Globe Telecom to bring back Free FB promo

Breaking news: Telecommunications giant Globe Telecom announces that it will offer again its Free Facebook promo starting next week.


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This new revelation comes into light after a huge announcement from PLDT and Smart Communications chair Manny V. Pangilinan earlier today. In their official social media channels, they announced that they are bringing back the promo to the country. The free FB promo works without any subscriptions to any of the network’s call or sms packages. All the user has to do is to log in via m.facebook.com using their mobile phones.

The last Free FB promo held by Globe started October last year and ended just this April 30, leaving many into disappointment. Facebook is the most used social network in the country.

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16 Responses

  1. Avatar for jjBoy jjBoy says:

    Last optin naming lahat ang Globe. Lokohan itong company na to. Ok lang sila within 1 week to 1 month, yes lang nang yes ang mga agent nila pag mag susubscribe at magpapainstal tayo. Pagtapos gagawa na sila ng scheme para ma-overcharge ka sasabihin nila na nasa small print ng contract. Kahit mali yung ginawa nila, pahihirapan ka kumuha ng refund or bill adjustment. So much so that susuko ka nalang at hindi ka na mag fo-folow through. The only reason kung bakit buhay pa itong company is because of the deep pocket of the Ayala group of companies, they don’t really care about the customers welfare. Sasakit lang ulo nyo believe it or not. Marami nang nabiktima. Even this free facebook is a joke, we need to be extra careful to follow their procedures or else we will be charged to access their free facebook “kuno”. Kung tunay ne free, bakit pahirapan pa? Ginagamit lang naman nila facebook para kunin info natin for marketing purpose.

  2. Avatar for adnes adnes says:


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  3. Avatar for Janine Sevilla Janine Sevilla says:

    Wow. Sagot nila sa Free Internet ng Smart, Free FB uli? :| Not even close. Haaay. Sana di nalang sila nag offer. Ang bagal na nga ng mobile internet nila bago pa yang offer na yan. :|

  4. Avatar for Janine Sevilla Janine Sevilla says:

    Wow. Sagot nila sa Free Internet ng Smart, Free FB uli? :| Not even close. Haaay. Sana di nalang sila nag offer. Ang bagal na nga ng mobile internet nila sa ngayon. Thanks Globe. :|

  5. Avatar for xxym xxym says:

    Ano hanggang Free FB lang? Isip isip naman..
    And by the way hindi naman Globe ang nauna sa free fb na yan eh. Check nyo na lang to: http://instagram.com/p/tZ7bDXRSJN/?modal=true


  6. Avatar for welsh welsh says:

    Let me get this straight.

    If I use FB it’s free, but if I click on an article in my FB that redirects me to another site (not knowing that the article will redirect to another site) then I pay…

    If this is true… Then this PROMO is like those PASA LOAD TEXT SCAM… Right???

  7. Avatar for Summer Summer says:

    Globe sucks lalo na sa postpaid plans. Smart offers a variety or “katipiran” like freedom plan na gamit na gamit for me. I barely scratched my consumables in Globe for several months now, that is why I am waiting for the right time to terminate it and use a prepaid version instead. Globe is good for prepaid only in my honest opinion.

  8. Avatar for Summer Summer says:

    Go mga hampaslupa! It’s time to shine.

  9. Avatar for Yousef Yousef says:

    No matter how hard this company tries, it will forever be the worst in the Philippines.

  10. Avatar for Bibbo Bibbo says:

    Mga bashers from smart or bayad ng smart. If they’re really disgruntled. The only problem is ganun din sa kabila if not worst

  11. Avatar for Subs Subs says:

    I bet some, if not all, of those bashers above are Smart-ies.

  12. Avatar for Kurt Kurt says:


  13. Avatar for Boom Boom says:

    Punyeta! kami na namang mga Globe postpaid subscribers ang mahihirapan magbrowse dahil sa sobrang bagal ng connection! Makasabay lang talaga sa uso Globe! Style niyo bulok! Bwisit!

  14. Avatar for Anna Anna says:

    Tapos ang magdudusa ay kaming mga postpaid subscribers na mabagal internet! Leche kayo globe, sira ang mobile experience ko simula ng tinangal niyo ang power surf at pinalitan sa #DATACAP GoSurf!

    • Avatar for archie archie says:

      I agree. Not a post paid subscriber but this free internet thing should stop. If you use a service, better pay for it. Ang dapat gawin ng telcos ay improve ang services nila at hindi gumawa ng mga mababaw na gimmick. I want to laugh at MVP when he said that this is for the development of people. How can you be productive if all you is facebook, twitter and instagram 24/7?

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