Smart, Globe still fail NTC test for "dropped calls"

Smart, Globe still fail NTC test for “dropped calls”

Two of the country’s top telcos, Smart Communications, Inc. and Globe Telecom, Inc., both failed NTC’s test for “dropped call” rate in the third quarter.

NTC’s standards for dropped call rates is at 2%. Unfortunately, both telcos failed to meet that standard. “Smart got a 2.15%, while Globe fared worse with 2.75%,” says NTC Director Edgardo Cabarios. This means that there are more than two calls dropped or involuntary terminated for every 100 calls.


Smart and Globe have been informed of the results and are asked to submit a written explanation why they failed to meet the 2% dropped call rate. “If NTC finds that the reasons are not meritorious, telcos may be directed to cease from accepting new subscribers,” Cabarios said.

NTC also performed tests for blocked calls, signal level, signal quality, and call set-up time. Both Smart and Globe passed the tests with Smart leading the Quality of Service (QoS) benchmarks for the said quarter.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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13 Responses

  1. typicalutility says:

    hoy gising!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wish NTC would also do a test for DSL so that telcos would not add anymore new subs as long as their service meet a certain standard

  3. almed27 says:

    Even the 3G signal for broadband sticks get crappy during certain hours in the day. =_=

  4. chinitoguy says:

    I observed that Globe’s mobile internet using a broadband stick or even on my phone improved a lot. I pick more HSPA+ signals and its more speedy. Smart also improved when it comes to mobile internet. On Globe’s call and text services there are incidents that my calls within the same network and calls to Smart are still crappy at times but significantly imoroves. Yesterday it was hard to send SMS. I was in Makati that time.

    Overall in general, big improvement but problems like this are still there.

  5. EJ says:

    Go NTC! Also, will you be able to check prices? I think both of them are overprice. And the service… OMG!

  6. Ishi says:

    Kudos NTC..nice move!

  7. zector says:

    QoS of Smart are good becuase they use Ericsson equipment. Unlike Huawei from Globe.

  8. swix says:

    Wala pa rin magagawa NTC dyan. Yung price reduction sa text and sa pulse billing sa calls hanggang ngayon hindi pa rin implemented.

  9. kwiq276 says:


  10. Abet says:

    FAIL despite the network upgrade?
    Naturingan pa namana ng Globe na telco company of the year! Anyare? :D
    NTC proves SMART superior over Globe but both still failed on Drop Call test

  11. JosephLou says:

    I experience this a lot with globe and hating it!

  12. Vi Torres says:

    when i’m using smart broadband i always disconnected every 30mins even i subscribed to unlimited for 1 day. anyone notice that?

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