Nokia Philippines' Statement on Nokia C6 Sale

Nokia Philippines’ Statement on Nokia C6 Sale

The Corporate Communications Manager of Nokia Philippines also sent in a short statement regarding the Nokia C6 sale that happened last Saturday.

Here’s the redacted email sent to me this afternoon.

(We) understand a lot of people’s frustration stems from the fact that they lined up and weren’t able to get the unit. There’s only so much we can sell within the 2 hour sale period (which we computed for based on average length per transaction). We had that stock plus a little buffer.

Unfortunately, we really can’t serve everyone who lined up. If they were turned away (I’m assuming they were at the end of the line already) then it was because we had projected a number of units to be sold and didn’t think they’d made it to the Nokia store within the sale period.


This confirms reports that around 60 units of the C6 were sold per store that afternoon, distributed via stubs to people who lined up first.

When pressed for the exact number of handsets they were able to sell last Friday, they declined saying it’s company policy not to say how many actual unit they sold.

The Nokia C6 sale lasted for 2 hours last November 13 at 57% off (contrary to the 60% on the poster) and was mobbed by hundreds of customers.

P.S.: According to another source close to Nokia (but wants to remain anonymous), Nokia sold around 113 units in the Megamall store. It was originally 50, they increased it to 60, and then eventually to more than a hundred. My source thinks Nokia did its best to accommodate as many as possible.

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46 Responses

  1. rod says:

    i feel those consumer, who would eagerly buy c6 phones

  2. wha says:

    wee… so happy nakabili ate ko. and she travelled all the way from nueva ecija.

  3. ila says:

    aga ko pa naman wala din ako nabili, sayang

  4. i just hope that Nokia Ph had learned their lesson

  5. Dan says:

    “There’s only so much we can sell within the 2 hour sale period (which we computed for based on average length per transaction)”

    -> True. You(Nokia) cannot sell infinite number of C6 in 2 hours. Even a grade 1 student would understand this fact.

    BUT…the mechanics states that the promo will run from 1-3pm, NOT while you’re computed number of units last.

    At SM North Edsa 60 units were already sold after 1 and 1/2 hours (2:30pm). They never sell any additional unit after this. Can’t you stick to the mechanics? Is it hard to put the number “60” in your ads?

    I was already inside the Nokia store that time, and it was very disappointing. Now I find Nokia and LG synonymous to a word, MANLOLOKO.

  6. BoNDeDeSTiNy says:

    in cebu there are only 30 units sold.. and it didn’t last for 2 hours.

  7. Dan says:

    “There’s only so much we can sell within the 2 hour sale period (which we computed for based on average length per transaction)”

    -> True. You(Nokia) cannot sell infinite number of C6 in 2 hours. Even a grade 1 student would understand this fact.

    BUT…the mechanics states that the promo will run from 1-3pm, NOT while you’re computed number of units last.

    At SM North Edsa 60 units were already sold after 1 and 1/2 hours (2:30pm). They never sell any additional unit after this. Can’t you stick to the mechanics? Is it hard to put the number “60” in your ads?

    I was already inside the Nokia store that time, and it was very disappointing. Now I find Nokia and LG synonymous to a word, MANLOLOKO!

  8. RAM says:

    SM Cebu’s NOKIA only sold 30 units. I called them the day before the sale, they said they’d be selling 60 units. Unfortunately, they LIED.

  9. awikaw says:

    yup in cebu only 30 were sold in just less than 1 hour…. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! they said its for 3hours? LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bob says:

    DTI should look into this. I think they have rules on promotions.

  11. F Nokia says:


  12. RAM says:

    Adding to that, I was there around 12:45pm. I was at the middle of the line. Later, they had a listing. I was shocked since they said there’ll be no reservations and stuff. How come they had that listing before 1pm?! THAT’S UNFAIR. They said that the sale will START at exactly 1pm!!!

  13. ila says:

    sana may special offer din itong si nokia sa mga kinuha nyang mga info, baka tinapon na agad yung pinag fillapan namin, hay

  14. nexusboy says:

    dont worry Nokia fans, just a few weeks from now, the price will drop to as low as the promo price offered recently!

    just like the Nokia C3. promo price: 6,250. regular price: 7,250

    but barely a month since launching, several gadget stores are now selling Nokia C3 for as low as 6,100. cheaper than the promo price during the launch.

