Road Speeds: HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS

Road Speeds: HSDPA, EDGE, GPRS

We left Bataan early this afternoon to visit Mt. Samat. We’re now in Angeles City, Pampanga having dinner at Camalig and listening to good ‘ole music. While cruising, I got the chance to capture HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS speeds (of Globe 3G/Visibility) thru NetMeter and this is what I got.



HSDPA speed averages at around ~132KB/s download, EDGE at ~15KB/s and GPRS at a paltry ~6KB/s (while downloading John C. Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks podcast). While cruising at HSDPA is like heaven, coverage isn’t that great, though I was told by people from Globe that the roll-outs have been underway since December last year. Still, I’m this close to getting myself that 24-month (lock-in) Globe Visibility account. For now, Smart 3G will suffice.

Any recommendations where we can find cheap but nice accommodations here in Angeles? We’re staying for the night and the man is taking us clubbing.

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17 Responses

  1. Aja Lapus says:

    You’re blogging on mobile? Oh, that’s cool! :cool:

    I wish I had the money to do so, too. :P

  2. dHoY says:

    so… we’re prolly just a few km’s apart huh.. hehe.. try the areas near clark… almost all hotels are located there and ull prolly end up clubbin there too.. enjoy!

  3. Rick says:

    buti pala di pa ako kumuha nung HSDPA. lugi ako.

  4. dave says:

    How is your upload speed? I hear the upload has been much slower lately with globe visibility (around 58kbps). Perhaps they’re capping it.

  5. GUrbi says:

    Oh speaking of Smart 3G.. I will also use it with the Sony Ericsson mobile networking to share my experience in a small rural area in Nueva Ecija..

  6. yuga says:

    @ dHoy

    We spent the night at that Bliss Drive-Inn near the Welcome Mabalacat sign.

    @ Rick

    Yeash, mejo lugi pa kase there are very few HSDPA coverage outside MM.

    @ Dave

    Wasn’t able to try the upload speeds but when I’m mobile (practically on the car), I don’t usually do uploads.

    @ Gurbi

    Smart 3G can only reach somewhere around 300++ kilobits per second. HSDPA can run up to 1.4 Megabits per second.

  7. Kid says:

    But Smart already has HSDPA, right? You just need an HSDPA enabled device/phone to actually reach the HSDPA speeds. And with the way mobile phone companies are releasing their phones there should’t be a shortage of HSDPA phones, unless you’re a die-hard Nokia fan.

  8. yuga says:

    Last time I talked with the Smart Execs about upgrading to HSDPA, they said they’re still assessing the demand so I guess no, they haven’t upgraded yet.

  9. Smart Guy says:

    Yuga is correct, Smart not yet on HSDPA. We may be from Smart but my boss and I are using Globe’s HSDPA at home. Funny but true.

  10. hiroshi says:

    pwd po magtanong ask q lng sn kung pwd po
    b magpalagay ng hotspots wi-fi without 3Gcoverage area? tnxs

  11. Erick says:

    On way to pampanga naexperience ko din EDGE connection, super bilis compared to GPRS. i wish meron dn nito sa area namin. pasulpot sulpot lng kc si E sa fone ko pag nsa bhay. hehe

  12. michael says:

    im here in bulacan i can get hsdpa signal.
    grabe super bilis

    minodify ko lng ung setting kaya nakakuha ako ng signal.
    ito ung steps.

    1.ung sa smart bro application nyo, click nyo ung tools, tapos option,.
    2 then select nyo ung network
    3 select nyo ung band. piliin nyo ung wcdma 850.
    4. tpos apply nyo na. makikita nyo mawawala ung signal nyo. dahil hsdpa na ung hahanapin na signal nyan
    5. lastly itabi nyo ung modem nyo sa landline nyo
    (pldt ung gamit ko).
    6.magkakaroon uli yan ng signal.
    7connect nyo na

    yan po.
    effective po yan sana matry nyo.

  13. meera says:

    how to set up network mode for tattoo globe broadband..?i want to use hsdpa only in my area.but its changing everytime between 3g,edge and hsdpa….make my connection so me plzzzzzz….thx..

  14. dreniel says:

    if u r residing here in baguio, u mostly have a GPRS sgnal ranging to 50kb/s to 0.00kb/s, which a real damn thing,,,

  15. heartsaver says:

    ako EDGE panu q ma increase ung smartbro plug it q..gamit lang ang EDGE type of net?..kc ala d2 3g

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