1 Mbps thru Smart Wifi?

1 Mbps thru Smart Wifi?

It’s called PLDT myDSL-W (as in wireless) … same animal, different bandwidth.

There are 3 residential plans for PLDT DSL-W :

Plan 999 256 Kbps – Php 999

Plan 1,995 512 Kbps – Php 1,995


Plan 3,000 1 Mbps – Php 3,000

Initially available in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

If this baby becomes available in our small island-province of Guimaras, I sure do love to get connected from our little beach over there (ever heard of Alubihod beach?).

A month here, a month there, ain’t bad huh?

Update: Also posted at PTB last October.

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30 Responses

  1. Jaypee says:

    been to Alubihod beach a long time ago with my family and other relatives. :)

  2. Yellowcard says:

    how good is the speed anyway? since both smart and pldt use meridian as backbone or am I wrong?

  3. kzap says:

    probably bad service as usual?

  4. demonhale says:

    Hey I think Alubihod is beside Reymen? Ive been to Alubhod several times, and once in Reymen just this year since my cousins want airconditioned room and a pool table… Well Anyways if Ide known you stayed there I might as well talked with you in person…

  5. Kates says:

    I had a hard time looking for cafes with internet connection in the town of san miguel, guimaras. If alubihod is connected I’ll probably stay there more often. I’m supposed to be there last thursday.

  6. Johmar says:

    NAKUPO!!!! dito nga sa min sa cavinti laguna… ewan, kung di pa namin hinaras yung mag iinstal, edi wala kaming internet. pero parang pagong naman ang speed… 256 kbps tapos parang 28 kbps na dial up connection ang speed. mas mabilis pa GPRS ng mobile phone e…

  7. 7th-g says:

    dudes is this about connection or bitches? i mean beaches! anyway smart wifi sux!

  8. Technical Support Representative says:

    As of the moment, there are ongoing constructions of hundreds of base stations nationwide. This would help to serve other areas that are currently not included in our coverage area. The bad thing is, newly constructed base stations only get signals from old base stations causing congestion which leads to slow to no internet connection in the network. The pipe started to be choked more than a month ago but they are still accepting hundreds of new subscribers everyday. Sorry, I have to say this. I am from Meridian. I just can’t take this anymore. My conscience always disturbs me! T_T

  9. jason says:

    just stop subscribing to Smart.

  10. bgerardo says:

    Hopefully tani ma- materialize and that would solve our connectivity probs. Didto sa amon sa villa, bisan linya ka telepono di ka lab-ot. PLDT had been claiming that they have extensive upgrades and modernization on their network. Pero as I could remember, 11 years na apply ko sa landline sa ila wala gid gihapon.

    So at this time mantinir lang ko anay sa Islacom (krone type, wireless man ni, classic type lang hehehe) galing pag mag labay eroplano (alagyan gid abi balay namon pakadto sa madurriao) ga ka DC dayon Internet ko :-(

    I hope it could be in placed soon.


  11. anonymous_user says:

    just stop subscribing to SMART WIFI AND PLDT!! they are frauding the subscribers! i am one of smart wifi and it really sucks! i disconnect my smart wifi attaching the letter of dti to prevent the pre-termination fees. switch to globe or digitel adsl its network is REALLY GOOD than the FUCKING SMART AND PLDT

  12. tukmol says:

    I’ve been using pldt wifi since feb and i have not gotten any problems with it though minsan bumabagal yung connection pag 11pm to 1am pero sobrang minimal lang ang effect like mga 160-180 kbps. plan 999 256kbps ang subscribed connection ko pero right now nakaka 380kbps ako. sauyo kingspoint subd and location ko.

    siguro depende lang talaga sa location niyo. i recommend that you consult first with pldt kung may malapit na cellsite sa area ninyo and then from there magdecide kayo kung iaavail nyo yung service. kung malayo kayo sa cellsite ng smart, i suggest wag na lang kayo magsubscribe to avoid frustrations of having good and stable dsl connection.

  13. tukmol says:

    one more thing, mas ok ang customer service pag pldt wifi ang package na inavail. so far, sobrang friendly sila and maayos yung service nila. they would even help you troubleshoot your connection problem or advise you kung may ongoing maitenance sa area nyo

  14. Hi.. This was my post at another site.. I hope we can do more proactive things to make them realize the injustice!

    First time ko mag post and so far ok naman ang smart ah! OK na pasabugin! Kung cno may mga connection sa inyo sa mga NPA etc, malaking sympathy makukuha nila kapag Smart Sites ang tirahin nila! We have to go on the offensive! Marami pa din nabibiktima yang Smart na yan and angkakapal ng mukha nagoffer pa ng FREE 3G service na nakikigamit sa already overloaded internet service natin!! Napansin nyo ba na from Bad service they’ve gotten really worse! Kung dati minsan slow connection, ngayon totally walang connectivity!!! Thats partially because of 3G and of course ung signups they insist on taking!

    Give me all your Sun and Globe numbers and I will create chain letters and hate mail to destroy Smarts reputation!! You can also send me email addresses of filipinos para maikalat tong katarantaduhan nyang mga yan!

    Guys stop na reklamo.. Lets go to war! Make Smart pay!!! Boycott lahat ng smart products, change sims, kahit ano basta do something!! I will!


  15. Peeps….22o bng mg kakaron ng 1mbps ang Smart wifi… 5days ng mbgal ang conection ko…compare dti,,bt b4 dz hapen satisfy nmn ako…s service,at speed ko…i hope bumilis i min bumalik nsa dti…MERIDIAN email me …and dey feel sori kc…my on going maintenance nga dw…cgro nga tama ..maayos din..1wik ng mbgal..i gez pag 1month ng gn2..il change…as off now im stil hoping..

