Nokia Philippines’ Statement on Nokia C6 Sale

The Corporate Communications Manager of Nokia Philippines also sent in a short statement regarding the Nokia C6 sale that happened last Saturday.

Here’s the redacted email sent to me this afternoon.

(We) understand a lot of people’s frustration stems from the fact that they lined up and weren’t able to get the unit. There’s only so much we can sell within the 2 hour sale period (which we computed for based on average length per transaction). We had that stock plus a little buffer.

Unfortunately, we really can’t serve everyone who lined up. If they were turned away (I’m assuming they were at the end of the line already) then it was because we had projected a number of units to be sold and didn’t think they’d made it to the Nokia store within the sale period.

This confirms reports that around 60 units of the C6 were sold per store that afternoon, distributed via stubs to people who lined up first.

When pressed for the exact number of handsets they were able to sell last Friday, they declined saying it’s company policy not to say how many actual unit they sold.

The Nokia C6 sale lasted for 2 hours last November 13 at 57% off (contrary to the 60% on the poster) and was mobbed by hundreds of customers.

P.S.: According to another source close to Nokia (but wants to remain anonymous), Nokia sold around 113 units in the Megamall store. It was originally 50, they increased it to 60, and then eventually to more than a hundred. My source thinks Nokia did its best to accommodate as many as possible.

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    Nokia embarrasses itself in Asia once again

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