Red Mobile website officially launched

Red Mobile website officially launched

The new Red Mobile website has been launched and we finally have the details of the service.

Based on initial impressions, the Red Mobile service looks like it’s aimed to compete with Sun Cellular.

Some key offerings below:


  • Php0.50 per minute call rate between Red Mobile to Red Mobile SIM.
  • SIM card is sold at Php39 each. Each SIM is pre-loaded with Php10 or an equivalent of 20 minutes of RM-RM calls.
  • 3G browsing rates is P7.50 for every 15 mins or an equivalent Php30 per hour.
  • Php10 minimum load denomination.

Red Mobile SIM must be used with a 3G capable handset. Likewise, service is limited to areas where there are 3G signals. This is because CURE has an NTC license for a 3G band so they cannot operate outside of their frequency.

This will cover all cities in the country as well as major regions. It might not work if you’re in a far-away island or in mountainous regions. You will have to consult Red Mobile support for availability of their service.

Disclosure: Red Mobile is an advertiser on this blog and several other blogs I author.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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177 Responses

  1. Jan says:

    This is the old uMobile bought by Smart from Eastern Communications right? Hows the 3G signal in Pasig area?

  2. Paul says:

    am I the first to leave a comment here? anyway, why would they require 3G-capable handsets only? Hhhmmm.. Call me paranoid. But I guess mobile networks are starting to monitor and “listen” to our conversations as part of security measures not only by our local government but other international agencies as well. Hahaha.. I watch too much movies recently!

  3. edzhstar says:


    astig….50 lng

    If I have this sim,Id rather call than to text..
    kaso RM-RM lng

  4. cArLo says:

    Their 3g rate is a bit expensive.

    Globe’s rate is php5 for every 15 mins while Smart’s (RED’s parent company) rate is php10 for every 30 mins.

  5. Saw the ads in the Inquirer. Obviously they want to make a big splash.

  6. deric says:

    abe, how did u make you’re red mobile link a google ad? :-D

  7. jhay says:

    Still waiting for my Red Mobile SIM card to arrive. I wonder who else would use this service?

  8. yuga says:

    @deric – I’m using Google Ad Manager.

  9. Jay says:

    i never got my uMobile!

    stupid name kase and one thing.. who gives a damn on filling their inboxes with rubbish advertisements in exchange of a free load? no one.

  10. Gabriel says:

    hey, i will move to RM, :D hehehe

  11. Jan Alvin says:

    Excuse me po, Kuya Abe.

    Pwede po ba sa tos ni G ung link?? If pwede panu po gawin yun??

  12. edzhstar says:

    lol you must have a UMTS or a 3G phone to use the RM..why kaya sa 3G lng?

  13. yuga says:

    @Jan Alvin – it’s not an AdSense link and I don’t earn a cent from it so it’s okay.

    @edzhstar – it’s because the CURE license is only for 3G.

  14. Chester says:

    no 3g phone? no red mobile?

  15. mefenamic says:


    ang tanong, like smart ok din kaya signal nito??

    and like smart, ninanakaw ba ang load? haha

  16. Mika says:

    Hello poh! Anu-ano ba ang Prefix nos. (0910*******) ng RM, la lang just want to know, thanks!

  17. jeff says:

    Ok sana ung RED MOBILE kaso may problem
    1. no 3G Phone – Red Mobile cannot use..
    2. no 3g Signal – Red Mobile cannot use..
    Di sya gagana sa GSM NETWORK ng SMART, kundi sa 3G NETWORK lng SMART…


    LAHAT BA NA CELLSITE ng SMART ay 3G na ba, eh di tatalunin lang sila ng SUN CELLULAR…

    The truth is, they acquire CURE NETWORK just to get the 3G License ng RED MOBILE… At magamit ni Smart ung 3G License… For his Own Motive…

    TAMA PO BA ME… wala sila balak na palakasin ung RED MOBILE…

  18. gabi says:

    meron bang roaming service ang red mobile?

  19. rj says:

    may u-mobile sim ako.. pro di namn ako tinwagan about dun s pgdeliver ng bgong sim card… but i was informed about the SMART taking over U-Mobile.

  20. redlag says:

    masyadong mahal ang internet charge ng RED MOBILE…30/ ibang network 20/hr lng…

  21. yellowmobile says:

    enjoy pa rin ako sa SUN postpaid.
    mukhang hindi ito papatok kase UMTS/3G handsets lang ang pwede.

  22. ariel says:

    i’m definitely in will not give you the best services… i will stick with globe…

  23. Levi says:

    You guys are right, RM will not click on the market since its pre-requisite is a 3G capable phone. I believe only few guys are using 3G phones.
    Another disadvantage of RM is that it has limited signal since not all Smart cellsite are 3G capable. In the case of Bacolod City the SIM only works within the city proper. I would presume same in other areas.
    However, I hope Smart will improve its 3G network so we can appreciate the service of RM.

  24. Reggie says:

    i’m wondering if they will also have special video call rates for people who do use them

  25. Jan Alvin says:

    hmmm. I was just confused because its the first time a saw link like that.

  26. chard says:

    meron din ba to like e-lod/auto lod?

