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Rate Chart of Mobile 3G Internet Providers

So we could better see which 3g internet provider is giving us the best deals, I made this simple chart to compare postpaid and prepaid mobile 3G plans of Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular.

The chart is short and simple — compare rates for prepaid mobile 3G surfing, postpaid plans as well as ongoing bundled promos.

3g internet

Both Smart and Sun Cellular are running bucket offers — Smart has the Php50 per 5 hours and Php100 per 12 hours promo, while Sun Cellular is offering their SWB at Php100 per 6 hours and Php300 per 24 hours. Globe doesn’t have this kind of bucket plans. However, the unlimited plan for SWB gives you 720 hours for only Php799 which gives you Php1.10 per hour.

For postpaid, both Globe and Smart offer 60 hours free internet for Php799 a month. However, Sun Cellular is offering unlimited internet for the same monthly rate.

That gives Sun Cellular the cheapest offering at Php1.1 per hour, followed by Smart at Php12.50 Php8.33 then Globe at Php13.30/hour.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

34 Responses

  1. Avatar for cjMT cjMT says:

    instead of using USB dongles, gumamit na lang kayo ng lumang 3G cellphone na may PC suit software, bluetooth at HSDPA speed of atleast 7.2 Mbps tapos use it as your modem via bluetooth. kuha kayo ng internet bundle sa smart ng PHP 50 (24hr unlimited). sa cellphone modem mahahanap nyo kung saan Good ang signal strength ng 3G.

  2. Avatar for DSL DSL says:

    Thanks for the information..I am from Alaska and looking for the providers as I need many connections for my office employees so wondering to know any idea related to providers over there which can provide best service and I don’t want my employees face any problem regarding it..

  3. Avatar for shaoranm shaoranm says:

    so far I was able to use Sun Broadband in Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Angeles, and Rizal (up to Binangonan). I didn’t have much issues with it; the only times I did was either when I was way up high (I have difficulty connecting at times from the 33rd and 39th floors) or when I was inside our house in Rizal (somehow 3G signal doesn’t pass our walls, but when I go out I get good signal).

  4. Avatar for difase20 difase20 says:

    Can someone post some info especially about coverage from the 3 providers… I am from Cebu…

  5. Avatar for m.elle.g m.elle.g says:

    im from pampanga & i do my internet at home… my ate has smart bro prepaid & i have globe tattoo prepaid… globe dissapoints me… i hope a globe employee will read this & me gawin sila kc marami na nagsasabi na ang bagal ng globe

  6. Avatar for nestle escovilla nestle escovilla says:

    @jim ayson

    Lelong ka ba?

    Sun Rate is the cheapest.

    Piso lang kada oras, ungas.

    That’s 800php/month or 800php/720hrs

    So 800/720 = 1.1

  7. Avatar for Pepper Pepper says:

    I tried using Globe tattoo but was sooo disappointed. My PLDT dsl at Plan 888 (PLDT’s lowest landline w/internet package launched) turned out to be faster. I’m located in Paranaque near SM Sucat but unfortunately Globe’s service is not good in here. Though I’ve been a loyal consumer of their prepaid mobile service, Globe tattoo really sucks big time.

    I’m thinking of trying SUN since I read and heard good service from them. Maybe get a trial promo or something if they offer one. I’m just having 2nd thoughts since I’ll be using it in Calamba, Laguna and Muntinlupa areas as well.

    Can you give me suggestions on what service provider to choose for these three areas (Paranaque, Laguna and Muntinlupa)?

    Thanks vm…

  8. Avatar for junjavier junjavier says:

    I would say smart is the best! i used it all the time

  9. Avatar for driftracer85 driftracer85 says:

    Just go for Smart Bro… I’ve tried both Globe Tattoo and Sun Prepaid. The maximum speed I can get with Globe is 900 kbps. For Sun, it’s 500 kbps. Smart Bro, I can get 1.8 mbps. This was tested in SM Megamall.

    For Smart Bro, the places that would be problematic would be Trinoma, Glorietta, and Robinson’s Pioneer. It’s hard to get even a GPRS signal in some areas of these malls. The key to using wireless broadband, is to have HSDPA signal – regardless of what network.

  10. Avatar for jen jen says:

    i’d give sun broadband 2 thumbs up!

    di nakakainip mag-internet, di gaya ng iba.

  11. Avatar for jim ayson jim ayson says:

    About the Smart prepaid promo rates –

    Computation is off. Smart’s P100 for 12 hours is 8.33 per hour.

    Plus this equates to P200 for 24 hours, which is lower than Sun’s P300 for 24 hours.

    Sun’s P300 per 24 hours = P12.50/hr.

    The bottom line is P100 is a lower cash out prepaid rate for the consumer which gives you the best deal.

    Recharge your calculator :)

  12. Avatar for TheWatcher TheWatcher says:

    Eastern Communications will be launching their wireless broadband Internet service. No need for additional plug-ins as long as you have a wifi ready laptop since it runs on a metrowide wireless network and not just 3G.

    They will call it Eastern iWay.

  13. Avatar for thecalls thecalls says:

    i am using sun broadband for more than a month. and the signal strength in our area is almost always 92-100%. the only time i experienced a downtime was when there was a storm or heavy rain. i’m just confused at that time when my sun broadband shows 0% signal but my phone still shows that there’s a 3g signal from sun? are they not suppose to be related?

  14. Avatar for Tech Blog Tech Blog says:

    I have Globe Visibiliy as it is provided by my company but I find myself not using the Globe as the connection is very slow, when I say slow it is slower than Smart Bro DSL connection which already suck so the money paying globe is not worth it, I also have Sun broadband which for my personal use so far the Sun Broadband is the cheapest as the Chart suggest and also probably the best customer service and speed, I just wonder how long it will last :) as for smart the service has gone downhill i still have dsl smart bro and have used 3g connection over my phone the speed adn the price suck.

