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Philippines at the bottom in Speed & Availability of 3G, 4G — OpenSignal

In the latest Global State of Networks report by OpenSignal, the Philippines continues to lag behind in terms of mobile internet speed and availability. The survey was conducted across 95 countries with South Korea having the fastest overall speed of 41.3 Mbps, while the slowest average we measured was 2.2 Mbps in Afghanistan. The Philippines ranked at #89 (of the 95 countries) at 3.13Mbps.

LTE may be the technology du jour, but 4G can only tell us so much about a country’s overall mobile networking progress. In our first Global State of Networks report, OpenSignal has examined the overall mobile data performance of the 95 different countries to see how they stack up. While 4G is a big factor especially in the most developed nations, 3G is still an important component of most countries’ mobile data infrastructure and Wifi has a major influence on the way the majority of the world uses smartphones.

OpenSignal also surveyed the availability of 3G and higher connections (3G, HSPA+, LTE) while users are online and found out that Filipino mobile internet users only get 3G or better connections only 68.63% of the time. Singapore has 94% and Korea, which topped the list, is at 98.5%.


Countries in the top right corner of the chart has the best performance in terms of speed and availability. The ones on the bottom left are the worst.

The survey was conducted from May 1 to July 23, 2016 with a user sample size of 822,556 and 12,356,994,498 data sample size.

Last February 2016, we also reported that Smart averages 7Mbps on LTE while Globe gets an average of 4Mbps as measured by OpenSignal.

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17 Responses

  1. Ronaldq says:

    You’re saying it like it’s breaking news. What else is new?

  2. Jinovilla says:

    Pero this is where the SMC telco deal comes in. With the 700mhz in the hands of the leading telcos in the country, they would be able to improve on both availability and speed of these networks.

  3. Kate P says:

    At kaya naman nakakainis na ume-epal ang PCC. Nasa kamay na ng mga telcos ang extra frequencies para mapaganda ang internet and mobile data dito pero sagabal lang sila e.

  4. gino que says:

    Imbis na pabayaan na lang nilang magamit na ng maayos, kelangan talaga mamulitika muna sila.

  5. Pat E. says:

    Hindi na siguro magtatagal ng ganito pa to, lalo na’t nasa mga telecom na yung dating frequencies ng San Miguel.

  6. FGarcia says:

    Wag lang umextra ang gobyerno lalo, baka naman masmabilis na gaganda ang internet natin.

  7. Ren says:

    What’s new… Pinoy services are good at being bad…

  8. khalil23 says:

    Ang daming mangmang sa forum nato..

    Kaya pinupulis ng PCC yung deal na yon ay dahil hindi ito dumaan sa tamang proseso, para din sa kapakanan ng mga mamamayan ang ginagawa nila.

    Ano bang malay nyo kung may lamang anomalya yon tayo rin naman maapektokhan. Knowing pldt and globe parehong gahaman yan. Kaya wag kayong nagmamarunong.

    • chief gato says:


      bakit mahina at mas mahal ang internet services natin?
      itanong niyo kay globe at pldt/smart, bulsa ang sasagot!

      ewan ko lang kung bakit hindi pa rin nahihiya yung mga malalaking isda ng mga telecoms sa pilipinas.
      kulelat tayo sa internet/airport/seaport services habang mataas tayo sa corruption sa gobyerno/bir/customs.

    • Jojo Boy says:

      e tongok din naman ang PCC e, pinublish naman na sa ibang articles kung ano ang sabi nila na “deemed approved” at yun naman DAW ang sinunod ng mga telco, so yung pagkakilatis nila actually labag din sa sarili nilang batas, yung mismong sila ang nagsabi, so kung ano man ang actual intention ng telco, medyo lokohan din naman ang andar ng PCC. kaya siguro sabi din ng Court of Appeals na go lang daw yung deal, hindi dahil sa tama yung mga telco pero dahil sa ang labo ng gusto ng PCC. halatang sumisipsip lang kay manong rody.

  9. WC says:

    Can those extra frequencies really improve our internet or will they use it to erect more barriers to competition.

    The previous government should have structured those SMC frequencies in such a way as to úse it’ or ‘lose it’, so that the government will get the extra revenues not SMC…

  10. Trapik says:

    I’m sure globe and smart are proud of this remarkable achievement!

  11. Jun says:

    I really really really hope another telco (foreign or not) enters the philppine market. The 2 big giants are enjoying their status right now, while the consumers are suffering. Mas marami pang advertisements nila kesa sa system upgrade! In other countries, consumers are protected by law so companies cannot abuse their power. And to everyone waiting for SMC telco deal, I think its just paconsuelo de bobo. ITS 2016!!!! They should’ve planned for the upgrade 5 years ago!!! Isa pa, giants will still control the market, which is bad. We need someone who will provide new and better service. We are the laughingstock of the world.

  12. nothing new says:

    kahit pa tumataas ang average speed natin, we will always be in TOP slowest/expensive in the world… basta negative nasa top talaga parati ang pinas. hhhaaayyyyyy!

  13. wtf says:

    bulok…backward…last of the heap….wala na bang pag-asa gumanda ang internet sa pinas?! sana lang maging available ang 5 gbps per month @ php 300/month….

  14. Zenix says:

    tama nga ung bnanggit na speed ng globe under 4G/LTE… i usually test my internet speed every 2am-3am which is the peak hours meaning less traffic so i should get the most speed… its only ranging from 4.0-4.5mbps

  1. February 21, 2017

    […] In an early access provided to us by OpenSignal, the latest report (February 2017) on global mobile internet speeds placed the Philippines at 3.33Mbps. This is higher than the 3.13Mbps reported by OpenSignal back in August 2016. […]

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