Wi-Tribe doubles Plan 1998 speed to 4Mbps

Wi-Tribe doubles Plan 1998 speed to 4Mbps

Wi-Tribe has recently (not sure exactly when) upgraded all the speed limtes of all of their broadband plans, including the top Plan 1998 from 2Mbps to 4Mbps. Not bad considering my PLDT DSL plan is charging the same rate but only pulls down 1Mbps (supposed to be 2Mbps or 3Mbps).

These Wi-Tribe plans come in both the 4G USB sticks or the WiFi modem for fixed-wireless kit (I’m more interested in the fixed-wireless like that of Smart Bro).


Anyway, since this is still a wireless broadband connection, the speeds you’ll get won’t be consistent and will depend your location and surrounding buildings.

Take note also the lowest plan which is only Php598 a month for a 1Mbps connection.

Also, Wi-Tribe claims the plans have unlimited bandwidth as long as it’s within their Fair Usage Policy (which states one or 2 movie downloads a week is fair enough).

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22 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    Does this come with unlimited data plans? I hate Globe and their 25GB allowed bandwidth per month.

  2. Chino yray says:

    Double the speed. No connection. hmmm….

  3. Eason says:

    too late for wi-tribe to fix up their image, their previous 2 image refresh didn’t work. All because their service is still crap.

    Personally its very annoying to pay for 2 years for a service that is RARELY even working

    • Arsie says:

      That’s true there’s really an issue with Wi-Tribe’s system and I just had a meeting with their management last May and I was informed about how their system works.

  4. James says:

    Been using WI-Tribe for a year now and I can give it a satisfactory rating. Its much faster and reliable than Globe and Smart in our area (Cubao). As far as I remember, the double speed free upgrade was offered October last year for new and existing subscribers. Unlimited bandwidth was given a couple of months before.

  5. Benchmark says:

    Really James, it’s better than Globe or Smart? Currently we are in PLDT DSL bundle plan with 72kbps…it’s reliable yet we usually download movies which takes up to much time due to the “slow” connection. We are planning to have a separate internet plan ~ scouting what is “good” in the market. Also we are in Cubao area. Does the wi Tribe speed somewhat consistent?

    Well the question here regarding their fair usage…is the movie they are referring is HD movie (which is around 3gig upto 10gig)? Or its just a DVD ripped which is around 1gig?

    • jcballer says:

      I have the 4mbps plan and am barely getting 600 kbps in my condo at Eastwood but I let my friend from Cubao borrow it and the speed is 3.2 mbps! I was so jealous!

      Their pldt dsl went down that’s why they borrowed mine. They got wi-tribe the next day and now only use pldt as the backup.

  6. batusai21 says:

    @James : Agree! I have been using wi-tribe for almost 6 mos now and i’ll rate that 4/10 (10 as the highest

    @Benchmark : With regards to Globe, it has a bandwidth cap of 800mb. Wi-Tribe has almost the same setup. Once you have received a data of total of 4GB, expect slow connection.

    This is not meant for movie downloads. Works fine with online games, but suggest not for playing DOTA.. hehe

    If your into browsing and simple video streaming, you will be fine for this service, but not heavy downloads.

    For heavy downloads, I suggest get PLDT instead, most reliable internet connection, too bad it doesn’t have phoneline in our area.

  7. bwisetnawitribe says:

    4GB+ linux dvd iso: less than 7 hours
    3 minute youtube video: 10 – 15 minutes
    torrents: in your dreams :)

    wtf witribe?

  8. Sonofa says:

    Used wi tribe for a day… Pinaputol ko kaagad… They told me to expect a slower connection sa first day around 512kbps…

    our house has 3 bars speed was .00kbps

  9. kabz says:

    Who says GLOBE has a cap? I am a globe postapid subscriber and i am downloading 24/7 (100 GB a week @ 500-600 KBps dl speed) and i am not getting capped.
    All PREPAID plans have a cap but not for postpaid.

  10. Adam Mar says:

    Is it only available in Luzon? Not Visaya?

  11. RedSimba says:

    Its like having the super fast car but with limited gas. Capped. Fail

  12. Juan Aceron says:

    Had Wi-Tribe since it was released, and I can’t say it was satisfactory. Our first plan ever was Destiny’s 512kbps, at 1k a month. We heard about this, and we were excited to try it. It was a bit faster than Destiny, but it was much less reliable. After a few months, they raised the cap (they worded it to make it SEEM like there was no limit) and “doubled” the speed. After a few more months of just barely scraping by, we finally decided to get Sky Cable’s 6mbps plan at 4k a month. It was a godsend. Most of the time I got 700+KB/s when downloading games on Steam, and I could watch HD videos on youtube without buffering! Best of all, there was no limit. (There probably is a limit, but I haven’t reached it yet. Which must mean it is a pretty big limit. ;) )

    But, when I purchased Starcraft 2, I was very surprised to see that I was getting sub-par speeds to the North American server. So, in an extreme act of desperation, I plugged in the Wi-Tribe thingy, and I was getting a lagless connection to North America’s Battle.net servers.

    Weird, isn’t it? :)

  13. Carlisle says:

    This is an absolute lie! I am currently subscribed to wi-tribe Plan 998 (2MBPS) for almost 3 weeks now. But heck, I haven’t got the speed I am supposed to. Only .22Mbps speed?! wi-tribe is crap!

    I’m gonna unsubscribe soon and switch to Globe instead.

  14. Ogie says:

    I’ve been using WI-tribe for almost 2 years now.

    Before the so-called DOUBLE-SPEED, it was really fast in our area (Cubao, QC). I rarely experience downtime with their services (which is what I like most). I was able to reach 800kbps speed when it was just a 1mbps.

    BUT, when they started the “Double-Speed” crap, I rarely get 500kbps on my speed test (http://2wire.com/bandwidth), which is the most weird thing I’ve seen.

    I noticed also the 50 to 70ms of LATENCY increase to the North American Servers I am playing compared to when I was just in 1mbps speed. I also noticed that they are using “Speed-On-Demand” (maybe), coz each time I’m downloading something, The latency on the servers where I’m playing are lower than when I’m not downloading anything. Even in the PH servers where I used to have 50-80ms latency only, is now 125-150ms.

    So to summarize, they were great before the double-speed, but afterwards, I’m thinking to switch my ISP now.

  15. Arvin Dizon says:

    Good Day Sir Yuga,

    CAn you make a round-up of current DSL providers in metro manila for 2012? Because wi-tribe is starting to be a fluke and bayantel begins to have down times unlike 2-7years ago. Can you make Comparisons between PLDT, BayanDSL et. al.

    Thanks so much for the time!

  16. Name: says:

    para sa mga wala pang serbisyo ng Wi-tribe Please spare your self from anger, pain, asar, at inis. Huwag nyo na balakin kumuha nito. Pangit ang serbisyo ng Wi-tribe

  17. josh ramos says:

    wi-tribe sucks! wag kayong maniniwala sa 2mbps na connection for php998 kc 512 kbps lang matatanggap nio. walang kwenta wi-tribe promise! CROSS MY HEART!

  18. Lesley says:

    tama… super bagal. pano ba paputol… bahala ang witribe na yan di ko sila babayaran im not paying for this… di ako magbabayad sa .51mbps which is ang ipinangako nilang speed is more than 1.5mbps grrr sayang lang 1k per month ko kung itutuloy ko toh

  19. jojo says:

    fuck wi-tribe the worst ISP in planet, slower than dial up connection.

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