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Akamai Q1 2015: PH has 2.8Mbps average Internet speed

Akamai recently published their State of the Internet Report for Q1 of 2015, showing the Philippines with an average Internet speed of 2.8Mbps.

According to Akamai, the Philippines has an average speed of 2.8Mbps for Q1 2015 (2.7Mbps in Q4 2014) which places it at a Global Rank of 104 or 13th among the 15 countries on the list. See table below:


In terms of average peak speeds, the Philippines still has a long way to go at 20.3Mbps (21.9Mbps in Q4 2014) with a Global Rank of 94. Akamai notes that the Philippines is the only country that posted a decline when it comes to quarter-over-quarter changes at -7.4%. See table below.

Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea still maintain their lead when it comes to Internet connection speeds among both the surveyed Asia Pacific countries/regions and the world.

source: Akamai

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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9 Responses

  1. wow says:

    speed test ito.. sa globe the have a way to speed up you speed test but actual speed are low. i can gat 5-6 mbps on speed test, but a single youtube video. cant even play sometimes. and webpages are slow to load..

    • kildoc says:

      Because youtube is not part of globetel network..Every ISP can control the quality of the link in the speedtest server that are hosted in their network.

    • wow says:

      technically speaking tama ka,
      but is called internet for nothing..
      whats the used of offering 10mbps. when you only get to connect 10mbps on their local servers..
      ano un. 10mbs connection then sa FB youtube google. chambahan,, nalang pag maka pag 1mbps.

  2. bern says:

    In spite of upgrades, additional charges, and speed/data cappings they have done, it is still slow.

  3. andre says:

    speed test web sites depend on where you are and which server you are connecting to. For example, if you are on Globe and you connect to a Globe speedtest server, it means you are not exercising your ISP’s (Globe’s) external links. So you are just staying within your ISP’s network. That’s OK, but don’t expect to get the same speed when you are, for example, streaming from YouTube.

    some ISPs have YouTube content caching servers. The servers will be caching frequently-watched YouTube videos, so they get served faster to viewers from that same ISP.

  4. metz says:

    ang data cap?

  5. Nemo says:

    Funny how long this particular Web page finish looooooooaaaaaddiiiing. Ang [email protected]

  6. pen says:

    compared to other countries,
    overpriced ang internet sa pinas.

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