  27. Albert Legaspi says:

    We are a Daily Newspaper distributed FREE at all major stations of MRT, LRT 1 & 2 and at Superferry, Victory Liner Stations, and Philtranco Stations, we would like to be at your media partner, please contact us at 8873433 or 0927-7008958



  28. Starla says:

    SUN CELLULAR is still the best… Unlimited call and text…24 hours a day…seven days a week…

  29. alvin lopez says:

    mura ng sim mahal ng 3g phone…..

  30. GeLo says:

    nxt time u better add meaty infos.
    so many unanwered questions hanging.

  31. yuga says:

    @GeLo – did you bother to check the URL of Red Mobile I provided above? It points to the complete FAQ.

  32. ralph says:

    how can i reload my red mobile phone?
    is it through smart’s e-load?

  33. Jonathan says:

    Why only 3G capable handsets?

    Easy question.

    If all phones are allowed to use and connect to the Red Mobile network – that means a large volume of current Smart/Globe/SUN subscribers would switch into it. Leaving out the big telco’s isolated from the maps.

    There is a tendency or it may happen that everyone will have a Red Mobile sim – for primary or for backup use. If that happens for sure the whole Smart network gateways will clog similarly to what is happening with SUN in the past and present (No pun intended!).

    Who doesn’t want to have a cheap text and call charges? Anyone? 0.50php text, calls per minute is a strip steal.

    It is also clear that Smart doesn’t want to compete to itself? Do they?


  34. kamote says:

    wow.i read the link, my seimens phone is not 3g.although the teaser IS a tease..since it only costs 50 cents a minute. the load is unbelievable..i wud prefer smart than this, well its becoz of this:
    Load Value

    P10 1 day
    P20 2 days
    P30 3 days
    P50 5 days
    P100 10 days
    P200 30 days
    P300 60 days
    P500 60 days

    i mean with all the texting and calling..i dont think this load will not last THAT long.
    i want to use this sim and try it out but no 3g phone!sucks to be 2g!eniway the 3 networks got it good. there may be some pros and cons but this red mobile sure has a lot of holes to fill in in order to be up there with the 3 major networks!

  35. ferdinandjr says:

    can anyone tell me where i can get red mobile sim card??? pls… 09293842692….

  36. TROY says:

    WALANG KWENTA ANG PROMO NA TO di siya usefull para lang sa mga social to yong maka afford ng 3gphone. makikitid talaga ang utak ng nagtayo ng red mobile. ugok. di sila makamasa

  37. TROY says:

    isa pa mahal parin ang call to other networks it cost 6.50 samatalang sa smart or globe 6.00 flat lang. at isa pa ang web browsing nila mahal din sa kabila 20 pesos per housr kasi 10 pesos lang ang 30mins browsing,. so anu kaya ang sabi nilang kakaiba nun? ugok talaga sila ,……

  38. Marlon says:

    yeh… ryt. Maganda sana cia kung di na kelangan ng 3G. Papano ang mga mararalitang Pilipino na katulad namin, we cant afford to buy mobile phone na capable sa 3G. Anyway, good luck nalang po sa inyo. Sana ma improve nyo pa yahn na maging ang mararalitang Pilipino ay makaka gamit. And don,t forget the services. I suggest na ang services ay maganda. More Similar sa Globe :-) and kasing mura ng sa Sun Cel. Para patok talaga sa MASA:-)

  39. ChenZhen says:

    Ano bayan? Excited pa naman sana ako na bumili ng sim nayan. Pati nga gf ko sinabihan ko na bibili kami next week..kaso, di naman pala kami makakagamit. GPRS signal lang ang meron kami.. USELESS sa 3/4 of the mobile filipio users.

  40. mckhe says:

    sa pa mahal parin ang call to other networks it cost 6.50 samatalang sa smart or globe 6.00 flat lang. at isa pa ang web browsing nila mahal din sa kabila 20 pesos per housr kasi 10 pesos lang ang 30mins browsing,. so anu kaya ang sabi nilang kakaiba nun? ugok talaga sila ,……

    Marlon, sinabi bah ng RM na mag switch kah? e-base mo into calls…gonggong….kutid ng utak mo…

  41. job sauler says:

    SUN ceLLuLar is the leading phone company inside/outside of the phiLippines…

    Even the smarT,gLobe,or any company cannoT defeaT the amazing styLe and service of sUn,,,

    even though some pLaces is out of signaL they are trying to enhance and to improve their signaLs and services……..

    24/7 is the besT/ the suN….
    not just like smart and gLobe… they are serving not to give gooD service and good com.. but they are existing to EARN a LOT of MONEY
    for them to be more popuLar and rich..,,,

    so the the titLe cannot be eraseD..SUN is the besT

  42. jayb says:

    hnd nman cgu ipapalabas sa tv if hnd ok ang RM dba

  43. makki says:

    yucK reD mobiLe…

    its stinks..liKe a bLooD in a bottLe that can’T pour out…kadiri

    throw that sIm when you have iT..

    magkaka GaLis kau dyan…

  44. jayb says:

    pero bat walang alam ang mga nag t2nda ng sim

  45. rene says:

    what about 3G signals in Iloilo and Cagayan de Oro???

  46. SimplengMamamayan says:

    this is what they call “innovation”

    wag kayo magalit kung wala kayong pambili ng 3g handsets, di nila kasalanan yun no.

    Kung texter kayo, di tlga yan papatok sa inyo, kung caller naman kayo at mtyaga kayo makinig sa “network is busy now” ng sun, edi mag sun kayo.

