na available..

  41. sonya sonya says:

    im soo loving this phone. feel ko isa ako sa cast ng gossip girl everytime i receive an sms. winner talaga!

  42. eeyan says:

    I liked the phone when I first saw this…after a few weeks i lost interest…sa sbrang ganda ng mga features nya,ndi kaya ng system kya mbagal..this phone can multi-task kso sbrang bagal na nya, for example,playin’ mp3 at the background while ur textin’..ndi nhhabol ng system ung letters na tntype ko which is hindi nmn ako gnun kabilis mgtxt..ung slide ok nmn (from portrait to landscape) what i liked most about this phone is ung speakers,its loud enough for everyone to hear inside a big classroom,document viewer (.txt file format) you can save all your text messages and the phone will save it in .txt format so you can save and open it on your computer using notepad..ung world clock nya,sobrang interactive,picture editing ( you can do face warps =)).

    Honestly, im not a satisfied consumer of this phone..i dunno if other KS360 users also experiences this…3x ko na dinala sa service center ung phone ko and i just bought this phone last may 22 of this year…reasons?
    -auto reboot
    -static noise sa fm radio
    -screen display hangs
    -cant change bluetooth receive directory (meaning for example, you wanted to receive 8 mp3 songs from ur friend’s cellphone through bluetooth..ndi mo pde ibahin ung directory na i-save ung 8 mp3’s na un sa micro sd…remember,maliit lng ang phone memory ng KS360 so hassle sya sakin,u have to save 2-3 mp3’s first sa phone memory then transfer it to my micro sd then the rest..

    I just went to LG service center a while ago (Pasig)..they asked me to leave my phone there so they could actually see the problem and then they gave me a temporary service unit (phone).

    For KS360 users,if you have other problems with the phone,please do share. Thanks!

  43. Ryan says:

    hey yuga i have recently got the lg ks360 and i cant connect it to my laptop with the usb would it be because i dont have the driver??
    plz help how to fix this thankz

  44. Pusadoll says:

    I saw many colors of it in Sta.Lucia East

  45. Misericordia says:


    I have the same problem. I transfer files a lot un nga lang hindi kaya ng internal memory. Have you found a solution?

    Everything else is ok. Mejo laggy pero mas laggy pa rin ang nokia hehehe.

  46. Yuri says:

    Kuya Yuga, alam mo po ba kung nalalagya ng themes itong LG KS360?

  47. nika says:

    please help me, i still cannot find how to have the threaded SMS on my lg ks360.
    can someone show me steps by steps?
    thank you

  48. justine says:

    hi.. just want to ask,, pwd po b to sa uzzap??
    i mean, capable b to sa uzzap application?… thanks.. i’ll wait for ur reply.. thanks again^.^

  49. sam says:

    is there the orange function in the philippines?

  50. ela says:

    ito ba yung cp ni blair sa gossip girl season2? reply pls.

  51. luke says:

    hey can annyboy help i have this phone and cant find the threaded sms and have looked in settings but cant find it plz can some body tell me where it is step by step plz ty :)

  52. luke says:

    ok 4 annybody who dont know how to set to threaded view u go in texts then inbox options threaded view hope it helps :)

  53. meth says:

    3g or wifi d nmn mxado gngmit. =)

  54. belldandy17 says:

    sana pwede malagyan ng themes… sayang…

  55. Momet says:

    Hi guys,
    A ks360 user for about 3 months now…
    yes very much satisfied with it, pero still medyo meron pa cyang konting bugs

    it accepts games and handling naman ng games is ok, no hangs, no minor screen and stuff, yung nga lng some games needs a lot of buttons kaya well maninibago ka

    when you txt, tapos biglang may magttxt sayo if u accidentally press ok or space, magrereset ang phone heheh


    when you press the letter “k” very fast nag mimis spell ka na pupunta cya somwhere sa paragraph mo (remember the other function of the button is right)

    pero still ang bilis kong mgtxt dito i can reply in paragraph in seconds

    what does it do

    its a group of avatar people so when someone txtd you kaysa lalabas yung “you have message” yung avatar yung gagalaw and magiinform sayo

    do you have this?

    pls help

  56. Sana says:

    Hi friends,
    Yesterdy I bought this mobile in pink color .. it is really cool, WIFI is not there but it is ok .. I like the voice clearity .. it is good for teenagers not suitable for elders.

    so I will recomend to teenagers to with this :)

    Have a nice day!!

