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Sinag: Philippines’ 1st Solar Powered Car

Heard of the first solar powered car assembled by Filipinos? Saw this one at the MOA SM Science Discovery Center. They named it Sinag (Tagalog for light).

The solar-powered car is a project designed by a group of faculty and students from the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Electronic and Communications Engineering Department of De La Salle University-Manila. It was entered into the World Solar Challenge last year, the first for the Philippines. The World Solar Challenge is a solar powered car race over 3021 km through central Australia from Darwin to Adelaide.


The car is now displayed at the SM Science Discovery Center at the SM Mall of Asia.

Solar Powered Card

Sinag won 11th place over-all from about 40 entries worldwide. if you want to learn more about the project, visit their official website here.

And while we’re at the SM Science Discovery Center last Saturday for a tour and to celebrate Our Awesome Planet’s 3rd Year Anniversary (which Anton also celebrated with the baptism of his new kid Josh and Aidan’s 3rd b-day), we also went on tour around the center and got of check some of the stuff featured in there. Will blog more about some of the more interesting ones later.

SM Science Discovery Center

There were huge TV screens in there which showed e-learning websites and stuff. No keyboard, just a huge trackball that serves as a mouse. Was able to switch one to display my blog by doing a search and copy-pasting “yuga” letter by letter. Silly me.

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21 Responses

  1. marhgil says:

    cool car! we just can’t use it during rainy days, I think. :)

  2. issai says:

    the prototype solar cars that i know, you can actually charge the battery. they have batteries! :)

  3. Laarni says:

    As’tig talaga ‘yan! I saw that on TV.

  4. iva says:

    “Was able to switch one to display my blog by doing a search and copy-pasting “yuga” letter by letter. Silly me.”

    clever. haha.

  5. rod says:

    haha gizmodo local version

  6. jervi reyes says:

    astig yan

  7. Mike Lopez says:

    Nice one. Pero kelan kaya magiging available sa public?

  8. BrianB says:

    Didn’t they make a movie out of one entrant from Hawaii. A group of high school students. Some were Filipinos too.

  9. karla says:

    proud to be Lasallian :D

  10. Прикольно, хотя не мешало бы чуть более развернуто написать, а то есть несколько непонятных моментов :)

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