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Nokia E63 Review

Before you continue reading this, please read my review of the Nokia E71 first so you’d get a better perspective of where I am coming from and so I don’t have to repeat the sections where the Nokia E63 is similar to the E71.

Nokia dropped some of the features of the E71 when they introduced the cheaper Nokia E63, but with good reasons. Remember that with all the number smartphones going around, consumers will be price sensitive when making their next purchase. Nokia’s price-point for the E63 (expected to be at Php11,000) combines a good set of features with a really attractive price.

What’s missing?

What went missing – GPS, HSDPA and a lower megapixel camera. Not everyone needs GPS and for most people, it’s not that essential anyway. You still get 3G speeds of which maxes out at 384Kbps – a broadband speed not normally achieved in the real world for most mobile 3G networks. And since the E63 is more geared towards productivity, the reducing the camera from a 3.2 MP autofocus down to 2MP might not disappoint a lot of people who are into this segment.

nokia e63

The Nokia E63 also shed off all of the external buttons on the sides – the volume control and the special back button of the E71. Even the dedicated power button at the top is gone as well as the sound volume at the sides.

Keyboard Improvements

There were some minor complaints about the qwerty keyboard of the E71. Some say it’s too cramped and though I don’t agree, those who were comfortable with the E61 will tell you size and spacing matters. It’s not really a design flaw but rather an engineering limitation – the smaller the phone, the smaller the keyboard and harder to type.

Nokia addressed this with the E63 by making the keypads protrude/bulge a bit more and giving each key press better feedback. Likewise, it’s much softer to type. They’ve also slightly increased the keyboard size and the individual keys. It’s not much but it’s fairly noticeable except fot the space key which got shortened.

Construction Changes

Since Nokia dropped the metal construction in favor of plastic, the Nokia E63 feels lighter to the hands. It has a matte finish so you don’t have to worry about fingerprint smudges.

What puzzles me though is why the Nokia E63 is a bit thicker than its predecessor (by more than 2mm). It’s possible that the 3.5mm headphone jack has something to do with it (that’s 1mm). Then, the construction of the back panel that covers the battery was also changed from a clip mechanism to a latch mechanism. Since plastic is not as strong as metal, the latch mechanism works well with it without worrying you’d chip it off. That’s another 1mm.

Value for Money

Don’t think of the Nokia E63 as a downgrade of the E71. Better yet, think of it as an upgrade to the E61 — but much cheaper. That way, you clearly see how much value you are getting with the Nokia E63. You also get the long-lasting 1500mAh battery life. No doubt, I believe the Nokia E63 will be a huge hit to those who bought and loved the E51 and the E61.

I still like my E71 because I am willing to pay premium for those extra features. However, for those who are in a budget (which most people are nowadays) but are looking into a fine qwerty smartphone, the Nokia E63 is the better option because of the bargain price-point.

Update: The Nokia E63 is now shipping with an SRP of Php14,200 (inclusive of 12% tax and foreign exchange adjustment).

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112 Responses

  1. Avatar for Michael Fritz Michael Fritz says:

    Today is Sunday, 4th of July year 2021. I bought my e63 on dec 2008 and still working parin.
    commenting on this post using e63 via opera mini 7.5

  2. Avatar for assunta assunta says:

    i like this 1 :)

  3. Avatar for Nona Nona says:

    When I bought my E63 around October 2009, it costed P13,000. This is my first smartphone ever and I am glad to say, that after 2 years, it’s still working! It just shows some signs of aging such as that the battery goes off immediately. I think I just have to replace the battery than buying a new phone. Would that be more practical?

  4. Avatar for Kristenne Kristenne says:

    i really love to buy e63! pero si mama kasi Samsnung 8300 ang binili! :( pero i’ll buy e63 before matapos ang 2011. promise! thanks for blog! :))

  5. Avatar for Gadgets Gadgets says:

    Nokia E63 is my first smartphone. Up to now, I still ues it. I think it havs a great value. The E63 and E71 are most of the similar except the lower megapixel camera and canning material. And the price is moderate.

  6. Avatar for fadznalynangsa fadznalynangsa says:

    hwmch..da E63

  7. Avatar for Actively Social Actively Social says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Some really good information and advice!

