Sun Cellular unveils Wireless Broadband Plans

Sun Cellular unveils Wireless Broadband Plans

The tip we got earlier this month about Sun Cellular Wireless Broadband was spot on. New mobile 3G packages are now available at the Sun Cellular website announcing attractive rates.

Sun Cellular will be offering flat rate plans, the only other unlimited 3G plans in the Philippines today (PLDT WeRoam postpaid plans also offer unlimited 3G services, though only for corporate accounts).

Sun 3G Plan 799
up to 400kbps
60 hours/month
Php799 MSF


Sun 3G Plan 999
up to 400kbps
Php999 MSF

Sun 3G Plan 1999
up to 1.4Mbps
Php1,999 MSF

*The Sun Broadband Wireless service is initially available in the Metro Manila only.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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127 Responses

  1. Hi Abe,

    may typo sa last plan… should have been “Plan 1999” instead of “Plan 799”

  2. Can’t wait for this to be available in the Visayas/Mindanao area.

  3. Mukang mas ok to. Need ko na lng ng review from others kung ok to keysa dun sa smart prepaid broadband. Buti na lang di pa ko nakabili nung smart bro prepaid.

  4. frozenpyro says:

    I inquired about this but according to their cs, our area still has no 3g coverage..

    Sayang kuha pa naman sana ko, konti palang ata ang may 3g na area sa sun…

    dapat sinabi din sa site nila yung mga area lang na may 3g..

    can anyone of you post which area has sun 3g coverage within the metro?

  5. Same here, no 3G signal here. Lingayen, Pangasinan

  6. Mark says:

    hindi nga ma ayos ng smart at globe yung 3G nila, what do you expect with Sun na laging walang Signal

  7. WEBMASTER says:

    I think sun is much better than smart bro. .”SANA”

  8. Ok to. Kaya lang baka pareho ng cellphone nila, kung may sun lang gumagana yung signal LOL.

  9. niel says:

    Hi YUGA,

    Ask ko lang ko merong USB type wireless router na puede ikabit sa 3G wireless broadband ng SUN.

    Recently, SUN offered unlimited internet service for only 799.00 mas maganda n nagyun yung offer nila and it comes with 2mbps speed.

  10. marlon says:

    hi, nag pa demo ako sa sun broadband. umabot ung speed nang 400kbps download. upload is 300kbps. 6pm un saturday. tapos ung signal consistent. wala nung sinasabing spike tulad nung sa smart. ok na pang dota hehehehe

  11. knds says:

    hi, i think the above plans were already changed, kasi nung kumuha ako sa sun shop sa robinsons pioneer they only offer 2 plans lang, 1st one is the 799 a month unlimited and the 2nd is same unlimited time and speed with the 1st plan pero bundled with a phone with 300 na monthly plan. weird pero as of today im ok with the internet service. i have my personal review here


  12. randy says:

    pede po ba khit female usb to male rj 45 adapter ikabit sa router???

  13. randy says:

    pede b mgamit s router yn?rj45 kc ung connector nun kelangan pb ng adapter? female usb to male rj45 adapter?

  14. Nefee says:

    unlimited na po ngaun ang lahat ng plans ng sun broadband wireless

  15. Nefee says:

    unlimited na po ngaun ang lahat ng plans ng sun broadband wireless.

  16. may accredited supplier ang sun broadband ng router kaso lang mahal masiado.

    pwede rin subukan ang ibang router. kung gagana mabuti siyempre.

  17. randy says:


  18. randy says:


  19. anonymous says:

    umm this is my experience so far, ‘got this sun broadband nitong january ’09 and nung simula ok naman 200kbps something speed and umaabot ang signal ko ng 3 bars or sometimes full (HSDPA connection lang ako).. ok na sana to sa akin, kaso every week bumababa na ngaun around 80-120kbps na lang..lalo n kapag around 7pm to 11pm sobrang baba na. pero kapag madaling araw 400kbps kaya p nya (speed test from and napansin ko ngaun n parang every hour bigla ma di-disconnect and you need to reconnect/reset your sun broadband again, before 1st month ko halos hindi nadi2sconnect ngaun n lang naging ganito, i cant download overnight na ng tuloy2.. even tho i payed 3000+ initialy for my plan (somewhere in alabang ang location ko)

  20. naldvcm says:

    I avail my sun broadband wireless unlimited this week lang Feb 18 2009, and so far so good naman ang speed nya, Alabang din ako, plan ko din share to sa isang PC ko kaso nga usb sya hmm pano ko kaya yun?,.

  21. PMagYC says:

    Same issue also, though I live in QC. The first months that I’ve used sun ok naman. Kaso, lately (around Feb), madalas nga siyang magdisconnect, almost every 1-2hrs disconnected or connected pa rin pero ayaw na gumana ng internet/downloads. I reported it to Sun but they just said they’ll look into it, pero as of now they haven’t found the root cause. If this persists, it might be better to go back to PLDT.

  22. karl says:

    maganda ba ang Sun? balak ko kasi ipatanggal na ang pldt dsl namin dahil bumaba ang speed nila. Camanava area ako.

  23. daysleeper says:

    Same here.. I just got my sun broadband last 24th of this month, but I started using it yesterday. Ok nmn nung dinemo sken nung agent dito samin ung connection (Evanghelista, Makati) , actually I was very impressed about it. Then i noticed this morning na palagi ako na didisconnect, i have to re-connect thru their software, at first I thought na didisconnect sya automatically kapag inactive ung laptop ko, meaning there’s no activity or browsing going on… so I thought ok lang, baka ganun talaga, pero just an hour ago it is happening eventhough im doing work on my laptop. I actually bought sun sim pa just for me to check it with their techsupport, but I’ll just do it tomorrow ksi its late na, kaya eto, I end up pulling up this page ksi i’m trying to check whether there’s a quick fix for it or its a known issue.. anyway i hope they can do something about it soon..

  24. woju says:

    i’m planning to buy the modem for 2500 for instant connection with monthly of 799, pero my question my signal kaya sa san mateo rizal and marikina… nag ask ask me a month ago sabi nila for san mateo wala pa pero sa marikina meron, but still ask ko sila, since very useful to for people on the go and g ood for people na palaging gising sa abi kasi mabilis ang connection.. hehehehe. diba associated sila with digitel . we are also using the dsl with phone with them, the 777 plan actually i’m not satisfied with the connection kasi starting 9.30 am super bagal ng internet connection but when the clock strikes 9pm evening dun lang ma experience ung speed that you are paying. hope the wireless is not same with wired hehehe. just hoping>>>

  25. RiaLyz says:

    ..hay.. ..kung mahina sa makati, paano pa sa parañaque..?!

