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Anyone else running PLDT WatchPad?

I got this DVD installer in the mail last week for PLDT WatchPad. Been seeing the ads as well on TV lately and was wondering if this is a free or paid service from PLDT to all its myDSL subscribers.

Are there other PLDT myDSL subscribers getting their DVD installers in the mail too? I read that this is available if you subscribe to myDSL Plan 999, 1995 and 3000. This is streaming video so only makes sense for PLDT to offer it to high-bandwidth plans.

Available channels include PBO, CNBC, MTV, GO, Animax, CNN, GMA7, Cartoon Network and National Geographic (provided by Cignal TV). Anyway, I tried installing the application on my Windows 7 desktop but it kept on crashing. Will try this on an XP PC and see if it works.

Anyone else got this running on their system? How is it?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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110 Responses

  1. Rocky Garcia says:

    This is nice! Haven’t run it yet, but the channels are great.

  2. JC says:

    My sis is using it on her desktop w/c is running on XP. It works fine. But I don;t know where she got the installer from. We haven’t received the installer from PLDT yet.

  3. marvin says:

    You can actually get the installer from http://www.pldtwatchpad.com/, I got mine installed, but not working.. no videos comes up. I reported it to the PLDT Watchpad support and they told me they still have some problems on the back end specially for slower connection (I have Bundle 990, 384 kbps, but request for an upgrade to Bundle 1299, 784kbps).

    However, I never received the installer from mail.

    BTW, I have an XP system.

  4. agentorenz says:

    We’ve already got the installer in the mail. Haven’t installed it in my laptop, but by brother had done it yesterday, on his laptop. I don’t know if its coincidence, but our pldt 999 connection got slower when i got home at 11pm. Cant do internet banking, access facebook and check mails.

  5. pao says:

    yep, installed it and it’s working fine on my computer. i’m using vista. it used to load real slow when our connection was the 990 plan, but we upgraded to the 1299 plan and it’s better now. it takes a while to load but once it’s loaded, tuloy-tuloy na.

  6. whaâ„¢ says:

    haven’t receive the installer yet.. but got the chance to experienced ti. last month until i reformat my pc.

  7. petken says:

    Got the installer 30minutes ago but I think the cd had a problem because it keeps on crashing when I attempt to install it. I have Vista Home Premium.

  8. berkano says:

    You can actually just do everything online. I installed this over two computers over the last week. I had to download Windows Installer 3.1 and Microsoft .net framework in order to completely launch the app.

    video is small, perhaps of our subscription. Hanggang pang pacquiao cotto lang talaga.

  9. petken says:

    Guys have you read the terms and conditions?

    “2. Acceptable Use of the Service
    Whenever the subscriber will access the Service, subscriber shall consent and is hereby giving full authority to PLDT to charge the monthly charges of the Service to subscribers PLDT telephone account. (At the moment, the Service is free of charge but PLDT reserves the right to impose the necessary monthly charges in the future)”

    “3. Payment
    The monthly charges that may be charged by PLDT in the future shall be chargeable to the existing PLDT telephone service of the subscriber.”

    I think this is a trap. You will be automatically charged in the futute after the free trial has ended.

  10. Arnel says:

    I Don’t Have the Installer yet :(

  11. kcvelasquez says:

    Watchpad is for free, but it offers low quality video streaming. from what I understand, you can upgrade the Watchpad for a price, which makes y the channels available in high quality. I’ve been watching tv with it. too bad animax mobile is a hoax

  12. kcvelasquez says:

    Watchpad is for free, but it offers low quality video streaming. from what I understand, you can upgrade the Watchpad for a price, which makes the channels available in high quality. I’ve been watching tv with it. too bad animax mobile is a hoax

  13. Kevin says:

    Important question… Does this works on a 64-bit OS?

  14. Yeah…Kevin obviously it works with 64 bit version. I am using it on 64bit system.

  15. Communicator says:

    PLDT expects new ‘Watchpad’ podcast service to revolutionize online entertainment

    Even Pacman rumble is free Sunday

  16. boo says:

    received the installer last week too but haven’t installed it. not mac compatible. I haven’t tried it over bootcamp though.

  17. Elijah says:

    I’ve been using PLDT watchpad for sometime like a over a month already and have not been charged for the service yet. I followed the instructions thru this blog i’ve been following.


