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Google offers AdSense for Domains to all

Not everyone knows that Google is also offering an AdSense partnership with people who own a lot of un-used domains. Now, every AdSense Publisher will get to run this campaign in their domains as well.

The Inside AdSense blog breaks the news:

Many publishers have approached us looking for a way to monetize their domains, and today, we’re excited to announce the expansion of AdSense for domains. This product allows publishers to earn revenue through ads placed on undeveloped domains.


With AdSense for domains, users can find relevant information rather than see empty pages or “page not found” errors. Today we present ads, links, and search results on the pages, and may add other useful information in the future. To ensure positive user experience and the quality of our network, these sites are monitored for policy compliance and prohibited from using text and images designed to confuse users.

This new feature in your AdSense account will be rolled out in phases, starting with English-language publishers in North America followed by other regions.

That means AdSense Publishers in the Philippines might not see this activated in their account until 2009.

Question now is whether this will eventually kill third-party domain parking service like Sedo. My guess is as good as your but it will most likely kick them off the market (unless they offer better profit sharing).

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13 Responses

  1. This can be a good thing for domain owners who are ripped off by some Parking sites, and a bad future for those bad Parking sites.

    I think Sedo is already profit sharing. But with their free accounts members usually get a measly .02 per click. Probably bigger with their Pro accounts, but you have to have domains with a lot of visits.

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  2. TechPinas says:

    Inactive Domains scream Dormant Investment.
    Even with Google AdSense or Sedo, still, a dormant investment.

    I say if you have cool domain names under your belt — make the freakin’ sites work. If you want money, even a little of it, you have to sweat (or move, at least). :)


  3. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    See the thing is, these parking places all are part of the domain parking with google and they have direct feeds, but no google is going direct to the domain owners, so unless they give a lesser cut, the parking places will be out of business. domain owners dont really care about services, its mostly about the end $

  4. tech-lines says:

    smells like a better deal for domainers.. would you suggest this over sedo?

  5. Good move on the part of Google. This is way better than domain parking sites out there like Sedo.

  6. John Homer Alvero says:

    Suddenly, this blog has become an Adsense blog. :)

  7. OeNZT says:

    Nice info… thankz…

  8. Lisa says:

    Been waiting for this for many, many months now. Can’t wait to try it!

  9. egi says:

    kayanya keren nih…

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