    ..baka globe na lang..

  26. Paul_E_Gamus says:

    I availed of the sun plan 799 last December at first it was really fast as promised you will get a 2Mbps speed. However since this February they adopted a fair usage policy which sucks! Meaning you will be limited to a certain amount of data for download. If you reached a certain amount of data per month your download will be limited to 5kbps I repeat 5kbps this is less than the speed of a dial-up connection!!! So if i were you i wont get their service unless 5kbps is ok for you!!! I will be disconnecting my account soon. One dissatisfied customer here. I am from QC btw

  27. Jamby says:

    wonder when they will come up with a prepaid one. To be locked up for 1 year is kinda scary.

  28. miles says:

    hi.. so if may fair usage policy… ilan ang alloted Gbytes download limit mo for a month bago mag limit to 5kbps speed?

    also, anyone knows pano maconnect ung internet sa sun broadband, if balak ko mag LAN? may alam ba kayo pano i-connect sa WRT54 linksys wireless router?

  29. tonette says:

    which broadband internet service can you recommend for baguio city area?

  30. Paulo says:

    hello sa inyong lahat!!! ahmmm may tanong lang ako… bka pwede nio masagot…

    kasi may SBW ako… mga 2 weeks na xa saken…


    I wonder lang kung bket ganun?

    kasi pag nagdodownload ako ng malaking file, mabilis ang speed ng net ko… mga 175kbps average…

    pero pag tumigil na ung download, biglang bababa ung bandwidth nya…

    meron bang pwedeng solusyon toh?

    kasi ambgal talga… hindi ako mkalaro ng online game… kahet mag surf lng ng web hindi makaya…

    pero pag may download, mabilis naman… bket ganun?

    sana mabigyan nio ako ng solusyon tungkol dito…


    you can e-mail me at [email protected]

  31. garett says:

    On Sun cellular’s fair usage policy, would anyone know exactly the download limit per month?


  32. francis2009 says:

    i’ve read that sun has introduced a pre-paid wireless broadband. I’ve read from one article that the pre-paid one will be using a HUAWIE E160 which is smaller than the HUAWIE E220 (current modem for post paid). My questions are; what is the difference between these two modems? Are they giving the same performance? Does the E20 has 3.5G?

  33. Jireh56 says:

    Hi Yuga,

    Am targetting to subscribe to one of the plan of sun broadand wireless plan which is up to 2Mbps, can anyone tell me what is its lowest speed? and can anyone vouch that broadband is easily accessible & dependable (in downlaoding) than DSL?


  34. Coco Sugar says:

    Huawei e160 and e220 is essentially the same. However, the e160 is much smaller, doesnt have cable nor the card reader.

    Lowest speed could be a low as 0kbps. :P

    Accessiblity and dependability cannot be guaranteed. Weather-weather lang.

  35. Otik says:

    My wife already tried using wireless service from both Globe and smart. Much to my disappointment Globe only used for a month then no more signal. While Smart slower than a snail’s pace. So dont get your hope’s up.

  36. jamoran says:

    Very disappointed with mine. I live in Pasig City near C5.

  37. Techmaster says:

    Hi to all if you have concern or inquiries about Sun Broadband Wireless related to products or technical issues feel free to post a comment or send email at [email protected] i will make reply as soon as i read it. >>>This is your techmaster from North Edsa Branch

  38. jc says:

    Mga tol,

    Bakit kaya ganun? nabili ko sya nun july 4 ok naman, speed nya is 3.6mbps but now! July 7 236.8 kbps na lng! bakit ganun ang sun, kol ako lagi sa hotline nila isang araw na walang sumasagot…

    Ganito ba talaga ang sun. unlimited daw pero parang limited yata.

    niloloko yata nl ang mga subscriber.

    Im vey disappointed talaga :(

  39. aarondgreat says:

    TECHMASTER question here…Im have SBW unlimited plan 799…Im fully aware that you guys implement FUP(FAIR USAGE POLICY)in your service…Just want to know whats the exact alloted Gigabytes that we are allowed to used within a month….CSR me sa T-mobile uk account, fair use policy samin is 3G..Plz paki verify naman po..tnx

  40. Vincent says:

    Hi to all 3G wifi users:

    I was looking for some info in the net regarding the set-up of the USB modem(Globe Visibility) so can accomodate all 3 networks, Globe ,Smart, Suncellular by just changing the SIM pack(Pre-paid).

    Below summarizes my Testing, right now its working fine for all 3 networks:

    USB modem: ZTE MF626
    Default: Globe Visibility package
    status: Locked to Globe

    Inorder to Unlock ZTE MF626 to all networks you must download the software update on this website:

    its a globe file update so no need to worry about incompatibility i tried it and it works fine, just need atleast 25 mins to do the upgrade:

    1. Insert USB modem then wait for the modem to be detected, it will launch the Globe Visibility software, just exit the software.
    2. Launch the exe file then press Update:
    3. wait until update finishes, beware not to remove usb while in process, it may corrupt your USB modem.

    Now you need to create each profile for each Network:

    For Smart:

    Dial Number: *99#
    APN: internet or smartbro ( internet is faster )

    For Globe:

    Dial Number: *99***1#

    For SunCellular:

    Dial Number: *99#
    APN: minternet

  41. joy says:

    if you can put your location whenever you give comments here, that would be a lot better.. im from makati kasi and im planning to buy sun broadband (649 plan). But Im still doing some research para hindi naman masayang yung pagbili ko. I was reading the reviews here kaya lang walang mga mga nagmention ng locations kaya hindi ko rin ma-assess..


  42. CLN says:

    Available na ba ito sa baguio city?

  43. sweetsaresour says:

    joy.. and to anyone there wanting to see a fair review.. well.. you’re doing the right thing now…

    im here in las pinas… which is the very part of metro manila… and how does a 4.0 mbps real fast surfing the net sound to you????

    i got its little plug it thing..subscribed to its unlimited promo.. and to tell ya… ive never done such a right decision before. im throwing my smartbro.