  18. iTechMe says:

    i tried to install it on my win 7 64 bit pc but it didn’t work so i downloaded virtual xp for win 7 and it worked instantly! it’s easy to use and the best thing about watchpad is that it’s free internet tv! wahaha

  19. Jan Lorenz says:

    Well, the WatchPad service is free. For now. I’ve read the Terms and Conditions and somewhere in there it says that it might soon become a paid service. Yikes. I hope PLDT decides against it because man, WatchPad’s fun, esp. if it’s free. :D

  20. petken says:

    What I’m saying is that based on the terms and conditions pldt has the right to charges fees in the future. It’s free at the moment but when the time comes that they decided to charge the services you would automatically be charged for your subscription since you agreed to the terms and conditions. It’s like a free trial for now.

    Now = free
    Sometime in the Future = it’s not free and you will be charged for your subscription unless you terminate it

  21. petken says:

    @Jan Lorenz Thank god you understood my point. Guys read the terms and conditions carefully. It’s not permanently free. It’s like a free trial only. You’ll be charged anytime in the future.

  22. Rondon says:

    Can this be used on any internet provider? I installed the Watchpad software but am using non-PLDT account. Unfortunately it keeps saying “Invalid name and password”

  23. manny says:

    You don’t need the DVD installer to install it. Just use IE, click the install link on the watchpad page then run the downloaded file.

    Unfortunately, you can not view it using any other ISP.

  24. drew says:

    sana may ganito rin ung smartbro. hehehe

  25. Rondon says:

    @manny: aw shucks, does anybody here know any other online TV alternatives? I only know of http://kapams.tk

  26. irv says:

    i’m using Vista 64-bit. crashed on me too.

    it’s starting to look like this thing only works in XP.

  27. tvadik says:

    tvadik.co.cc is a good alternative for watchpad. watch replays of your favorite abs-cbn shows.

  28. pat says:

    kaka-install ko lang thru their website but havent signed up pa, binasa ko muna ung terms and conditions, free for now pero they will charge after.

  29. myke says:

    i heard over rx that pac vs cotto will be streamed in watchpad for free

    but I’m sure that it will be really slow

  30. Kriza says:

    only Residential subscribers can enjoy this PLDT WatchPad.. too bad i have PLDTbiz plan.. as if mas malaki ang binabayaran ng mga residential subscribers kesa sa aming mga naka biz plan. o.O

  31. mYk says:

    help guys…i’ve insatlled all the requirments of wathcpad…but whenever i click on a channel, even though the buffering reaches 100% theres nothing

  32. sherwin says:

    any techie out there who recognizes what they use? does it look proprietary or is it flash? silverlight? or adobe air perhaps?

  33. jengniper says:

    naka PLDT WatchPad din ako. nareceive ko ung DVD 2 weeks ago and di ko pa na che-check.:) ok naman ung mga channels lalo na at nandun ung favorite channels ko like History Channel.

  34. techie_risa says:

    i have just installed using the DVD. The quality is pretty decent. It has Cartoon Network, national geographic, E!, MTV and other channels.
    The prerequisites are Adobe flash player, IE8, .NET Framework 2.0. I am not actually sure if I had all the prerequisites but I clicked on the installer of Watch pad itself, it detected I had no Flash player yet (or maybe I had a lower version). It installed Flash first before the Watchpad application. It’s Pretty cool!

  35. techie_risa says:

    i installed this on XP Home Premium. Works ok on my system.

  36. Vince says:

    I had it installed and working on my Vista and XP laptops, but not on my Windows 7 laptop and macbook. I’m wondering if there’s a solution for Windows 7 atleast?

  37. jared says:


    sabi ni itechme (above post) nag install xa ng virtual xp tas gumana na daw ung watchpad nya.

    ganyan din akin now im DL virtual xp. sana gumana..

  38. mYk says:

    san ka makakakuha ng virtual xp?

  39. Jr says:

    hi to everyone..help naman po kung pano makapaginstall ng netframe 2.0 gamit ko pong OS windows 7 64bit..thanks

  40. David R. Whittall says:

    Well we are PLDT MyDSL Subscribers, and I signed up for WatchPad.

