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PLDT myDSL Upgrades anew

This is probably the second time PLDT myDSL upgraded their bandwidth offerings this year. Just saw an ad at Manila Bulletin that their newly re-branded residential DSL packages are getting a bit of a boost.

Here are the new bandwidth speeds:

myDSL Xperience
Php 999/month
from 384Kbps to 512 Kbps


myDSL Xcite
Php 1,995/month
from 768 Kbps to 1.2Mbps

myDSL Xcel
Php 3,000/month
from 2Mbps to 3 Mbps

Must be real tough competition going on we don’t know about.

Heard that PLDT had a 7% drop in profits compared to last years. But just how much of their revenues are coming from them being a DSL provider?

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17 Responses

  1. Edwin says:

    PLDT dsl still suck though.

    My friend who have an internet cafe lost revenue because it took PLDT to repair his business dsl in 1 month.

    When I still have PLDT dsl, my bandwitdh suck, intermittent connection and worst of all NO INTERNET for 1 WEEK. Im a VOIP engineer with CCNA and CCNP certs. You can only just imagine how their customer service rep responded when I said look here dont tell me what to do in my end because I do Network Design. please fix the connection in your end. it went on and on for 1 week until I asked for a supervisor and told them that I recorded all my phone calls to their customer service and I dont want any pldt products to my house and if they attempt to charge me for that sucky dsl I might just sue them not the other way around.

    hay buhay kelan kaya magtitino ang PLDT

  2. JP Loh says:

    That is BS. I’m still getting

  3. jhay says:

    Must be a response to the upgrades made by Globelines Broadband with their most basic package speeding along at the 512kbps mark.

    I’m enjoying the new speeds and the satisfactory customer service. :)

  4. jayvee f says:

    im happy with my pldt dsl connection. its not the BESTEST but it sure is good.

  5. vance says:

    Well, its true! a tough competition between Globe and PLDT! Since Globe Upgraded their bandwidths to 512 for 5 pesos lesser than PLDT. I thing that globe broadband has an edge still on PLDT is its stability, Waived Installion Fee, and NO phoneline Required!

    Now Bayantel has been quite ever since this moves, sana they adopt the usual commercial prices, para may equality. ngayon feel ko lugi ang magpakabit ng Bayantel kasi 256 lng for 900 peso, just add 100 you get half more bandwidth, though for 900 pesos my burst soeed ka na to 512 Kbps from 10pm – 10 am..

  6. WTF says:

    putang ina nyo… palagi nlng me na DC. hoi ausin nyo trabaho nyo gago!!! GLOBELINES SUCKS!!!!

  7. Hoy! makano ba ang kailangan kong ilagay sa PLDT technician na si ALLAN URSAL para malagyan ako ng DSL sa bahay ko! bakit yung internet cafe na 10 houses lang ang laya sa bahay ko eh nagkaroon! na ang kinuhanan ng DSL malapit dito sa akin………………… sana mapaabot ko ito sa CEO or sa management ng PLDT ito! pag sa 171 lang wala na ito comment ko sa PLDT! PERA PERA ANG LABANAN SA PLDT! MAGKANO BA ANG LAGAYAN sa mga technician LALO NA KAY ALLAN URSAL NA NAKADISTINO DITO SA RODRIGUEZ,RIZAL ……. LALAGYAN KO NA RIN !
    e-mail: [email protected]
    cel # 0919-244-86-77

  8. TUBERO says:

    KALOKOHAN huwag kayo papa uto sa PLDT. 384kbps to 512kbps imposible!!! 999 plan for 384kbps pumapalo lng sa 148kbps wala pa sa kalahati ng binabayaran nyo. tapos sasabihin nila na mag uupgrades sila SUS! ang dapat sa kanila ninanakawan ng kable para malugi na ng tuluyan yang bwisit na PLDT. pati na ang SMART sister company lng yang dalawa… try nyo yung mga bago ngaun na broadband and wifi mas my kwenta kesa PLDT

  9. TUBERO says:


  10. Noname says:

    Saw a glossy flyer last week advertising PLDT DSL 999 at “up to 1mbps”.

    It’s really easy for PLDT to up the numbers when they don’t care about their existing client base, specially since subs are already tied to them for a year and subs most probably do not have a choice, Bayantel or Globe not being available in their areas.

  11. Goliath says:

    My connection has been running on super slow for 3 weeks now. Funny thing is it slows down around 8:00pm – I suppose when call center agents start working on their east coast accounts. Clearly a case of bandwidth throttling where Globe redirects precious bandwidth to higher demand, higher paying customers such as the call centers. Should be ok though, except they are using bandwidth previously allocated to a customer segment to serve another – most people would call this stealling!

    Well, these people obviously do not know the power of the consumer… so send your hate mails to the bosses of Innove…

    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

    Oh and did you know that Manny Pangilinan actually responds to each and every complain that he gets when he still owned PLDT? Never get that from the bosses above. To think that MVP is so up there… interesting.


  12. I agreed sa inyo.. I am a business woman from Bulacan..My internet cafe’s ako and we’re using
    pldt mydsl… 3 months na kaming ngtitiis sa pldt.. on and off ang internet… Alam namin my problema pro hanggang ngyon hind p nila ma resolve….nawala ng lahat ang customer namin dahil sa pldt internet service na yan.. Gusto naming magmura hindi namin magawa… Any one’s suggestion??? help nyo naman kami what to do…before kami ang number 1 internet cafe dito sa bulacan ngayon kulelat na wala ng ngrrenta…

    Can i report this to ntc? i know someone from there baka makatulong..

    I am giving them the ultimatum..

  13. wind1412 says:

    Simula po ng nag pldt mydsl kami, ang bagal mag respond… friendster at myspace lang, kailangan mo pang kulitin ng 10 clicks para lang mag respond.

    My dad talked to the costumer service, gagawan daw nila ng paraan, pero wala parin… Ako na tumawag, sana naman magawan ng paraan. Sayang bayad.

    I believe ok naman PLDT eh, kc suki ako ng mypad internet cafe. Mabilis naman dun.

  14. tuberofan says:

    oo nga!kalokohan lng yan!PLDT BOOO!!

    XET!DC ako every 5 mins!huhu T_T

    d nko nkakapagpalvl sa crazykart.argghh

  15. tuberofan says:

    grrrr…makakarma dn kau!>:(

  16. junjun says:

    this is my 1st try to pldt vibe prepaid super bagal pala…. OMG

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