    Ang kaso di lahat ng lugar maganda ang signal ng sun, siguro para sa inyo okay, kasi di nyo ramdam yung hirap. 3G is much much wider, kung may lugar man na walang signal, mga sobrang liblib nalang yun.

    Wag nyo sila sisihin kung yung may 3g lang ang pwede, “SeRvIcE” po yan, kung applicable ka, edi take advantage, kung hindi wag mo ipasa sa provider ang hinanakit mo wahahaha..

    by the way, 3g is parang yung mga landline na wireless, ganong quality ang makukuha nyo.

    ako mismo walang 3g handset, pero makakabili din ako, dami daming murang fone ang may 3g, the key is mag ipon hindi mag reklamo dahil di makabili whahahaha..

    Smart – scammer, nangangain ***
    Sun – network is busy **
    Globe – astig, kaso promos are limited *****
    RedMobile – hmmm pang 3g lang.. tignan natin. ???

  47. ronier says:

    i used to be one of those who build the CURE network previously known as umobile. since many is asking why 3G only?
    my answer is we made it possible for the sim cards before to be backward compatible with 2g network in 2g phone but well of course it can not avail or support 3G services but will still work on basic services like sms and calls, maybe or just maybe smart has marketing strategy to push on subs to use 3g.

  48. Aimed at rich people? says:

    Reading the previous comments really had be laughing. There’s this stupid guy who swore at Red Mobile just because he can’t afford a 3G phone. So what if this network is aimed for the rich who want to spend less on calls so they can buy more jewelry, watches, clothes, etc? Taking out your bitterness over being poor on this new network? Haha! I find it great that a new cheapo network is available, while screening out jologs people that continuously clog the networks… like a lot of lovers do at night with Sun. If this mobile network would be able to all types of phones, then it would be another Sun altogether. Let’s sing with me now: “the network is busy now” la la la

  49. inlabsiloka says:

    just got my RM Sim today.

    try ko lang kung ok. puro negative comments ang nababasa ko eh. baka naman may magandang side ang RM. for sure naman, may nakita silang magandang feature before nilang i-launch toh.

  50. lalola says:

    ewan lang nantin ku dontng maganda ang RM ,. wala pa kcng available sa market eh,., but i dont know yet about it..

  51. cguro parang sun nga xa.. pero auz din xa,, ehe

  52. GLOBE pa din aKO!!!! walang kwenta ang smart.. BWICIT

  53. together says:

    hai nako. smart nalang… tapat lang namin ung tower eh,, ahahhahahha

  54. ehmjay says:

    hhahaha..buti parin yun walang cellphone..
    tipid pah… no worries,no pain..
    mga networks lang yun yayaman!!!
    eh kayu?? ubos pera sa kakaload..
    sali na kayu sa akin..

    walang cellphone…wahahaha

  55. myx says:

    red mobile?!
    wats wid this, is it a sim card?!
    how can we use dis? is it under smart or globe?
    can red mobile be use in Catanduanes?!
    tnx.. need a reply..if ever pls send to my email

    more power!

  56. Natzpi says:

    Red Mobile . . .
    Hmmn.. excited pa naman ako bumili ni2, pro
    bat parang ang dami na kagad negative responses..
    Sa mga nabasa ko, my idadagdag ako ;p…
    My mga friends kac ako na gustong bumili ng RM para daw makamura sila, eh kaso hindi naman pla sila focus dun sa text or call kundi dun sa 3G. Mukhang nagbackout na kagaad cla sa pagbili ng sim kac mas mahal daw ang charge ng RM sa 3G. Expected kac nla n mas mura din ang charge s 3G..
    Sa tingin ko d2, ung original Peso charge na dapat sa text and calls ay hinati nyo lang at inilipat or idinagdag nyo sa charge ng 3G . . .
    Sa tingin ko lang ah, pro kung ganun nga so parang same parin ang pahirap ng mahal na charge sa cellphone load….
    My plan ba kau magrollback sa charge ng 3G??? hehe, ask ko lang kac kung same charge sa 3G or mas mura kaysa ibang network eh panalo na!!!

  57. CAIRO says:

    dis sounds kul!!!

    gonna try dis!!!

  58. rei says:

    I like this, kung di makakagamit ang mga poor atleast congestions wouldn’t be much of a problem. I’m not being mean or anything pero ganyan talaga ang buhay, nakaka-angat ka kung makaka-angat ka tlaga. :D Besides, not all pinoys are tech-savies d nga nila alam ang specifications ng cells nila eh, d lang nila alam that some of their cells are actually 3g/UMTS capable hahaha! Sana wag nila malaman para d sila gumamit nito!

  59. para sa akin naman hindi lahat ng gusto natin ay makukuha natin. napakahirap kaya gawin lahat ng gusto nyo. Look, the reason kung bakit nagloloko ang connection ng sun dahil sa focus nila. mas pinaguukulan nila ng pansin ang call and text kaysa sa connection, actually wala ngang time rate ang sun eh, kasi di nila pinapansin ang ganuon . ang smart naman pinaguukulan ng pansin ang kanilang unlimited services such as text but you can see na lagi silang nakakakain ng load yun naman ay dahil di din nila pinapansin yun probably iyon din ang pag asa nila lalo’t may mga hacker na nakakapagbrowse kahit na 2 php lang. so dun man lang ay makabawi na sila, maging ang globe marami ding deffiency, kaya wag nalang natin sisihin ang network dahil baka kaya lang nila ginawang ganyan para ma maintain nila ang services na talagang focus nila

  60. azile says:

    ngayon ko lang n.receive ang redmobile sim ko.

    but i still like the umobile thingy..
    cool ng mga prefix nos. nila 0999 sa umobile and 0938 sa red, im not

    anyways,late sila ngdeliver ng sim.
    at pwd na plang mabili ang red mobile sims kahit saan..