    This WatchPad service is great, as it currently FREE. I particularly like the ‘History Channel’

    We currently paying Php891.96 for MyDSL Plan and another Php542.19 for Residential Line Service, pluse the EVAT of Php180.29 on top of this, making it Php1614.44 Total.

    What I want to determine, is the benefits, if any, of switching to Plan 1299?

    Right now I am not at all impressed with PLDT WatchPad!

    95 minutes before the ‘Cotto v Pacquaio’ fight starts they are showing de la Hoya re-run and WatchPad has ‘crashed’!

    “Connection to the PLDT Watchpad Server is lost, dick OK to dose the player and reconnect after 10 minutes. (E1402)”

    Unable to verify. Please try again!”

    I waited 10 Mins, and still unable to Log-in to My WatchPad, after being rudely thrown out!

    Unable to verify. Please try again!”

    I am phoning ‘171’ but Service Representatives are busy on other calls!

  41. moonshines says:

    i have it in my machine and its running windows 7 ultimate.i was able to install it and use it with no sweat. its just that its faltering on me as of the moment.im getting the same message like david is getting. ive been sitting in queue for 22minutes now and still nobody is picking up my call. i guess pldts watchpad server cant accomodate all those watchpad users. i was able to talk to the watchpad tech rep last night and they just keep on giving run arounds and some bogus reasons just to get away with me and for me to hang up the phone. pldt’s tech support is useless since they dont even know what they are doing and they rely more on their run around scripts.

  42. moonshines says:


    since you are running windows 7 why not try win7’s XP mode?

  43. shad0wlulu says:

    they’re having tech prob. they cant do anything. hay…kanina pa ako di makapaglogin but when i was about to talk to a rep, nakapaglogin na ako but its buffering 17% then balik 1% then connection lost. since nagregister ako, di pa ako nakapanood ng tv using watchpad. hay…

  44. David R. Whittall says:

    Well MyWatchPad Service is back now!

  45. moonshines says:

    its back yes but it buffers every now and then

  46. shawzu says:

    bakit ganon nka experience ak, higher than plan 1299 pero d available sakin ung high quality vid? tpos pwala2 pa xa

  47. moonshines says:

    pldt my dsl is a fucked up service thats why

  48. David R. Whittall says:

    It is being shown on ANC and ABS CBN TV Channels

    I have given up on WatchPad – keeps buffering and crashing – not watchable!

    Most of the Channels on JustinTV, after a while stop and say “Maximum Streams to your Country has been reached – Sign up for Premium JustinTV Service”

  49. rjdmenace says:

    badtrip palagi may error!!!! ndi ako makapanuod kay pacquiao!!!! aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!…..

    connection to the PLDT

    Watchpad Server is lost, click

    OK to close the player and

    reconnect after 10 minutes.


  50. june says:

    ok sana kaya lang when i watch the manny paquio vs cotto fight grabe panay stop ang i got plan xcite 2 mb..dont tell me my connection is weak.. they advertize this think but then they cant do it right… im pisss right now for letting me download this bull. then its not worth it.

  51. Rickmor says:

    This is a big waste of time. Shame on you PLDT!!!

  52. moonshines says:

    its not about the speed why the stream keeps on buffering and why watchpad always kicking us out.its because pldt didnt plan and didnt open a much bigger bandwidth. they dont have any back plan for this. i dropped my cable service for this watchpad just to know that it cant deliver what it is expected of it to deliver. pldt shouldnt promise or commit something that it cant deliver. were all given FALSE HOPES by PLDT and their stupid promises and senseless offers

  53. Dennis Lim says:

    WatchPad sucks big time!

    Di man lang kami lumampas sa “Buffering 5%…”


    Kung di ninyo kaya panindigan, huwag na kayo mag-yabang!

  54. dylim says:

    PLDT – Puro Lies Di Totoo!

  55. David R. Whittall says:

    I used the tbb Meter from ThinkBroadband.com to see the Bandwidth whilst running ThinkPad.


    I observed something rather strange; this being the amount of data that my PC was ‘sending’! It was being generated from the WatchPad Application, since if I shut that down, all the data shown in ‘red’ (upload) immediately stopped!


    Green = Download

    That is a 50Mb Test File being downloaded, so quite repectable download speed from MyDSL connection.


