5 Million Filipino Friendster users?

5 Million Filipino Friendster users?

I was doing a quick post over at Pinoy.Tech.Blog about “Friendster Ads for Php20” when I stumble upon their stats that claim there are 5 Million Filipino Friendster users.


Figures from Internet World Stats pegged the number of online Filipinos at 7.82 Million in 2005 (compared to only 2 Million in 2000). That means a little over 3 out of every 5 people who have access to the internet have a Friendster account.

That’s a real good subscription rate. But I guess that 5 Million includes duplicate accounts, ghost and anonymous accounts most people use to lurk around Friendter looking for pictures.

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26 Responses

  1. Gelay says:

    Over 7 Million? Kasama din diyan ang mga group accounts, hehe. :)

    So does that include most Filipino Friendster users around the globe?

  2. Abaniko says:

    some have multiple friendster accounts. don’t you think that in the stats, they assume 1 account = 1 filipino? this then bloats the total figure. but it’s interesting that we have this many filipino firendster accounts. what about filipino blogs?

  3. The Ca t says:

    check my entry about top technorati bloggers.

  4. kzap says:

    i think there are a lot more online filipinos. like how many play online games alone?

  5. Alfie says:

    yeah, maybe the number bloat because of duplicated account. I, for example, have 5 accounts for my 5 different personalities. bwahahaha. :))

  6. malufet says:

    honestly……i also have a friendster account..wait a minute..are we anti’s???great job for that friendster!!don’t really know how it spread so fast.

  7. Mylez says:

    It only means that Filipinos are Friendster addict….I wonder how it started????

  8. sphincter says:

    I find that really easy to believe. When you search ANY country for people, 80% of the people displayed are Philipinos living around in those countries. Try it out!

  9. CHESTER says:

    d noh! it’s more than 5million friendster user hir in our country, sa skul p lng nmin, almost all students have frindster.. it can be compared kung cno yung my fone, meron ding frndstr, e ang dami ding my fone

  10. Maybe this is true kasi filipinos are really friendly. Sana magregister din kayo dito: http://www.filipinofriendsterworld.com/


  11. Jesol Palada says:

    Friendster Rules!…hahahaha!….puta na yan…walang tatalo sa friendster….dapat lagyan nila ng chat para mas enjoy….yung madali gamitin yung user interface

  12. spider says:

    frienster is da best! talaga they should put more a lot of interesting thing to edit your profile its fun you make friends and all that stuff! but for me my space is the best than anyone else

  13. sphincter says:

    Do a search on Friendster. Any country, and 90% of the profiles shown are Filippions….

  14. paolo says:

    im quite hooked in the net. in friendster for example, i have 10 accounts, each with more than a thousand friends each. i guess that 5 million doesn’t really translate that 5 million different individuals have friendster site. but still, the figure is awesome. good thing that friendster had updated their site wherein you can have several thousand friends on one account, at least you dont have to keep on creating new one just to accomodate all the pending invites to you. ^_^

  15. karen says:

    hay,,, naku ang hirap mag friendster lalo na kapag mabagal ang internet noh..,,

  16. gina says:

    i just wanted to make a suggestion to friendster developers… based on my experience, there is a person who used my name to create an account, used my photo, put my face on a nude photos… it’s really disgusting. i just learn about this through my friend who search for my name and told me that why i’ve upload such photos.

    although there is note on friendster that members should not post nudity on this site.. why other users are still posting those kind of photos.

    suggest to please make sure that there are incharge on filtering of photos that are being posted on friendster.

  17. Mia Marie says:

    Ahm..For me, friendster is d besT..!!! I’m not yet adDict..because na sa iyo naman yon kung mag papa aDdiCt ka..Ryt? Ginawa niLa anG friendster so that we can communicate to our friends, relatives, CRUSH (ahem) and alSo to our family..buT i hopE that the oMg pUt sOme oTher fUnny and enJoyabLe thiNgx..pAra maS mArami pa ung mAg reGister..tSaka pAra mas mAsAya..

  18. sara says:

    hi i just want to know all da friendster email in all filipinos specially my crush roybben benitez…..

  19. rasheed says:

    cnung gusto pakantot pede aq!!!

  20. rasheed says:

    kantutero aq bkit tsu2paen nio q?>?????

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