  44. VIRUSTECH says:

    mga sir mam alam nyo ba kung anu site ng tinitignan ng sun para sa 3g signal coverage nila just want to know kung sun may signal sunbroadban natin

    ok naman yung speed ng sunbroadban unlimited 3.6 mbps kaso bat ganun minsan bumabaga yung download speed nya pag nagdodownoad ka di accurate

  45. Anonymous says:

    Sun Broadband is a crap! Basura! 0.00 kbps most of the time.

    My other frind’s connections from other networks are much much faster.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Sun Broadband is a crap!

  47. anonymous din says:

    hi sun broadband din ang gamit ko.. okay naman ang signal sa area namin, constant din ang connection and confirms it pero bakit kaya hindi nagtratranslate sa download speed sa bittorrent client ko? says that dl speed has up to 2 Mbps but the dl speed that my bittorrent client gets is only 10 kbps.. help naman..

  48. sue says:

    sun broadband is a crap! first month ok yung service. sobrang mabilis syempre para di ka agad madissapoint, then another month came at ayun, palaging 0.00 kbps. at this moment walang signal as in green light di sya maka connect. i already called sun broadband and inconsistent yung sinasabi nila, yung isang csr sabi walang problema sa kanila, then i called again coz the first csr advised me to uninstall first the unit, then i-try ko daw ulit pagtawag ko syempre iba na yung csr sabi naman may problem. anu ba talaga..di naman pwedeng magbayad ng monthly pag palaging ganun yung service nila. kaya dun sa balak mag avail ng sun broadband think twice.. pag di pa rin ok signal the next 24 hrs ipapacancel ko na yung service at hindi ako magbabayad ng termination fee!
    talk to my lawyer.

  49. ewankoposainyo says:

    SBW prepaid ay mas mabilis compare sa SBW unlimited…nga lng…minsan nag ddown ung connection…ung prepaid umaabot 200kbp sa torrent and direct download ung nde man lng umabot ng 50kbps sa torrent and direct download damn its half a 1mbps wahehehehe weirddddddddddd

  50. tsk..tsk...tsk... says:

    Bkit ganun yung SBW. Fullbar yung HSDPA signal dito samin, peru pag naopen na ako ng site and download speed 0kb – 30kb lang ganun ba talaga?.. ang mahal pa naman ng modem.. hmmp…

  51. chris says:

    ask ko lng bakit pag ngcoconect ako merong message n ngpop-up… error 619: a connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.

    anu kya problem.. can somebody help me.

  52. Mandy D. Moño says:

    Same error here! Kaninang morning lang ok pa tapos pagdating ng hapon ayun nageeror na! Check ko signal strong nman HELP PLS!!!

    error 619: a connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.

  53. DSAINT on "Error: 619" says:

    Good morning!

    Paki-try nyo empty yung windows temp table:
    1. Click Start, click Run, type %temp% in the Open box, and then click OK.
    2. On the Edit menu, click Select All.
    3. On the File menu, click Delete.
    4. Click Yes when you receive the following message:
    – Are you sure you want to send these items to the Recycle Bin?
    5. Verify if this resolves the issue.

  54. Rondon says:

    I just singed up for sun broadband postpaid last month. The USB modem is P1600 and they charge P800/month. I’m at the Makati waltermart area, and when I bought it the sales rep told me I was in an area with an okay signal.

    – no need for any paperwork to avail, just a valid ID
    – did not see any disconnection issues
    – consistent connection speed (unlike w/ Globe Visibility sometimes you browse fast and sometimes not at all)
    – if you like to stop using their service, just apply for disconnectin and throw away the sim and get a prepaid Sun sim. Then if you want to use their postpaid service again just get a new sim

    – forget about torrent downloads unless you are VERY PATIENT
    – consistently below average browsing speed, you may as well forget youtube or huge file downloads
    – if you’re out of metro area you’re dead

    Conclusion: if you want something fast for downloads get a DSL line account (like PLDT or Globe). If you want fast wifi and good coverage get Smart Bro’s USB modem (thought I know it’s only prepaid). I _have_ used Globe Tattoo for only a few hours and found it fast, but saw a lot of bad reviews online. But if you want a cheap “I always want to be online for facebook, YM and email” account that you can put in your smartphone and will be using in Metro Manila then Sun fits the bill.

  55. codewalkz says:

    Nagsubscribe ako sa sun 799 Unlimited. I paid the router also. nung first days ng subscription OK naman. I only have 1 laptop and 1 desktop sharing sa WIFI. nakalock ang wifi so that means ako lang nakakagamit. Pero after a week of usage, madalas magdrop ang download speed ko sa 10kbps. Tapos ang bagal magsurf ng mga sites. Even my blog takes 3 to 5 minutes.

    i have Windows XP Professional in my desktop and Ubuntu in my Laptop. I am located sa MegaPlaza Ortigas Center.

    Anyone who can give me tips to have a faster connection? i am not a Youtube fun or any online streaming things. I am a web designer and all i do is code, surf and upload my projects.

    Note: first 2 weeks, I always have wcdma but after that, all I have is HSDPA and that connection gives me 40kbps maximum.

  56. viruscorp says:

    have the same problem few mnths ago the solution is you can bought a usb extention for your broadban and it should be 2.0 mas maganda kung mga 3 meters or 6 ang bilhin mo sa cdrking pangkatapos mas maganda kung ilalagay mo ang sun mo sa malapit sa bintana at mataas na lugar mas llakas ang signal nyan or pag mabagal pa rin pumunta k n sa sun center

  57. Sana magtuloy-tuloy pa yung magandang serbisyou ng Sun Super bilis ng Connection umaabot sya ng 3.6mbbps
    astig sana punuan nila ng 3g site sa buong metro manila para maka-avail din yung mga friends ko ng murang internet at bilis more power sa inyo Love you all

  58. Globe at Smart samin Bulok

  59. sa lahat nang nka globe at smart bayan tell pldt na internet lumipat na kayo sa Sun Broadband P1000 ang monthly nya internet at Landline phone astig!!!!!!!!

  60. jibz says:

    is anyone experiencing connection dropouts every 5 seconds with sun broadband ngayon?

    every now and then kinokonek ko yung broadband ko kasi wala pang 5 seconds dc na agad! nakakabwisit.. ok naman sya since a month ago. yesterday lang siya ngkaganito. ano po kaya ang problema? wala naman naiba sa lahat ng settings ng pc.