    SpeedTest.net gives 1.41Mb/s as the average download speed, for the test, and 470kb/s as the upload speed.

    So what happens when you run ‘WatchPad’?

    Red = Upload
    Yellow = Upload/Download. at the same time!


    Why so much Data from WatchPad, being Uploaded?


    This shows the B/W of the replay of the AWESOME PACQUIAO CRUSHING COTTO. I then shut down MyView and a short while later, closed the WatchPad Application.

    I restarted WatchPad application, and tried to select High Quality Mode (as I have done in the past), but it is now rejected, and this warning given:-

    “High Quality video is available only for myDSL Plan 1299 and up. Upgrade now to enjoy faster speeds!”

    So I watched in standard quality.


    This shows the B/W during the replay of Rounds 3 &4.

    However after seeing Round 4 replay, ‘WatchPad’ crashed!

    “Connection to the PLDT Watchpad Server is lost, dick OK to dose the player and reconnect after 10 minutes. (E1402)”

    Admittedly, I did not wait 10 mins, and it allowed me back in.

    Another ‘change’ introduced to ‘WatchPad’ to overcome the shortcomings of the Streaming performance, during the much publicised PACQUIAO Match, is the INABILITY to select other Channels!

    You can select, and watch, during the end of Round time outs in the ‘corners’, but it switches to the boxing as soon as next Round starts!

  56. Jotsjots says:

    I was able to catch glimpses of the fight via watchpad, not sure if its my connection… we are plan 899 :) I guess they recommend a higher plan right?

  57. Pao says:

    nung ayaw mag-buffer ng maayos, nag-SOPCast nalang kami dito sa bahay. no skips, no lags, no problem. i guess PLDT couldn’t handle the number of people trying to use the Watchpad service to watch the fight. :-/

  58. Earl says:

    kung di po ako nagkakamali,
    sa ibang bansa pwedeng kasuhan
    ung mga ganyang company…
    d2 ren po ata pwede,
    kya lng cgurado nman na d kau mnanalo eh..
    MALINAW na mata ng supreme court, dpat bulag un dba?

  59. jtag says:

    yeah Sopcast is the way to go for these times.

  60. Daniel Tan says:

    I agree with Earl, watchpad = another bogus advertising epic failure for PLDT.

  61. timothy says:

    binaha daw ng mga nagtatry pa magregister for watchpad this morning e. til november 7 lang pala yung cut-off nila for the people who would like to watch the fight on watchpad.
    nag ka prob nung sabay sabay na raw yung registrations and yung mga people na registered na talaga na gusto manuod ng fight.
    pero nakareceive ako ng text from watchpad na
    pwede ko mapanood yung fight sa ibang channels nila.

  62. computer says:

    pldt watchpad suck BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. alvin says:

    I have been trying to install watchpad on all my three machines. Two running XP and one Vista, all with respectable specs. For some reason, the installation returns an error. So no watchpad for me.

    I don’t have the installer, i just downloaded the installer over the air.

  64. E says:

    around 6am palang i tried to login sa watchpad and i was able to login. i check the my view and si ricky lo palang ang palabas, so i logout first to play online games, then around 8am i tried to login again, i cannot login anymore, keeps on showing pop up box cannot verify… WTF…

  65. glenn says:

    free po ba tong wathcpad? may additional charge po ba to?

  66. Jotsjots says:

    I guess PLDT needs to improve the watchpad service. I’m sure there working on it considering they are the first to introduce this kind of software.

  67. Siomai says:

    downloaded the installer online after registration…
    i’ve tried installing it to 4 different computers with different OS; xp,7,vista,&ubuntu (linux)

    there’s something i’ve noticed which might be of help. Plug-ins, firewall, shared connection (eg.router), and max acquired download speed.

    Plug-in: when I install/setup a pc I make sure I’ve all known plug-ins are installed (this is also because I do video editing). so no hassle with that, I think.

