Carbonite: Backup your entire PC online

Carbonite: Backup your entire PC online

After Google’s plan for online storage was leaked and launches with a free 1GB online storage (the PRO account costs $99.99/year), there’s this new company called Carbonite.

The good thing about thsi thing is you basically download a software which run on the background in your PC then uploads all your files whenever you’re connected to the internet. It also monitors your drive for any new files or updated files then swings back and upload the latest versions of these files.


They claim they can store any amount of your files for a flat monthly fee of $5. Pretty cheap for unlimited online backup huh?

They got a 3-month free account so I signed up and checked it out. Upload speeds average at 5KB per second despite the fact that I’m connected to 1.5Mbps wifi here at Starbucks. If you feel that 5KBps is too high, you can set the software to lower the upload speeds too.

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2 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    Carbonite… someone must be a Star Wars fan.

    There’s a local online backup startup: Xackup.

  2. carbonite says:

    hello! thanks for the kind words re: carbonite, we’re very excited about our recent release. we are working around the clock to make improvements, so you’re comments are much appreciated. we’re beta testing our affiliate program as well, try it out!

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