San Miguel Telecoms, anyone?

San Miguel Telecoms, anyone?

The news the other day is a little welcome surprise — San Miguel Corp. is entering the broadband internet and mobile telecoms market.

According to reports from AFP, San Miguel will be doing joint venture with Qatar Telecom in introducing internet and mobile services in the country.


It’s not known yet how much controlling share San Miguel has in this venture or what the name of the new brand will be. We’ll probably know by 2009. I reckon San Miguel could easily become a major player since it’s a huge conglomerate and already has a good hold of the local market in the Philippines with visible brands in food, beverages, liquor and dairy products.

It’s a welcome news as we all get more competing services in the mobile and broadband market.

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31 Responses

  1. BrianB says:

    No biases when it comes to my Internet provider. If they deliver a reliable service, don’t care who they are.

    Globe better do me good.

  2. wildboy says:

    As they say: ” The more the merrier “… If the competition works the consumer benefits.

  3. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    yay for capitalism

  4. Yep! The more, the merrier. Now, if we can find a way to pressure the telcos to provide a way to switch providers with our existing cell numbers, just like in other countries, that’ll be more competition and convenient for everyone.

  5. dkPinoy says:

    That’s GREAT, more COMPETITION means LOWER PRICES and better service/quality!

  6. TechPinas says:

    Wow! Is this for real? :)

    Yep, that’s right, more players means lower going prices. High Supply, same demand.

    I wonder when this is gonna impact.

    More jobs for Pinoys!

  7. It is great news, I heard it from local evening news and FINALLY, some serious competition for Globe Innove and PLDT.

    Capitalism.. nah, that’s the main reason why the two top broadband providers give us only 1/3 of the speed we are paying them. Yes to Socialism, Yes to Social-Democracy!! :p

  8. deuts says:

    yeah right, bring on the competition!!!

  9. Alex says:

    tighter competition = consumers’ advantage

    bring ’em on. :)

    -Dale of

  10. Roger D says:

    really? hope it will not a cartel like the Oil industry here.

  11. Jan says:

    I also heard that aside from partnership with Quatar Telecoms they are also looking into investing at Liberty Telecom.

    QTel has a 78% stake in this overall venture.

  12. jarod_0122 says:

    The Gokongwei’s must be off their seats now.

  13. Jan Alvin says:

    Its a great news! Ngayon ang labanan ay pababaan ng price with superior quality. Anung telecom company kaya ang pinaka-magaling?

  14. Hope they can have a promo where dsl installation comes with a free case of San Miguel beer.

    Never mind. Im just trying to be funny.

  15. Loadex says:

    Same expectation with Sun.. with Gokongweis empire expecting to influence the market.. but it did not.. boils down to coverage and service.

    San Miguel and Qtel.. should put up 4000 cellsite overnight to compete in the market competitively

    Dami comment sa Sun.. mahina coverage.. it will be the same fate with Qtel/San Miguel if not putting 4000 cellsite instantly..

    By the way.. Qtel/San Mig bought already the frequency of Liberty Telecoms.. which they will use for their business…

  16. jhay says:

    Pray that this will lower prices of broadband services, or better yet, offer a better ISP. :D

  17. jarod_0122 says:

    The Gokongweis did have a positive influence in the market.It forced the 2 Giant telcos to lower their rates.

    With regards to customer;s satisfaction…well thats another story.

  18. jpeb says:

    Qtel in the Philippines, in partnership with San Miguel Corp. is expected to roll out its WIMAX service called Wi-Tribe. The Wi-Tribe brand is present in Jordan and Pakistan.

    It may probably take at least a year before commercial operations begin at least in key cities.

    In previous months, there were talks about Telekom Malaysia (TM) buying a stake in Digitel/Sun Cellular. TM is as aggressive as Qtel in expanding in developing markets.

    Despite Sun’s shortcomings, such as lesser coverage in some areas, it did change the telecoms sector. Without Sun’s entry, unlimited texting, discounted or unlimited intra-network calling would be alien concepts to Filipinos.

  19. chiemartin says:

    i agree. the more, the merrier. competition brings the best out of everybody. always good for consumers. :D

  20. marky says:

    as usual,m. manila pa rin ang unang makikinabang niyan. kami sa probinsiya, after 2 years pa siguro..???

  21. iMadrid says:

    Unless they are gonna lay down High Speed Fiber Optic wires to the home. Who Cares? It would just be the same and no different from the current Telco Cartel. If they plan to go the easy route and go fixed wireless. Oh brother another crappy solution. They may call it WiMax but dont expect it to better than SmartBro. Just another lame ass slow ISP service.

  22. virusfreee says:

    that would be great. more companies. more chances of having a stable connection for my torrents.

    darn. I hate Globe and PLDT. minsan, sabay sila mag DC so wala din silbi ang Dual Connection ko for my torrent addiction.

  23. Dshah says:

    I think San Miguel’s entry to the ISP/Telco bandwagon is a welcome opportunity for everyone.

    I think half of those who literally “live” online will join me in rejoicing!

    Hope others will follow soon!


    dazed? this is where it starts:

  24. Bonn M. says:

    The more the merrier… hmmm sounds exciting but this has the long way to go… to put up a telco need years of preparations and implementations… the good part is we have more jobs here in the philippines. In regards to sun cell., they are in the process of making things “better”, what they done right now is a great step in the “competition” (w/ unlimited txt and call).
    When it comes to ISP, being “wireless” is good for mobility but if you need speed and capacity, being “wired” is still the best. what can i say? Goodluck maybe? [lol] More and more new technologies are comming up what we need is to comprehend with the fast face…

  25. fatshaft says:

    Loadex replied on Dec 12th, 2008 at 10:08 am (16)

    San Miguel and Qtel.. should put up 4000 cellsite overnight to compete in the market competitively

    Dami comment sa Sun.. mahina coverage.. it will be the same fate with Qtel/San Miguel if not putting 4000 cellsite instantly..

    to: Loadex

    =p 4000 cellsite? san miguel might have preprared and waited a long time for this. for me there was a delaying tactics happened and san miguel used that on the ISP here in Ph. they dont have to build large no. of cellsite study how wimax works dude. guys do u know whose the losing this game? the one whose advertising on this forum haha (madalas akong mapapatambay dito=)

  26. Guyz, anyone here who has an idea on how to apply either in LIberty Telecoms or San Miguel/Qtel as TEchnical Support Representative. Hope you can help me on my concern..Thanks in advance.!!!:)

  27. ilove4g says:

    just got a unit and its fast compared to pldt, globe and smart, havent tried sun.

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    never miss out the fun!

  28. Ecazeko says:

    Actually I have a unit. The first time I got connected I said to myself “Hmm not bad for a wireless broadband”, but a week later the phrase “not bad” turns to “bad”… latency was aweful, got 3 bars signal, and from the 2nd-3rd hop the average was 400-1000.. and to think I did a traceroute on a local website.. geezz, I hope they will do something about it, and I’m happy it’s still free…

    I’m talking dial up speeds, transfer rate right now is 3-5kBps.. hehe at least I had a good laugh.. :)

  29. kardo says:

    they say there is a cap of 6 gb monthly. and if you use up that amount, your speed will be reduced to 256mbps ONLY. maybe thats what happened to ecazeko.

  30. Truly, this is really helpful to me. I’m just a newer blogger. Bless you much!

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