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Blog Brokering or Affiliate Marketing in the Philippines

While everyone else is preaching about how to use blogging and SEO to gain and maximize revenue from AdSense, Kontera, TLA, Chitika and other related programs, I met a few newbies who are into the blogging business or what I’d call blog brokering.

Blog brokering (and this is my own made up definition) is the creative use of a blog to market products and services online to gain revenue. This is like affiliate marketing with the main difference that the blog brokering involves making sure that the sale pushes thru offline. This is not like CJ or Share-a-Sale where you just drive traffic to the affiliate network in the hopes that it will convert.

Let me share to you these blog broker stories.

I met these guys after they called up and said they needed help in moving their WordPress.com blogs into a hosted blog. We offered them our services at plogHost and set them up right away. After a few rounds of drinks at the Pier One in Mall of Asia, they told me how they got into blogging. Basically, they had a car blog and it was mostly all about second hand cars for sale.

And even if they only had just around a hundred visitors a day, they were able to rake in hundreds of thousands of pesos in monthly revenues from their blog.

How? Well, they get commissions between $200 to $1,000 per car sale. How’s that possible? Instead of putting AdSense or Chitika on their blogs, they prominently placed their names and contact numbers on their blogs. People call them up as far as Canada wanting to buy second-hand cars (the high-end models). They help broker the sale and once the deal pushes thru, they get their commissions. All that from a few phone calls here and there. No ad network whatsoever, just people network.

With an average of 2 to 5 sales a month for a fairly new blog, it’s already an impressive feat. And these bloggers don’t like AdSense because it drives the customers away. In fact, they like AdWords instead. Classic entrepreneurial feat truly worthy of being called six-figure bloggers.

In the Philippines, I only know of a few ones doing this purely online. I believe IslandRose has an affiliate program so if you want to try your hands in affiliate marketing, this coming Valentines day would be great time to practice those blogging and seo skills.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. BrianB says:


    Seriously, I interviewed for a job like this one, too, but they won’t offer me commissions. Just wanted to pay me an average monthly. This was over a year ago.

  2. Nick Nichols says:

    This is a great use of a blog and the internet! Creative? Kind of. But it’s also a no-brainer. The car dealers could set up their own blog and cut out the middle man – but why bother. This is a fairly efficient setup.

    Blog brokering doesn’t seem to be a good term, though. It’s more akin to outsourcing. Or even eBay. Connecting buyers and sellers.

  3. Dexter says:

    I do believed that blog is a good way of doing marketing. Becaus thru blog you can already communicate whatever question you might have.

  4. Mike Lopez says:

    Astig! My mom was thinking of doing something similar for real estate. I’ll show this to her to encourage her.

  5. Jade says:

    Wow, cool post. I was thinking of a way to monetize my blog without resorting to AdSense. Hmmm..maybe I will experiment on something like this.

  6. Chris A says:

    Hmmm Blog Brockering huh? That is another way of getting once business going.

    By the way sir… you are one of the mostpopular Blogger here in the Philippines, can I ask you questions with reference to blogging?

    I am a graduating Computer Science student and my thesis is an “Extensive Study on Blogging as a Good Alternative Source of Revenue for Filipinos”… it would really be of big help sir…

    Hope you can reply to this query of mine.

  7. yuga says:

    @ Chris A, email me and I’d be glad to address your questions.

  8. Affiliate marketing is low in Philippines but hopefully it will grow so that we can get prospect buyers not just only on other countries but also on Philippines. :-)

  9. HotPhotogal says:

    You are very intelligent!

  10. That is very important indeed. It is the people who do not take advantage of that who are the ones who normally do not succeed. If you stick with it and learn the ways, this industry can earn you a lot of money!! Good article, nice work .

    ~~The Burn List~~

  11. clickincity says:

    Well that’s great. And now with technology like Vonage and Magic Jack, we can be a broker of US sales wherever we are.

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  14. Another touch of Pinoy ingenuity, blog brokering will make waves especially that it is featured in this popular blog of yours. I believe that affiliate marketing in the Philippines will have its unique twist and turn considering that turnout from established AM handlers seems to be in a drag. I search the net for any local web-based affiliate marketers and I have not found any as of blog time. Thanks for the info.

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  19. annncash says:

    I think I would love to try this. I am seeking for th best affiliate marketing program, and I think your sharing is the best way to earn.

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  21. kamal olando says:

    Thanks alot for the update. I have been brainstorming on ways to increase my affiliate sales since there are alot of people advertising the same product as me. Especially google adsence. I like the idea and would give it a go ahead. Would let you know how it goes and any updates. Thanks again

  22. olibeeros says:

    Nice post. Been thinking about it lately since there is really no effective “affiliate marketing” here in ph. Getting lots of bad feedback from zalora and lazada

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