  61. ice says:

    mahal ng tawag sa international

    call to romania actually cost me 20pesos per minute

    mura pa sa sun cellular

  62. aeron says:

    san ba pde makabili ng red mobile sim

  63. giovanni says:

    got mine this day.. di ko pa na insert remembrance nalang pala umobile sim ko.. hahaha

  64. emon says:


  65. skylark says:

    got my red mobile sim na… so far convenient naman cya… as long as your within a 3G area (citywide) ok yung video call feature…. yung customer service hotline not working pa… Sim cards are available sa lahat ng Malls nationwide.

  66. NetGirl says:

    ang daming comments dito, pero wala pang nagbibigay ng totoong feedback sa service (except si skylark). lalo na yung iba, negative na kaagad. sana people who’ve used it can give comments, para naman makatulong sa ibang nag-iisip gumamit ng red mobile.

  67. bert says:

    la wenta ang red mobile…!!!

    only those people who have 3G fones are qualified for
    their service… how about ung mga lower handsets ang gamet db??? c’mon… ang panget ng service nyo…. tatalunin lang keo ng SUN CELLULar….! SuCH a bOrN LOsER!!!!

  68. Yana :) says:

    Wait, walang unli text yung red mobile? :))

  69. jojo says:

    ganun talga ang buhay. kaya nga innovations eh may mga bagong technology na ini introduce satin. nasa satin lang kung susunod tyo. ang importante we dont judge right away the RM kasi sa totoo lang d pa naman talga full blast ang implementation eh. kaya w8 nalgn tyo bago mag react ng sang ka tutak na mga negative taughts cause we dont know yet. peace!

  70. han says:

    how about my celfone that doesn’t have a 3G feature?

  71. sunsmartgloberedmobile says:

    isang panlilinlang na naman yan sa mga subscriber ng communications company…. ang SMART, GLOBE at SUN ay mga TUSO rin katulad ng SHELL, PETRON at CALTEX na walang inisip kundi gatasan at lokohin ang mga consumers… mga GANID sa TUBO! maKarma sana kayong lahat na mga SWAPANG sa kita at nilulubog nio lang ang mga MAMAMAYANG PILIPINO! Ibagsak ang mga KAPITALISTANG MAPAGSAMANTALA.


  72. gheoker says:

    ANG GULO NIYO!!! kya nga mura call niya kc VOIP technology ggmitin kya hindi tlga pwede ang 2G(GPRS and lower) handsets. mas OK nga un kung mga nk-3g lng pwedeng gumamit, pra mas cgurado ang cgnal quality services nila. i just wish someday that all networks would agree 2 have lower cost on calls and text pra khit ala nang unli promos, sulit prin. buti sna kung lahat ng cp users gingmit nila s tama ang mga promos. minsan scams at mga iba s klaswaan.

    bhala n kau kung anong network niyo, bsta gmitin niyo n lng s tma ang loads niyo…

  73. aljid says:

    akala ko pa naman pang-masa.. hndi pala… t n t na lang ako… paano kaya mag-reload?

  74. Pia says:

    “This is because CURE has an NTC license for a 3G band so they cannot operate outside of their frequency.” — For those peeps who keep asking why full utilization of the RM service will be realized only with 3G handsets, here’s your answer.

    I’m thinking of switching to RM. Reason’s stated in my blog, but I’m still researching about it– to see if it’s worth the shift from Globe to Red.

  75. Pia says:

    Reading the previous comments really had be laughing. There’s this stupid guy who swore at Red Mobile just because he can’t afford a 3G phone. So what if this network is aimed for the rich who want to spend less on calls so they can buy more jewelry, watches, clothes, etc? Taking out your bitterness over being poor on this new network? Haha! I find it great that a new cheapo network is available, while screening out jologs people that continuously clog the networks… like a lot of lovers do at night with Sun. If this mobile network would be able to all types of phones, then it would be another Sun altogether. Let’s sing with me now: “the network is busy now” la la la — Very well said, Aimed At Rich People??. :) I agree. LOL

  76. dexter says:

    buti na lang 3g ang phone ko. kayong mga non-3g phone owners, bakit galit kayo? kung lilipat kaming mga 3g dito sa red, eh di mababawasan ang congestion nyo! saka itapon nyo na ang mga 3210 nyo!!

  77. dexteer says:

    buti na lang 3g ang phone ko. kayong mga non-3g phone owners, bakit galit kayo? kung lilipat kaming mga 3g dito sa red, eh di mababawasan ang congestion nyo! saka itapon nyo na ang mga 3210 nyo!!

  78. tristan says:

    panget ang red mobile…indi sure ang signal plus may bayad ang lod!!hehehehe

  79. kasmot says:

    pangit red mobile, tulad ng smart.parehas cheap,ang baduy.globe pa din ako.connected 24ever

  80. Goodhope says:

    born loser

    i thought it’s a new breed of telco offering competitive and lower charges but i find it a scam (because of 3g)trying to beat suncellar. Sun still has the student market and for those who prefers having a secondary line like most of us thats why I dont see the point getting a new sim like RED. People will definitely look for a new, cheap way of communication and not an additional burden. We already have tnt, tm and sun, wireless landlines and the likes.
    What we need now is a new player who will offer premium services like globe that will offer much lower rates.(nevermind smart).

