Over 50,000 Spam Text goes thru Globe every day

Over 50,000 Spam Text goes thru Globe every day

A recent press release posted on Globe’s website indicated that over 2 million spam messages were blocked/filtered by the telco after they’ve implemented an automated filtering system in their network.

The report mentioned an average of 50,000 SMS scam and spam messages were being filtered by the system with a high of 117,000 in one day.

Globe has about 2.1 million postpaid subscribers and the filter has covered about 70% of the number. The new filtering system was implemented only in August of this year.


Spammers and scammer mostly target Globe postpaid subscribers as they mostly belong to the A, B and upper C class and more prone to bite offers of real estate, insurance, car loans, and health benefits sent out by spammers.

Globe has been aggressively running after big-time spammers like Caritas Health and have asked the help of NTC for legal actions against them.

Both Globe and Smart are also actively promoting ways and asking subscribers to report on spammers and scammers {see here}.


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9 Responses

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    If prepaid SIM cards are registered, problems like this would be easier to handle.

    • eric jay says:

      i wish that it will be implemented the soonest time possible. im a prepaid subscriber and in a typical week nakakatanggap ako mostly nang 3 texts o tawag na walang kakwentang kwenta.

    • benchmark says:

      What is funny about that eh maraming against kesyo humanbrights daw ek ek or their info might be use…pero kung makasali sa mga text contest, wagas ang pagbigay ng full info kulang na lang pati signature at full body 1×1 picture eh ipadala din.

      Well sana talagabma implement na yang User registration para malimitahan na yang tao na gumagamit ng phone ss maling paraan.

  2. gilbs72 says:

    That’s still P50,000 worth of texts sent in just one day. Revenue for Globe. Any “effort” they will exert to stop this may be just for show. NTC and DTI must step in.

    Among these spam, worst are the scams because they target Globe’s clients and impersonate the company. The frequently I receive these, seems it’s not a small time racket but BPO-type operations using computers.

    Couldn’t Globe just implement a validation step for pasa load? “You are about to transfer P300 to 0917xxxxxxx. Text Y to 222 to confirm.” This should help people know that they’re being scammed. Also a centralized Globe number which all people will know is legit (similar to fastfoods’ hotlines).

    • drew says:

      Actually they implemented this 2 months ago to their share a load platform. You can try that now if someone sends you a scam share a load message.

      FYI, pasaload service is from smart. For globe it’s share a load.

    • The scammers used Unli-Text so it’s not Php50,000 revenue. And their story says those 50,000/day are blocked before they reached the recipients.

  3. Glenn says:

    its better to have another prepaid sim card. once you recieve a spam like this, subscribe to unlimited text and flood the spammer with text.

    • eric jay says:

      kaso baka i block lang nila yan. report na lang sa network. yung sa akin tumatawag kung gusto ko daw mag loan, minsan binibigay ko sa pamangkin kung 4yo at sya yung kumakausap at kung wala naman sya i open a porn website sa laptop, turn the volume high, point the mouthpiece to the speaker, leave the room and let them hear the screaming and moaning. seemed beneficial since they gave may break from my work.lol

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