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Video: Skyworth G6 Android TV Review

Skyworth, in partnership with Toshiba, joins the 4k bandwagon with an interesting offering. Meet the Skyworth G6, a 4k TV running on Android’s 6.0 Marshmallow. Here are our thoughts on the device.

The Skyworth G6 sports a 4K Ultra HD IPS LED display with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 and is available in three sizes (50, 55, and 65). The display puts out clear and crisps pictures and provides good viewing angles, color reproduction, and color accuracy which is perfect for movie and TV-series watching. If you plan to game on the device, however, do take note that it only has a 60Hz refresh rate and an 8ms response time, which may be more than enough for console and mobile gaming but only rather average for PCs, then again we do recommend you use a monitor for that one. Speaking of gaming, we have to give props to Toshiba for including a game controller right off the bat. The TV also has Bluetooth support so, should you wish, you can buy your own set of gamepads, controllers, smart remotes, and even keyboards.

Moving on, as we’ve said earlier the device is powered by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, meaning users have access to Google’s Playstore and its surplus of apps. Perhaps its most interesting feature, however, is Voice Command, which allows users to issue a range of commands to the TV from opening apps to playing movies and music. It supports 88 different languages, including Filipino, and is accessed through one of the included remotes with a built-in mic. Toshiba also included a built-in Chromcast into the device, so users can easily connect any of their devices that support the technology.

For Audio, the TV is equipped with a Dolby + DTS soundbar located just below the display which has a maximum output of 2x10W. While it does have the Dolby branding and is dubbed to provide a cinematic experience, the sound quality is average at best. We recommend that you buy your own set of speakers should you feel the need of a better audio experience.

Thankfully users are provided with a good selection of ports as the TV has three HDMI inputs, two USB ports, an ethernet port, a VGA and VGA audio input, an earphone jack, an RF input, and composite (RCA) video and audio inputs.

Toshiba’s latest offering is certainly a good choice if you are in need of a budget 4k TV, it has good viewing angles, produces clear pictures and provides a rather excellent viewing experience. Gaming is also fairly supported as it has a good selection of ports, Bluetooth compatibility, and respectable refresh rates and response times, not to mention the device already comes with a controller out of the box. Perhaps it’s best selling feature though is its voice command which gives users the ability to easily operate the device. It would’ve been nice, however, if Toshiba gave us a more updated version of Android and a much better audio experience. Nevertheless having access to Google’s wide selection of apps is still a welcome feature and you can always buy your own set of audio gear to enhance your experience. While Toshiba’s offering doesn’t come cheap at a starting price of  Php 35,000, do take note that this is already a 4k ready device and offers quite a lot of features.

Check out our video review below.

Update: The original article stated that Skyworth was under Toshiba, we’ve edited the article to correct the mistake.

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar for Kk Kk says:

    This guy is promoting toshiba indirectly
    A very cheap way i must say ?

  2. Avatar for c c says:

    “Toshiba’s budget television segment, Skyworth”

    ^ that is false
    there is collaboration with Toshiba and Skyworth but still separate companies. Toshiba is Japanese but Skyworth is chinese


  3. Avatar for B B says:

    Colors look washed out in the video — how do they look in real life?

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