  81. Gai says:

    Know what? I ain’t satisfied with your service!
    I’ve been using your SIM for two weeks already and it gave me nothing but FRUSTRATIONS! And guess what? Whenever I’m in an enclosed area, say in my room, I would lose the signal and it’s really frustrating! I would wait for minutes or even hours to have the signal back! Or I would try and turn off my phone. I can’t say that my room’s that enclosed because I had the windows widely opened! Do somethin’ ’bout it will ya? ‘Cause it really s**ks and it’s getting into my nerves! You have a nice marketing strategy but you’re still fitting yourself in the market so perform well. No busy lines?? Uhuh?.. I think it’s the other way around. Every time I would make a call, seems like I’m waiting in a queue BUT instead of hearing the ring-ring sound.. It’s BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! So ironic!

  82. whoman says:

    RM to RM lang ba ung .50 rate ng call??.. o applicable din sa ibang network?..

  83. whoman says:

    sa mga gus2tong mg RM eh mg RH n lang kayo!! malakas ang tama.. ito ang tama.. RED HORSE extra strong !!

  84. everlasting says:

    is Smart tryin’ beat suncell thats why they acquire Umobile?

  85. mark says:

    hmm.. am i the only one experiencing drop calls in RM? hmm.. fishy fishy..

  86. dandy says:

    magbasa nga muna dyan yung di nakakaintindi, wala kinalaman ang smart kung bakit 3G ang RM, kasi nung magumpisa d2 sa pinas yan ay pagaari pa ng CURE at 3G lang kinuhang license sa NTC…

  87. ms. col says:

    ask ko lng po,. if my plan bng mgtayo ng new cell site ang red mobile sa place nmin,. i’m from coloong 1, valenzuela city,.and ask q lng din san my nearest wireless center here pra mkapaginquire n dn po kung pano maging retailer or reload center,. tnx,. more power!

  88. ms. col says:

    my mga friends n dn kc aq n subscriber ng RM,. kea ask q lng,. hehe,. tnx,.

  89. mike says:

    mas maganda yung umobile…umli calls ako dun eh..walang kaltas sa load haha..kahit sa ibang bansa…sayang wala na….

  90. mike says:

    dapat nilabas nila ang red mobile sa year 2500, para sure lahat siguro naka 3g phone na…mga ungas amp….

  91. Meski says:

    Ang 3G ng smart at globe intended for surfing. Ang 3G ng RM is intended for text and calling. Surfing and Calling have lots of differences and purpose kya seems there is no reason to compare RM with other network. Yeehah! Smart akoh…

  92. danny says:

    i’ve been using red mobile for almost a week now. i don’t see or read anyone giving their review about the said network, so allow me to do it.

    me (alabang) and my gf (malinta) have been using this network and are quite satisfied with it. but like all other networks, it does have its pros and cons.

    – once activated (3G setting), it really is P0.50 per text/call/video call
    – i almost never text my gf anymore, cause i can say far more by calling/video calling her for just P0.50 a minute
    – i noticed that its signal strength/weakness are of the same places where smart is also strong/weak
    – it’s signal strength is about 90% reliable. meaning, about 10% of the time, i can’t contact my gf
    – its load centers are not as ubiquitous as the other networks

    So overall, weighing in the pros and cons, i’m quite satisfied with red mobile. buti na lang 3G enabled ang phone ko at ng gf ko. sorry na lang sa mga low tech phones dyan!

  93. clair says:

    hello danny,

    i would like to ask if the 3G browsing rates of Red Mobile is 30/hr? :-)

  94. julio says:

    hi where is your office located?

  95. hernan says:

    is this available for sony ericsson w850i? tinext ko kasi ung sa 3g settings pero la dumarating sa akin.., im using a 3g phone ah! dont tell me that my sony ericson w850i is not a 3g phone.., damn!

  96. danny says:

    i also noticed that activating the services offered by red (RED phone model (sent to 9969) ) activated my 3g settings and mms functions, but not my internet. it’s ok for me though, cause i use smart internet (using my SE W880i as a phone modem for my laptop, not smart bro plug in). besides, smart is cheaper when it comes to internet usage (P10.00 per 30 mins, instead of red’s P7.50 per 15 minutes).

    10 days have passed, with relatively heavy calling and video calling to my gf (about 10 minutes in the morning, 10 in the afternoon and 15 in the evening), i’m still yet to consume the P100 load i started using 10 days ago (still have P55.00 in my account). so in total, i have used P45.00 (including the P10 free load) since i tried red.

  97. danny says:

    to hernan,

    i’m sure pwede and phone mo na SE W850i. ganun din nangyari sa kin nung day 1. pero malamang mali ang nai-type mo sa pag-activate ng 3g settings. with a SE W880i phone, ityped the ff:

    RED SEW880i

    then sent to 9969. i recieved a text message afterwards telling me to dl their 3G settings. to my surprise, internet setting failed to dl. pls leave a reply if successful ang attempt mo and if nag dl din ang internet setting.

  98. charice pekpekco says:

    sino ba may ari ng red mobile??

