Windows 8 upgrades to cost $15 and $40

Windows 8 upgrades to cost $15 and $40

Microsoft is offering all current and valid Windows users to upgrade to the Metro-flavored OS for a reasonable price.

The Redmond-based OS giant confirmed that their loyal PC users will be able to upgrade their current supported (XP, Vista and Windows 7) OS to Windows 8 for only $39.99 or about Php1,680.


This upgrade is noticeably cheaper as compared to the previous upgrade (XP or Vista to Windows 7) which costs $99 for Ultimate and $49 for Home Premium. And on top of this, Microsoft is also offering another huge discount for early adopters. Users who bought a new Windows 7 PC starting June 2, 2012 to January 31, 2013 will be able to upgrade to the new OS for only $14.99.

This cheaper upgrade is definitely good news for Windows users around the world. We think that the price drop will lessen, if not prevent the use illegal OS. But will it really? We want to know if the upgrade price is affordable enough for you to take it or would you rather prefer the cheaper and not-so-legal way of upgrading?


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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25 Responses

  1. poche says:

    since the cost is either 15$ and 40$ only you shouldnt use the phrase between – to – in the title.

    • anonymous says:

      never use “and” whenever u use either. it’s either – or – . so in this case, it’s “either $15 OR $40” . :)

    • miongb says:

      what i love about yugatech is it’s open to criticism. hindi finifilter ang mga comments kahit sabihin na nating pwedeng makasira sa nagsulat.

      di tulad ng isang blogger dyan na sinabihan ko lang na ang way of writing niya ay parang pang-showbiz, bi-nan nako sa blog niya.

    • AndrewC says:

      On topic, this is good for current Windows users.

      Off topic. Since poche, your post is a sentence. You should capitalize the word “Since” including your name. You should also put U.S. in $, put $ in front and include at least two decimal values. You should put also apostrophe in ‘shouldnt’. You should not visit this site because this is not a grammar blog. Peace :)

      I really don’t like this grammar Nazis.

    • alloneaian says:

      Lol. Nice one AndrewC.

      I hope Abe turns the comment stream as a social plugin in facebook like what other tech blogsites did on their page. It would be more interacting and fun.

  2. Tomas says:

    Watch out we have a grammar nazi here!!!

  3. Docalfred says:

    Authentic is always better than an illegal copy!

  4. Rodel says:

    authentic & illegal copy – same features. :)

  5. Rodel says:

    authentic & illegal copy – same features :)

    • tu9tifive says:

      you might be right…

      but I’m going to be proud to bring my laptop with a genuine copy of Windows ANY GIVEN SUNDAY! (day-off ko yun e ;D)

  6. dyonisii says:

    i just realized i have oems of winxp. i’m sure only boxed set are supported for the upgrade.

  7. limed413 says:

    nice but i think marketing strat lang to ng microsoft kasi alam nilang di ganun karami ang maguupgrade to win8 dahil sa pagtangal ng start sa win8 favoring metro ui… for me, parang ang hirap mag multitask ang metro ui vs start menu…

  8. Duds says:

    Windows has always been a great OS that it’s only fair to get an authentic one always. I’m just not sure yet if 8 is better than 7, and how much adjustment I’d need.

  9. SpiderWak says:

    No, thanks! I’ll keep my Windows 7 on my desktop. I just think Windows 8 is better for tablets like surface but not for desktops.

  10. Benchmark says:

    will there be compatibility issues kaya sa software that is already installed if I upgraded with this windows 8? currently im in windows 7.

  11. Nah, kung yung $0.99 na magagandang apps or magagandang kanta sa itunes pinapirate pa ng mga pinoy what more yung $15?

    Ang pinoy gusto lagi libre.

  12. Yoyo says:


    Sorry, but you’re doing it wrong if you multitask using the start menu.

    Trend showed that people were just clicking on the start menu, then just typing the program they want to get it. People were no longer hovering folders to folders to get the program they want.

    If you’re thinking about multitasking, the desktop and taskbar are still there. So no worries, bud.

  13. wil says:

    Windows 8 is more faster than Windows 7. The downside is I hate the metro ui bacause my netbook is not touch screen and it has only 1024×600. But apart from that its cool.

  14. paul e. says:

    I’m sticking with Windows 7. Seems it’s becoming the most dominant OS, one worthy of replacing XP.

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  15. Virex says:

    I haven’t tried or seen tablets/laptops with Windows 8 pa, kaya I dont know how the UI works. Pero medyo ok na ako sa windows 7 eh, at nagagandahan na ako sa kanya, pati sa mga shortcuts na available sa OS na yun.

    I will watch videos sa youtube kung ok ba talaga ang Windows 8, at kung inde naman pala ganun kamahal, baka mag upgrade na din ako.. sana lang they have the Japanese OS na para maging compatible sa pc ko..

  16. It is much better stick to the OS you are comfortable of using for now. Let’s just wait for the reviews or the pros and cons of using Windows8 over the established Windows7 OS.

  17. trending says:

    Good news. Pwede kaya dual booth?

  18. parangano says:

    available ba yan dito? i’d be ready to hop in. kaso tatakbo kaya sa netbook ko yung windows 8? O.o

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