  8. Avatar for pukerena titipari pukerena titipari says:

    cgur0o mas maganda ang titipari kesa sa pukerena… i like e63 than e71 ^_^

  9. Avatar for Denver Auto Accident Attorney Denver Auto Accident Attorney says:

    This is my first post. I really like this blog. I’m reading this post from my I-Phone and it looks great!

  10. Avatar for ronald ronald says:

    i’ve got my e63 at smart for 1.2k php. mas BETTER ung mga e63(e63-3) ngaun..kc upgraded versions na ung linalabas ng nokia foe e63..it is now e63-3..kso nagkamali aq..di q xa mapaopen line kc wala pang software na kayang iopenline itong e63-3 q..can u tell me where to unlock my fone from smart?

  11. Avatar for Ron Ron says:

    Ulahi na kaayo ko as in, but karon lang jud ko nkapalit… hehe…

    fruits of labor… ika nga…

    thanks for the review.. it made me decide to choose this ph…:)

  12. Avatar for Mr. Whut Whut Whut Mr. Whut Whut Whut says:

    It’s cheaper now! Only 8.3k here in Laguna :D

  13. Avatar for jackie jackie says:

    thanks god , i got my new nokia E63 mobile phone , i love it

  14. Avatar for anthony anthony says:

    hi which is better e63 or samsung monte s5620?

  15. Avatar for lysanne lysanne says:

    If it works the same as mine have before (and you’re sticking with the same simcard?)
    then you could copy all contacts from phone onto simcard.
    Even if you’re not keeping the sim, you could do that, then copy from sim to phone.
    I’m not sure if there’s a faster way of doing it, but that mght work. :)

  16. Avatar for lysanne lysanne says:

    @mheann – I’m actually replacing my LG Cookie with this one. I’d rather have the qwerty keyboard, it’s much easier and faster to type on, and it has some pretty cool features, even if it doesn’t have the touch screen (which I was initially looking for)

    Personally, I’d rather have this than the Cookie, but that’s just my opinion. :)

  17. Avatar for allan allan says:

    hey guys, just want to know if may unli surf din for E63 (pre-paid) just like for blackberry phones?

  18. Avatar for james james says:

    Can someone tell me how to migrate phonebook contacts from my old Sony Ericsson w200 to my new Nokia e63? Thanks in advance. =)

  19. Avatar for rubi-red rubi-red says:

    i just bought nokia e63 yesterday @ SM San Lazaro for about Php 9,300… all colors are still available Ruby red, ultramarine blue, Black and even white as their limited edition. As of now i am really satisfied with the performance and the features… Love this phone! definitely I wont get another phone for a couple of years tho…

    Thanks Nokia for Nokia E63… it rocks!

  20. Avatar for uziel uziel says:

    elow po.. may idea ba keo kung saan makakahanap ng black na e63 within manila or bacolod lang po

  21. Avatar for denu denu says:

    yeh,nokia E-63 is really great phone,very staylish,dashing,good looking. . . . .its features are also very good and interesting. . .but m nt satisfied with music player as well as camera. . .camera is only 2 mega pixel. .. that is not quite enough although my mobile is superbe

  22. Avatar for ching ching says:

    I’ve just bought a Nokia E63 today. It’s 9,800php when I bought it at SM Cebu. I’m very happy with Ruby Red design, the wifi, the Adobe (i’m reading some novels from the Adobe instead)and everything else in between.

    I just kinda hoped it had a cable included in the box. That’s the bummer part.

  23. Avatar for gracie martinez gracie martinez says:

    hi i really need help in deciding which phone to get from smart. i’ve a postpaid plan and i’m due for a new phone. they’re offering the flwg phones for plan 1800:

    – blackberry curve
    – nokia e63
    – htc magic
    – samsung s5233 + e1080

    which phone would you recommend for a full time grad student like me? in the past, i’ve always chosen nokia phones since they’re the most user friendly. i really like the nokia e72 but i’ve to pay an additional php4k for it and i don’t really want to shell out cash but if it’s worth forking over, will you let me know? the nokia e72 is free for postpaid plan2500 – up. i’ve read your reviews about the above phones except the htc magic and i’m thinking of narrowing my choices between the curve and the e63 but i’ve read a bit about the htc magic as well so..you know it was so much easier to make a choice in the past cos i would just go with the one that looked the nicest but now with all the new techie stuff being included, i’d like to get the best value for my money. thanks much!

