Level Up, e-Games on Top Philippine Web Sites

Level Up, e-Games on Top Philippine Web Sites

For the longest time, The Inquirer.net has been regarded by everyone as the number 1 Philippine website, previously boasting some 44 million pageviews a month (recent figures pegs it at 28M). Since other sites don’t really publicize their numbers, a lot of people are relying on Alexa stats and this website that ranks them accordingly.

And, since time immemorial, Inquirer.net (or formerly Inq7.net) has comfortably been on the top of that list. It was only lately that I noticed two other locally-oriented websites have actually displaced Inquirer.net. Here are the latest rankings and the figures:

# 1 levelupgames.ph, Worldwide Alexa Rank: 1,241; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 18
# 2 e-games.com.ph, Worldwide Alexa Rank: 1,857; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 26
# 3 mp3-codes.com, Worldwide Alexa Rank: 2,105; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 31
# 4 inquirer.net, WorldwideAlexa Rank: 2,414; Philippines Alexa Rank: # 56


It seems that gaming sites of rival companies Level Up! and IP e-Games are neck and neck in bagging the top spot. Both are community sites with hundreds of thousands of members.

But before we get into any conclusions, let’s remember that Alexa is by no means any definitive metrics to rely on. If we look at sites in the Alexa 5,000 and higher figures, the margin of error should have been lower and more reflective of the actual numbers. I have a good idea of the total number of visits of these 3 sites and I can say that the rankings are actually still off and I still believe Inquirer should be much nearer the top.

On another note, MP3 Codes isn’t really a locally oriented site but it’s owner is a Filipino and I have heard he’s ranking in 6 figures every month too.

However, community sites like e-Games and Level Up! have more loyal members so that might explain the Alexa numbers. If nothing else, it gives us an impression that gaming IS really hot amongst Pinoys.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. nice info abe. where’s yugatech in the rankings? :)

  2. Wauks says:

    Heya! I work for Level-up as a Marketing Manager. Thanks for writing about this. Looking forward to working with you guys for the Philippine Blog Awards. ^^

  3. unique says:

    The owner of MP3-Codes already has 7 figures income monthly.

    In 2007, he totaled $132K and he is only 22 years old.

    His monthly earnings is now around $40K+ monthly

    Also, another Filipino-owned (non-corporate) website also near the top of that list is earning twice as much. Get enough traffic and you will get lots of money (milyonaryo sa isang buwan).

    Mga Pinoy Idol. Balatuhan nyo naman kami.

  4. quezacolt says:

    #60 ang yugatech sa topphilippinewebsites.com nice!

  5. Miguel says:

    Sorry, I just don’t like companies who profit from MMOG culture.

  6. Kiven says:

    I think i’ll take this anytime especially since sites like/love to use Alexa as a reference point when they’re the baddest site on the block (check the archived PRs, sheesh) but suddenly discredit them when they get pWn3d in the rankings.

    Oh, check out WHEN the changes occured as it is interesting to see who is following who in terms of online strategy.

    Anyway, Thanks for the mention, brother Abe. still waiting for your email regarding a totally diffrent matter. =)

    Editor in Chief

  7. GM Tristan says:

    Thanks, Yuga!

    Level Up Roks!!!

  8. BrianB says:

    Nice list. Some very enterprising people here, especially that mp3-code dude. Making money out of friendster is still the way to go.

    I bet he’s just sitting back now buying toys.

    Candy Mag looks like a japanese site. Very eye-opening list.

    Now, question. Why haven’t the print media covered these people. I remember when the localvibe group made it to the cover of Philippine Star magazine. These other guys here have achieved a success many notches above this group but they don’t get the pat n the back they deserve.

    Some of these top sites are very useful as well: sulit and tipidpc, forums like gsmsandwich. Is iyot owned by an ilonggo?

    The business model I like is the QJ.net network. Combine QJ.net and a source site like an mp3-codes and you’ve got a site that will last a very long time, in the service of the web community and a very lucrative business as well.

  9. AhmedF says:

    If you are going to use Alexa – http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/inquirer.net – scroll down. It is ranked #56 in PH.

  10. jho2x says:

    with that pageviews…phil inquirer has making a lot of money….anyway…Do you plan to own your own e-business pls visit http://www.blogmonetize.blogspot.com

  11. AhmedF says:

    Oh – and QJ.net is backed/owned by a guy who has millions. The cost of running it is a non-issue for him.