  99. Norman says:

    Gusto niyo ba free RM delivery ng SIM? Request kayo dito.
    marami pang ibang feature sa RM powered site na yan. may free load din. check niyo na lang. Bilis hanggang Jan 31 lang

  100. Norman says:

    Gusto niyo ba free RM delivery ng SIM? Request kayo dito.
    marami pang ibang feature sa RM powered site na yan. may free load din. check niyo na lang. Bilis Register agad hanggang Jan 31 lang

  101. unknown says:

    Well…. I recently changed my smart sim to RM but…. ang problema, walang mapag loloadan… How can that be, the fact that the advertisements said that over 1 million load outlets nationwide. E wala namang nagbebenta dito sa baguio e. Ni isa, walang nagbebenta ng card…..

  102. susi says:

    so, a lesson learned, unknown, before you buy something, think about it first. Tingnan mo, dpat nagcheck ka muna sa mga reloading stations around you if they offer red mobile load. Of course they will advertise na there’s over a million load outlets para may bumili ng sim. See? Hindi tayo dapat maniwala sa mga advertisements especially grown-ups like us. For me, Globe still rocks, kahit limited ang promo, I don’t care, I’m not addicted to texting naman e. And it’s ok for me to pay for my calls, ok na yung per-second rate. Sa mga sun subscribers, if you want your calls to be clear, or gusto nyo laging available ang network, don’t abuse the unlimited call feature. Huh, ang haba! hindi naman ako galit nyan!

  103. yellowbell says:

    Is there anyone who got a free sim from red mobile load momma link? I made a follow up call at their hotline 924-9999 and advised me that the loadmomma registration to get free sim is a SCAM. They are aware of it but has no idea who operate it.

  104. edgar callos says:

    hello do you know who is the brand manager for red mobile? we need it coz we have to send them some business proposal. thanks

    email me their info

    [email protected]


  105. oslo says:

    you know guys before u complain y dont u use it first…. i ve been using red mobile for a month now at wala akong masabi super clear ng calls both video and voice…… no drop calls like what is happening with globe and walang nawawalang load unlike smart…. i used to use smart and globe for 3 years now…. and finally ive got what i really need….. try it urself and forget negative feedback……

  106. HAWKMOON says:

    I TRIED NA.. as for me globe pa rin talaga ang ok kc redmobile nawawala signal dito sa paniqui, tarlac.. wala pa rin

  107. jodie says:

    i have the sim and tried calling their customer service number, i cannot access it, is there any other number? also i am looking for a call card, but i cant find one… i am also trying to check my balance but sad to say i dont know how… i have read the users guide but it didnt indicate the number for the customer service and how to have your balance checked.. the number for the customer service according to the sim is 9899 and for the balance inquiry is 9099 but how? like for smart you have to text ?1515 then send to 214… the information in the users guide is soooo incomplete.. can someone pls help me.. thanks!

  108. necie says:

    gprs are not allowed to use red mobile? eh ano naman yung EGPRS? d ko magetz grrrrrrr… -__-

  109. Ian says:

    @yellowbell I received my red mobile sim today. totoo yung sa load momma natanggap ko na yung sim ko kso matagal nga lng nag sign up ako nung jan 4 natanggap ko ngaun (jan 13)

  110. Norman says:

    Well if loadmomma is not affiliated with red mobile,
    its ok. they send me the free red mobile sim yesterday January 14, 2009(i registered last December 26, 2008) via AIR 21

  111. Roland says:


    • vash says:

      bro na encounter mu na ba ung kinakain ung load mu?7 beses ng nangyari sakin na kinain ung load ko
      ang pinaka worse ay ung hapon nag load ako ng 10 at nag reg ako ng ctu8 then sabi ok na daw na ka reg na ako after ilang txt nawala na load tapos nag load ulit ako then kinain na naman after na nag reg ako 3ng beses nangyari un sa loob ng 1ng araw

  112. Roland says:

    Nga pala, para dun sa tulad ng taga tarlac na nawawala kamo ang signal. Mag globe ka na lang. Anyway, this is free country, kung ano gusto mo dun ka. Pwede ka pa rin naman mag 3G Video Call to anyone, mahal nga lang ang per minute. Just be cool lang mga friends. Get redmobile when it only suite your needs, beside P39 pesos lang naman yung sim if you want to try it.

  113. karlo says:

    Actually, okay lang naman ang gumamit ng Red Mobile. And may kulang talaga siya na service kaya hindi papatok. Aside sa 3G Phones lang ang pwede maka-avail ng full blast features, wala pa itong Unlimited Text service! Naku naman. Naghihikaos na ang mga Pilipino ngayon.

    May nasagap ako na related news article para sa Red Mobile.


  114. ottokomai says:

    i got a RM sim its true very useful ang video call for me n my wife

  115. Monsterbot says:

    alang kwnta 2ng RED Mobile.. png 3G phones lng tska ndi p mxado mlawak ang cgnal. kya its sucks! dpat plawagin nla ang cgnal pra mgmit nla 2.. panget pla 2! GLOBE p rin ako… ^^,

  116. jonah says:

    wierd tong red mobile. di naman lahat ng tao naka 3g ung fone. napaka naman talaga……………….