  61. kaye says:

    I’m having problems with running Sun on my Macbook. It works ok with my PC laptop (which is what I’m using now), but when I tried to use it on my Macbook, I couldn’t get a connection.

    Has anyone experienced the same problems? Any tips or help will be appreciated.

  62. ako nga! says:

    ang bagal naman isa lang pinapanood ko narutowire lang inabot ako ng 4hrs for 29min of video. ano ba naman yan.

  63. kelangan mo i pa postpaid para hinde magdidisconnect bro

  64. ANO BA? says:

    ano ba naman to……… 0.00 kbps lagi. sobrang bagal…….

  65. Anonymouse says:

    Kamusta naman ang DL speeds dito?
    Being a former Digihell subscriber, who experienced Download Capping/Upload Capping(P2P, youtube, veoh), high latency in games,
    Always disconnected Dsl, curious ako if nagbago na ang Digitel/Sun.

    Wag po yung Speedtest results since companies are not stupid enough to cap those. I’d be more interested in DL/UL speeds with Http/FTP/P2P and others. Currently using Smart Bro Canopy and satisfied pero need ko ng isa pa.

  66. mrniceone says:

    my maintenance ba lagi ang swb? bkit habang tumatagal bumabagal ang connection ko.. 4 wiks ko plang nagagamit..

  67. angelo says:

    napapasukan ba ng virus ang SWB USB? kasi pag sinasalang ko ang usb tapos nag hu hung ang pc ko then auto shutdown na sya … ilang ulit ko na reformat ang pc ko pero ganun pa rin … nag pa try ako sa cust service ng sun pero ok naman sya … meron po bang ganito din and prob? please share … bukas papatingin ko sa tech

  68. tang inang globe yan scammer sila sinisingil nila ako sa monthly ng globe eh matagal ko nang pinaputol yun Nobyembre pa ng 2009. tapos tatawagan ako sa bahay may bill daw kaming aabot sa 3k wala man lang padalang sulat samin amputa, ibang klase din pala kayo mang scam ng costumer nyo tapos my hidden charge pa kayo, eh hinde ko naman napakinabangan yung internet ninyo, eh lahat ng browser ko hinde ko mabuksan

  69. Dimes says:

    SBW prepaid user here. how come nasasayang yun load ko kakakonek sa sun and i’m always getting 0.00 kbps??? when i bought the device nung december with 180 free hours, satisfied naman ako sa performance. ayos pa yun connection ko kahit ilan beses na kong nagload ng 1-day unli.pero the past two week na nagloload ako ng 1-day unli, hirap na hirap na kong makaconnect. kelangan pang gumising ng madaling araw para magamit yun “24 hours” internet daw. kasi by 6am mawawala na naman yun connection at buong araw na yun na intermittent. sana naman ayusin ng Sun dahil nakakaloko yun promo nila.

  70. al says:

    sun cellural broadband sucks! sobrang bagal!

  71. john cruz says:

    i am planning to subscribe to sun broadband here in concepcion dos marikina city …

    anybody would like to inform me in advance what it is like availing this service from sun.



    [email protected]

  72. sugar_korn says:

    Tae yun SUN Broadband wireless. Dahil sa FUP (Fair Usage Policy). Wla sila full details nito. Mabagal cya pag peak hours. In short kontrolado ang bandwith mo. Di mo ma attain yun 2mbps kahit malakas ang signal. Kung mahilig k sa online games, streaming at torrent. Gud luck.

  73. angelo louie says:

    bat sa amin d2 sa marikina sta. elena…90+% namn ung signal tpos ung speed ku sa SUN BROADBAND PREPAID eh 30kbps~600 kbps lng ang maximume madalas sa gabi lng umaabot nga mga 300~600 kbps!!!! d p[aq makapag speed test!!!!!tpos mg ailang oras lng wla na ung 300~600 kbps!!!!!!!bat ganun kung mag aaply ba aq nang SUN BROADBAND 3mbps plan bka 1.5 or 2mbps+ ung speed q???????????

  74. atsaka mlkas ba ung speed ng globe d2 sa marikina sta.elena??lark street?????plsss asnwer….balak ku kc kumuha ng plan 1999 ung 2mbps na may telepono…..atsaka pag may record kba sa globe makaka aply ka paren????kc alam ku bago na may ari ng globe eh….

  75. dannie says:

    2nd day ng sun broadband plan 799. upload is 30kbps download is 100 kbps. Goodluck naman! Akala ko aayos ang buhay ko, kaso putol putol ang connection ko. Wala na bang asenso ang pilipinas??? Guadalupe Bliss Area.

  76. BungeeJump says:

    lately, I encountered same problem too. It disconnects so often. I have to re-connect again and again.

  77. alvin25 says:

    I was a satisfied sun bro user (Plan 799) since November… until today. Before, I never had problems leaving my laptop connected without fears of getting disconnected. Lately, I have noticed that things are different.

    I can easily connect to the net… but it’s usually 0.00kbps DL and UL speed. I don’t get disconnected automatically, but I have to disconnect and re-connect on my own just to get less than 100kbps speed.

    I wonder what’s wrong with sun… and if it’s time to cut my line. Thank God I didn’t subscribe to the one with 24mos holding period.


    Location: Palanan, Makati
    Sun Easy Bro 799 subscriber since Nov 2009

  78. lavezarez says:

    it is amusing to see how, from 2008 to 2010, happy customers gradually became disgruntled customers for sun broadband wireless.

    i suspect it is because sun got more and more subscribers (thanks to their aggressive marketing, but didn’t maintain their quality of service by upgrading their infrastructure and widening the virtual highway where our bandwidth relies on.

    and so here are we now, hapless victims airing our complaints, apparently on the deaf ears of sun.

    word of advice for those considering sun broadband: listen to the horror stories above.

  79. Justin Dibale says:

    as long as it is “wireless” broadband. they are all like this. I tried Smart, but is unstable. Signals always jumping up and down. Then I tried Globe. The speed is also unbearable. and This Sun, it used to be ok. Now? I want to throw the usb to the garbage can.