    Firewall: 2 of my 4 PC has triple security system and a bit hard to install software/programs. basically, just unblock/allow access to the internet and with other programs you want to run with it’s necessary sub-programs. I think there were 3 or 4 that you need to have free access to everything. (this is of course untrusted to most people)

    Shared internet connection:
    this goes to those who use routers and share the internet connection. of course, speed depreciates once shared with a couple of computers or more. (ignore this one of you’re only a single user/pc)

    Download/Upload Speed:
    Well, everyone knows this affects everything and I know most of us experience problems with PLDT… hehehe…. If you have a vacant time, just give a hit to test your speed and if there’s a problem, complain to the customer service (just sound a bit frustrated to make it so convincing)

    ((I’ve also tried tweaking the….you know… hehehe…. but I’m just leveling the subscribed speed not go beyond it.)) Alright my point is that I’m making a fair action. nyahehehe….

    okay, I think I’ve shared my part and I hope you’all get the “real” idea. hehehe….

    Thanks all!

  68. tem says:

    I have PLDT watchpad installed on my desktop and it works just fine, I’ve installed it through their site http://www.pldtwatchpad.com, no need for pldtwatchpad installer to install it, if you have a problem installing it you can call pldt for technical support, i was enjoying it since I’ve started to have it, but got disappointed since Dec. 8 because pldtwatchpad stop airing GMA 7. It was later relayed to me that GMA 7 didn’t renew their contract and that’s the reason why pldtwatchpad stop airing this channel.

  69. mae says:

    I have macbook and i cant download pldt watchpad. Pls help me how..


  70. Siomai says:

    Hello Mae!

    I’m not really sure if safari supports the download/install of the watchpad. I tried Mozilla Firefox but there are some problems with the download & installation. Actually, you’ll have to install some plug-ins.

    What I did is use the Internet Explorer and it just worked fine, from download until it’s installed.

    In your case, I think you need a few plug-ins to be installed before you cold install and play the PLDT watchpad.

    try this link for some Frequently Asked Questions

    I hope that would help!

  71. RaGe Einzeln says:

    working now on Windows 7
    they replaced MTV Phil with Channel [V] Phil XD love it

  72. GeMaTriA says:

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: pldt watchpad.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4b8e3679
    Problem Signature 04: PLDT Watchpad
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4b8e3679
    Problem Signature 07: f
    Problem Signature 08: e0
    Problem Signature 09: System.InvalidOperationException
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

    OS: Win 7 Ultimate (64-bit)
    “amp di naman nagana”
    “Help naman kung sino ang may alam”

  73. Botsabayton says:

    @GeMaTriA Watchpad does not support Vista x64..watchpad sucks!

  74. Successfully installed it on Win7 Ultimate x64 but it wouldnt run. The same with my WinXP Pro x64..

    I guess they don’t have support for 64bit OS’s.

    I tried it on a 32bit Win7 Ultimate and Win XP it runs smoothly. Hmmm….

  75. Sugod says:

    Sayang di ako PLDT.. Pero sabi nila maganda daw ung stream sa Pacquiao-Clottey fight.

  76. Siomai says:

    agree! thought delay lang few minutes but it’s worth it. sayang ang liit ng monitor ko, half of the barangay ang nkkpanood. hehehe…

    (pero lang sa fight nila, medyo unsatisfied ako…hehehe..)

  77. GeMaTriA says:

    sabi na nga ba di nga support 64-bit OS.
    thnx anyway.
    sana man lang gumawa sila para sa 64-bit
    tsk, tsk, tsk…

  78. paulo says:

    i forgot my pass., what will i do?

  79. Mico says:

    i have bundle 1299 but i cant register to watchpad registration portal it says “watch pad is for residential subscribers only”, what should i do help please. thanks

  80. vbignacio says:

    baka meron kayo alternative download link ng watchpad installation files. ayaw gumana ng onsite “Launch” button nila. Salamat!

  81. igoydude says:

    ayaw gumana ung link sa site ng pldt amp. dko 2loy ma subukan.

  82. Arvin says:

    @Mico, hindi ata ito gumagana sa wireless. DSL lang ata. Ganyan din yung pagoffer saakin nung wireless, ang sabi meron na raw watchpad and plan 1299 yun pala wala.

  83. after I click the lunch button, this is what I get.

    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    is it in my pc or the website itself?
    I’ve run pldt watchpad before. But now it won’t launch

  84. Embedded says:

    About electronics and standards: The JTAG interface is standardized but the pinout is not. I have more than seven different JTAG devices. Of course, each device has own software :)

  85. Mike says:

    I have same problem as GeMaTriA.