  15. Jerry says:

    i went to megamall. saw the line. lol. i told myself na wag na umasa. so naghunt nalang ako ng ibang phone for my girlfriend and i got her a samsung galaxy s. :P

  16. JohnDC says:

    guess this is partly FALSE advertising not only on Nokia but I guess also LG who also had a sale on Megamall that day

    they should have already said way before HOW MANY UNITS they have

    how hard is it to say that they will sell it 1 unit at 50% or 60% off for the first 60 or so people at the site instead of making so many people wait for hours.



    weird outcome since the phone you got, if you really got the Galaxy S, is a whole different league from the C6; it cost around 30,000 pesos, you might be mistaking it for the Galaxy 5 or Galaxy Spica

  17. nightcrawler says:

    for heaven’s sake people… GET THE FRACKIN OVER IT! you all are like those who went to wowowee ultra stampede, where everyone hoped to win and ended up dead! it’s your fracking fault! you know what’s gonna happen and you still pushed yourself deeper into the chaotic shit you put yourself into. and now you are blaming both companies. FRACK ALL OF YOU IDIOTS!

  18. mr.bogus says:

    sana nxtime sabihin nila kung ilang units lang ang ibebenta nila at hindi oras kasi pwedeng magbenta ng isang cp sa loob ng isang oras ehh… anyway marami naman nabenta nokia compare to lg at pinabuwag na ng nokia yung pila na palagay nila ay di sila aabot so for me ok lang as compare to lg!!!


  19. Nokia fan boy......... former says:

    To the managers of LG and Nokia: you should resign out of delicadeza, you just proved yourself unworthy and incompetent, dapat magharakiri nalang kayo, buti nalang hindi kayo mga Hapon

  20. jamby says:

    I agree…napakadali namang ilagay sa add nyo na “50% off to the first 50 or 60 who will line up…”

    e hindi..ang gusto nyo, maging successfull (kuno) ang promo ninyo at ipakita sa madlang people na uyy..ang dami at haba ng pila!…

    e kung malinaw ang add nyo,..pag dating ng isang customer don, tatanungin lang yung nsa dulo ng pila, “pang-ilan ka na?” “ah, pang 60 ka na pala..” aalis na lang at di na pipila… frustrations sana…

  21. ila says:

    tama yung sabi sa kabila na mas maganda ang statement ng lg kesa sa nokia, false advertisement talaga

  22. lolipown says:

    ITT > people who can’t believe advertising isn’t always true

  23. RJ says:

    why not file a formal compalaint to DTI?

  24. ronsterrr says:

    i wonder who sucked worse, LG or Nokia.

    seems to me LG sucked worse. at least nokia had a semblance of a system compared to LG.

    i was not there so i can’t really say, but my two brothers who went there seem to share my opinion.

    yeah, i’m over it now. but i’m still staying away from LG products :)

  25. DUMBASS says:

    @nightcrawler – [email protected]#CK OFF! NAKIKIBASA KA LANG!

  26. mary says:

    Nokia, I forgive you. :)

    At least you never deceived us to stay in line and told us outright that there are only 60 units available. (In SM North, don’t know about the other branches)

    LG… never mind.

  27. nightcrawler says:


    pot calling the kettle black. you are indeed what your name tells me. so ano ngayon ang ginagawa mo (para mas madrill pa sa kukote mo). hahahaha obvious na isa ka sa pumila at di nakakuha. grabe, pumila ka?! hahahahahahahaha

  28. ElemCaster says:

    Haven’t been to the 1-3pm sale but heard a lot of feedbacks coming from friends. Nokia shouldn’t given the time frame when they had only limited stocks to sell,this is deceiving the public. I for one would felt bad if I hadn’t purchased one when the time wasn’t over (1-3pm). The effort of standing there and wishing that I could own one would only ignited the anger in me.

    But anyways, hope that they would learn from this experience not to deceive the public as it would ruin the reputation of the company that has been establishing its name throughout the years.

  29. nexusboy says:

    You’re buying NOKIA because it’s half the price? it seems NOBODY here is willing to pay the full amount, that’s why marami ang nainis!

    no, you don’t ask NOKIA or LG for their people to resign. it’s the consumer who should pay the FULL AMOUNT if you really want their phones. don’t be CHEAP.

    so pls stop complaining people. if you can’t afford to pay the regular price, you better shut your mouth.

    just my honest opinion.

  30. lolipown says:

    The problem here is the “ENTITLED” attitude.

    What we have here are bunch of whiners if you asked me. they brought it upon themselves believing in marketing hype then got angry when it wasn’t what they expected.

    Just checkout the comments on LG’s official statement.

  31. Kyle says:


    Hi sir yuga, as the #1 tech blogger in the country, can you please enlighten me on some of my thoughts with regards to smartphone?

    I know smartphones and some of the things sorrounding it. I’m a techy person yet I don’t have a clear understanding on where can we use and what’s the common use of smartphone. I use my mobile phone for txting and making calls and I’m satisfied right now with it.

    Do you think, I’ll enjoy the company of a smartphone, provided that I have my own netbook with me? Can I fully utilize smartphones if I use it without the internet? Cause the way I see it, I can only enjoy using that if I have a postpaid account with unlimited internet access. Are the apps enjoyable to use w/o online support?