  81. BiboyH123 says:

    To all those who has complains with Sun broadband, let all of you be heard. Mahirap yung puro complain kayo behind their back…bigyan nyo ng trabaho tech suppot nila at customer service in that way you’ve done your part; kung wala pa din sila improvements o ginawang action… then we can justify how good/bad they are…ako i’m not satisfied with the speed that I have as well; at a maximum of 300kbps in wee hours and an average of 85kbps DL when in fact as per Sun’s CS advise that 300kbps is the “MINIMUM” for a 2mbps speed…so I let them know…let’s see if they do something about it, if my speed improve…
    Call them or send feedback through their website…
    The more complains, the more chances that this would be heard sa Senate, malay natin si “Manong Johnny” mag-ungkat ng problema sa mga ISP’s na yan (if tumambak na complain sa kanila).

    Do your part…complain to them.

  82. adam says:

    In our are sun is doing well I must say sun is OK. I have here an additional testing with regards to
    Sun wireless broadband and Globe broadband tattoo , which is better? kindly check it out.

  83. ranuj says:

    hello im using sun broadband wireless prepaid! i used my globe tatoo usb pina open line ko! kasi ang hina ng globe at smart sa amin unlike SUN FULL BAR nakaka loka! kahit saang parte ng haws namin full bar! the two giant networks has only 2 bars! i cant imagine i already reported but wala sila action sorry sila not my lost hehehe im enjoying my sun i always have 3.6 mbps and my area is in bright homes caypombo sta. maria bulacan!

  84. Sa area namin ok din ang Sun. swertihan lang din talaga. malakas sa kwarto mahina sa kusina. pero sino naman ang gustong mag laptop sa dining right? pwede narin. sana meron silang load na unlimited na hindi pa isa isang araw lang.

  85. adam says:

    How about Sun Cellular’s Digihome. Does anyone here had tried it already. Maganda naman kasi yung experience ko sa sun mobile at sun wireless broadband. I don’t know if maganda din itong Sun Cellular’s Digihome

  86. unlock says:

    hello sino gusto mag pa unlock ng usb niya jan na naka lock sa iisang broadband ung huawei usb lang ah not other brands! just post ur imei # here il give codes for u to unlock that locked usb broadband

  87. BiboyH123 says:

    Hey Unlocker, send mo sa akin na lang yung code at kung panu. Email mo ako sa [email protected]. Thanks.

  88. ALFONSO says:

    A friend of mine who happens to be an agent of Sun Cellular recently disclosed to me the modus operandi of the network in the provision of internet connection. He said that Sun Cellular intentionally limits the individual consumption of connection bandwidth resulting in very slow internet connection. This is the reason every subscriber experiences speedy connection in the first week of his/her internet usage and exasperatingly sluggish connection later on. This service is truly a scam.

    I was victimized. I acquired my connection 4 months ago thinking it would be of big help to me since I conduct an online English tutorial. I am ensnared in the 2-year lock-in period. It’s bullshit.

  89. £ says:

    amf… kla q ok tong sun broadband prepaid d pla sayang pera ko….. 1st day lng ok ung connection q, and d other day.. 0.00 n ung connection q… taz lgeh n q n ddisconnect.. sayang ung load… sayang tlga pera q..

  90. marcuspoleern says:

    i’ve been a suncellular postpaid subscriber for 3 years now.

    for the past 2 billing statements, i’ve been charge for unknown reason. yes, tit was reflected in my billing statement, a number figure and the price charge… no detailed/itemized of number of minutes/hours i have been connected to internet. hindi ko man nga na consume ang 600 plan ko, pero umabot ng 1300php ang bill ko due to 600++ na charge sa internet… pag ginagamit ko ang internet, 10-30 minutes lang ako online at madalang na madalang.

    when i called the hotline, sabi nila “IT DOESNT MEAN SIR NA PAG WALA NA YUNG INDICATOR NG EDGE/3G, NAKA LOG OUT NA PO KAYO SA INTERNET. HANDSET DEPENDENT PO MINSAN.” and sabi ko, “i need to see the itemized/detailed charges:the exact date, time, and duration of my internet usage”… sabi ng customer representative “hindi po possible sir. hindi naman po kasi macha-charge kung hindi po kayo nag connect”..

    if this will be the case, wala kaya hidden agenda ang mga networks? they are so keen in charging our usage, but they dont keep some records for tracking purposes… ano ba ang magiging laban nating mga consumers dito?

    globe and smart prepaid: bigla na lang nawawala ang load. even senator enrile was a victim of this phenomenon.

    what do you think guys?

  91. :) says:

    ganyan nga yata modus operandi ng sun. i’ve been victimized similarly pero sa cp subscription naman. my monthly subscription was already used up in a few days lang. nagtaka naman ako kasi halos d ko nga ginagamit cp ko na pang-text much less pantawag. wala naman details sa statement of billing kung paano naubos yung load. when i called customer service, laging busy, their website was not of any help at all even if you’ve registerd in their web and when i emailed customer service the reply i got was that they can’t disclose my cp usage due to privacy reasons daw! God! meaning, i’m barred from seeing my own usage?! and when i went to a sun cellular center, sabi naman ng customer rep nila pwede naman daw i-request yung detailed usage pero maghihintay pa ng 5 months, gusto ko pa rin daw bang mag-request??!! sa awa ng diyos, up to now i’ve yet to get hold of my “vanished load detailed report”… been waiting for 2 months already, 3 more to go

  92. BiboyH123 says:

    I’m back guys…

    I already had my Sun subscription disconnected. To Sun Broadband Service: I would give -10 rating!!!
    For their customer service: -10
    For their Technical Support: -10
    For their Billing department: perfect 10!!!
    Hooray! for those motherfuckers! They are all a bunch of suckers!
    Take Note guys: even if you document everything for your complain so you can file a dispute…even if you have a CONSISTENT 27kbps for your DL for the whole month, they would say: “your connection is on the average speed for normal web browsing and video streaming”; and your file for dispute will be disapproved!!!

    So, a word of advise, to all who are planning and who has an existing Sun broadband, don’t waste your money and time to Sucker company!!! All they care about is profit!!! Just for the sale of a USB modem, they have 200%-300% minimum profit and trust me, they put more portion of their budget to their marketing department so they can fool more customers. They should have their company Logo:
    “Who Cares???, we don’t”
    With Sun broadband…you can have the SPEED OF UP TO 0.000000000000000001 bit per second and that’s a BURST SPEED so GOODLUCK!!!
    Might as well send a letter through Post Office or visit your friend’s house for a chat if you have a Sucker Sun Broadband!!!

