PLDT's ID-DSL Service

PLDT’s ID-DSL Service

Got a special mail today from PLDT. It’s one of those pamphlets they’re sending out too all DSL subscribers – International Dialing for DSL Subsribers (or ID-DSL). This new service by PLDT allows you to call any landline or cellular phone abroad at low rates of 8 cents per minute.

If you are a PLDT myDSL subscriber, all you need is the VoicePad dialer software installed in your PC. Likewise, you may call abroad using your regular landline as long as you register by calling 10-10-10. The rates for that is $0.10 per minute if you are under Plan 2500 or higher and $0.15 if below that. Likewise, by using the VoicePad you are only charged $0.08 and $0.12 per minute respectively.


To use the VoicePad, you need to go and register at and your monthly phone bill is charged a flat rate of Php50 as service charge. When using a landline handset, all you need is to dial 101-99 + country code + area code + the number you are calling. You need to add the 101-99 prefix or else you are still charged the regular rate of $0.40 per minute.

These rates only apply to top 20 selected destinations which can be found at

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8 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    sounds like an ad :) Is the quality any good on these dsl lines, I use Vonage and its ok as long as im not doing anything but sometimes the other party cant hear me very well.

  2. yuga says:

    Yeah, definitely an ad. Haven’t tried it though. I used to have VoIP using a Cisco Phone via Greendot’s DSL (at 256Kbps) and the quality is good. Someitmes its even better than the regular IDD calls.

  3. lvl307 says:

    Has anyone tried skype?Skype to skype (pc to pc), the audio quality is wonderful. I tried buying credits so I can call landlines but would not accept transactions from the PHilippines.

  4. yuga says:

    have tried Skype to Skype calls and the quality is good. If you tried Gtalk to Gtalk calls too, you’d notice it’s even better esp. on broadband.

  5. bgerardo says:

    Hi Yuga,

    This offer of PLDT is little nice but I checked their rate and appears to be higher that the other providers (For Net to mobile/landline calls). I used Net2phone before and their rate is little nice, in addition the service quality is excellent.

    I signed up for a new plan in Skype, hoping to get excellent service but to no avail. The Skype to Skype is good but when I tried the Net to mobile/landline then the trouble will come-in (this happen for my ROK to Philippines call). The quality really sucks and sometimes you will be charged for failed calls. The most common problem that I experienced is the that the other party you are calling cannot hear the caller. Maybe their network is inferior. In addition, their support team could even explain to me the cause of such troubles.

    I also learned about the Voice service of yahoo (, I think this is new (beta) but I have not tried it yet. Just curious to know if someone had tried such new Net to phone service of Yahoo?


  6. MnM says:

    This ID-DSL service sucks!!! I subcribed to this feature in hopes that I could trim down my internation call bills but I was just disappointed. This feature does not work! Just gives me a busy signal or if not, a voice prompt that says the to try again later. It’s so frustrating! I am paying for a service that I can’t even use!!! SO I called 171 Cust Service to complain this matter, and a girl named ‘Nol Guere’ told me that since a lot of subcribers have availed this ID-DSL feature thus made the line busy then I will just have to keep on trying until I can get through. I get more frustrated! It just pissed me how PLDT offers services they can’t even handle & accomodate to begin with?!?! Anyhow, just letting people know that this ID-DSL service they offer is FRIGGIN USELSS!!!!

  7. Shar says:

    I have VOIP provider here in the Philippines that can save you a lot on international calls to USA and Canada. Gives around 1000 minutes for $29.95 per month plus DSL should be present. But of course initially you’ll probaby spend around $150 for the unit and connection charges. But it’s doing me really great. Email me if you want to know more about it at [email protected].

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