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AyosDito to close as OLX consolidates

A surprise announcement between classifieds competitors Naspers, Singapore Press Holdings, Schibsted Media Group and Telenor are joining forces to create one single classifieds ads network.

Operations in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and the Philippines will be affected by these changes. In the Philippines, OLX is owned by Naspers while competing site AyosDito is owned by Singapore Press Holdings.

The two biggest sites have been competing fiercely for years to dominate the market, both running billboards, bus ads, and even TV commercials just to get bigger share of the market (OLX has about 60% market share).

The merger will put AyosDito’s operations to a close and redirect all users and traffic to OLX by January of 2015. For the meantime, it’s business as usual for both.

With AyosDito out of the picture, the only remaining local independent and significant players are TipidPC and TipidCP. There’s also eBay.

OLX was not a huge player in the local market until it gobbled up Sulit in December 2013.

Sulit was relaunched as OLX.ph by March of 2014 (see: How the Mighty Sulit became OLX.).

{ via Tech in Asia}

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24 Responses

  1. a says:

    magkano kaya nabili ang ayosdito.ph

  2. Mr A says:

    This opens for more alternatives to be made. There are a lot of people who hated the OLX merger and ayosdito is archaic to some. That’s a user base in limbo.

  3. rye says:


  4. Doods says:

    I personally like ayosdito for its simple interface, easy navigation, and hassle free management. OLX on the other hand, is a bit more complicated to use and has a lot to offer for basic and first time users. However, the vast features that OLX has to offer can be overwhelming and equally annoying at times.

  5. Abe Dumlao says:

    Nice updates for Classified Ad website in Philippines

  6. carl dc says:

    I like ayosdito more than olx for its simple, easy to use website for sellers. There would be no or lesser innovation without competition. Please keep ayosdito.

  7. archie says:

    Bad move para sa OLX, big money for ayosdito owner. Mas gusto ng tao ang ayosdito dahil mas organize ang record keeping nila. Iniiwan na ng mga tao ang OLX dahil nakakalitong ang page spreads nila. Gawin na lang nilang simple ang website nila tulad ng craiglist.

  8. Rainbow Rat says:

    I think this is a big opportunity for a competitor-to-be. Just invest in making your website known and next thing you’ll know, OLX will offer to buy your site.

  9. Jay says:

    Ayosdito is more better.

  10. Jay says:

    Ayosdito is more better than olx/sulit.

  11. Noel says:

    I believe AYOS and OLX will remain the same with their different platforms based on the announcement. They will be sharing their user-base on this merger and wont likely be any changes at all.

    I am an online seller myself, so I have good presence on these websites (both OLX and AYOS) in addition to mybenta.com.

  12. Jhanna says:

    inamag na ang ukayukay ko sa olx wala man lang inquiry buti pa sa ayosdito at juantambayan naka benta ako

  13. unicarla says:

    I am not happy with the merger because I like ayosdito more than olx.ph. My ads are approved fast in ayosdito but in olx my ads never approve even a single ad.

    and now I have found a good alternative, try http://www.pwedeyan.com. All ads are processed in just seconds. No hassle and I’m starting to put all my ads there.

  14. Josh says:

    I think this will be result in a more restrictive online marketplace for Filipino online sellers. Its real hard to get your ads approved in OLX, so its becoming a waste of time. Its much better to try out other free classified ads website like http://www.mybenta.com and others.

  15. jasper says:

    There’s Lamido Philippines as a competitor

  16. archiel says:

    You might also want to check Lamido Philippines. It’s an online buy and sell marketplace similar to OLX and Ayosdito. http://www.lamido.com.ph/

  17. RC says:


  18. mila says:

    they already remove the forum.. i like posting @ http://www.juantambayan.com/ madali sya.

  19. Christine says:

    I’m now posting my ads at http://www.tims.ph it is far better than other existing alternatives. Plus great support and it is really really nice. :)

  20. Carlos Cruz says:

    Yap Christine, I found http://www.tims.ph good alternative sa olx. They also keep on improving. Marami-rami na rin akong benta sa tims.ph.

  21. Luis says:

    Taboda (http://www.taboda.com) is a new classified ads website for Filipinos. It doesn’t have a lot of restrictions unlike other classified ads websites.

  22. Lorenz says:

    here’s another great option – DaBest Classifieds PH http://www.dabest.ph

    It’s a secure website, allowing posting of unlimited number of free ads. They also give reward points that users can use to boost ads making ad boosting free. Go try it out!

  23. Oliver says:

    im an online seller, try nyo http://www.dabest.ph. mabilis mag approve, tapos meron agad nag iinquire.

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