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Redfox CnL M1X speakers Quick Review


Speakers come in different sizes and shapes. There are big ones, small ones, square, circle, you name it. But these Bluetooth speakers offer something a little bit more unique: It takes on a headphones’ form factor and instead of having earcups, speakers with dedicated woofers are found. Is the Redfox CnL (Clear and Loud) M1X as clear and loud as it claims to be? We find out.


There’s no denying that the upper portion of the speaker has the same headband design like that of headphones. It has the extending/folding arm (again, just like the headphones) to easily hug a tablet that clasps to the crevice found on both sides. The entirety of the CnL’s body utilizes a plastic build with smooth matte coating the device. It slides all the way down to six speakers that are shelled strategically.

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Its 60-watt speakers for mids and highs are located at the bottom, facing down. It’s not as hard to spot as the device’s 4-piece speakers that are dedicated to give loud, solid thumps from an otherwise small body. It offers bass boost passive sound which uses its design to amplify the lows.


Seen Inside The Gap Is A Speaker That Delivers The Bass. Right Across It Is Another One With The Same Function. The Same Goes For The Other Side.

Feature-wise, it sports NFC and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity and a 3.55mm jack for cabled function. We played music through Bluetooth and pairing up was no hassle at all. Charging the speakers is done throught the microUSB port.


Redfox’s CnL can be used indifferent ways. We’ve already mentioned clipping it to a tablet (as big as 7 – 10 inches), but another way is to hang it over your neck like you would when not listening to your headphones. We did this while moving around and even while working on this review. We actually enjoyed the experience.

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Realme Philippines

After streaming our hand-picked tunes we noticed that bass levels are indeed powerful for its size although a downside was that it got slightly muddy on full volume. Its mids, or vocals, were warm and pleasant to the ear even at full blast. Highs were also reproduced very well, with guitar solos justified by impressive clarity. Listening to these separate elements as one whole sound, we give it our nod of approval as the solid bass is balanced out by the powerful mids and highs that are a joy to listen to. Clear and Loud? Most definitely.

Battery life isn’t a downer as well. It delivered a total of about 8 – 8.5 hours of playback before it needed to be plugged in. This is not so bad from its promised 10 hours of battery life.

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The Redfox CnL is a handy piece of speaker that easily tags along with you. When it comes to the sound quality we had little complains, but other things like build quality left us wanting more. Its plastic body suggests an entry-level look, which remains unchanged when you hold it up close. Its Bluetooth connection, although fast to pair, gets interrupted at the slightest blockage in line of sight. There should not be anything in between the source of music and the speakers which is unavoidable at times.

Redfox CnL M1X specs:
Output Power: 6 Watts
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20KHz
Built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
3.5mm audio jack
Price: Php5,500

What we liked about it:
*Fresh look
*Bass levels are powerful for its size
*Impressive mids and highs
*Functionality works well
*Good battery life

What we didn’t like:
*Entry-level look and feel
*Bluetooth signal is weak



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7 years ago

Thumbs up for me! Maganda yung design niya parang headphone pero speaker. Yung red color parang beats ang style. Bluetooth pairing no hassle, pero nawawala pag medyo malayo na yung device. Good sound quality, tapos malakas din yung bass niya. Battery life panalo, 8 hours tinatagal ng device bago siya i-charge.

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