  57. KS360 owner says:

    i am selling mine.. two months owned.
    pm me

    w h o l e s o m e a n o n @yahoo.com

  58. sam cavalida says:

    where i can find themes for this phone? it says to the reviews that it has downloadable themes but why i cant find one! need help here.. asap! thnx! ;)

  59. mao says:

    Have you had your hands on HTC Viva by any chance? I’m interested in one. Hope you can do a review on it.

  60. Roel says:

    I do have this phone, and maganda xa… in fairness sa price nya na 9,000 eh sulit na. QWERTY na, may FM, mp3 player, microSD upro 4GB, browser, downloadable apps and games pa!!! I dont understand ds pipol na ayaw sa phone na ito dahil wala daw wifi, tange…syempre wala tong wifi ang mura kaya nito!!! kng gusto nyo ng wifi edi bumili kayo ng mas mahal na phone na may wifi (eto ung mga tao na walang internet connection sa bahay, nakiki wifi nlng sa mga cofeshop kahit tubig lang inoorder)…dami kaya mapag pipilian ngayon. Dapat ba talaga lahat may wifi?!!! heh!!! ang eepal nyo. Ds phone is mainly for style and texting or chatting. This is a decent phone. I love it.

  61. Stef says:

    I have a problem. When i receive a message, the mail icon doesn’t show and if i don’t hear the message tone i will not know that i have a new unread message. Please help

  62. Reuben says:

    guys .. bat walang internet tong cp na to ?

  63. Joji says:

    Hi guys! I’m planning to buy this phone coz my last phone was stolen while I was cosplaying. Anyway, how much is it worth now? Has the prize gone down or does the prize remain the same even after its release date? Regardless, I’m still buying it.

    Please, your replies are very much appreciated since I’ve been phoneless for a week now and life is hard. =_=

  64. lenny says:

    i am selling mine for 6K used for less than a month.. color blue.. a phone was given to me..

  65. jayne says:

    i have the lg ks360 and my phone crashed .. when it came back on there was a little red flag symbol on the screen .. ca anybody tell me what this is as i dont have an instruction booklet .. thanks

  66. Nigel says:


    I have the same problem as Stef (Sep 18th). When I get a new message I get no icon and also no sound. Even going into the inbox doesn’t show that I have a new message until I go to the specific thread and there it is.

    Any ideas?


  67. micah says:

    I’m planning to buy this but where can I buy,where I can choose different colors ..?

  68. allexa bev. says:

    . i lyk ds yuga guy . he makes an effort on answering all these questions ;] lets just hope he answers mine because im rili curious ;]mainly because im planning on purchasing ds phone; is it true? what josh mentioned regrding the sms threaded view..replies are appreciated :):D

    >>Josh replied on Jun 1st, 2009 at 4:32 pm (29)

    I finally got the threaded view, but how come it doesn’t look like chatting.
    Every time I recieve a message I have to scroll up to read it. Is it really like that?
    Its not like
    Its more like

  69. val says:

    yes, I do have that threaded sms problem. The

    Anybody who knows any settings to make it the chatting type sequence? Thanks.

  70. althea says:

    @josh,allexa bev.,val
    –ung sa threaded sms e ganan talaga.. ndi na pdng baguhin.. hehe.. so let’s just bear with it.. (n_n)

    –try sm manila (n_n)

    –nung binili mo yan, wala bang kasamang cd na installer ng lg pc suite? dapat meron yan..

    –uzzap? di ata e.. di pa kasi maactivate ang gprs nito sa smart ksi di pa avilable ang unit na to.. syang nga e..

    –nabigo rin ako ng konti nung nalaman kong di pde lagyan ng ibang themes..nakikita ko kasi s ibng reviews na pwede e..pro prng dun lng s mga fone na ‘orange’ manufactured lng ata..e sa ibng bnsa lng un..pro my napanood aq sa youtube na meron dung tinuturo kung pnu maglagay ng ibng theme,hndi ko lng maintindihan kng pno..nakakabobo e..haha..ang dmi png ek ek..so nagkakasya nlng ako s black and white na theme..haha..konsolasyon nlng ung mga cute font styles..(n_n) tuwang tuwa nga ko ksi nung ginamit ko ung black na theme e may nadiskubre aqng bgong font style,”joy” ang twag..so cute..ang kikay (n_n)

    –naku,nangyayare din skin yan sa “k” at “l”..haha..pro keri lng (n_n)

    –preho tyo..(n_n) i also have the white and pink fone! so cute db?

