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Is Facebook sexy enough for Email?

So Facebook finally announced their new product — Messages. It’s like a chat, like an email or a text message. It’s Facebook’s way of evolving what messaging should be.

Here’s a video demonstration of what Facebook Message is:

Everyone’s gonna get their own Facebook email address at [email protected]

Question is — is Facebook cool enough for you to switch over from Yahoo! or GMail?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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38 Responses

  1. Harley says:

    i would like to try it! no harm in trying though! ahehe!

  2. YuYu says:

    hmmm… i’m really only using outside email for signups. i almost only use email for work (work email).

  3. gelogs says:

    Windows Live Hotmail :)

  4. gelogs says:

    Windows live hotmail for sure :)

  5. Mpst says:


  6. mr. bogus says:


    hindi formal ang name but i like the features!!! atleast aalisin ko na yung yahoomail ko… sana yung gmail ay single thread messages na lang para di masyado marami ang inbox ko.. :-)

  7. Basing it with the live announcement. Facebook message isn’t an email. So, basically, you don’t have to close down your emails just for Facebook message. It’s purely like chat and how Facebook messaging works but the difference is that you have the option to accept or not to accept messages from outside emails who knows your Facebook email address which is not really an email.

    In my own opinion, it’s like google wave without the subject box, cc, or bcc. You can collaborate with your friends and your friends in the other side can collaborate with their friends but it depends on you on how you will put your messages may it be in private or public. Basically, it’s an advance messaging system where emails can already communicate with the Facebook system.

    Just my hyper opinion.

  8. Joshua M says:

    Personal email, sure.

  9. Ethan says:

    Gmail’s going to take a hit for sure, but there’s just no way I’m using Facebook for business comms.

  10. Ethan says:

    @Online IT Support

    You’re right. Once again, Zuckerberg takes an idea (Google Wave), improves it, and makes it his own.

  11. Erin says:

    Google Wave 2.0. :)

  12. -m says:

    Just might be…

  13. Seph says:

    it’s alright but i’m not going to make it my main email.


  14. reboot says:

    would like to try it out but just too lazy to even log in to my facebook account. i think gmail suffices for now.

  15. bj says:

    Nah, Im satisfied with good old Gmail.
    Plus, there is also the issue of privacy in Facebook. One would think FB Messages is prone to that kind of hacker attack, exploitation, and exposure of (supposedly) private information.

    That’s just me anyways.

  16. rod says:

    not proffesional!!! in my humble opnion


  17. lou says:

    sounds like google wave… i mean some part of it comes from google wave flatform,

  18. Jhay says:

    Nope, I’m staying with Gmail. :D

    I have surrendered enough info to Facebook already.

  19. Daryl says:

    ” It’s like a chat, like an email or a text message. It’s Facebook’s way of evolving what messaging should be.”

    Why am I reminded of Google Wave?

  20. Caloy says:

    Because I’m using an Android handset, I have all the reasons to stick with Gmail (email sync, backing up of SMS through SMS Backup+, etc).

  21. @Daryl – “Why am I reminded of Google Wave?”

    It’s because “Lars Rasmussen – the man behind Google Wave and Google Maps” has quit his job working for Google in Australia to join Facebook.


    @Lou – “sounds like google wave”
    it doesn’t sound. it is google wave. it was just presented differently by removing the subject box, cc, and bcc.

    Facebook Message = Google Wave 2.0 — just like Erin said

  22. odeng says:

    I don’t mind having an official personal email address.

  23. RJ says:

    Nah! This new FB Messages will only confuse us further. There’s too much “noise” coming from different sources (SMS, Email, old FB inbox/message). I personally want to separate my emails from FB messages. So, I think I won’t use this. :(

  24. bruns says:

    im open to see an enhanced look and use of email.

    if fb email + fb into one site or mobile app. that would be fun and more convenient, i think.

    but lets wait and see :)

  25. pretty good innovation from facebook by Lars Rasmussen, it will surely help collaboration project online…
    Google Wave…

  26. LagaoLugaw says:

    i’m sticking with Gmail. who the hell would use FB email.. hippies, jejemon etc. If you’re a professional I think you’re better off using yahoo or gmail. And I think even students, I mean if I would pick an email I would go for the tried and tested one like gmail.

  27. Jesty says:

    @facebook.com? No. No.

    I’ve read a bl0g at gsmarena and it says that it wouldn’t replace ur @ymail or whats0ever to @facebook.com. .

  28. qwertio says:

    it’s time people switched from using yahoo groups to facebook groups, with the the intergration of email in facebook messages. :D

  29. reboot says:

    i can only imagine all the useless posts aggregated from different sources. might be useful for those who don’t have a life other than stay logged in to facebook all day.

    wish google would bring back google wave.

  30. Daryl John says:

    Over Yahoo? YES! But Gmail, NO.

  31. @reboot
    I’m logged in to Facebook 24/7 on my PC and Android. Does that count that I don’t have a life? XD

    And by the way reboot, Google Wave will not go back coz Lars Rasmussen isn’t connected with Google anymore and Wave is still up with few user using it :)

  32. Teknisyan says:

    What FB did to Facebook messages is nice but it’s not gonna replace the email platform anytime soon. Facebook. The “@facebook.com” email address is optional and only if you activate the feature can you get your own @facebook.com email. I might activate mine, just to fend of cyber squatting and nothing more.

    “For now, you can use the Facebook messages to send to your none-Facebook users using their email address, your friends will be able to read the email and if did not activated your “@facebook.com” address, your none facebook friends will need to sign up for facebook in order for them to reply, since the return email address is a facebook generated “[email protected]” email address. Of course all this will change once you have activated your “@facebook.com” email address.”


  33. Les says:

    I’m against it. Let Yahoo and Gmail catch all the spam. I dont want spam in my Facebook messages!

  34. jox says:

    ill use this on signing up on other sites

  35. Clarriscent says:

    I doubt Gmail will suffer. I also doubt that anybody will hire me if I use an [email protected] email.

    Facebook mail for Facebook friends, Gmail for professional contacts and Yahoo for spam. Sounds right.

  36. neo says:

    @facebook was just a plain message handler, i use hotmail with exclusive junk filter :p

    if you were attentive with lavalair scripts (common scripts in wap 2.0 sites) most of the features there are on facebook. like dialogues in private messages, the free [email protected] straight to private msg inbox, the mms catchers, ignore, relationships, etc..

    then, the new friendster “lightbox” gallery/album are also now in facebook.

    copy, paste, and because FB is the mania now, so FB claims all the credits.

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