Smart offers HTC One X on UnliData Plan 2000

Smart offers HTC One X on UnliData Plan 2000

The HTC One X is now being exclusively offered by Smart Comm. and it comes free on UnliData Plan 2000 with a 30 months lock-in period.

According to the rep from Smart that we’ve talked to, this handset will follow the same plan scheme as its quad-core competitor Samsung Galaxy SIII. I tried to ask for a hard copy of the plan scheme but the rep told us that it’s not yet available.


So now that the two rivaling quad-core smartphones are offered in the same postpaid plan, we want to know which one you’re getting (just in case you still haven’t got one).

You can also read our full review of the HTC One X here.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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19 Responses

  1. xin says:

    mahirap pumili… mas ok battery ng htc one x kesa sa s3… pero ang storage lamang ang S3…

    • Windmill says:

      Sir, are you sure? Non-replaceable nga po battery ng One X compare to S3 eh. Just to my cents. :D

  2. marv says:

    Planning to get S3 :)

  3. dan_md says:

    getting the S3 as a gift from relatives. LOL! the best things in life are free… but if I have to choose between s3 and one x.. it’s more cost efficient to get the S3 because it’s being sold on a higher market price. you can get the one x for as low as P23K unlocked then subscribe to Smart’s P1500 data plan.

    • len says:

      if you do that for HTC one, the cost is almost the same. say if your plan is for 24 mos. then total cost is (1500×24)+23k = 59k. Under plan 2k total cost is 60k (2000×30

  4. Mojojojo says:

    I can’t afford/avail the Unlidata plan 2000. lol
    But for me, S3 wins it.

  5. Roberto Lim says:

    I like the appearance of the HTC One X more and the 32 GB built in is better value for money for me than 16 GB expandable since I do not see myself using more than the 26 GB (user available) on the One X. I also use an HTC now so I like Sense.

    But, the Samsung looks like a more compelling option. I checked with the HTC Service center and it is not clear if the battery can be replaced at the Service Center when it gets old. The Samsung has a user replaceable battery. I like Smart Stay… So the Samsung for me. If the local service center replaces batteries when they age I might go for the One X.

  6. Inch Arne says:

    HTC One X for me!!.. :))

  7. Htc na sana says:

    The thing about HTC one x is that it’s battery is not only non-user replaceable, it’s battery is impossible to remove without removing the motherboard. So even if you succesfully open the device, it’s still not sure whether you can remove the battery without damaging the phone.

  8. Meme says:

    Bwakang ina, 30 months? Siraulo lang ang mga pumapatol sa kontratang more than 12 months.

    • miongb says:

      dapat max na ung 24mos, khit may knting cashout. imagine kung kukuha ka ng s3, by the time na matapos ang 30mos, galaxy s6 na available!

    • Orange says:

      Hindi naman siraulo. Meron mga tulad ko na kelangan ng plan/ mas advantageous ang plan based on my usage instead of prepaid and walang balak magpalit palit ng handset and number. For people like me, ok ang plan. It doesn’t matter kung 30 months ung contract kasi I intend to keep the plan for years or forever.

  9. hapismiley says:

    Just a point to ponder : how come android users are making a big fuss on one x built in battery, yet for iphone users i didn’t hear any complaints, even with iphone 3g users

    • albert d says:

      well, i never really had any issues with apple mobile devices in terms of battery life, only after switching to android :)

  10. renz says:

    HTC ONE X! Tegra 3 is clearly the best.

  11. ok2phone says:

    First, to maximize the battery life of a dual sim android phone, press the “Menu” key on the Home screen. From, select “Settings” to enter the phone’s settings screen.
    Next, go into “Data Synchronization” under “Settings” and disable automatic sync. This will prevent the dual sim android from frequently updating mail and calendar, thus using power. Instead, email and calendars will be updated manually every time you open then.
    Now decrease the screen brightness and also decrease the timeout length for the screen to switch off when not in use. Additionally, to dual sim android Battey life you can press the red End key when you are done using the phone to turn off the screen.
    If you do not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth often, turn these connectivity features off to conserve power.

  12. JM says:

    S3 for the win!

  13. Jon says:

    Sir abe, any news if globe will be offering the One X as well? This is tempting, but I don’t want to switch carriers for now.

  14. trending says:

    HTC One X looks better but for me its not economical to to avail this plan.

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