  24. Avatar for olee olee says:

    samsung i32 is best.not nokia e63/e71

  25. Avatar for LUIS LUIS says:


  26. Avatar for nel animo nel animo says:

    i have e63 na

  27. Avatar for Issa Issa says:

    I just got mine – company issued. Not really sure what to do with it as I am super dependent (and in love?) with my iPhone. I am not sure too that I can handle 2 phones – how do other people do it? Well, I guess i will see. More power, Yuga!

  28. Avatar for jubai jubai says:

    my husband told me that he will buy a blackberry phone 4 me but i told him i dont like that phone & i like the E63 bcoz i saw it in my classmate & by keep on asking him about that phone i started to like it thats why i stopped my husband to buy a blackberry 4 me.he told me that if i want him to send it to me thru his friend who is coming on mon.,he will send it but i said no,i will just wait 4 him.he bought 2 E63,1 for me & 1 for him & he said im right it is really a nice phone.so i think as individual we have our own differences esp.our likes & dislikes but dont try to give bad comments to something we doesnt like & just let others enjoy what they want & what they have.

  29. Avatar for Elver Elver says:

    Anu po reasonable price ng E63 as of this date.. December 20, 2009? thanks

  30. Avatar for Roto Gold Roto Gold says:

    Hello po. I’m currently using Blackberry Pearl serviced by Smart, I’d like to replace it with Nokia E63. Ask ko lang if E63 work like Blackberry in terms of receiving/sending e-mail? Or you have to connect to internet first before you can read and send e-mails?

    Mr. Rotogold, did you get a blackberry account for E63 or just regular Plan1200.

    Thanks and best regards.

    i am sorry , Ms. Maya.. just read this.

    i got the regular one. not the blueberry account..

  31. Avatar for Jessie Boy Jessie Boy says:

    I planned to buy the Nokia E63 and then try to compare the features of E71, one thing I interested of the Microsoft Office file-Spreadsheet which I cant open on E63 is this and issue of registry ? please advise,if Im going to purchase do I need to register ? where as the Nokia E71 is fine.

  32. Avatar for Ryan Ryan says:

    thanks sa reply, oo nga, natanong ko nga sa nokia care, flaw raw ng unit yung faded characters.

  33. Avatar for francis francis says:


    parang flaw ata sya sa design.. I bought an e63 last November 7, 2009 and 10 mins after buying it, na notice ko dun ung mga faded characters sa top.. that usually happens pag mahaba ung entry.. lets say nasa sms inbox ka.. medyo gray ung “g” at “e” ng “textmessage” nagtanong ako sa shop at sinabi nila ganun daw tlga.. natanong din nila un sa nokia care kasi may nag complain din about dun.. ganun din “daw” sa e71 ..

  34. Avatar for Rohit Agarwal Rohit Agarwal says:

    I have just bought a N63 and am very happy with it. It is the best phone, better than most higher priced ones with all the bells and whistles that one would ordinarily need even as a power user.

  35. Avatar for Ryan Ryan says:

    ask ko lang po why is it that some characters in the upper most of the screen are slightly faded? is it factory problem??

    im using my N95, and this E63 is just a bonus from my plan retention in postpaid, please give me a feedback on this concern

    never had this type of curiousity why would nokia have some alphabetical characters faded on the upper most of the screen

    to be specific: its like this

    in the word messaging….

    messag… is clear while the (ing) is slightly faded

    same goes for longer characters, please reply asap. Godbless

  36. Avatar for ehis ehis says:

    nice cool stuff,not bad for a companion.

  37. Avatar for ambong ambong says:

    my mom is planning to buy e63, i just wonder how fast it is?
    Im quite satisfied with my 6120c’s speed. Which one do you think is faster?

  38. Avatar for Robin Robin says:

    I am still using my E61i… which I have had since July of 2007… this is the longest I have kept any cellular phone. I wish Nokia had an updated E61i, and not too comfortable with the E63 keypad.