  15. Avatar for drealmarlon drealmarlon says:

    Gud day to all,im currently using sun broadband and i say its good,i suggest to many that check the location first before yuo go into avail any product.Sun unlimited Php.799 boost me up 2.8 mbps at midnight and 1 mbps on daytime.Sun broadband also run great in cavite area but i dont know if the sun officer can approve yuo to have avail the product due yuor address location,they approve only on metro manila only.

  16. Avatar for ikogsakanding ikogsakanding says:

    wow ganda naman yan… anung speed yan? or depende lang yan sa unit mo?

  17. Avatar for Beau Beau says:

    Globe is the best that’s why its the most but depends on where you are at.

  18. Avatar for Chris Chris says:

    Nice info..thanks

  19. Avatar for jean jean says:

    To test the quality try this Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNDlpkxesug

  20. Avatar for driftracer85 driftracer85 says:

    I’d say Smart has the best package. I challenged the free trial of Sun and Sun cannot even do an HQ Stream without freezing. Smart can do HD with minimal freezing IF you are using HSDPA (3.5G).

    Try SM Megamall. You can get constant 180 kB/s or approx. 1.6 Mbps using BitTorrent. Use it in the Cyberzone area where the indoor cellsites are located. I’d say Smart’s indoor cellsites are more reliable for SmartBro than the outdoor cellsites – which they say are down.

    SMART — Please ensure you indoor cellsites are not under the ceiling.

  21. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    what about charge for reconnection
    i believe globe charges you every time you reconnect to the internet
    and smart doesnt?

  22. Avatar for virtualstefan13 virtualstefan13 says:

    I mean Bro not Pro… hehehe

  23. Avatar for virtualstefan13 virtualstefan13 says:

    Hi Yuga,

    So its for the Smart Buddy, not for the Smart Pro Prepaid.

    I’m thinking of Subscribing to the Data Plan via LG KU250(3g but no HSDPA) and insert it into my Smart Bro Prepaid USB HSDPA Modem so that I can achieve the maximum speed.

    Hope it will work…

    Thanks Again Yuga.

  24. Avatar for virtualstefan13 virtualstefan13 says:

    Thanks Yuga!

  25. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @stefan13 – here’s the link to the Surf All Day promo.

  26. Avatar for virtualstefan13 virtualstefan13 says:

    Hi Yuga,

    my previous comment was caught by akismet. Would just like to request more information on the Smart 12 hours for 100 php…

    or is there a previous blog entry about that?


  27. Avatar for virtualstefan13 virtualstefan13 says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Can I request more information on the Smart Promo (100 for 12 hours)…

    or is there a previous blog entry about that?


  28. Avatar for juntar juntar says:

    Based on my review of Globe and Smart 3G modems, performance would largely depend on your location. But most of the time, both are VERY UNSTABLE. The internet speed may go up as high as 2mbps but will go down to 0kbps. So, before you buy try which modem works better on your current location or where you usually connect to the internet.


  29. Avatar for JP Caparas JP Caparas says:

    Why are the two giants (Smart and Globe) overpricing their services? Is it because they already have a fan base? Or should I say a “DISSATISFIED customer” base?

    I always swear when I hear the word “Smart”. It’s sort of becoming a natural reflex. The only proven service Smart has is Smart Money, which is my preferred online payment intermediary. Beyond that, I don’t know what other good comes from them.

    Fact is, when it comes to ANY internet plan, Unlimited is the most preferred. Ask anyone – it’s not rocket science to notice that 60 f*cking hours of uptime won’t suffice to the loads of data we’re bound to download from the web.

  30. Avatar for Alvin Alvin says:

    Guys I think we should not only consider the rates involved. There are alot of factors contributing to the economics of 3G broadband internet in the Philippines. Personally, I agree with Yuga that SUN is offering the best deals in terms of 1.1pesos per hour but then again it all boils down to 3 major aspects of 3G connectivity.

    1. 3G/HSDPA availability – I seriously believe every carrier in the Philippines is capable of offering the full HSDPA speeds but it seems they are not really mobilizing their full potential as we could well read/observe in forums that only a limited area is blessed with HSDPA speeds for USB based 3G connection. also bandwidth capacity is important, the more bandwidth a specific port can handle, the more users can enjoy the 3G/HSDPA speeds without split-sharing speeds over a wide array of users in one area.

    2. Flexibility – Given that globe and smart telecoms promises fast/speedy downloads, many of us are still puzzled why we’re not getting our money’s worth. disconnection here and there, prepaid money is continually wasted and there’s nothing we could do about it. Independent manufactures should launch independent 3G USB dongles so people could actually try their products first before settling for a service/brand.

    3. Refunds – Lastly, i’m really hoping they would offer 7 day un-bonded subscription for postpaid. this gives the client options to test out their 3G service in their respective area, so whenever the client doesn’t feel their not getting the fully advantage of the service, they can unsubscribe themselves to the service and then get another telecom that would suit them best. that is, only my opinion.

  31. Avatar for rene rene says:

    the big question is can SUN deliver?

  32. Avatar for johnxarce johnxarce says:

    kuya abe sabi dati ng sun first quarter daw ng 2009 baka daw mag ka signal na buong luzon may balita kaba? taga bulacan kasi ko eh

  33. Avatar for Reel Advice Reel Advice says:

    Considering that Sun has the fastest speeds around the Metro (from what I read from forums, etc.), I think Sun is the total package when you are planning to get a mobile broadband

  34. Avatar for Blackdiamond Blackdiamond says:

    Based on your experienced Sir Yuga, which of these 3G providers will give you the best performance?

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