Combine Multiple Internet Connections into One

One of the more common encounters we have with multiple internet connections is that no single one of the is really truly fast (except perhaps if you are in a really good LTE spot) so the idea of actually combining several wired, 3G or 4G connections into a single very fast connection comes to mind.

The first solution that came to mind was a hardware approach much like a load-balancing router. Then we found out this nice little software called Connectify Dispatch.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Connectify allows you to use multiple sources of internet connection — wired LAN, WiFi, and USB tethering — and combine them into one single and fast internet connection.

What it actually does is use all the available connections and assigns the primary connection to resources that heavily needs them, then use the other connections to other applications/resources.

Where it actually makes really good use is with web browsing multiple tabs and downloading via torrents where it harnesses all the connections and use every available bandwidth it can get. The result is a really fast torrent downloads.

However, wehn you do simple tests over SpeedTest.net, you will only be getting the results of the primary (or the fastest) connection in the group.

Based on our test, we were able to hit about 1.4MB/s speeds on uTorrent. This is from three connections all running on Globe LTE (iPhoe 5S, LG G2 and Note 3). When we only use one, we’re only getting between 200-400KB/s.

Connectify also has a HotSpot software that will allow you to share all these combined connections to other WiFi devices.

Connectify is a paid software and costs $40 for a Lifetime license. You can download the Lite version here to try.

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30 Responses

  1. Avatar for jack smith jack smith says:

    it is too much costly for me.tried inetfusion works better ,not hungry at resources and much importantly for people like me comes at a very low price

  2. Avatar for denise denise says:

    wow.. nagawa ko na to using my neo netbook and wi-tribe prepaid internet. lahat ng gadgets ko nakakaconnect sa internet thru my netbook all for 44o per month. di nga lang ganun kabilis but beggars can’t be choosers.. )

  3. Avatar for Andy Andy says:

    Do you know of an Android application that could do the same thing using a dual-SIM phone – perhaps one SIM on Smart and the other on Globe. Then Internet Tethering to give a hotspot. This would allow a single (non-PC) device to offer 6G in one package, and it’s portable!

    • Avatar for rainmanp7 rainmanp7 says:

      I need this as app on android. Multiplie sim Multiple Wifi Multiple Blue tooth. You have done it on windows …now how about cellphones and android ..
      Most people now have more cellphones they use then the actual
      Computer its self.

  4. Avatar for DB DB says:

    Downloaded and installed the Lite version. My laptop shows 2 available wifi signals – 1 from router and 1 from tethered phone. Dispatch only sees one at a time. Do I need another network card to make this work? Please advise on what to do. Thanks.

    • Avatar for DM DM says:

      Yes you need another network card, or a more cost effective solution would be to get a USB wifi adapter (you can get those from most electronics stores, even cd-r king has them) and connect it to your computer.

  5. Avatar for troll troll says:

    so paid software to? hmmm.. hintayin ko to sa torrent na lang.. wahhaha

  6. Avatar for SpiderWak SpiderWak says:

    Pwede siguro yan brad kung may extra ethernet port PC mo.

  7. Avatar for pat pat says:

    is there a way for 2 DSL modems to combine their speed? for example i have 2 DSL connections at home both 1mbps… can I combine it to make 2mbps?

  8. Avatar for Eric Eric says:

    I got 3 LTE devices connected (LTE data Card, iPhone5 USB Tethered, and S3 Wifi) here in Starhub-Singapore, and I got 96Mbps Peak Data.. :)

  9. Avatar for Borgy Manotoy Borgy Manotoy says:

    Pwede po pahingi ng steps ano gagawin (for us dummies lang po sana) :)

    May Globe DSL po ako sa bahay (WIFI huawei) and iPhone unlidata… posible po ba?

    papano po thanks :)

    • Avatar for JasonAnthony JasonAnthony says:

      Connect your Lan to PC/Laptop, Connect Iphone through usb tethering, connect your wifi/huawei then use connectify dispatch.

      Correct me if i’m wrong.

  10. Avatar for mochi mochi says:

    will fair usage policy still be applied when you use connectify? thanks

    • Avatar for Mr A Mr A says:

      It will apply if that part of the connection with the fair use hit the quota. It would probably take longer though.

  11. Avatar for Michael Michael says:

    Aba magandang balita to lalo na sa mga downloader at business yung dl sa mga torrent.

  12. Avatar for mike mike says:

    bad thing lang dito, you need your laptop or desktop with wireless lan to share the internet connection

    • Avatar for Mr A Mr A says:

      You can buy a cheap netbook, hook your connection and have it connected to a router with sharing enabled and you can get your speed across your LAN.

      Or you can just ad-hoc as long as you are not using your wi-fi as part of the ones connecting.

  13. Avatar for Kamote Kamote says:

    I haven’t tried using dispatch but I have been using connectify-me for a long time. Do they interact with each other or you can only use one at a time for example you are using 1 data card and LAN?

  14. Avatar for Yusuf Yusuf says:

    Tried using this on my Mac! I thought it wouldn’t work. My Galaxy S4 (Smart LTE), via USB, and our 3 Mbps wifi connections were merged. I got a blazing 3.5 MB/s down on BitTorrent.

    • Avatar for mac user mac user says:

      how did you get it to work with a mac? it’s not mac compatible. did you run it off bootcamp?

    • Avatar for Yusuf Yusuf says:

      It’s actually a native feature! No need to download the app. You can connect an ethernet cord, wifi, USB cord and bluetooth PAN/DUN all at once. Just make sure you’ve enabled it at System Preferences > Network.

  15. Avatar for Ajcalderonmd Ajcalderonmd says:

    Thank you for this info, i will definitely try this tonight

  16. Avatar for Scyther Scyther says:

    Been using this for a while.. I’d say Its perfect for the job for the hotspot sharing Connectify Hotspot & combining all connections thru Connectify Dispatch..

    I got maximum peak througout of 11.14 mbps so far.. Combining my 2mbps wimax with my Globe Postpaid Plan na umaabot hanggang 8mbps during Non Peak Hours. (12am to 5am)..

    I got around 1.2 to 1.4 mbps per second download in IDM.. So amazing..

  17. Avatar for PJ PJ says:

    Made me recall the Diamond 56K modem where they had a software, which can make you set up a “shotgun” connection. Using 2 phone lines to connect to an ISP. One line for incoming and the other for outgoing.

    • Avatar for Mr A Mr A says:

      Wow. I also had those modems before. Oh I feel old.

    • Avatar for IC DeaDPiPoL IC DeaDPiPoL says:

      very nostalgic piece of technology

      Only problem back then was IIRC the shotgun tech needs to be supported by the ISP as well as maintaining 2 phone lines and probably 2 ISP accounts as well(which was very much expensive)

      Back when Windows 8 was released I was able to combine my PLDT MyDSL Connection + SmartBro stick + Starmobile cellphone to augument the download speed on Windows 7 although the speed wasn’t very consistent.

  18. Avatar for Minx Minx says:

    Yes, I have been using this for quite some time now. Since I don’t have wired connection at home. I use my wife’s sun postpaid line (unlidata) with my globe postpaid (unlidata).

    Both connection are very slow when used individually due to low signal reception but I get by with the use of this.

  19. Avatar for Keith Varias Keith Varias says:

    That sounds great! I should give it a try hehehe.

  20. Avatar for LunaTech LunaTech says:

    i was actually using this one when i still have my smartbroken still active with my new internet connection from via postpaid plan. it was really fast and truly combining the 2 or more connections at the same time. this software is the first of its kind to do that thing…

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