  39. Avatar for jdcv jdcv says:

    How come I can’t connect whenever I use mine as a modem. I appears that I am connected but I can’t really surf the net.

  40. Avatar for jdcv jdcv says:

    I wish e63 is capable of photo editing and has more megapixels. Hope ovi store release a photo editing app.

    My phone also lags. I hate it when that happens.

  41. Avatar for cojo cojo says:

    last time ive checked its at 11k at triangle (pioneer)

  42. Avatar for flora flora says:

    I have already E63 and we’ve been bond like a month now. I love every moment with it coz it offers me great stuff to explore. Its cheap and very trendy and exciting. Though its a gift from my parents… still its worth to keep and have. Features are amazing and easy to get around, though its 2.0 MP but still it wont sway the idea of a great phone that hit the consumers and phone lovers.

  43. Avatar for neo neo says:

    how much is the nokia e 63 now?

  44. Avatar for Andalusia Andalusia says:

    I love this phone, but I can’t get Gmail to work, & I’m not sure if the rest of my Globe connectivity choices is functioning. MyGlobe Connect lang eh. Argh.

  45. Avatar for Earl Earl says:

    how much is this in stores today?

  46. Avatar for loloy loloy says:

    I have owned the e63 for 3 months now, and I bought it primarily for its touted long talk time, and second for it being feature rich. For its advertised GSM 11 hour talk time, I’d be lucky to hit 8 hours. The phone constantly fails sends sms messages I have to reboot it for it to be resent sucessfully. And the phone occasionally hangs when entering contacts menu with a freshly loaded sim. I’m not sure if I’m the only one getting this type of performance from e63, and I haven’t referred this to nokia support either. Apart from that e63 is bang-for-the-buck for it’s feature-richness and retail price.

  47. Avatar for Wolverine Wolverine says:

    Im using the Nokia E63 for 2 months now. So, far it has met all my expectations and I’ve maximized most of its important features, like; Wi-Fi, Office, PDF reader, Calendar, Alarm. In fact im using the phone as a router, everytime my Globe broadband has its down time. Im satisfied with my E63 and I recommend it to my colleagues.

    I like your review….keep it up :-)

  48. Avatar for julie julie says:

    hi JKisaragi..

    the delay is not that irritating.. but i have gotten used to my motorola v3x and my not so techie nokia 2600 which works faster than my nokia e63.

    so far, im fairly satisfied with my unit.

  49. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    Nice. The only thing I gave my father was Ice Cream, and he didn’t even eat it as he was coughing like crazy, so I did. XD

    @neo, rabby, and julie
    I didn’t notice the delay when I “play” with my colleague’s phone. I found it quite snappy actually. Is it that irritating or is it totally negligible? Planning on getting one tomorrow (and say buh-bye to my 5310 T_T).

    Anyhow, hoping the “delay” will get fixed via firmware updates.

  50. Avatar for Subramanian Subramanian says:

    Hi, I got this smart phone as a gift from my son on Father’s Day. A very thoughtful and a worthy gift.This phone has got everything inbuilt for the price offered by Nokia. Especially the Black color looks great.Thanks My dear Son.

  51. Avatar for julie julie says:

    yeah .. mine has a delay too.. going to the menu options will take me 3 secs ..the phone would also take about 3 secs before it will show the compose message page.. i have 1gb memory. got 15 pics, 5 musics, what can i do?

  52. Avatar for Neo Neo says:

    haha, just got mine, yeah there is some sort of delay but still this phone rocks.

  53. Avatar for rabby rabby says:

    anyone experiencing spacebar bug/lag?

    type “N O K I A” as fast as you can. Did you notice a delay?