  117. emman says:

    yang mga marketers ng red mobile hindi nag rereply
    mga sinungaling.
    hindi toto0 ang mga advertisment nila.
    putol putol ang signal, rm to rm lang.
    tsaka d2 lang ang coverage ng signal nila sa manila.
    punta ka sa vigan wala na signal buti pa sun cellular kahit 15 min, lang solve solve na.

  118. anonymous2009 says:

    sa mga negative ang comment…isa lang masasabi ko…. hwag kayo bumili….sino ba nagsabi na bumili kayo….hindi naman nila kayo pinipilit bumili ng sim nila…they’re just endorsing their product and whoever wants to buy their product, e di go pero kung ayaw niyo e di hwag…pano kasi ang mga pinoy puro na lang reklamo kaya hindi kayo umaasenso….gumalaw naman kayo…hwag niyo i-asa lahat sa librng services….although okay nga yun libre but not all the time….kung wala kayong pambili edi hwag kayong bumili…duh!

  119. stephanie says:

    do you guys know what the IDD rate for Red Mobile is?

    because when umobile was still active, i used to call anywhere around the globe for more than 5 hours by just consuming up the 100php load they gave away each month so long as i didn’t disconnect the call.

    the first times i tried this though, my credits were deducted by a mere 30++php with 1++ hours of international talk time without being disconnected …

    then i would use up the rest of the credits to call someone else overseas for as long as the line did not get cut.

    that was the most use i had out of my free umobile sim. too bad they’re out of business. lol it might have been because of that .. haha what do you think?

    and the fact remains that they never even activated the view ads and get free credits strategy. what a shame.

  120. Jake says:

    bkit kelangan pang 3g phone?
    Pano ung mga alang 3g phones? Buti n lng may Smart akong sim. Npaka user friendly pa.

  121. pwede po mag padala nang red mobile sa commonwealth qc riverside 1277

    bernard c caling name tnx………..

  122. sencen says:

    from those comments above, looks like these people are not ready yet for 3g services yet. it’s not the 3g alone, it’s the 3g itself not only with red mobile but for the other networks too.

    i’m a globe subscriber but i use their 3g service mainly for calling and simple internet service…

  123. Aveliaexese says:

    Первоначальный выбор ключевых слов Подбор ключевых слов – это первый шаг, с которого начинается построение сайта. На момент подготовки текстов на сайт набор ключевых слов уже должен быть известен.

    Для определения ключевых слов прежде всего следует воспользоваться сервисами, которые предлагают сами поисковые системы.

  124. jeff says:

    well all i can say is maganda talaga ang red mobile!

  125. ruelski says:

    it’s very obvious that smart is using red mobile to target sun cell’s market. Red mobile is riding on the 8000++ smart cell sites as they claimed in their advertisement. I wander, if they can offer cheaper rates like Php 0.50/min for red mobile, why smart is still Php 6.5/min and talk and text at Php5.50/min while they are using the same cell sites.

  126. emjay says:

    got my RM sim..but having difficulty activating 3G..cant find the UMTS in the network setting of my motoV3X..pls help naman!

  127. riz says:

    i’ve been using red mobile since last year but just recently, i think it’s just the same with other networks where my account amazingly turns to ZERO with only a few minutes of calls. so sad..i’d rather use my SUN….=p

  128. lala says:

    hmmm. can they sponsor an event? do you have any contact nos of red mobile? please send it in my email ([email protected]) if ever. thanks :D

  129. Red Mobile Balance Inquiry:
    Text 999 and send it to 9939

  130. Jarrie says:

    RM can now be used with any phone. 3G not required anymore.

  131. Sawada says:

    Jeff Tang ina mo mamatay kana wala ka kwenta..

  132. Salmer says:

    Lintik na SMART Talaga may pa unlicall pa sila kaso pagdating ng 5pm to 10 pm di ka naman makatawag. Sa lahat ng network SMART ang pinakabulastog..mandaraya

  133. wena says:

    pwede ba ilagay ang Red sim sa modem ng smartbro? wahaha pang fbt lng

  134. Job Sauler says:

    haha..Red Mobile Stinks! :) whee..just joking! :))

  135. red user says:

    wala bang cgnal ang 3g d2 sa cebu??emergency calls only lng ksi nka tatak pg lagay ko ng RED mobile sim sa sony ericsson c510 ko..cnubukan ko i reg pro sending failed lng plagi..patulong nmn plz..

  136. smart buddy user says:

    sana maski sa smart pwde gamit ang unli call&text diba sa smart na nakasama ang red mobile…

    mas maganda kung pwd gamit ang un li CALL&TEXT nang re moble sa smart and tnt users.,.for sure mas dadami ang lilipat sa red mobile from smart and tnt kung magagamit ang unli nito sa smart and tnt users..un lang para mas astig..diba?.

  137. cris says:

    HHHHHHHHHHHHHppppppppppppppp. walang signal ang red mobile sa bataan at zambales. hirap makakuwa ng signal.

  138. olats pa rin says:

    olats pa rin! red to smart unli call daw di naman pwede..wew

  139. jhaxz09 says:

    ask lng aq…panu q ba magamit ung unli col and txt sa red mobile???im a new user kz ng red mobile…plzz help me..thnxx…

  140. jhaxz09 says:

    pwd ba magamit ang unli col and txt ng red mobile sa TNT and SMART???

  141. den:) says:

    i’m a new red mobile user..bkit kaya walang red mobile menu?…hmmmm…

  142. With Red Mobile, it only costs me P2.00 per minute every time I call and P0.50 every time I text to any Smart and/or Talk ‘N Text number.