  93. adam says:

    I think sun has updated their Sun wireless broadband offer. I’m one of the subscriber of sun since last year and I think they just provide me with better service than globe.

  94. rick says:

    I think sun is more stable that smart and globe. I tried the VPN and its good the signal is not that perfect but the stability of it is really great. Unlike other network like globe and smart na pasundot sundot hehehe. Also these smart comm CRAP company disable the VPN connectivity in their USB plug in broadband – what a stupid thing to do for bunch of looser! They only look into profit and not the service to the customers.

  95. mer says:

    amf!!!!! last year ang bilis d2 samin ng sun tapos ngayon parang pagong na…bad trip!!!!!napaka bagal bwisit!!!!!!!

  96. Chachisy says:

    Nakakainis ang sun, i got my sun broadband plan 799 last january at first it was all good and then lately hndi na, im here from pasig and i can say, ok naman signal ng sun here pero hndi ko alam kung bakit ba nkpabagal ng sun esp sa online games, i tried before ok naman xa with that but now, sbrang bagal. i cant even open any social networking sites esp fb.. I think hndi naman prob ng fb yun, sun ang my problem… dati im using xp i can eject the sun usb kaso nagkrun ng problema with the connection so i decided to have my laptop reformat and put windows 7 on it.. So now, right now its 1am in the morning yet the connection SUCKS parin. i cant open my fb. bagal ng loading. and dun din sa accounts mu, nadouble din kme after the 3 mos witholding period.. fix this mess sun, ang dameng nagrereklamo sainyo.

  97. garyflor says:

    meron na ba sun broadband d2 sa puerto princesa city? mag apply kc sana aqo.

  98. wirelesstech says:

    guys basta wireless depende sa area yan, kung malakas ang signal s area weder ur using sun, globe or smart magnda mrireceive mo bandwidth…so b4 u buy or subscribe to a wireless broadband make sure kung anong network ang malakas s area nyo…and dont expect n lging mgnda connection kc nga wireless sya thru cgnal lng kc and dont be fooled by the speed they will give…kya nga lging me UP TO ang cnsbi ng promo so dont expect n f u subscribe for 1mbps ull always get 1mbps..up to lng sya, worst sobrang baba p…make sure n me tech support ang network n aaplyan nyo…lyk d 2 big network.

  99. Mandaluyong says:

    I’ve been a Sun Broadband user for a year now. Nagsimula 2 weeks ago, pag umaga hanggang early evening, laging naddisconnect un internet ko. wala pang 2min DC na kgad pag may internet activity. Hindi sa pagddownload to, kahit simpleng YM/Chat lang! kahit FB lang! tapos pag gabi naman, nalilimit sa 80 kilobits un download pero un upload 200 kilobits! LOL! pero hindi na naddisconnect! take note, full bar sang signal ng sun ko dito, WCDMA only.

    SUN BROADBAND TEAM, AYUSIN NYO NAMAN! sayang un binabayad ko!

  100. BiboyH123 says:

    Not in my case, I have a full bar signal and yet my maximum DL is 200kbps, HSDPA pa! That is their marketing ads, you’ll have a good signal pero kokontrolin nila ang traffic sa mga ports sa server nila and then sabihin nila sa inyo na depende sa area nyo kung ilan gumagamit. Hindi ba dapat, pagdami ng subscriber mo, itataas nila ang open ports sa server nila at dagdagan servers pa to accomodate increase; which is take note iba ang server ng prepaid nila sa postpaid nila! Yun na nga din ang kalokohan e, UP TO DAW, pero ni minsan sa loob ng mahigit isang taon naka SUN ako, di ko naranasan ang UP TO NA SINASABI NILA!

    To everybody out there, I suggest before you apply, ask anyone in your area how Sun performs so that di kayo maloloko.

    Naintindihan ko sinasabi ni MANDALUYONG! Panu nangyayari na mas mataas pa UPLOAD mo versus DLOAD – it is because nasa control nila talaga ang traffic ng network and ang alloted lang per subscriber e nasa 50kbps lang!

    At ang tech ng sun even customer service sa hotline man o sa business center kulang sa training ng basics ng customer service. Magreklamo ka, maiinis pa sa’yo-masyadong pinepersonal na akala yata e sa kanila nabubwisit ang mga customer nila at di marunong ng empahty!

    Eto pa malala din diyan sa SUN na yan, sa mga postpaid phone lines nila…sa kanila lang ako naka-experience twice na bigla na lang mag invalid SIM mo! AND TAKE NOTE, ang REPLACEMENT NG SIM AY MAY BAYAD NA P150!!! F%*&! Prevailing sim card prices sa market is P40 na lang sim and yet ikaw na subscriber ka e dapat privelege na ng subscriber yun na free replacement mga bagay na yan!!!

    For everybody’s info! SUN don’t support websites that make you download files even temporary internet files kaya wag na kayo magtaka kung bakit nadidisconnect kayo kapag naka-FB ka and mostly YOU TUBE – as stated sa Fuckin’ FAIR USAGE POLICY nila!!!
    Visit nyo link to see the petition.

    Dapat pinapakialaman na ng gobyerno tong mga bagay na ito! Malamang pakikialaman lang nila to kapag apektado na rin sila like what happened to Manong Johnny – gaano katagal na ba na naexperience natin yung nawawala na lang bigla mga load natin at lagyan ng expiry ang load na binayaran na natin, hindi naman perishable commodity binebenta nila para magkarun ng expiration date!

    • Ervin says:

      P150 SIM replacement for Sun. Haha. Naku may issue akong ganyan ngayon. My phone was stolen and Sun hotline told me to go to a Sun shop immediately for sim replacement and damage is P150. They said my new sim will be reactivated in 24 hours. More than 1 week na wala pa rin. At gusto pa ako pabalikin sa Sun Shop for “number change”!!! Buti pa sana kung prepaid ako. Eh postpaid ako eh. Mga manggagantso.

  101. andoy says:

    dont get sun bro kung ayaw nyong magsisi sa huli, 2 months kumuha ako ng “Lite” ngaun palala ng palala connection, sa umpisa lang mabilis kahit full hsdpa 95-99% ave signal ko, after 20mins magtthrottle na U/D nio…papuputol ko nato wala naman nangyayari kahit nakailang tawag ako sa technical assistance nila.. hayyyy

    nagemail nako kay pnoy, enrile,mga senador, abscbn at gma, mas maganda email nio rin

    • GIRD says:

      i see… so ano ang mairerecommend mo naman na Broadband wireless na masasabi mong subok at maganda? tulad nyan ano ang gamit mo po ngaun??