    Thanks a lot sir yuga…

  32. winwin says:

    im one of the early peepz who got in sa megamall.. i saw how nokia handled their clients.. since on their ads it’s only limited they still tried their best to let people know that nokia c6 is no longer available but i know with this kind of promo there were some misunderstanding. Im not sure why they still have lines if they already posted that it’s no longer avail. that’s what i like with nokia they were very transparent with the stocks and only how many units they can sell. if i chose nokia i could have been one of them who got the c6 because it was only 20+ but i chose LG (big mistake) .. i even saw nokia’s delivery around 12pm i think for more units to be sold. nokia gave their best to accommoddate people who wants to get c6 at limited offer i didn’t know that it wasn’t really 60% that ads can be reported to DTI if the discount is not exactly 60% .. they also offered c3 still trying get more market at i think 1000 peso discount. i’ve been using nokia ever since but i made a wrong decision of chosing’s not because i didn’t get the phone but it’s because how i was treated!! More power nokia!! hope you release more phones with android.

  33. salazma says:

    for me this is opinion.i was one of the lucky person who got the c6 sale and i’m one of the 1st 5. my opinion is nokia SM megamall branch did it on purpose. what we thought was a big fail was actually a cover up of the politics inside nokia megamall. as i have said i was one one of the 1st 5.the 1st people who lined up were given number 21 upwards and were is the 1st up to 20? well those numbers were given ahead of time or before the sale began. whats my proof? since i was one of the 1st 5…its natural for me to remember the faces of the people beside me and by the time the units are about to be given…number 5 and 18 showed up and those clowns were ahead of us…see kakapal ng mukha. i cant stand their faces as they were ahead of us and i confronted # 18 and asked him where did he got the # 18. he said and i qoute “lahat naman tyo mabibigyan. binigay to ng kakilala ko sa loob”. Shit! we were all abiding by the rules and then these clowns were given numbers already. nokia manager in megamall should be or must be fired! putangina mo gago ka! lahat kami naghirap pero hinahayaan mo itong kagaguhan na to!

  34. hanz says:

    waaaaaaa…. buti na lang wala ko pang bili lolz…. android for nokia is big no no…. cause thy already developing their own flagship called meego.

    buti n lang pala wala akong pambili…. ha ha ha…

  35. makr says:

    Eh dapat kasi hindi hinahayaan ng DTI ang mga promo na ito… Sigurado lang kasi na marami ang ma frustrate sa outcome… And dun sa mga Nokia store people, pati pa naman sa bagay na ito, pinapalabas nyo parin ang philippine politics natin na bulok… tsk3x…

  36. daniel says:

    SOWS edi sana sinabihan nila ung tao na tumigil na sa pagpila dahil tapos na… ako nakapila ako simula 10:00am hanggang 4:00pm pero walang sinabi na lumayas kang nang gago ka dito dahil di na kami pde magbenta.

    at saka sasabihin nyo lng sa ADS nyo na “60 UNITS ONLY”… edi talagang aalis na ako baka hindi pa ako pumunta sa sale na yan… pero nung nakita ko na walang indicated na number of units talagang sumugal ako. gago sila di ako bibili ng LG AT NOKIA products! mga basurera!

  37. chacha says:

    Kalimutan nyo na yang LG SALE….

    Abangan na lng sa December ang launch ng
    Bagong murang ANDROID Phone…

    HUAWEI IDEOS….price range 6k to 7k.

    Boycot LG and lets buy this great phone for a great price…

  38. stunning says:

    fail talaga . alam naman natin na hnd lahat mabibigyan ( both LG AND NOKIA ) nasa SM north ako nun trying na BAKA SAKALING mkakuha ng isa man lang , and then my mom , told me na sya ang pipila sa LG ako sa NOKIA , kahit naman ano ang makuha okay lang , pag dating nmin , WER SHOCKED sa dami ng tao . nkakatawa lang parang dun na sila natulog just to purchased that phone . so after amost 3 hours of waiting (11-1pm ) i quited , bumuli na lang ako ng nokia c3 , wala pa akong piniahan haha

  39. purple_eric says:

    we don’t need nokia’s explanation about there so called sale!! we need there apology!!

    a lot of people waited in line to have the chance to buy your product and this is the thing we get in return?

    a simple “sorry” is sufficient enough but still you went defensive!!

    if there is one thing i’ve learned about this whole experience it would be never believe in the ads for any nokia sale!!

    one good that came out of this experience is that im already free from my cellphone addiction!! thanks to nokia for showing me the light!!..instead of buying a new nokia phone i bought myself my 2nd laptop for this year..

    after this fiasco there is only one thing that emerges and that is nokia lost one valuable customer..ME!!

  40. slasher32 says:

    booooo nokia =)

  41. Nokia embarrasses itself in Asia once again

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