  54. Avatar for JKisaragi JKisaragi says:

    I’m thinking of getting an E63 (as it is cheaper and it has most of what the E71 has to offer), the major downer for me is the E63’s initial colours: Red and Blue. Good thing they came up with black. Only problem is that it’s REALLY hard to find one. Even Nokia stores here in the south don’t have ’em. *sigh*

    Anyhow, could you update us as to where we could grab the black colored ones? XD

  55. Avatar for jdcv jdcv says:

    I bought mine a few months ago. My concern was when my phone ACCIDENTALLY fallen from my lanyard to the solid rocky ground the impact created a dent. The dent was situated in the upper left corner. I was terrified that my phone would be totally wrecked. I’m glad it didn’t turned that way. Yet, I’m still angered with the dent. The impact would really result to that since the hole for a lanyard is located in the lower right corner. It would be the part to be damaged when a similar scenario happens. I was talking to a friend when the incident happened so I was caught up. I regret to have used a detachable lanyard. I just wanted to share my experience. Lesson learned never use a detachable lanyard.

    I really wanted a Nokia E71, E75 or 5800 Xpress Music. Well, mom decided to go for the E63 because it cost less. *SIGH*

    For buyers it would be better to get a Nokia E71 rather than Nokia E63.

  56. Avatar for Neo Neo says:

    Hi, where can i buy E63 below 10k near bacolod? Can you guys help me? I really want this phone so badly.

  57. Avatar for emma emma says:

    i think the e63 is a nice phone its got this well spaced keyboard

  58. Avatar for emma emma says:

    i think the e63 is a good one i love d keyboard

  59. Avatar for Nyla Nyla says:

    g0t my E63 yesterday..and its 0h lala..its an all in 0ne ph0ne…its great for professionals..=) better have 0ne..

  60. Avatar for julie julie says:

    wala ba talagang smileys ang phone na ito?

  61. Avatar for julie julie says:

    wala ba talagang smileys anfg phone na ito?

  62. Avatar for girlush girlush says:

    hi! just want to thank you,ive been using my E63 for almost 3months now and i am enjoying it so much. Im glad i read the reviews about cellphones on your site before i bought one, and i got the right choice for me,no regret… with its wi-fi,and using my router,its more easy for me to check my emails around the house, no need to bring my laptop.

  63. Avatar for bella bella says:

    if you want to check cp prices you go to cgena.com

  64. Avatar for viel viel says:

    WI-FI BA?

  65. Avatar for bella bella says:

    is this touch phone?

  66. Avatar for mcsmnt mcsmnt says:

    i’m currently using sony ericsson P990i. I’m thinking of either getting xperia (but so expensive), e75, e71, or e63. i’m intrigued with e63 since it’s cheap. but can it replace my P990i? i’m a heavey user of internet, office documents, pdf, tasks, and notes. ok ba ang e63 on that?

    thanks in advance :)

  67. Avatar for maya maya says:

    Hello po. I’m currently using Blackberry Pearl serviced by Smart, I’d like to replace it with Nokia E63. Ask ko lang if E63 work like Blackberry in terms of receiving/sending e-mail? Or you have to connect to internet first before you can read and send e-mails?

    Mr. Rotogold, did you get a blackberry account for E63 or just regular Plan1200.

    Thanks and best regards.

  68. Avatar for sunny sunny says:

    i bought the mobile,it is really fabulous

  69. Avatar for Jayr Jayr says:

    how is the internet for the e63? i’m planning to buy one soon, para at least di ako gamit nang gamit ng laptop dito sa office, tutal naka-wireless naman kami. may mga websites bang hindi siya capable na i-load?

  70. Avatar for leon leon says:

    @joe wala saang site ko po siya pwedeng makita para ma check ko po ang specs niya thanks for the reply on my query

  71. Avatar for edz edz says:

    im planning to buy a nokia phone.. which one is good? Nokia E63 or Nokia 5800?

  72. Avatar for Rotogold Rotogold says:

    Smart is offering this phone for their retention, Plan 1200……..

    i just got one today!

  73. Avatar for Ardz Ardz says:

    I saw from the ebuystore website that this phone is priced at 11,000 or 12,300 depending on the warranty you want. I’m really thinking about buying this phone and it’s really cheap but I’m having second thoughts about the site itself. Any experiences on buying from that site? Check out the links below.

    Nokia E63:

    Nokia E63 1yr Official Nokia Care Warranty:

  74. Avatar for joe wala joe wala says:

    @leon if you’re looking for a windows mobile might check the htc touch viva at memoxpress. the price is around 14k. e63 nga pala is a symbian os.

    hmm im wondering if i should get this fone over htc touch viva?