    That’s without registering with any of their promos YET. If I do register, all my calls and texts to Smart and Talk ‘N Text shall become unlimited–as in no catch, no conditions, no specific hours of the day (unlike Smart Talk Plus and Talk ‘N Text Gaan UnliTxt Plus, whose unlimited calls are only from 10:00 PM to 5:00 PM).

    Also, what I especially like about Red Mobile is–when I’m registered with their unlimited promo for Smart and Talk ‘N Text–I don’t need to memorize and key in number prefixes (like *6400 for Smart Talk or *6401 for Smart Talk Plus) before making calls. I’d simply dial the Smart or Talk ‘N Text number of the person I intend to call, and that’s it. And, unlike with Sun, I always get very a strong signal anywhere (and, yes, even outside Iloilo City) because, well, it’s powered by Smart.

    In fact, since two weeks ago, I hardly text my Smart and Talk ‘N Text contacts anymore. And I no longer worry that they won’t text me back because, ahem, I JUST CALL THEM.

  143. Hard to say. I dont see either team going all the way to the Super Bowl again. It’s a good time to make Superbowl bets though, the odds are really high.

  144. leo says:

    paano i-activate yung menu ng RED MOBILE sa retailer sim?

  145. vinz says:

    im from cebu.. im a red mobile user for 4 years….in fact because of that red mobile called me and they sent me 2 free red mobile sim cards..but heres my concern, i cant access 3G network in cebu, the truth is 3G network for red mobile here in cebu city is not available..But in Surigao city, dumaguete city , davao city…i can use 3G and make a video call….why is it that i cant make a video call in cebu city????????????????????????????????

  146. Hi, just doing some research for my Riverside 4g site. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Not quite what I was looking for, but very nice site. Take care.

  147. aadaliga says:

    panu mag ask a lod sa red?

  148. rohn says:

    paken red..!!! magnanakaw ng load……………!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Name: says:

    wew wala nmn balance inquiry

  150. GRACE says:


  151. ask ko lng po. pasno ko mbbuksan internet browser d2 s fon ko? nka samsung champ ako! til now hindi ko p nbbuksan! eto number ko 09382346271… pls txt me or email me nlng s account ko.

  152. Name: vangie badz says:

    ..bat wala pong cgnal ang red mobile d2 sa san pedro laguna? Hai..

  153. Name: vangie badz says:

    :mura sana..wala nman signal… Hai..

  154. joanne ako says:

    -bat ang hirap mgpaload sa red? 1 wik na nung bumili ako ng sim card… taz d ako mkapagpaload..kahit sang loading station.. bat ganun? hai naku.. sana pla d nlng ako bumili n2…-kla ko mapapamura ko d nman…. nasayang lng pera ko sa pgbili ko ng sim card.

  155. catherine says:

    bakit nd ako makapag txt sa smart at talk and text.. unli aman ako para makapagtxt sa smart.. naun lang nangyari 2.. in-ask q ung mga frend qng smart user nd aman daw nagloloko ang smart… e2 poh # q sa red.. 639381684992.. plz sana aman poh maauz na 2..

  156. Ze says:

    balance? type ka 999 at send mo sa 9939

  157. cecille says:

    everytime na ngpapaload ako my matatanggap raw akong points?paano ko po ba sya mairedeem or maicheck?

  158. yayan says:

    bakit ung red may mahinang signal sa area ko di ako nakakatawag sana ma,improve ung connection,,hirap din kc tumawag sa hotline nio ehh..antipolo area ako tnx..

  159. agmd says:

    Hindi ba talaga pwedeng gamitin ang Red Mobile sa Iphone 4? :(

  160. jayson says:

    how to activate internet in red mobile sim?

  161. .panu po mag activate ng internet sa red mobile sim???

  162. gem says:

    my xpiration ba ung red? kc laging sim card access error!

  163. jaymee says:

    nkakainis nmn….bkt b ang hrap2 kumontak ngaun…ang maximum, 1 min and 23 sec?…grbe ahh..nakakaloko lang..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!badtrip ang red

  164. Bart says:


    ASK ME ,,,

  165. me says:

    how to activate roaming services of red

  166. kira says:

    available p po ba ang red mobile sim?? tnx..

  167. Bernadette says:

    bakit dropped ang signal ko?? red mobile sim gamit ko.. matagal ko nang gamit, kanina nga nagamit ko pa.. may signal pa, bakit ngayon wala na tlga.. please answer.. thanks!

  168. arena says:

    may nag bebenta pa ba ng red mobile sim card?

  169. joana queen says:

    ahmm hello po bakit po temporarily di ako makaregister sa CTU8 and CTU56 ngayon lang po nagkaganito kahit sa bf ko po ayaw din ang sinasabi : Due to the current number of users. this service is temporarily unavailable

  170. Riza says:

    san po ako makakabli ng red mobile na sim card taga Sampaloc,Manila po ako.

  171. Dianne Rose says:

    bakit ganito nakakabwisit bigla nalang nadeactivate yong redmobile ko 09386341550,09389630219,09389630217..please check nyo namin serbisyo nyo…mga permanent no. na namin to at ginagamit sa work at business!!!!

  172. fritzy says:

    bakit po bigla d ko magamit red mobile ko. My load pa naman. Ito na po permanent number ko. 09389578807. paki ayos naman po. thanks.

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