  102. SBW User says:

    badtrip i2ng broadband n 2, lging mbgal net, kht google hirap maopen, chambhan ang net ni2, 200kbps, mlkas n s knila un,..

  103. benchgarcia says:

    sun broadband connection sa fairview nakaka gago

    lokohin nila ang lelong nila

    kakabili ko lang tapus ang sabi upto 2 mbps daw

    yun pala for 3omins lang kasi nilagyan nila nang limit upto 256kbps lang talaga yun upto 2mbps palokohan yun ang signal ko 98 to 99% kaya wala silang dapat i dahilan kasi my limit sila na nilagay. kahi sinong IT alam yun ang kapal nila maningil pero ginagago nila costumer nila.

    yun smartbro naman pag residential 10/100 ang config nila sa plan 999 buti nalang pwedi bagohin wagnyo gagohin costumer nyo ok!! yun iba walang alam pero ramdam nila at yun iba alam nila pero pinapa bayaan lang kayu… kung ako sa inyo mahiya kayo…

    pero ok ang smarbro sa office kasi up to 2mbps talaga kasi kinolit ko ang smart mga 8 times ko pinabalik balik sa sun naman balak ko kulitin rin for the sake ng mga gomagamit malay mo alisin ang limit kaso baka sa sim kolang ang alisan nila nang limit sana lahat….

    sa globe naman verry nice po kasi ang bilis po talaga ng connection grabe walang daya pero ang mahal naman po… sana bomaba po ang bayad sa dls nyo po.. pero yung wifimax nyo wag na po kayo mag tanong alam nyo na.

  104. intin says:

    hay nako sun is so slow gsto ko sana gamitin ang globe tattoo pero pano ko i unlock ug modem ko?
    Gravatar Icon unlock pa unlock naman po
    IMEI: 358066026257682
    model: mf627
    email po sakin sa [email protected] tnx.

  105. dimes says:

    wala kong masasabing magana sa SBW. prepaid lang ako. same with other users, sa una lang maayos ang connection. pag tumagal sayang na yung niloload mong 50 pesos for unlimited surfing per day.

    kaya nung nagsawa ako, pinaopenline ko na lang. mas maayos pa yung supersurf ng globe na 50 pesos din.kahit mabagal, connected pa rin at mabilis naman pag off peak.

  106. abcd guest 123 abc gma abscbn says:

    hello,if u are planning to apply then pagsisihan niyo lng!!! 2 months na akong na ka subscribe sa plan 799.. and 20 days n lng ang hihintayin ko para matapos na ung contract na 3 months!! sa wakas!!
    pero never akong nag enjoy sa internet na2 kc super bagal talaga… ang plan pa nga na dpat kukuwain namin is ung plan xxx … basta 1 year contract un.. buti n lng nagbago isip namn kundi 1 yr kming na lock sa contract na un… super gusto ko nang palitan ung sun internet… super bagal!! d nga ako nakaka pag facebook.. kahit google ayaw mag load minsan.. mas mabilis pa ata ang isp.. for research m lng xa maga2mit, kung gus2 mo mag youtube maghihintay ka ng mga 5 mins para mapanood lng ung 1 min video!!everytime na nag oopen ako ng internet hina high blood ako!! super bagal!! shit!! nakakapikon ang sun kc wala clang kwenta.. tpos ang super lugi pa!! ang sabi nila 3mbps.. parang d nman!!ang galing nila mag convince and LIAR!! cla.. sabi nila mabilis daw ang youtube at facebook pero bat ang bagal bagal…mabilis lng ang sun tuwing 4 am… kc ang epal nila!! convince ng convince cla, ang dami dami n ngang gumagamit ng sun tpos convince ng convince pa cla ng mga taong pedeng mag subscribe kya mas bumabagal pa ung internet… the best tlga ang PLDT,.. mabilis!! and mura pa!! tpos the best kc kahit 500kbps lng ang bilis… compare sa sun na 3mbps daw pero parang hindi nman ata!! tapos mo naman maga2mit ang sun sa any where…

    pero malapit na kmi magpalit ng internet… siguro sky n lng ipapalit nmin.. kc may internet na, may cable , and telephone for only 1000… not bad!! madami nagsa2bi na maganda raw ang sky.. suggestion??

  107. IKEAN says:

    most of your feedback and comments are negative. and it seems that you’re not happy with their service….yeah, i hate it too… sun wireless broadband is waste of money and TIME!! before i subscribed, i received a lot of positive feedback from my friends and classmates, but because we really need the internet that time we don’t have a choice, so we decided to subscribed on their internet service for 1 year contract… and on my first usage i was so disappointed, after that day we decided to back at their store and we changed it into plan 799 so that we can only have a 3 months contract, and i think all of this are useless and a very wrong decision…. i dont really understand them.. but i really dont understand why other people says that their connection is fast.. yeah maybe it depends on your location but i know that we really have a great signal here just like what sun told us.. on their store their is a touch screen computer where you can check if the signal is available at your location , and off course we checked our location and we find out that we have really have a great signal but i dont care!! maybe it just a lie.. just to convince us!, ung iba sa inyo nagsa2bi na mabilis xa nung first week pero after a week mabagal na siya.. i think it becoz habang tumatagal mas dumadami ung nag a-apply sa kanila so mas dumadami dn ung gumagamit then mas da2mi ang magaagawan sa signal :( …everyday another costumer = Victim!
    2 months na ko nag sa-sacrifice sa super slow internet .. pldt is really better than sun wireless… but we will try sky internet, telephone and cable all for PHP1000.00 only not really bad and very cool!! so any suggestions or feedback for sky plan 1000?? good or bad?

    haha.. thanks..







    AND SA SUN, ***** … AND _ _ __ !!!

  108. Ayanami says:

    Baka ang nag cocomment na mabilis at malakas ang signal ay taga sun din, ay naku wag kayo magpapaniwala.