  75. Avatar for iyan iyan says:

    i’m planning to buy this one over the LG cookie ang LG ks360….

    do you think my decision is ryt???

  76. Avatar for leon leon says:

    Can anyone give a (best) price update as of today? Location of the retailer would also be helpful. Thanks.

  77. Avatar for leon leon says:

    pwede po bang malaman kung ang E63 is also a windows mobile phone or hindi? ano ba yung Symbian OS9 at yung OTA (over the air) pwede ba akong gumawa ng mga excel at windows using this unit? kung hindi pwede, ano ba pwede nyo ma recommend na unit ng celpone.pasensiya na po medyo eng eng ako sa celphone halos lahat na kasi dito sa amin ganyan ang gamit . thanks sana may sumagot agad :)

  78. Avatar for rors rors says:

    just bought it last week. price is unchanged at Php14200. it works great for me. just realized one setback though. it is not driving-friendly because of the QWERTY keypad. it sucks for a texter like me. other than this, everything else is great.

  79. Avatar for mieL mieL says:

    how much is e63 as of apriL 2009???

  80. Avatar for Gadget Boy Gadget Boy says:


    If you want to check the latest prices of all mobile phones available in the Philippines, check this blog site…


    what’s great about this blog is that there is a comparison of prices between stores in the Philippines, so you will get to know where to find the best deal. Cool!

    thanks again abe!

  81. Avatar for streetwalker streetwalker says:

    Can you copy+paste using this phone?

  82. Avatar for Reader Reader says:

    Hi, can anyone recommend which phone would be better for editing (not just viewing) spreadsheets using Quickoffice Premier 6.0 — 6210 classic or E63?

    I believe 6210 classic has a 240 x 320, 2 inch screen while E63 has a 320 x 240, 2.36 inch screen. so does this mean that E63 would be better because of the wider aspect ratio and bigger screen, or not necessarily?

    E63 also has a bigger and more conventional keyboard. Does this mean that it is easier and less error-prone for entering data, or not necessarily?

    Is there any other Nokia device running Symbian S60 3rd Edition that I should consider for editing spreadsheets besides 6210 classic and E63?

    Thanks in advance for any help! Am new to Nokia line and Symbian, coming from Sony Ericsson world (T100, T630, T700).

  83. Avatar for jesamine jesamine says:

    do you really need to pay extra to download an ms office for the phone to be able to create/edit/view an office document? or is it already built in and pre-installed?

  84. Avatar for blued888 blued888 says:

    The Nokia E71 still looks more sleek and professional compared to this phone. The chrome finish on the E71 is a fingerprint magnet though.

  85. Avatar for Miguel Tan Miguel Tan says:

    the upper right and upper left part of my keypad cracked. any ideas where to get a replacement one? how much? thanks.

  86. Avatar for juan juan says:

    i have the red one.. cool features.. basically a phone to have if your on a tight budget

  87. Avatar for sabaeus sabaeus says:

    dude awesome review, do you have any idea where I can get one of these in the Alabang area?

    ayt, thanks

  88. Avatar for Mark T Mark T says:

    After waiting for the product to be available and finding time to look for the best price, I ended up getting the Ultramarine Blue E63 @ Memo Express @ Mega. The phone was priced lowest (after canvassing) @ P12.200 for cash buyers and I got mine @ P14,200 @ 0% interest for 12 months through Citibank. Good price and the warranty is safe (Nokia Care for a year).

    The phone so far is doing well, great looking screen and the keypad is responding well. My point of comparison would be my old P1i. Though I miss a scroll key @ the side and the touch screen. But everything else, is great.

    The package was pretty basic and some what incomplete. The package contains the phone, 1Gig mem stick, headset, battery and charger. No USB or CD included. I guess since I’ve always bought Sony I got pampered with a complete package. I guess this is how they got to lower the price. I was able to buy a class a cord for P250.

    Over all the phone for its price (0% @ 12months saan kapa?), plus its features balances everything out pretty well for me.

  89. Avatar for donna donna says:

    hi. can you tell me which one is better? e63, 371 or samsung f700? thanks

  90. Avatar for seoulbox seoulbox says:


    Okay lang pala siya kahita walang kasamang cable.