  12. BrianB says:

    How can the cost be a non-issue when it’s a business? I almost hired myself out as the first Filipino blogger of that network, and I’ve been following it ever since. It IS venture capital money but the site has been profitable for almost a year now.

    It’s not all about making money quickly. Some of these “web real estates” will be worth many times their value now later on, depending on how media converge in the future.

  13. AhmedF says:

    Yes it is a non-issue. How much does he pay per month? Of his net value – it is an *absolutely* insignificant amount.

    This isn’t a VC play. It doesn’t have strict P&L statements. It is a gaming site.

    Convergence of media? Last time I checked, game sites have been awful when it comes to generating money. Even CNet gave up on games.

  14. yuga says:

    @ Ahmed, Inquirer.net is the #56 most visited website in the Philippines. That other list includes Friendster which is #1. The other list I’m referring to are Philippine-based sites alone.

  15. AhmedF says:

    I know. What I mean to say is if they are using Alexa rankings, why not use actual local PH rankings, and not worldwide?

    If you are going to constrain the site listings to only PH, why use a worldwide ranking? It makes no sense.

  16. TARUGOMAN says:

    Don’t forget that a big chunk of Inquirer’s traffic is from overseas. From a marketing, promotions and advertising stand point, more often than not you go for the right target market as opposed to the large numbers in traffic. If that were the case, you may as well go to radio and/or print.

    Which is why if you notice there’s tons of Real Estate ads on Inquirer.net, because that’s basically what OFWs and etc are after.

  17. yuga says:

    @ Ahmef, ahh thanks for th tip. I’ve added that one too.

    @ tarugoman, according to their advertiser page, 38% of traffic comes from the Philippines, 31% from the US and 5.7% each for Middle East and Canada.

  18. TARUGOMAN says:

    Hehe where’s the rest of the traffic? =P Parang hindi 100% ata. 38% local traffic is not bad though. One thing you can do as an advertiser naman is figure out what time to show the local ads, and then what time to post the foreign ads.

  19. yuga says:

    The rest of the traffic is scattered from tons of other countries.

    And yes, from what I heard those Real Estates ads on the front page bring in around Php5 million revenues a month to Inquirer.

    And it’s good deal for real estates companies too who are able to sell 10 house and lots per week from those ads.

  20. TARUGOMAN says:

    Exactly! So in terms of ad spending, if I were an advertiser, it really helps to know where you put your ads. I also wrote on my blog about the matching possibilities for advertisers, i.e. high traffic forums, portals, etc.

    5M a month… wow. Covered na server farm maintenance mo! Hehe.

  21. ChrisMo says:

    We should form a media group and hit the #1 mark world wide, a filipino site that crosses cultures…

  22. Alex says:

    Hi Yuga and Pinoys reading this,

    Just saw this post, a friend gave me the link. Hmmm it’s actually very, very hard to manage a music site especially when it’s pulling 14TBs of bandwidth everyday or more than 400TBs every month.

    I constantly have to improve server settings, configs, and load balance my site to several dedicated quad core servers. This is apart from the other sites I own and those too have their own dedicated servers.

    In fact, we have just disabled the mp3 uploader temporarily because of too much bandwidth usage. Users need not to worry since we are currently creating a much better script and new layout for the site so watch out for that. :)

    So you see, it’s not as easy as it sounds like BrianB said: “I bet he’s just sitting back now buying toys.”

    To all aspiring webmasters and newbies out there, don’t lose hope and continue to work hard. I’ve had my fair share of failures, difficulties, trials, and even experienced being suicidal. lol kiddin. ;)

    We are actually currently developing new sites that i’m sure our Filipino people would truly appreciate and enjoy. My partner, Louie, is also venturing in the product affiliate marketing, and is even making much more $ than me.

    We’re just too tired of seeing foreign-made sites with 90% of their traffic coming from the Philippines, if they can do it, why can’t we?

    Thanks so much for reading my relatively boring, out-of-topic, and longISH post. :D


    owner, the mp3-codes.com network
    email: [email protected]
    ym id: graphichub
    mobile no: 09054288878

  23. wilson says:

    hey!! its nice to hear that news but how can i know where is the office of level up here in my place so i can update all the new games oflevel up can you help me?

  24. laurice says:

    san po ba ung exact address ng e-games office?
    pra direkta ako mka kuha ng cd & posters..

  25. mark adrian tapang says:

    pwede b malaman kung saan ung pinaka exact location ng levelupgames? gus2 ko sana kc mag apply ng work sa company nila.!! please inform me!! thank you :)

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