    But I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

    It keeps on showing this:

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: pldt watchpad.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 4b8e3679
    Problem Signature 04: PLDT Watchpad
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 4b8e3679
    Problem Signature 07: f
    Problem Signature 08: e0
    Problem Signature 09: System.InvalidOperationException
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033

    ANY help?

  86. GeMaTriA says:


    running wacthpad on win7 ultimate 64-bit

    • Mike says:

      Yeah, I’ve read that ad, too.

      But unfortunately, I still can’t run the launcher. When I’m about to finish installing, it just “Stopped Working”.

      It keeps on giving me the Event Name: CLR20R3.

      Have you solved and run yours? Thanks.

  87. GeMaTriA says:

    Yes, Right after they release its win7 version. I think it was last year a month before the margarito vs pacquiao fight. I have received an email from PLDT that they are now available on win7. I tried it and it works.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the answer in your problem.

    I’ll try uninstalling mine and reinstall and see what happens.

  88. GeMaTriA says:

    still running even on reinstalling watchpad, no error occurred. :)

  89. vhinzpaul says:

    kakainstall lang ng myDSL plan ng ate ko today, taz we try to connect with watchpad pero ayaw gumana. Nagdownload kami using the watchpad website. After madownload taz edouble click mo endi xa tatakbo…parang alang nangyari…tapoz binigyan kami ng offline installer ng pldt technician, ‘yong naginstall ng DSL pero pag.eclick n namin ung “LAUNCH” ayaw pa rin.
    plz help…
    and problema, pinatanggal na ng ate ko ung cable service nila kasi watchpad nga…

    OS: windows 7 Home Premium x64


    • mike says:

      Download mo cia sa Internet Expoler yung watchpad installer, try mo kasi ganundin nangyri sakin dati, hwag sa mozilla o sa Google

  90. Alex says:

    Ano ba to nagdownload na ako ng watchpad downloader ayaw naman gumana.

  91. Joy Luna says:

    ok naman cya. works with win7 on both i7 and core2 duo machines 32 bit and 64 bit. downloaded installer from the net.

  92. Nod says:

    hello Guys, Ask ko lang kung may problem kayo katulad ng sa akin. Everytime na gagamitin ko yung watchpad naghahang siya. bale yung audio tuloy tuloy naman kaso yung video niya nagstop na after few seconds na iclick ko. nagtanong na ako sa tech support ng pldt wala nman sila maibigay na solution.

    Thank you in advance.

  93. jay says:

    my prob is nakakalog in ako pero yung log in box at password di ko makita. Hinahanap ko pa.tapos pag nka pasok na ako di ko ma click yung mga icons sa right side at nag bliblink sila. yung arcade lang pwede ma click ko.

    • drwe says:

      same prob with jay… i called PLDT sabi download daw adobe flash and .NET framework 2.0… still not working… any help?

  94. jie says:

    ayaw gumana wacth pad

  95. cowscrubber says:

    My computer runs Windows 7 64 Ultimate bit.
    I have successfully installed Watchpad on it. It should not have any compatibility issues since the .NET framework is universal on Windows.

    You have to make sure Adobe Flash runs properly on your Internet Explorer, otherwise you will encounter errors in installation. If flash does not run properly, you have to fix your IE’s settings.

  96. JAYARLOU says:

    DOWNLOAD and run the installer using FIREFOX
    yung akin gumana na e, nung Firefox ang ginamit ko.

  97. iwanttv says:

    pahiram ng watchpad name at password

  98. free account pahiram says:

    wala bang public account walang telephono

  99. ben melocoton says:

    mga sira! magpakabit kayo ng dsl! di yan gagana pag wala kau nun! taaaanggaaaaaas!

  100. bobo says:

    nakiki wifi lang kami sa kalsada pero PLDT ang wifi nasubokan mo na ba iwantv at watchpad pahiram ng account number telphone number email password para makapag log in at sign up tayo

  101. Name: says:

    pahiram po ng credit card info para maka join sa hentai tagalog videos

  102. AniMEGA AniMAX SENTA says:

    sige na pahiramin nyo kami ng password sa watchpad

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