Sulit is now OLX Philippines

Sulit is now OLX Philippines today has been completely folded into OLX Philippines. In a press briefing this morning, Sulit has been re-launched as OLX.

Back in December, we reported that Sulit has merged operations with OLX Philippines. Little did we know that it will OLX that will become the brand handle for with the merger.


This new direction was very recent as both Sulit and OLX are part of the same holding company, MIH. Both sites belong in the top 3 classified ads in the Philippines.

Around middle of 2013, Sulit bought local car classifieds Pinoy Auto Trader. It eventually had to let go and shut down Pinoy Auto Trader due to this change of direction.

OLX has been around for a long time and it has been a leading classifieds site in many countries. It was founded in 2006, almost the same time Sulit was established in the country. OLX is available in 106 countries in 40 languages and a top destination in India, Thailand and Kenya.

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17 Responses

  1. meh says:

    Thanks for submitting your ad, under review, check back in 5 days

    While constantly spam emailing you, sulit is terrible now

  2. carloxy says:

    I would have wish that they’ve kept the name instead of changing it to OLX. Sulit sound more pang-masa and its much more recognizable by the Filipinos. Never heard of OLX until now.

  3. Marc says:

    Maybe they’re dropping the sulit brand because of the negative connotations it has for using black hat SEO tactics to show up on google searches for ANYTHING in the Philippines. It got so bad that I blocked all sulit results from appearing in my browsers.

  4. roiji says:

    OLX parang craigslist noon… Di ko lang alam kung nagbago na sila ngayon…

  5. jdGONEMAD says:

    mas catchy ung sulit kesa sa olx.

    so what will happen to sulit’s tv ads now?

  6. benchmark says:

    Sad naman….its like a philippine brand name is dropped out and change into an unknown….hays…bye sulit!

  7. ocommon says:

    mas maiksi kasi i-type kaysa sa kaya olx ang pinili nila.

  8. mastkq says:

    Time to go to Ayos Dito.

  9. Great says:

    lipat nalang sa

  10. Sulitizen says:

    You may also want to try:

    At least local pa din dating.. Very easy and user friendly mag post ng ads..

  11. Hen-Sheen says:

    Every time I post something at Sulit, they remove it after a year; time to abandon ship!

  12. Vin Lopez says:

    Any alternative for sulit or OLX?.. The ads I posted (even promoted ones, Sulit Gold) are not converting now… they removed the features of posting images, website link and contacts in the body of ads…

    Bye bye sulit. Time to move to better advertisement site. Any suggestion guys?

  13. Sulitzen says:

    bring back
    OLX is to complicated and time consuming to use.
    talk about making a change for the worst.!
    i cant see any thing good in olx. even the name is like ‘HUH???” what does it exactly mean?? oh well, it only my opinion. but im disappointed,

  14. Litz says:

    I was an online seller for more than 4 years at Sulit, now OLX, but decided to switched to OLX is not Yes, Yaman but Yes, Gahaman with its unreasonable fees and unfair restrictions. Sellers can no longer post their ads for free. Buyers can no longer determine who are the scammers because OLX removed it feedback system. I am so disappointed because I was maintaining 100% positive feedback (250+ score) on OLX when they suddenly removed my hard-earned feedback score without any notice.

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