Japanese ISP to Impose Bandwidth Limits

Japanese ISP to Impose Bandwidth Limits

As a country that leads in worldwide internet speeds, it’s a surprise that a Japanese Internet Service Provider will put bandwidth limits on its subscribers. Only shows that despite the very fast and cheap DSL connectivity, consumers will still abuse the service.

Normal internet speeds in Japan goes as high as 100Mbps. But get this, the limits they’re imposing are for uploads only, according to a report from IDG News Service.

OCN, the carrier operated by NTT Communications, will introduce a daily upload limit of 30G bytes from August 1, 2008. Customers that exceed the amount will first be asked to observe it, but those that repeatedly break it will have their access suspended.


30GB daily upload limit? My monthly download usage doesn’t even reach 30GB. But then again, it’s Japan and one can only imagine what people do with their super fast internet connection. Downloads will still be unlimited and will not be capped, yet.

By targeting large uploaders the limits will likely hit the small portion of OCN’s 7 million customers who operate file-sharing servers from their connections, said Tei Gordon, an NTT spokesman in Tokyo. The limit corresponds to about 7 full-length movies per day.

Yes, there will always be power-users.

In Japan, a 100Mbps connection will cost $46 a month. In the Philippines, that amount could get you just 2Mbps.

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9 Responses

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Probably the Japanese people use social networking sites, where uploading of photos is done like there’s no tomorrow.

    Or maybe music or what have they.

  2. Ronin says:

    so that’s how they share the latest j-dorama/anime episodes and movies almost as soon as they are aired.

  3. Ronin says:

    *how they get

  4. yuga-san, first time i’ve heard of this.

    “Only shows that despite the very fast and cheap DSL connectivity, consumers will still abuse the service.”

    shouldn’t this read: “Because of the very fast and cheap DSL connectivity, some consumers are bound to abuse the system.”?

    truth is, 99.9 of Japanese users won’t even know or care about this because most of them don’t even know what 30GB of daily upload is.

    btw, i use the ocn 100mbps connection and pay about $36 a month.

    jeffrey-san, to upload 30GB of photos everyday, you will have to shoot at least that much daily which is not technically impossible but… i doubt even pros shoot that much.

    30GB would mean a superfast connection open 24 hours a day sharing video and audio files.

  5. yuga says:

    @名無し-san : i think it goes both ways. ;) Because we don’t have good DSL connectivity or chea price in the Philippines, users tend to maximize(abuse) their connections.

    You are right, this cap will not even be felt by majority of users in Japan but will filter out the power-users.

  6. jhay says:

    And so it begins. I wonder when would this happen in the Philippines too?

    It’s a long shot, but perhaps Zooomr is a cause for the upload craze. They are based in Japan now after all.

  7. Come to think of it… 65 years ago, Japan was as poor as the Philippines…

  8. I enjoy these type of discussions. It is great to hear what other’s opinions are. What do you guys think?

  9. ashigakari says:

    actually we don’t even feel worried about the bandwidth limit.

    a download like 1GB done in torrent completes in less than 30 minutes.

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