    Thanks, yuga!

  91. Avatar for seoulbox seoulbox says:


    ask ko lang. anu klase yung USB port niya?

    MiniUSB ba?

  92. Avatar for Dodot Dodot says:

    Hi! I’m a very happy owner of an E63 which I bought two weeks ago in SM Megamall for 12.5 thousand pesos. At the time I was considering the E63, the E71, and the Samsung i780, in the end, the 7 thousand price difference (the E71 and the i780 had prices between 19.5 to 21 thousand) was too good to ignore. The way I looked at it, 7 thousand was too much to pay for the nice extras that the E71 had over the E63 (better 3G, better build quality, better camera *though apparently this is debateable*, more included accessories); on the other hand, there are some things about the E63 that I think are superior to the E71, in particular the qwerty keypad (compare the copy/paste experience on both phones). I’ll be doing a side by side comparison of the two phones on my blog in the next couple of days, for those who are interested. :)

  93. Avatar for Ericka Ericka says:

    To Ms. Joyce, before anything else I hope the blog owner won’t mind if I answer your question.

    According to the Nokia Philippines website, the Nokia E63 has a “microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 8 GB”. It also has a “110 MB internal dynamic memory”. (Source “http://www.nokia.com.ph/A41415338”)


  94. Avatar for janice janice says:

    its price compensates for the lack of its features, and it seems to be nice, not superior to N71 but far more useful than N61….

    if you think it sucks… can you make your own phone?

  95. Avatar for gambit gambit says:

    dont complain about the features of this phone. its is resonable for its price and one i highly recommend.

  96. Avatar for joyce joyce says:

    Does this model have expandable memory?

  97. Avatar for mheann mheann says:

    i was choosing between the 2, i mean

  98. Avatar for mheann mheann says:

    i’ll buy this instead of the LG Cookie!!

    i was really tempted to buy the Cookie. lol. coz i was comparing e63 to the LG.

    hope i’ll love it!

  99. Avatar for chiemartin chiemartin says:

    huwaw. for a new QWERTY phone in the market with the features it has, it’s very appealing to those who wish to buy themselves a Christmas gift this season.

    i’ve had blackberries and treos before, but at that pricepoint, that’s an absolute steal. :D

  100. Avatar for mayan mayan says:

    someone’s selling this at ebay.ph it cost around 13k w/ free delivery.. but be careful w/ the sellers they might be a scammer.. view their feedback first before buying… =)

  101. Avatar for Mark T. Mark T. says:

    Saying it SUCKS may be your opinion but before you share your opinion on how it sucks, have you ever considered the price point and people it is catering to?

    Cellphones now have a lot more segments than the old market. This surely hits a certain spot in a segment where price point vs. functionality meets.

    Again, voicing your opinion is never a crime (I’m doing that myself) however, you’d look dumb if you did not consider all everything before saying it.

    Overall I do hope the phone does not get taxed too much and stays within the 11 – 14k price point so it would sell well. The e71 now can be bought as low as 19k, and some people 5k difference is not that much considering you are getting less power features, but for some it may be the deal breaker.

    Hope to be posted when this officially hits the market…I’ve been scouting for this phone, and most of the stores says its going to be early January…hope the price would be good enough for me to consider it as a birthday gift. :)

  102. Avatar for taksan taksan says:

    it sucks cause it doesn’t have those powerful features, but then again, E63 is catered to people who doesn’t need it or who are on a budget. either way, i think its a great alternative.

  103. Avatar for http://resourcesandmoney.blogspot.com http://resourcesandmoney.blogspot.com says:

    It sucks!! You should choose N97 for christmas gift.

  104. Avatar for Ericka Ericka says:

    Yehey! I can’t wait to buy one for myself. The features is just right for me. Thanks for the great review! :)

  105. Avatar for vhincent vhincent says:

    great cell phone, didn’t realize nokia is now releasing cheaper units pack with functionalities.

  106. Avatar for Rico Rico says:

    I will definitely get one myself. Has anybody seen this around yet?

  107. Avatar for pinoycontests pinoycontests says:

    Nice review! I’ll definitely consider it as a “gift” to myself this season! :-)

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