    –may internet tong fone n to..u just have to activate it first..anung network mo ba? smart,sun o globe? sa smart hndi pa to pwede e,ndi pa available ang unit n to for gprs and wap.. sa globe di ko pa nasusubukan.. sa sun e pwede ata..malas ko lng ksi dito sa lugar nmin e wla pa atang gprs tower ang sun..so di ko rin magamit..tsk tsk..di ko tuloy xa magamit for facebook..haha

    –have u tried turning ur fone off? kung nasubukan mo na at ganun pa rin e dalhin mo na sa pagawaan..(n_n)

    i have this fone for like two months now.. preho kmi ng kasintahan ko.. haha! cute dba? hehehe..
    so far e satisfied nmn aq despite all the little problems i have encountrd.. tingnan ko lng ksi itsura nya e natutuwa na tlga ko..hahaha..cute cute kasi..kahit madalas xang mapagkamalang gameboy o psp,and at times e calculator..hahahaha
    ok naman ksi to pra s presyo nya e..super afordable at so stylish pa..

  71. Inches says:

    i jus brought an LG ks360 but how do i put ebuddy on plese help me??

  72. michaela says:

    what colours do they come in??

  73. Rosh says:

    you have to use your browser. type in http://get.ebuddy.com then it’ll go straight to downloading the ebuddy to your phone. that’s what i did. btw, you’ll need about 20 pesos load so you can download and install it.

    i also have the avatar. it’s just like your screen saver. when you get a text diba nagfflash yung one of the characters dun, click either para mapuntahan mo yung character.

  74. i also have the avatar. it’s just like your screen saver. when you get a text diba nagfflash yung one of the characters dun, click either (*) para mapuntahan mo yung character.

    *click either the left or right arrow


  75. Momet says:

    Hi guys where did you get the avatar wallpaper? really interested

  76. jec says:

    ok naman tong phone na to trust me coz nhulog ko sya sa balde nung nsa cr ako wlang prob tinangal ko lang ang bat and tinapat sa electric fan TADA !!! ok na sya about naman sa sinasabi nyo na ORANGE sa UK lang yun and about sa themes wla sya bsta ok tong phone na to great for texting! buy and be satisfied!

  77. rosh says:

    @ Momet: Yung avatar, nkasave na tlg sya dun sa phone. Orange din kasi yung phone ko.

  78. HENNIE says:

    HELP ME!
    Every time I get a textmessage, i have threaded so you know, it comes !~!~! in the beggining of every messag like:


    and when i pick a photo, it shows but when i go to the mailbox and open the thread again, the photo is not there.

  79. Diane says:

    ok sana, the prob is nagrerestart xia kapag gagamitin ko ung music player XD and i just had this for only 8 days. but the rest – ok, cute siya. i got the pink one :)

  80. James says:

    well its a fine phone if your on a go

  81. kiko says:

    hello mr.yuga.lol

    >i have a request…can you pls review the LG-GW525 phone..pls.pls…im considering it an option cause soon i’ll be changing phones. i searched on to many sites…and i cant find a review thats complete…and also in youtube. its like..they are confused between gw520 calisto and gw525 calisto.

    >pls make a review about gw525.pls.tnx :D

  82. kc says:

    does this phone has a limited number of SMS you can store in your phone??

    sobrang OC kasi ako pgdating sa pgstore ng mga text messages. i currently have SEw960i, and planning to get this phone. but am not sure kung may unlimited ung SMS memory nito.. sa w960i kasi unlimited, tpos pwede pang i-organize yung txts to different folders.

    also, yung pc suite ba nito eh may backup messages functionality?? sobrang important kasi tlga sakin na nbback up ko pa rin kahit yung mga past messages ko..


  83. jel says:

    ..bakit yung akin naman, yung threaded view sa sms eh ok..as in :
    ..ask ko lang..wala bang way na pwede din magkaron ng orange menu yung mga ks360 na hindi UK manufactured?hehe.. parang ang cute kasi..gusto ko sana..hehe.. thanks..

  84. Steph says:

    i’m saving up for this phone…will it be worth it??.. how much is this (in philippines)?? i really want it kasi eh.. and i wanna know how much yung microSD???cause i wanna know kung magkano yung magagastos ko all in all..sensya maraming “i wanna know”…haha.. replies are very much appreciated…i really need help with this one..!THANK YOU!

  85. ayaaaa says:

    i bought my LG ks360 for only 6,600php.. i believe its much cheaper now. i heard it is only sold for 6k after 2 months of buying mine

  86. winwin says:

    planning to buy this one… based sa mga nabasa ko e ok nman ata ang phone and i really like the way it looks like… i’m planning to buy ung red or green… :))

  87. Danielle says:

    My sister have this cellphone and its new .. does it have WiFi .. ?

  88. Liiyah says:

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