    ….guys gve ur comments free 2 emailme ……[email protected]…… we rly nid FORUM..it helps4 us being consumer..pag 1 lng ngsasalita..walang tinig eh..kya okei pag gn2…

    ASK KO LNG f der any MERIDIAN riding dz or concern…”22o bang d rison of dz maintenace is 2 Expand up 2 1mbps????””” pls pki xpln nmn in detail wtz d maintenance all abwt…my nsira bah…my dinagdag bah..nag upgrade bah….JZ LYK DAT>>>so we knw…


  16. Mikee says:

    1mbps would be good (though still quite expensive for me). Curious lang ako, now my supposed connection speed with Smart Wifi is 256Kbps but sometimes I go as low as 30Kbps even in good weather. Sometimes to nothing. With 1Mbps kaya, how much bandwidth cna they guarantee? Is 1Mbps guaranteed perhaps minus uncontrollable factors such as weather, etc? Or baka naman, 1Mbps sometimes but 100Kbps most of the time???

    And about Guimaras, all I can say about it is one beautiful island!!! I used to live in Iloilo and back then I look at Guimaras almost everyday!

  17. jpsaguilar says:

    ANg Bagal Ng PLDT talaga!

    we are payin 17,500 a month pero minsan bagsak ang connection. minsan mabilis….


    anung magandang connection???

  18. Jay says:

    Hmm… I’ve been reading a lot of complaints about “384 kbps pero actual download speed is 40-something kbps”…

    Please note that what the DSL providers are claiming is in kbps… KiloBITS per second. What the computer displays (during a download) is kBps, which is KiloBYTES per second. The difference is that a “bit” uses a small letter b, while the “byte” uses a capital B.

    8 bits equal 1 byte… therefore, 384 kbps would be 48kBps… syempre medyo babagal ng konti like around 20-45kBps due to other factors. magkaiba ang kbps sa kBps.

    la lang.

  19. BAYANTEL DSL !!! its the ONLY CHOICE>You will never be sorry again

  20. gfx machine says:

    subukan nyo i upgrade ang os nyo na windows longhorn o kaya yung latest windows vista balita ko daw mabilis ang os na yon try nyo lng… kasi nagupgrade ako ng windows longhorn then tinaasan ko yung anntenna (canopy) ko sa bubong mga 30 feet, ginamit ko yung payat na bakal na ginagamit sa tubig parang pvc pero bakal….wow lam nyo ba na ang internet connection ko ay umaabot sa 256kbps hanggang 1mbps…. yan tips ko sayo mga subscriber ng smart wifi pero depende yan sa cellsite nyo kasi yung cell site d2 sa location ko ay malapit lng sa kabilang subdivision lng po….

  21. ardie says:

    eloow guys balak ko pa namang mag subscribe sa smart wi-fi panget ba talaga? tnx..

  22. AmewJud says:

    hoy mga kurimaw try nyo kya ang smart bro, smart unli broadband, dli judmo mgmahay, ang bilis ng connection ko. barato pa jud, tagbaw jud mog gamit ani. cge n pkbit na mo.

  23. tina of smartbro ncr says:

    hi, anyone who wants to have a smartbro connection? u can apply now, anytime, wherever u are (in the PHilippines).. just txt me at 0918-4722233/0927-5151817/0922-4704807 or email me at [email protected] your complete information details. Installation is within a week after paying the initial cash out of P1,999.00 (installation fee and one month advance subscription)
    first name:
    middle name:
    last name:
    email add: (if any)
    landline no:
    celfone no:
    any valid id/number:
    complete address w/ zip code:

  24. mari says:

    my wifi connection is 256kbps…how do i know if my wifi is working on 256kbps?

  25. Boy_aswang says:

    Kaka-Advertise ng potang SmartBro na to tama na pasikat sa advertise para kayong ” Utot pero tae lumabas” walang kwenta wag kau mag subscribe sa Smart pra bumagsak na yan tayong mga subscriber lang nmn bumubuhay sa [email protected] yan, kng wala silang subscriber ay patay sila tiyak na magsa2ra yang mga demoyo na yan. kala mo kng sino maka asta sa subscriber ah! tarandado kayo pota kng may C4 lng ako sabog cellsite nyo.


    Otot! Otot! Otot! Otot! Otot!!!!!!!!

  26. Justin_Carlo says:

    Hey guys! Have u heard that dream satellite tv is used for internet connection? please help me regarding this concern…..i’ve heard a lot from it but i haven’t tried and i dont know how………if someone knew about this pls. post a reply or comment about this….yuga pls. help………

  27. Justin_Carlo says:

    Yuga &Hey guys! have u heard that dream satellite tv can be used for internet connection? If u know more about this pls. help me how to do it…….is it true? pls. post a comment about this…..yuga help me naman regarding this kung may alam ka……

  28. Robert says:

    I applied Nov.30 at smart business office at SM Marilao and installed Dec.2,but the bad thing is,they installed an old canopy with old wires.Hope that you people at smart would be smarter enough to think that we are the customers who are paying for your products.Palitan nyo ang canopy ko ng bago at nagloloko ito.

  29. Lorenz Alonte says:

    I’am subscribing Smart Bro plan 999/month, since year 2007-2009 ok naman siya, stable siya sa 40-45kbp/s and that’s good. But now, every afternoon I’am suffering from it’s illness 7-10kbp/s. I don’t know what the effi’n problem is. Pero pag madaling araw, it reaches 90 to 118kbp/s. Sana madaling araw nalang lagi. >.<

    From Tagapo, Sta-Rosa Laguna.

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