    Bad experience ako dyan sa SUN na yan.. ipinapa cut ko kasi wlang kwenta ang service nila o.k daw.. 1 week pa lang na nag apply ako…

    Ending di sila nag disconnect hanggang maubos ang deposit, may bill pa daw ako kahit wala naman ako ginamit..

    May dumating pa na letter atty na daw ang haharapin ko, dapat bago sila mag sue alamin nila yong totoo, wag sila mag bulag blagan walang kwenta ang service nila.. WAG NA KAYO PUMATOL SA NAPAKAGANDANG ADVERTISEMENT.. hindi po totoo pangit ang sun wireless

    • joy says:

      ano ginawa mo ng may letter na dumating galing atty. kasi balak ko na din ipa cut linya ko ayw nila pumayag tapusin dw ung contrata kaso wla talaga at napakabagl ng signal nila pls replay po ngkaharap ba kau ng attorny

  109. Maybe, all broadbands are the same right?, for example I am from remote area that PLDT broadband are really fast internet reliable services.

  110. Marc says:

    I’m taking this opportunity to vent a bit. I subscribed to Sun Cellular Postpaid Broadband since the store agent gave an assurance that it will give me a fast and reliable internet connection in Muntinlupa. Unang araw na ginamit ko ang product, hnd umaabot ng 100kbps ang signal. Tumawag ako sa customer service, they said magsusubmit sila ng ticket to resolve my issue. They promised na within 24 hours magbibigay cla ng feedback. Naghintay ako pero wala. The next day tumawag ako, on the process pa daw ang concern ko. I asked for a supervisor, the agent transferred me to Miss Alphie, Officer in charge daw sa floor. Sabi nya, ifoforward daw nya ulit ang concern ko and she promised to give me a call back within the day. Guess what? Wala akong nareceive na tawag. Third day, tumawag ako ulit sa kanila, tinanong ko ang agent na nakasagot kung bakit walang callback si Miss Alphie after nyang mag promise. Sabi sakin ng agent after 10 minutes siguro sa call na yun, nakausap daw nya si Miss Alphie at sinabi daw ni Miss Alphie na tumawag sya sa number ko, babae daw ang nakasagot at naliligo ako. E wala naman. Ginawa pa akong sinungaling. I asked to be transferred to Miss Alphie, nung kausap ko na sya, sabi nya ibang customer daw pala yun na tulad lang sa name ko. I then asked for a supervisor, sabi ni Miss Alphie engaged pa daw sa call ang supervisor pero tatawagan daw ako within the day ni Jay Dulap, supervisor nila. Same thing happened; I did not receive a call back from the supervisor. The next day, tumawag ako ulit. Nakausap ko ang isa pang supervisor, sa araw din nay un, I received a callback from a manager. Sabi nya, makakareceive daw ako ng call the next day from a technician for troubleshooting. WALA NA NAMAN AKONG NARECEIVE NA CALL. Fifth day na ngayon at wala pa ring resolution sa concern ko. Ngayon may kausap akong CS agent, 1hr and 33 minutes na kame sa call habang sinusulat ko to dahil hnd pa rin daw available ang supervisor nya.They keep on saying na naforward na ang concern ko sa proper department at maghintay lang daw ako ng callback within the day. Sino pang maniniwala????? In my opinion, Sun Cellular has a very poor customer service. What a shame.

  111. leyner says:

    panu kung gumamit akoh ng pc na mas mababa sa requirement ng sun broadband wireless…. anung mangyayari sa pc?

  112. wacko says:

    tanginang suncellular yan!Manloloko kayo!bulok ang service nyo! wag na kayong magpaloko!

  113. Mason says:

    Wlang kwenta ang SUN mahina sa Online Games Sumasayaw Ang Ping taas baba taas baba

  114. SunLoloko says:

    WAG NP KYO MG-SUBSCRIBE S SUN BROADBAND WIRELESS, WALANG KWENTA at SCAMMER lng ang 2MBps n speed, ang makuha nyo ay 0.2MBps lng!!!

    Excited p nmn kmi ng misis k n mgkaroon ng SUN Broadband wireless, nung unang araw plang napakabagal n ng connection 100kbps or 0.1MBps lng ang nakukuha nmn speed s NAVOTAS hanggang s ika-3 araw, ginawan n daw ng incident report hanggang umabot ng 3-araw wala namang nangyari ganun din kabagal ang speed!!! WALANG KWENTA ANG TECHNICAL SUPPORT NILA at ANG SABI SKN 2 LNG DAW ANG SUPERVISOR NILA!!! WALANG KWENTANG KUMPANYA!!!

    ung CONNECTION PARANG DIAL-UP LNG, wg kyo maniwala sa advertisement nla. MAG-FILE N KMI NG DISCONNECTION!!! Walangyang yan, kaya pla npakabilis i-processoso ng application nmn at i-no-autodebit p s credit card nmn ung palang siste ang modus-operandi nla n automatic n ma-charge sau ung bill kahit NAPAKAPANGIT NG SERVICE NLA AT SUPER-BAGAL NG CONNECTION NLA!!!


  115. shela says:


  116. Should you be even so at the kennel area: obtain your earphones, start as small as some Preferred Pay for and enquire of towards connector these products right Zune therefore a particular apple ipod and pay attention to the one does seem preferable to most people, not to mention of which user interface making you be happy further. Therefore you are likely to discover and that is right for most people.

  117. jeff says:

    Guys, correct if Im wrong. Nagsimula ang problema ko sa connection ko i think nung naging primary shareholder ang SMART communication nang SUN network. I switched from smart to sun before cause palaging nadidisconnect ung smart. bat ngaun ganito na rin ang nangyayari sa SUN. i think that;s the reason why we are having these problems sa connection.

  118. Angry Birds says:

    Putang ina nyo mga sun broad band, manloloko isipin ko lang halos nag zezero ang upload meter tapos ung download an taas how come tlga ako makaka download 1MB file lng inaabot ng 2hrs hayop kayo. Kya please lng mga kababayan wag n kayo gmya skin na naloko ng bwisit ang wlang kwentang IS provider na Sun Broadband……………

  119. micahel andrew lopez says:

    putangina sun broadband fast and reliable?shit!ktarantaduhan sna wla ng maloko 2ng sun na 2 hnd nyo alam kung ganu klaking perwisyo nbi2gay nyo sa min mga consumer

  120. Not often do I encounter a weblog that’s both educated and entertaining, and let me inform you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the problem is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

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